Life is like a miracle: how to survive in extreme conditions

In Chukotka, two weeks later, a lost reindeer herder was found. The man has lost a lot of weight, but is still alive and well. A little earlier, just before the New Year, in the Sverdlovsk region, several tourists on snowmobiles lost their way and spent the night in the forest at a temperature of minus 37 degrees. Izvestia will tell you about the most interesting survival stories and how to act in such situations.

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Winter night in the forest

“We often look for those who are sure that they know the forest like the back of their hand”

In a week, almost 600 mushroom pickers disappeared in the forests; not all of the lost volunteers were able to save them

Ural, December 28, dense winter forest. There are snowdrifts all around, dead wood - in general, the places are desolate. By night the thermometer dropped to minus 37 degrees. Three tourists from Kazan set off on snowmobiles from the Zvezda base towards the Kvarkush ridge, but lost their way. A little later it became known that they had fallen into a stream and reported their coordinates to the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Six more snowmobilers from Nizhny Tagil came to their aid, but also disappeared. Then a Mi-8 helicopter with rescuers flew out to search, but in the end all the “lost” ones were able to get to the base on their own.

“We built a hut from spruce branches, drained gasoline from snowmobiles and burned it,” the tourists later told about their adventure. “At first we warmed ourselves inside, but in the morning the hut caught fire. I didn’t have any things with me; I ran out of tea at night. When the hut burned down, we decided to move on.”

It was difficult to drive in the thick of the forest: it took almost 10 hours to cover 2 km. At night, the guys from both groups talked on the radio - keeping their finger on the pulse so that the riders (as snowmobilers call each other) from Kazan did not fall asleep. They say that the situation is standard - they drove into the forest themselves, and left on their own. True, the trip was delayed, and one of the Kazan tourists froze his toes. And in general, for all three, the situation in an unfamiliar area added stress. Fortunately, the snowmobile brothers helped.


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Tailed friend: the bravest four-legged heroes of our days

Are dogs capable of feats?

“The main problem when people go on such extreme hikes is that if they get lost, they first experience anxiety, which turns into panic, they cannot cope with it, they rush somewhere at breakneck speed,” says mistakes in extreme hikes, member of the Russian Geographical Society and professional traveler Alexey Slepukhin. - You need to stop, look around, remember the area where you were. In winter conditions, if there is no snowfall, you can follow your steps quite far and quickly, if you are not caught in a storm.”

And if bad weather strikes you in the mountains, then, according to the expert, there is no point in running somewhere at all.

“We need to stop and try to make a fire,” the specialist notes. - If you don’t do this, but run without understanding where, the person immediately begins to freeze. Even with very good equipment. People freeze from their own moisture. If a person stops, starts a fire, the dogs will smell it, and even if the person is very hungry, you can survive for a long time. Even with a minimal set of things that you have with you.”

Fatal date: how to survive an encounter with the beast

Why is it better to shoot emaciated bears that are actively attracted to humans this fall?


Even if you have no special skills, you have a chance of survival if you have enough courage. But you will still need “soft” skills: creativity, communication and physical fitness. You must also master a number of “hard” skills: starting a fire, making a shelter, finding and purifying water, sending distress signals, orienteering, obtaining and preparing food.

By devoting at least a little time to mastering the above, you will significantly increase your chances of survival in any extreme situation. Yes, today everything is fine, and you are sitting in a soft chair, reading a book, but no one knows where tomorrow will take you for some reason. Therefore, the ability to survive, at least in theory, will never be superfluous, because it is possible that this will have to be done in practice.

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Don't look into your eyes, don't show your teeth

Surviving an encounter with a bear is like being in the role of DiCaprio's character in an Oscar-winning film. So in October, a resident of Komi survived an attack by an angry bear. The beast pretty much battered the potential victim - the man was taken to the hospital with lacerations to his face, head and hand.

Alexey Koptyakov, a paramedic by vocation and a hunter at heart, was also lucky. In 2021, he went in search of martens, but accidentally disturbed a bear. As luck would have it, the gun jammed at just the right moment.

“The bear grabbed me with its paws, lifted me, pressed me to itself and began to bite. At first I covered my face with my hands. And then my hands started to hurt a lot and I lowered them. Then the beast bit into my neck,” Alexey said some time later, having undergone three operations. Then in the forest he heard the crunching of his own bones. “And when I had already come to terms with the fact that I was going to die, the bear abandoned me.”


