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A. other

B. the other

C. another

D. others

E. anothers

$$$ 40

He took two books and left ….on the table.

A. another

B. the other

C. the others

D. anothers

E. other
$$$ 41

Give me…..glove.

A. other

B. another

C. the others

D. others

E. the other

$$$ 42

Give me…..pen; any…..will do.

A. other, another

B. another, other

C. the others, another

D. others, the other

E. the other, another

$$$ 43

The chairman said….words (some words).

A. a little

B. little

C. another

D. few

E. a few
$$$ 44

I will ask him…..

A. herself

B. himself

C. yourself

D. ourselves

E. myself

$$$ 45

She will answer the letter….

A. herself

B. himself

C. yourself

D. ourselves

E. myself

$$$ 46

Did you invite him … ?

A. herself

B. himself

C. yourself

D. ourselves

E. myself

$$$ 47

Do you know the man….wrote this article?

A. whom

B. whose

C. who

D. he

E. which
$$$ 48

Let me know if…..happens.

A. anything

B. something

C. nothing

D. none

E. somebody

$$$ 49

I wash ….with cold water.

A. himself

B. ourselves

C. yourselves

D. myself

E. herself

$$$ 50

You said it……

A. yourselves

B. yourself

C. myself

D. himself

E. herself
$$$ 1

The…word in this group is May.

A. short

B. shortest

C. short her

D. more shorter

E. most short
$$$ 2

Could you speak …. I can’t understand you.

A. most slowly

B. slowliest

C. more slowly

D. more slow

E. many slowly

$$$ 3

Almaty is the… city in Kazakhstan.

A. largest

B. larger

C. large

D. more large

E. most large

$$$ 4

Hotels are becoming ….nowadays.

A. the expensivest

B. more expensive

C. the most expensive

D. expensiver

E. the expensiver

$$$ 5

June sun is …from the earth than the moon (far)

A. father

B. more father

C. farther

D. more far

E. the farthest

$$$ 6

My dog’s….than yours

A. bad

B. Better

C. the best

D. the worst

E. good
$$$ 7

This job is very hard. In fact, it is the …job I’ve ever done.

A. hardest

B. hard

C. more hard

D. harder

E. difficult

$$$ 8

He knows English …than German

A. much

B. more

C. best

D. little

E. better

$$$ 9

We’ll be late, if you don’t drive a bit….

A. more quick

B. fastly

C. more fast

D. fast

E. faster

$$$ 10

Where is…..post office, please?

A. the most nearest

B. the nearest

C. nearer

D. more nearer

E. the next

$$$ 11

The house is… of all the houses in the street

A. the oldest

B. the most oldest

C. older

D. more older

E. as old as

$$$ 12

What’s the….news of today?

A. more later

B. latest

C. later

D. last

E. most late

$$$ 13

In the competition I was nervous and played …than usual.

A. as badly

B. badly

C. worst

D. worse

E. as worse

$$$ 14

It is …here than there.

A. the warmest

B. warmest

C. warmer

D. warm

E. more warmer

$$$ 15

This is the …. way

A. the shorter

B. shortest

C. short

D. shorter

E. more shorter

$$$ 16

She is…girl I have even known

A. the most pretty

B. the prettiest

C. prettier

D. more prettier

E. more pretty

$$$ 17

My grandmother is two years …. than my grandmother.

A. old

B. older

C. many

D. much

E. oldest

$$$ 18

Health and happiness are ….money.

A. the importantest of

B. importanter than

C. important than

D. the most important of

E. more important than

$$$ 19

Он знает более интересную историю

A. He knows more interesting story.

B. He know interesting story.

C. He knows many interesting story.

D. He knows the most interesting story.

E. He knows most interesting story.

$$$ 20

In autumn the days became ….. than in winter.

A. cold

B. the colder

C. colder

D. coldest

E. the coldest

$$$ 21

Эта книга толще, чем та.

A. This book is thicker than that one.

B. This book is thick than that one.

C. Than book is thicker than that one.

D. This book is more ticker than that one.

E. That book is ticker than that.

$$$ 22

Это платье даже хуже, чем ваше черное.

A. This dress is worse, than your black dress.

B This dress is even worse, than your black dress.

C. These dress is even worse, than your black dress.

D. This dresses are even worse, than your black dress.

E. This dress is even worst, than your black dress.

$$$ 23

Он принес ей более красивый цветок.

A. He brought her more beautiful flower.

B. He brought her nice flower.

C. He bring her nice flower.

D. He brought her the most beautiful flower.

E. He brought her the more beautiful flower.
$$$ 24

This book is… one in my private library.

Каталог: ebook -> umkd
umkd -> Семей мемлекеттік педагогикалық институты
umkd -> 5 в 020500 «Бастауыш оқытудың педагогикасы мен әдістемесі»
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umkd -> 5B050400 «Журналистика» мамандығына арналған
umkd -> Әдебиет (араб тілінде «адаб» үлгілі сөз) тыңдарман, оқырманның ақылына, сезіміне, көңіліне бірдей әсер беретін дарынды сөз зергерлерінің жан қоштауынан туған көрнек өнері
umkd -> 5В020500 «Филология: қазақ тілі» мамандығына арналған ХІХ ғасырдағы қазақ әдебиеті пәнінің
umkd -> «Өлкетану тарихы және мәдениеті»
umkd -> Қазақстан республикасы білім және ғылым министрлігі шәКӘрім атындағы семей мемлекеттік
umkd -> 5 в 011700 : -«Қазақ тілі мен әдебиеті» мамандығына арналған

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