Тесты с ответами по темам Text 3 In the epoch of quickly changing international and home situations it is quite necessary for every human being to get up-to-date information

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Text 3

In the epoch of quickly changing international and home situations it is quite necessary for every human being to get up-to-date information.

Choose a lexically similar word to "up-to-date" in line 2:modern

What information do the qualities print?They print serious information in tone

What information do the tabloids print? They print stories of celebrities

What is the BBC?the main television and radio broadcasting organization in Britain

What is the main topic of the text?Mass media in Britain

What kinds of newspapers are there in Britain?national and local newspapers

When and whom by was the first radio invented?The first radio was invented by Alexander Popov in 1895

When was the first public demonstration of television in Britain?in 1926

Who was the inventor of television?John Logie Baird

Why is radio said to be convenient to listen to?Because you can drive a car simultaneously

In many businesses, computers have largely replaced paperwork, becau they are fast, flexible, and do not make mistakes.

Choose the correct answer:Why have computers replaced paperwork?they are fast, flexible and do not make mistakes

How do some employees use the computer's power?to get revenge secret

How many days' notice was she given?thirty days'

How much money did the head teller steal?more than one and a half million

What are the advantages of computers for companies?they are honest and never have a bad day

Who used a computer to steal money from one account to another?the head teller

Who was fired in a large insurance company?a librarian

Who were in fact most computer criminals?minor employers

Why do banks want computers to handle their business?they don't steal money

Why do you think computer criminals are hard to find?a computer cannot remember the users

The earliest bridges were simple beam bridges-something like a log or plank of wood laid across a stream - a basic and simple design
According to paragraph 4, which of the following statements about the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire is true?They wanted their priests to travel throughout Europe.

According to the text, the introduction of steel.caused the biggest revolution in bridge design

In paragraph 5, which of the following statements implies an idea about railroad bridges?They were impressive but not sturdy enough.

It can be inferred from the text that the function of bridge chapels was.religious

The phrasal verb "make for" in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to.provide

The word "withstand'.resist

What can be understood about arch bridges in paragraph 2?They were sustainable and durable bridges.

Which of the following is not mentioned as a part of suspension bridge design?masterpiece

Which of the following statements would the author most probably agree with?The 19th century was marked by major revolutions in the technology of bridge building.

Why does the author mention the Eiffel Tower and the Ferris Wheel in paragraph 6?To show the importance of truss systems in the development of engineering.
For Love or Money

Sports are one of the world’s largest industries, and most athletes are professionals who are well paid for their efforts.

According to the text. What do countries fight for?to hold the Olympics not only for honour but for money

How many weeks were required to spend in a training camp?four weeks

Many athletes play more for ... than for love. MONEY

What rewards could ancient Greek athletes expect?a wreath of olive leaves

What was Spiridon Loues’s occupation?a water carrier

When were the Olympic Games revived?1896

Why can you call Spiridon Loues a true amateur?he accepted only a cart and a horse

Why did the cities begin to hire athletes...?to represent them in the Olympics
North American species of swans

Swans are among the most beautiful of North American waterfowl and have always enjoyed .....

According to the author swans can do harm to the.The starling.The author states that the native species of swans can live best. In unpopulated areas.

The phrase "wiped out" in line 5 is closest in meaning to.Killed off.

The word "it” in line 20 refers to.A pond.

Where do the whistling swans spend winters?Chesapeake Bay.

Which swan was close to extinction.The trumpeter swan.

Who is observing the mute swans location? Wildlife reserve managers
The Tower of London

The River Thames is the main approach to London from the east.

Dungeons for prisoners were ....In the basement.

For many years the Tower has been used as ..Place of execution.

How did William the Conqueror protect the City of London?Built the Tower of London.

The strong fortress was built...To protect the City of London.

The White Tome never was ... in ancient times.Museum.

There were dungeons for ... .Prisoners.

What does the "Ceremony of the Keys" symbolize?Tradition.

What is the main approach to London from the East?The River Thames.

What is the main approach to London from the East?The Thames.

What is the Tower of London now?Royal palace.

What part of the day does the "Ceremony of the Keys" take place?In the evening.

When was the White Tower built?In 1078.

Where did King William build the Tower?On the South-east corner of the city.

Why did the defenders bum the wooden staircase?To stop access to the upper level.

The last candidate.

The entrance examinations at one of the Moscow drama schools were almost over.
How did the elderly woman look like?Concerned.

The boy was:Criticized by the Director

What did the Director answer to the old woman?An actor must act.

What did they want the examiners last candidate to do?Finish his performance as quickly as possible.

What happened the next day?A late visitor came into the office.

What was the case, to the Director’s mind?ADifficult.

Who was examining young boys and girls?The secretary.

Why didn’t the Director finish his phrase?He had recognized the boy.