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Having lost a lot of blood, with many wounds, an ear almost torn off, an injured eye and a broken nose, the man, with the last of his strength, wandered to the road, where he was picked up by a passing tourist.

“In order to avoid a critical approach distance and not unexpectedly encounter a bear, it is necessary to move noisily in the forest, talking freely and loudly, and preferably in a group of at least three people,” the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Trans-Baikal Territory recalled. In the fall, in different regions of the country, a high migration of clubfoot was noted - due to the failure of the mushroom and berry harvest, the animal looked for more satisfying places.

When you see a clubfoot, you cannot run (this is useless, the animal can rush after you), look him in the eyes and show your teeth.

Inhale-exit: a new way to save drowning people has been found

Portable ventilators will help prolong the work of the heart even of people who are severely frozen in water

“It is necessary, trying to maintain calm as much as possible, to remain in place, loudly calling for help or, slowly backing away, retreating. In this case, you can try to scare away the bear by ringing metal objects or loudly screaming, the memo says. “Raise your hands up, letting the animal know that you are taller and stronger than him.”

The department also advises not to leave garbage and remnants of a feast in the forest, so as not to attract bears again.

5 survival hacks that everyone should know.

Life is very unpredictable, and you never know what situation you might find yourself in tomorrow or in a year. In some critical situations, knowing how to behave correctly so as not to make the problem worse can save lives.

In this article we will tell you about five unusual “life hacks” that will help you survive in extreme conditions.

How to get out of quicksand

And even from quicksand you can get out

In fact, although quicksand is dangerous for people and animals, in practice everything is not as dramatic as it is portrayed in Hollywood films. There is not much chance of drowning in them if you behave correctly. The only thing you don’t need to do is panic and flounder; the more movements you make, the stronger the “sucking” will be. If you find yourself in quicksand, carefully and slowly stretch your legs to the surface and lie down like a star. After this, you need to move “in a layer” to a hard surface.

What to do if buried alive

Return from the other world

A lot of people are afraid of being buried alive, but no matter how hopeless the situation may seem, there is a chance to get out of the terrible imprisonment. First, again, no panic - oxygen reserves are limited to approximately three hours, which means there is time. First you need to take off your shirt and tie it around your head and face, so that during the exit process you will pick up fewer splinters and protect yourself from dirt. After this, you need to start knocking out the lid of the coffin with your feet until it cracks - the earth begins to crumble - it should be folded around your feet. After this, you need to take a sitting position and do not stop rowing the earth downwards. This way you can get out.

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And one more option for those who are afraid of being buried alive - make a will to put a fully charged but turned off mobile phone in the coffin. By the way, this is exactly what is “fashionable” to do in America now.

Where and how to look for water in a forest or desert

How to survive in the desert and forest

And here you need to be careful - the presence of any plant, especially a large one, indicates that somewhere very close, underground, there is a source of water. Wet sand also indicates this. Having noticed this, start excavating, and with a high probability you will be lucky already at a depth of 30 centimeters. What else you should pay attention to are insects - there are many chances that they are moving towards the location of the water.

How to act correctly during tremors

If everything around you is shaking

During such emergencies, it is better to be as far away from the power lines as possible. Experience shows that there is a high probability that people will be in the building at this time. And if you are in this majority, then the first thing you need to do is find a safe place. Places near load-bearing walls are considered one of the safest (it is better to find out in advance which walls in your house are load-bearing). You can sit in the bathtub, then if a concrete slab falls, the side of the bathtub will hold it.

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A good location is under hard, stable surfaces that can catch heavy objects when dropped - under a table or bed. The main danger during such an emergency comes from walls that can collapse, chandeliers and ceilings. Therefore, it is better to avoid all weighty objects and windows and certainly not appear on the balcony.

What to do if attacked by a bear

Fleeing from a bear

The best way to survive an encounter with a bear is to prevent the encounter in the first place! It is a myth that by pretending to be dead you can avoid an attack. And there are enough stories of real people to prove this. This means that when you find yourself in the forest, where you might bump into a clubfoot, you need to be as noisy as possible: scream, yell, break branches, and if possible, whistle. It’s great if you have pepper spray with you (it’s better to take it with you). Then, with a high probability, if the animal is somewhere nearby, it will retreat on its own.


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