Spring hunting for drake with a decoy duck
Arranging stuffed ducks in the fall: professional tips
October 21, 2018 Miscellaneous Mikhail Probably every hunter has heard about autumn duck hunting
Autumn hunting for grouse with stuffed animals
Rules for hunting black grouse in autumn Black grouse are cautious, timid birds. Therefore, you should look for them
Where to shoot an elk with a smoothbore to kill it. Where to shoot elk for effective hunting?
Where to shoot an elk with a smoothbore to kill it. Where to shoot elk for effective hunting?
A weak shooter should not shoot a large animal from the front: its killing area here is small; hitting
Moose in sight
Moose hunting - how to shoot an elk
Catching wild animals is divided into three levels of difficulty, according to the weight parameters and aggressiveness of the animal,
Tunnels and traps of Vietnamese guerrillas
What Vietnamese traps existed during the war with the United States?
The Vietnam War took place between 1964 and 1975. Participated in it
How to store a PVC boat in winter: in the garage or at home, preparation, fastening
When the fishing and boating season comes to an end, every shipowner faces
How to tie a good knot
How can a straight knot be untied, which, according to the characteristic unanimously accepted by our experts, is tightened like this?
How to properly gut and butcher a rabbit
Removing the skin To gut the hare carcass, you should hang it by the hind legs, as you can remove
Hunting for drake duck in spring
Spring hunting: opening dates, features, tips and recommendations
Spring is a long-awaited time for everyone, but they experience very special emotions as spring approaches.
How to hunt partridge - tips and useful video
Partridge: what kind of game? Partridge hunting is an exciting activity, and the meat of this bird
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