Green Madness

The Amazon is the world’s second largest river, almost 4,000 miles long.
Daniel K. Ludwig was a wealthy... .ship owner

How much money was spent to float a paper factory?275 million dollarsThe Amazon jungle has attracted...a few individuals with big ideas

The project was a complete financial... .disaster

What did Daniel К. Ludwig plant? fast growing trees

What is the length of the Amazon river?4000 miles

When did Ford start his business?1920s

Who bought a 3,000,000 acre piece of land in the Amazon?.Daniel K. Ludwig
Which is better?

An elephant and a monkey have a quarrel. The elephant is proud because he is strong.
Where does the tree stand?On the bank

What does the elephant try to pull down?The tree

Who has a quarrel?An elephant and a monkey

What is the monkey afraid of

The last candidate. 1

Egyptian Pyramids 1

Whom do they give the fruit to?The Old Bird
London Taxi Driver’s Story

Sometimes people ask me: «What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to you as a taxi driver?
How are the men for cross-country races called?Harriers

What do foreigners think about the weather in Britain?Britain is covered in a blanket of fog every winter

What way out of the situation does the driver suggest?He will drive slowly and the harriers will follow him

Where does the driver go after he has left his passenger?He goes off for London

Who does the driver see on the road?One of the harriers

Why do men go to Richmond Park at weekends?They go there for picnics

Why does the harrier stand on the road?He has lost his way

Why doesn’t the driver allow men to jump in?There are too many harriers there

Mall of America

When the Mall of America opened in Bloomington, Minnesota, in 1992, it ushered in a new era in American commerce.
How many flowering plants are there in the Mall?30000.

How many movies theaters are there in the Mall?14

What do some visitors use to go through corridors?Electric carts.

What kind of enclosed shopping center is the Mall of AmericaThe largest.

What ushered in a new era in American commerce?Mall of America.

What was the size of the first Mall?400.000.

Where was the Mall of America opened?In Bloomington.
Egyptian Pyramids

Egyptian pyramids are huge structures which are almost 4,600 years old.
How many people were involved in the construction of pyramids?100, 000

How many years did the research on chemistry and archaeology last?12 years.

How much time did it take Egyptians to transform the mixture into hard rock?Several hours.

know how to produce hard materials synthetically.Engineers.

What did Egyptians make to produce stones?Special mixture.

What do the experiments of the institute show?The stones were not transported.

What does «2.5” refer to in the text?The weight of each stone of a pyramid.

Where are similar materials used at present?In industry.
«Love for Sale”

There is a particular breed of humans who love animals.
How many dogs did Mrs. Dodge have?fifty dogs

How much money do Americans spend annually for pets?more than three billion dollars

What kind of extras do they provide their animals?clothes, jeweled collars, beds

What saved the life of the old woman?a canary

Where did ships sail safely through a dangerous channel?off the coast of New Zealand

Where did the accident with forty people take place?in Switzerland

Who spent at one time 50.000 dollars to feed her dog?a rich American woman
Ethnic groups in Kazakhstan

During the decades Kazakhstan was formed as a state with a wide variety of ethnic groups with varying religions
How many groups of visiting function are there in Kazakhstan? 160

How many priests work in the Republic of Kazakhstan?over 60

How many religious sisters work in the republic of Kazakhstan?70

What is the largest religion practiced in the republic?Islam

When was the Decree od the Pope John-Paul II signed?1999

When were diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and the Sacred throne established? 1992

Who was appointed as an apostolic nuncio?Marian Oles
Britain and Britons

Of the early Britons, their life and their habits, we know little but what has been told us by the Roman writers.
How were the priests of that time called?Druids

The Romans came over and ... the Britons.conquered

What clothes did the Druids wear?Long white robes.

What did the Britons get used to drink? strong drink of honey

Where did the Druids go to pray to their gods?under the great oaks

Who wrote about early life of Britons?Julius Caesar and Cornelius Tacitus
Why did the Druids use the mistletoe in the places of their prayers?The Druids considered them to be holy.
The life of desert animals

Since water is the basis of life, composing the greater part of the tissues of all living things, the crucial problem of desert animals is to survive...
What is the topic of this passage?Animal life in a desert environment.

The word "emaciated" in line 13 is closest in meaning to.Unhealthy.

When do desert animals usually hunt?by night

"Desiccating" in line 8 means.Drying.

The word "greater" in line 1 is closest in meaning to.Larger.

The word "austere" in line 14 is closest in meaning to.Severe.

The word "they" in line 26 refers to.Plants and seeds.

What is the average temperature at the surface of the sun-baked desert?Around 150 degrees.
American weddings.

There are many different kinds of weddings in the United States, reflecting the ilillerent religious.....

