Hand burn from pepper spray - what to do
What to do if you are hit So, you were sprayed with an unknown gas, jet or aerosol
First aid on a hike and in extreme conditions, provision of immediate medical care in various cases.
Heart massage. Cardiac arrest occurs with a direct blow to the heart area, with drowning, suffocation,
Determining the height of a point using a map with contour lines.
Determining the heights of points and elevations between them One of the most common problems solved using
Tourniquet for bleeding
What can be used as a tourniquet to stop bleeding?
Today, applying a tourniquet for bleeding is widely used in medical practice and allows
first aid kit
What types of first aid kits are there?
Types of First Aid Kits There are several types of first aid kits. Each of them
What is arafatka and how to wear it?
Initially, the arafatka was used exclusively in Eastern countries, but recently it has been worn everywhere
Pepper spray for self-defense
Law on the use of gas canisters in Russia 
What is pepper spray Pepper spray is the most common choice of citizens thinking about self-defense.
How to save a drowning person without getting hurt yourself? (2 photos)
With the onset of summer, accidents on the water are very common, this can happen with
How and with what can you treat a jellyfish burn?
General information It is no secret that jellyfish are predators and are capable of stinging. Their tentacles are equipped
Rib fracture - diagnosis, prevention, treatment
Anatomical information The chest consists of twelve thoracic vertebrae, to which, with the help of joints,
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