Landslides, landslides, mudflows, snow avalanches are their damaging factors. How to escape?
Landslides, landslides, mudflows Landslide Landslide A landslide is the movement of massive rocks down
Stuffed grouse: step-by-step manufacturing instructions, necessary materials, tips
October 22, 2018 Miscellaneous Tamila Gresko You can catch black grouse using different methods. This bird is on
Hunting in autumn
Duck hunting - an overview of effective methods
Rules for duck hunting in autumn It is necessary to take into account the specifics of the autumn behavior of waterfowl, namely: active
Throwing knives
Five of the best throwing knives in the world
Cobra throwing knife Scorpion throwing knife Throwing knives characteristics DIY throwing knives Throwing knives
How to make a “Leshy” camouflage suit for hunting with your own hands?
August 29, 2018 Equipment Person Fans of sniper or hunting often ask questions about camouflage.
How to behave during mudflows July 23, 2015, 17:31
Natural emergencies are dangerous due to their suddenness. Often the population succumbs to panic, not knowing how
About knife testing methods
First, let's define the concept of a budget knife. I agree that everyone is different
Study question No. 7. Basic rules of self-defense. Self-defense means and their use.
Study question No. 7. Basic rules of self-defense. Self-defense means and their use. Every person has the right
Life is like a miracle: how to survive in extreme conditions
In Chukotka, two weeks later, a lost reindeer herder was found. The man has lost a lot of weight, but is still alive
match head
What are hunting matches made of? Matches: educational program from the amateur estimata. Matches are different
Matches are made from a wood stick (straw) with a head that ignites when rubbed against the wax.
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