Do most of today’s American couples marry in religious or civil ceremonies?Religious ceremony.

Only ... can give the couple blessings to be officially married.The officiant.

Wedding is ...Colorful and interesting ceremony.

What do people do at a wedding reception?Share the joy of the bride and groom.

What do the guests throw at the bride and groom?Rice.

What do the guests throw at the bride and groom?Rice.

What happens after the groom puts the wedding ring on his bride’s finger?Kisses her.

What happens when the bride enters the church?Walks down the aisle with father.

Where does the couple go?Honeymoon.

Who cuts the cake and who takes the first bite?The couple.

Who does the bride dance with first?The groom.

Who waits for the bride at the end of the aisle?The groom.

Woman who catches the bridal bouquet is believed ...The next married.


Movies are the most popular form of entertainment for millions of Americans.

According to the text, movies are ...The most popular form of entertainment.

Hollywood is...The capital of the film industry

How much does it cost to make an average Hollywood movie?It costs $12 million to make a picture.

Is making movies a risky business? Why? It’s hard to predict what public will want to see.

The movie «Star Wars” is ...Blockbuster.

What can we learn from movie? A little more about life.

What creates conflict?Opposition.

What happens to the main character in a good movie?The main character becomes better, changes.

What kind of movies are made in Hollywood?Mysteries, comedies, musicals, love stories.

Who are some famous Hollywood stars?Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe.

Who is protagonist?Negative hero of a movie.

Why do people go to the movies?Л) To escape everyday existence.

Why do we need movie heroes?To be similar with them («get a lift”).


In most parts of the world, people need money in order to live........

A big sender is ...Who spends much money.

A cheapskate is ...A man who spends little money.

According to the text «rainy day” is ....There is no money at all.

According to the text why is money important?In order to live.

How do honest people get their money? Work hard for their money.

How do we call money of another country?Currency.

Lincoln became known as ...Known Abe.

Person’s reputation ...Is worth more than money.

To get money is necessary to ...To earn them.

Traditionally money of the USA is of ...Green color.

Who was Abraham Lincoln?The president of the USA.


Working for pay is the common experience of people all over the world, since everyone must work in order to make a living.

A person who works a lot isHard-working.

For a bad work a man must be ....Dismissed.

How can you determine which job is best for you?Identify strength.

What do busy people usually say?Business before pleasure.

What do people get for work?Wages.

What is a «workaholic”?Addicted to his work.

What price do bum pay?Live in poor conditions

What price do workaholic pay?Have dull personalities.

When the working age ends people get....Retired.

When you need job what place do you address?Occupational agency.

Who is the man called «bum”?Refuse to work.

Your work in some way .....society.Benefits.

Ocean Liners

The millions of people who cross the Atlantic every year usually do so by and convenient....

What happened to «The Normandie”?A) was destroyed

How do the millions of people cross the Atlantic every year?B) by jet

When was «The Normandie” destroyed?D)in 1942

What did all Atlantic travellers use in the past?C) ships

Which writer describer the condition «not ill, but going to be” ?B) Charles Dickens

According to the text. What privileges did birstclass passengers have in big ships?A) first class passengers had private rooms and ate in elegant rooms

When did taking the boat to Europe become popular?A) after World War I

What was the name of French liner?E) Normandie

What delicacies were on the menu for dinner?C) caviar and pâtè

What are the advantages of ships compared to airplanes?C)they are elegant, comfortable

What kind of food is offered in planes?B) mediocre food

Why were sailing trips in the 19th century uncomfortable?C)cabins were cold and wet

How many ships crossing the Atlantic sank? B) one out of six

How did ships improve in the early 20th century?C)ocean liners were divided by class

What did the ocean liners offer to their passengers food and meeting famous people

food and moneyC) food and luxuries

The Power Of Imagination.

Mr. Brown lived in America, but he liked travelling very much.....

What did Mr. Brown like to do?To travel.

At first, what was Mr. Brown looking for in the dark?B) Matches

Could the men fall asleep after breaking the window?B) They slept until morning.

What did he ask at the hotel?D) A vacant room.

What did Mr. Brown hear at night?A) Some noise.

What did Mr. Brown think he broke at night?E)A window.

What did the man say after Mr. Brown had broken the window?B) «I am much better”.

What did the neighbour ask Mr. Brown to do?A) To open the window.

What did the receptionist offer?E) A Double room.

What did the receptionist tell the men about sharing one room?A)”It will be less expensive for you”.

What happened to the men at night?B) Brown’s neighbour felt unwell.

Where did Mr. Brown live?E) In the USA.

Who was Mr. Brown?B) A traveller.

Where did Mr. Brown make trips to?Europe and Asia.

Why did they agree to spend the night in the same room?A) They were too tired to go to another hotel.

