Top 16 books-biographies of successful people in business: from Henry Ford to Donald Trump
G. Ford “My life, my achievements” Electronic version on Paper version on
The best positive books. 10 books that make you want to live
It seems that there is no such person who would not be disappointed in life. At such moments everything
philosophers of antiquity
10,000 aphorisms of great sagesCollective of authors, 2011
In Ancient Greece, the “7 wise men” are considered the founders of ancient philosophy. Why in quotes? Because of
books that inspire you to change your life
List of books that inspire and force 4brain readers to act
Jack London "Martin Eden" The novel by the American writer is undoubtedly worthy of being included in such
15 films about psychology that will change your mind
Culture There are films that we like because of the camera work or because of excellent computer graphics
Beautiful quotes about the meaning of human life (200 quotes)
The meaning of life Home > Vitamins for the soul > Quotes and aphorisms > Find out more
Books on psychology: “Games that people play. Psychology of Human Relationships”, E. Bern
Understand yourself and everyone around you: 35 best books on psychology
Psychology is a science that studies the characteristics of the human psyche: our habits, moods, character, reasons for actions and
How the colors around a child affect his psyche
We study the influence of color on children. Surely you have noticed that if a child likes a certain color,
Top 20 films about the meaning of life [soulful cinema]
10 kindest films that will bring back the joy of life
Rock wave What could be more inspiring than good music? The heroes of the film “Rock Wave” clearly decided
Human values ​​in psychology. What is it, definition, examples
Human values ​​in psychology. What is it, definition, examples
Personality is a complex, multi-layered formation that has its own hierarchy. In domestic psychology, the highest level of structure
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