Because she was a Negro woman

Balashyan arrived in New Orleans on Sunday morning on his way to....

Complete the sentence:This story arises the problem of...C) Racism.

Complete the sentence:The young woman was going to Baltimore to....B) See her husband.

Fill in the blanks according to the content of the text:Soon everybody knew about Balashyan and began asking ... questions.D)Him.

Choose the right answer:What did Balashyan’s neighbour get interested in?His nationality.

Fill in the blanks according to the content of the text:At a small station the train stopped and a group of young ... entered the car.C)Men.

Choose the right answer:What colour was the woman’s hair?A) Black.

Choose the right answer:What language did a young officer address to Balashian?C) French.

Complete the sentence:The tall officer was standing in front of the young woman and.... .D) Shouting at her.

Choose the right answer:Where was Balashyan going?A) To Baltimore.

Choose the right answer:Where was a young woman sitting?D) At the window in the next compartment.

Fill in the blanks according to the content of the text:I can recognize ... from a distance.E) Niggers.

Choose the right answer:What did a tall officer want to know of the woman in the next compartment?C) Whether she was a Negress.

Fill in the blanks according to the content of the text:A group of young men in ... entered the car at a small station.B) Military uniform.

Fill in the blanks according to the content of the text:The conversation was suddenly interrupted by ... coming from the next compartment.A) A woman’s scream.
The Problems of Inventors

Many of the modem world’s most famous discoveries and inventions.....

Armstrong spent the whole life trying:D) to protect his invention

Birdseye sold his patents for a total of:E) 22 million dollars

By the end of his life Birdseye had:D) 100 patents

Gerhardt’s invention appeared in:A.) 1853

In business, it is sometimes better to be:B) second

The recipe of Coca-Cola was sold for:C) 2300 dollars

What did he start?C) Birdseye Seafoods, Inc

What dil he try to freeze first?D) fish

What is the greatest problem of successful inventions?B) to convince people to try something different

When did German company find out that aspirin could possibly be useful?D) fifty years after its invention

Who discovered that aspirin was a painkiller?D) German company

Who invented frozen foods?C) Clarence Birdseye

Why did Birdseye’s first company go bankrupt?D) people didn’t believe frozen fish could be good

Boom Towns

Cities usually have a logical reason for being where they are, like a nearby port or river.....

How many people out of the first 20.000 became rich?A)4000

he text gives us information about:The boom of Dawson city

How many people were killed on the trail?E)63

What is the chief industry of Dawson City now?

What is the current population of Dawson?E) 462

What kind of necessities were very expensive in Dawson?A) food and wood

What kind of towns appeared in the West?A) boom towns

What made the trip to Dawson City difficult?E) snow-covered mountains and icy rivers

What sort of town was Dawson during the period of Canadian gold Rush?C) city of tents and cabins

What was the population of Dawson two years later?D) 30.000

When did people find out gold?D)in 1897

Wher is New York City situated?A) at the month of the Hudson River

Where was the new gold discovered?D) in Alaska

Which Canadian town in 1896 was unmapped wilderness?E) Dawson

Why did people leave Dawson City?C) all gold had been found

Why do rivers and ports often attract people?E) easy to get to and suited to communications and trade

We Can Help

The variety of choices that modem life offers can create problems.....

Why do people need special kinds of services?E) people get too hurried, have trouble communicating

According to the text. What services does «Let Millie Do It” provide?A) meet relatives at the airport, water plants, pay bills

Where does Millie live?A) in New York

What is Millie?A) a professional timesaver

What is the name of a bigger cleaning company?C) «Disaster Masters”

What do they specialize in cleaning up?C) household mess after fires and floods

Which service helps people with a communication problem?E) «Lipservice”

The company can tell «I love you” in.... A) seven languages

Who may be invited for offbeat entertainment?A) professional wrestler

Where do disorganized people go?A) a «time-entertainment clerk”

What finn makes fantasies come true?C) «Fairy Fulfillment”

How much does it cost to invite the firm?C)for $250 and up

What school helps to deal effectively with all the people who want to help out for a price?E) «School of Thinking”

TextRead the text and find the right answers:

The World Wide Web (WWW, or Web for short) has taken over the Internet.....

What does the abbreviation WWW mean?C) World Wide Web.

Why do people put their products onto a computer?C) To make customer shop.

What has the WWW become for Big Business?D)A new way of selling around the globe.

What does the word «browser” mean?C) A program.

What is the most necessary item required for access to the WWW?D) A computer.

What have browsers taken away?B) Collection of commands.

What is Modem?B) A piece of equipment.

What has the arrival of browsers opened to everybody?D) The Internet.

How can we get info on any subject by?B) Simple lifting one finger.

What was the WWW originally made of?C) Academics and military types.

What was needed for accessing information?B) A password.

What captured the imagination of educators?C) Internet.

How did ‘ordinary’ people use the Web?E) As a pastime.

When can we access necessary information on the WWW?E) At any time.
Modern Sun Worshippers

People travel for a lot of reasons. Some tourists go to see battlefields or......

According to the text. People don’t travel:B) to work

According to the text by the Mediterranean records?C) they all come for the sun

Residents of what cities spend a lot of their winter in the dark?B) London, Copenhagen and Amsterdam

What is the advantage of tourism for Mediterranean countries?D) lots of money for the economies

How many people travel to Mediterranean resorts and beaches?A) more than 25 million

How many italy’s hotels are booked every summer?E) 30.000

French beaches are camped out by...C) 13 million people

What is the biggest disadvantage in the Mediterranean sea?B) pollution

Why don’t tourists mind pollution arid crowded beaches?B) they all come for the sun

What is the most polluted place in France?B) St. Tropez

What city besides Berlin and London is considered rainy?E)Oslo

What do tourists have to tolerate?C) traffic jams

What looks still beautiful...?B) the coastline

In many places, swimming is dangerous.....D) because of pollution

Some Statistics

The English are the best workers and the Greeks are the heaviest smokers....

Who can be considered the best workers?C) The English.

Where is the largest amount of strong drinks sold? E) Luxembourg.

What country takes the first place on the continent in the number of illegitimate children?B) Sweden.

One of the factors explaining the high diligence of inhabitants of the Foggy Island is....B)The very high rent.

In what country are the largest families?D)Ireland.

Who consumes the largest amount of strong drinks sold in Luxembourg?A)The visitors.

Where the smallest number of children is registered? C) Spain.

What country takes the last place on the continent in the number of illegitimate children?B) Greece.

What country has the highest tax on the drinks?E) Sweden.

Who can be considered as the heaviest smokers?C) The Greeks.

Who is most inclined to suicide?A) The Finns.

Who consumes the least of alcohol?B) The Swedes.

What is the average duration of the working week of the British?D) 44 hours.

What people are the bigest consumers of alcohol?A) The French.
Businessmen Outside the Law

The era of easy money that the gold rush brought to the western part of........

When did the era of the gold rush end?E) around 1851

What did the most prospectors do? E)sett1ed down in routine jobs

Why did outlaws turn to robbing?E) a meager wage wasn’t enough

Where did Black Bait start his career?D) in a mine

According to the text Black Bait became an outlaw becauseA) he had expensive tastes

How many stagecoaches were robbed by Black Bart? C) 27

How much money did he earn? E) $40.000

What did people think of Henry Plummer?C) handsome, friendly and honest

Where did he serve as sheriff?A) in Virginia City

How did he finish his career?C) was caught and thrown in his own jail

Who were the members of a gang led by Jesse James?B) the richest men

Where was Jesse James’s gang organized?C) in Missouri

How much money did they earn in 10 years?B) over 200. 000 dollars

Who was Jesse James’s father?E) a minister

New Zealand

New Zealand is a South Pacific country located midway between the Equator.....

New Zealand is a.... E)South Pacific country.

How many peaks do the Southern Alps include?E)19

When was New Zealand discovered? E) A thousand years ago.

What part of the Pacific ocean did the Maori people migrate from? E) Southern

What is the nationality of the navigator who saw the land first?D) Dutch

Where are New Caledonia, Fiji and Gonga situated from New Zealand?A)To the North

When did A.Tasman see the island?B) 1642

New Zealand is a country located approximately.... east of Australia.C)1600 sq.km

What’s the nationality of James Cook? A)English

There are the.....islands separated by Cook Strait D) North and South

When did James Cook see the land? A)1769

The country has no part more than ....kilometres from the surrounding ocean.B)120.

What land area makes New Zealand similar size to Japan and Britain?C)268,105

Looking To the Future

When a magazine for high- school students asked its readers what life....

According to the students, how would 1978 be different from 1958?A) Machines would be run by solar power

According to the text of forecasting should be accurate inD) economic

After leaving the airbus how would a person travel A) he could drive a car equipped with radar

How do someteims professionals sound?B) like high-school students

How many passengers these airbuses would carry? B) 200 passengers

What did the expert on cities predict for cities in 1982?C) People would travel to work in «airbuses”

What happened to the investors who had put their faith in financial foreseers?C) their investments were ruined

What month was marked with the worst lossesA) October

What was the subject of expert’s article?B) The city of 1982

What would be advantage of using the radar equipment of cars? D) would make traffic accidents «almost unheard of”

When did H.J.Rand write his article?D) in 1957

When did the most forecasters see an excellent future for the stock marketA) in early 1929

Who was asked about the year 2000D) H.J. Rand of the Rand Corporation

Why do people ask experts to make predictions?D) the future is very important
Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria succeeded to the throne at the age of 18 on the death of her uncle........

When did Queen Victoria succeed to the throne?D) At the age of 18.

What’s the reason that Victoria wore funeral black for the rest of herB) Her husband’s death.

Victoria’s father, Edward had died when she was.E)8monthes old

When did Queen Victoria’s uncle die? A) In 1837.

What’s the name of her husband?A) Albert.

Who did she receive support from? A) Prince Albert.

When did she marry? In 1840.

When did Albert die?B) In 1861.

How many children did Queen Victoria give birth to between 1840 and 1857?A)9

She emerged from mourning in 1874 encouraged by her family, friends and the newly-elected Prime Minister....?E)Disraeli.

How many of Queen’s children died before her?D)3

When did hir elder daughter die?A)In July 1901.

What title did her Prime Minister get?B) Earl of Beaconsfield.

What’s the name of her last surviving child?C)Beatrice
Press in Britain

Probable in no other country are there such great differences between......

What «quality” newspapers do you know?E) The Times, The Independent.

What «popular” newspapers do you know?E) The Daily Express.

How many national papers are published on Sundays’? )A)Nine.

What are the editors of papers usually allowed?A) Freedom of expression.

It is often said that the aim of the popular press is to entertain its readers than inform them.

What kind of materials do these newspapers concentrate on?D) The Royal Family.

What is the difference between various national daily newspapers?D) In the type of news they report.

Are «quality” papers more popular than «tabloids”?D) Less popular.

What are newspapers owned in Britain by? A) By publishing companies.

What kind of newspapers are called as «populars and tabloids”? B) Small-sized newspapers.

What’s the difference between daily newspapers and «Sundays”?E) Includes colour supplement.

What does a «colour supplement” mean?C) Separate magazine which contains feature articles.

Which type of readers are the British? D) They are fond of reading newspapers.

What is an important tradition in many British households?D) A big Sunday lunch.
Different Kinds of Money

What makes money valuable? Why is a piece of paper marked $10 worth....

What is the real reason that money is valuable?D) everyone believes it is

What was used as money on the Pacific Island of Yap?A) large stone discs

Ancient Greeks measured wealth in.... A) tools and cattle

How many purposes did this kind of money have?A) two

Why were tools and cattle used as money? C)could be used for farming

What was the value of the house?a certain number of tools or cattle

What did American Indians use as money? A)wampum

What is wampum made of?A) from seashells

What did the ancient economies use instead of coins?C) barter

According to the text gold and silver wereuseful as a kind of money?B) they were easier to carry around

This text is about:D) types of money

When was the paper money introduced?E)In the sixteenth centry

According to the text people:C)Were suspicious of paper money

Why did ancient types of money die out?E) more practical forms of money were invented

What does everyone believe? C) a $10 bill is worth $10

Market Women

When Hugh Clapperton, a British explorer, visited Nigeria in the.....

Who visited Nigeria? E) Hugh Clapperton

When did he visit Nigeria? A) in the 1830s

Where did he come from? E)Great Britain

What kind of goods did he find at a Nigerian market B)silks from Cairo, salt from the Sahara, clay water jars

Why do Nigerian women go to the markets? D) to meet their friends, learn about the newest fashions

What is the percentage of women in the Nigerian market D) over 80%

How do traders keep their markets organized?B) they occupy the same general area

Who is the head of each guild?A) a woman

What do «market masters” do?D) make decisions about the day-to-day running of the market

What do they also see? E) market law is enforced

What are the market women in Onitsha famous for?E) for their skill at making large amounts of money

Where is Onitsha situated?C) on the eastern banks of the Niger River

How do market women spend their money?B) in high style

Where do market women send their children?B) to universities overseas

What is buisiness for the Nigerian women?A) a natural part of life

International Business — With a Twist

Some of the world’s most accommodating businessmen specialize in getting you what you.....”

How many watches were hidden in a gas tank?C) 2,581

What does «accommodating businessman” mean?A) helpful

Where was diplomat arrested?B) in London

What do Swiss people export?B) watches

What do in fact smugglers have?D) legitimate businesses on the side

What do many smugglers love as much as profit?E) excitement

Who was arrested recently?A) a gold smuggler

Auction Fever

«Twenty-five dollars for this beautiful table. Who’ll give tue thirty? Thirty! Thirty-five? Thirty-five. Who’ll give me forty?” In this situation an auctioneer is........

How the auction was called according to another guide?C) «the greatest game ever invented for grownups”

What did the man lose?A) a wallet

What do auctioneers do?D) try people to bid

How much money was in the wallet?C) $2000

What did they realize having bought the cabinet?B) it was too big

What do experienced auctiongoers never do?B) bid too high

What does auction have to be compared with theater?B) a script and a plot

What is auction according to one auction guide?B) theater

Many foreigners think that pantomime is the same as mime, but in Britain they .............

«A set of twelve” means...A) dozen

«Mime’ meansB) acting without speaking

A handsome young man or «principal boy” in pantomime is always played byD) a woman

Everyone can see that the old woman in costume is really a man.C) easily

In Britain pantomime is ... nowadays.D) a very noisy show

Playing women roles by men and vice versa is an old C) tradition

What do schoolchildren have during this period? C) winter holiday

Winter show continues for ... after Christmas.A) two months
Don’t Look Back

An American philosopher said, «If a man can make a better mousetrap, the world will......

What was the philosopher’s nationalityD) American

What was the end of his saying?C) «Something might be gaining on you”

What was the difference between a simple machine and the «lazy man’s mower”E) it had a motor

What is the most important reason for developing new productsB) competition

When was over-improved lawnmower patented?A) in 1971

Who said not to look back?E) another philosopher

What was the primary purpose of typewriters?E) a writing machine for the blind

Michelangelo Buonarroti

Michelangelo Buonarroti was one of the most fatuous artist in history........

Where did he produce his famous statue of David?D)In Rome.

When did he start painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican?C) 1508.

Where did he paint the Sistine Chapel?A) In Vatican.

How many years did he spend painting the figures and Biblical scenes on half at the ceiling?C) 20 years.

When was he apprenticed to Ghirlandaio?B) At the age 12.

What kind of work is the Pieta for St Peter’s Cathedral?A) His first great work.

When did he go to Rome?B) At the age of2l.

John Lennon

In December 1980, the London «Morning Star” wrote about John Lennon, member.....

Why did he give up music for some years?C) To look after his little son.

What group did John Lennon form with his friends?D) «The Beatles”.

How many people met in front of the Lennon’s flat?D) 1000.

Why did people meet in front of his flat? A) To show their respect.

When was he killed?C) On Tuesday, December 9th, 1980.

When did he go to New York with his wife?D) 1970.

What songs did they sing when they fought against the United States war in Vietnam?A) «Give Peace a Chance”, «Power to the People”.

What was John Lennon?A) A member of «The Beatles”.
Getting Rich on Shakespeare

Although the United States in the I 800s didn’t seem like a good place to present........

How old was Sarah Bernhardt?C) 71

How many months did she tour? D) for eighteen

What was the reaction of miners to the plays? A) a very dramatic

How much money a good company could earn?B) thousands of dollars for each week

Who was one of the best Shakespearian actors of that time? B) Edwin Booth

How much money did she receive at the end of the tour?C) $305.000

What did he haveto do?D) took care of business


«Rock is everywhere,” said my 16-year-old son. Is there any parents who would not.....

Teenagers ... money on enormous records.D) spend

Last year .. guitars were sold.B) 2 million

Sound intensity of a new jet on take off must not exceed ... decibels.C) 108

What does the word «to astonish” mean?A) to surprise.

How many tickets were available at the Rolling Stones’ concert in New York City?A) 20.000

Rock music cannot exist without amplification, that’s why it is so A) loud.

Rock music is close toB) teenagers.

Marketing Magic

Why would anyone who lives in a city where the drinking water is clean, goods............

What did the company have?B) smart marketing strategy

What kind of jeans did he make?E) for people who wanted to look glamorous

How did the new marketing strategy present Perrier?A) sparkling, natural cfrmnlc, free of alcohol and other dangerous chemicals

What is Perrier?A) a lightly carbonated water

Mohan Murjani was interested in:E) something which looked glamorous

Who were the first people to wear blue jeans?D) miners, farmers and cowboys

Where is this water from? B) the south of France

What was the design of Murjani’s jeans?E) tight-fitting
Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, one of the American presidents of the past, was born.............

Complete the sentences Jefferson studied to beA) A lawyer.

How long did he serve in the position of President?A) 2 terms.

What have been kept up by American progressive people?E) Jefferson’s best traditions.

Jefferson was born inE) Seventeen forty three.

How old was he when his father died?B) 14.

What did he write?B) Virginia laws.

Jefferson was a governor ofD) Virginia.

He became the country’s president.B) 3.

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Text 1


Charles Dickens had-----brothers and sisters.seven

Charles Dickens taught himself shorthand because he_____.wanted to find a good job

Charles Dickens became a reporter in Parliament_____.after he had taught himself shorthand.

Charles Dickens's father_____worked in an office

Charles Dickens_____his first job.hated

The family of Charles Dickens was very______.poor

Charles Dickens's first famous book was called._____The Pickwick Papers

Dickens wrote about these_____times for his family later, in many of his stories.unhappy

Charles Dickens was born in.____1812

Charles Dickens gave a lot of time to._____political changes he struggled for

Charles Dickens became famous.______by the time he got married

When Charles Dickens died in 1870, he was.______fifty-eight

Couple who survived amazing 66 days at sea
They survived in very good condition because:thev had food, drinking mater and the line to fish

When the life-raft started to break up, they were at sea____ days.50

The reason that Bill and Simone Butlers’ vaeht sank:some whales hit the side of the boat

They spent so many days at sea because ...they had some necessary things for living

A couple who spent many days at sea was from.Miami

Total number of days the Butlers spent at sea..two months

Then the Butlers' fishing-line was broken, something strange happened.Fish came to the surface, they caught them easily.

A fishing boat saw them and saved, but thcs:could not stand up

Bill and Simone Butler spent_____ days in u life-raft in the seas of Central


Name of the yacht a coupic went to the sea:Siboney

The Butlers caught fish with______when their line was broken.hands

Bill and Simone survived because_______they had food and a special machine to make salt water into drinking water
Text 2

My favourite artist
The word “turbulent” used in the text is close in meaning to the word .rough

According lo the text it can be said that Ivan Aivazovsky depicted_____landscapes. Ukrainian

The most accurate definition of the word “masterpiece” is_______respected work of art

Aivazovskv lived in Russia for______.some time

Ivan Aivazovsky devoted lots of his_____to the struggle between the people and the sea. paintings

Ivan Aivazovsky was born in Theodosia and/but he died in______Theodosia

Ivan Aivazovskv depicted______people lived near the sea

The Aivazovsky Picture Gallen has_____of his works.four hundred

The author of the text loves spending his her time on_____art

When the author is •____ he she prefers to visit museum. Free

Aivazovsky presented the picture gallery to Theodosia

The author visits Kies Museum of _____art in his/her free time.Russian

Text III

A rose without a thorn

Henry was ______his marriage to Anne of Cleves. regretting

Katherine employed Francis Dereham as her ______In order to buy his silence secretary

The synonym of the word ‘charhimatic’ In line 2 Is .charming

In King Henry’s opinion Katherine Howard was his_____.jewel

King Henry was far more generous with_____Katherine

King Henry’s fifth wife was____Katherine

On 13th February 1542______.Katherine was beheaded.

Cranmer was _____ Henry's adviser

The antonym of the word ‘anger’ In line 5 is Joy .

Katheriac was mainly interested in_____Dansing.

Queen Katherine was buried next to .Anne Boleyn

_______was interested in clothes and dancing. Katherine

Text 4
The Newspaper Chase

Janey gives Harry’s old____to the recycling van. newspaper

When Janey calls the police they______.come and take Harry away

Janey Is the_______of the house owner. daughter

Janey takes the newspaper from under Harry’s bed because..she wants to recycle it

Harry________the pieces of glass on the floor. steps on

As Harry jumps into the van, Janey sees_____in his shoe. a piece of glass

Harry takes the painting out of his bag as he gets to______.his room

Harry_______the painting and puts it under his bed. wraps

Harry lives in______.a rooming house

A man enters the Ritesville town art gallery______through a window

Harry feels______about breaking the vase.happy

Harry goes lo the town art gallery because he wants to_____steal a painting

Text 5

King Charles 1 and Cromwell

England’s days as a republic were over because_______ .Charles II became the next king

It can be inferred from the text that many people in the country ______.were not satisfied with their king

Charles I explained his reason for closing Parliament:_________I don’t need it’

The pronoun “they” in the sentence ‘They gave him to Cromwell’ refers to_______the Scots

Parliament was closed by________King Charles I

________were called ‘Round heads’.Cromwell’s followers

_______.died in 1658. Oliver Cromwell

The King went to Scotland because..he was defeated in the war

Parliament decided to govern the country without the king in..1641

The word “to forgive” used in the text is closest in meaning to the word ;to excuse

The pronoun “it” in the sentence ‘I don’t need it’ refers to . Parliament

Charles II offered to pay the army, but he didn’t want to _______forgive his father’s killers

Text 6

White plague”

The potential hailstorms come from..the ground surface

The noun ‘impact’ means...influence

It look_____for hail to destroy the Colorado farm boy’s harvest…30 minutes

If the air is pure it is____ . clean

The word 'devastation' Is closest in meaning to______destruction

The general topic discussed In the text is____.a natural phenomenon

In lines 1-2 the phrase ‘it wipes you out’ means_____hailstorms can cause financial ruin.

The verb ‘collide’ in this text means to______run into

It can be inferred from the passage that some hailstones melt before reaching the ground because of their______ .size

The Colorado scientist recognized a new record of hailstone for Its ______ size

The damage brought by hail in crop production annually accounts for______a billion dollars

The phrase ‘the amazing specimen’ refers to_____.ahailstone

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