List of books that inspire and force 4brain readers to act

Jack London "Martin Eden"

The novel by the American writer undoubtedly deserves to be on such a list. A book about achieving goals, loyalty to the intended path, strong character, overcoming oneself, external conditions and circumstances. And also about working on yourself, development and aspirations. We are not specifically talking about the plot - you definitely need to read the work yourself. Everyone will take something different from it, but one thing is for sure - “Martin Eden” is probably able to give even more to everyone who is interested in numerous issues of self-development than many non-fiction books on this topic.

"451 degrees Fahrenheit"

Bradbury's novel, first published in 1953, is extremely relevant today in the 21st century. Life sets a crazy pace. Modern man is losing the ability to appreciate simple joys and enjoy beauty. And most importantly, people began to read little. Reading a good book involves spiritual and intellectual work. And time for it is becoming less and less.

The characters in Bradbury's novel replace works of fiction with comic books and television talk shows. Their imagination has atrophied, the ability to hear each other has long been lost. And they live in an artificially created world without noticing it. But this world will collapse sooner or later.

The novel “Fahrenheit 451” answers the question of what literature and art are for.

Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead

Wikipedia, citing a public opinion poll conducted in 1991 by the Library of Congress and the Book of the Month Club, operates on the following fact: in the United States, Atlas Shrugged is the second book after the Bible that led to changes in the lives of American readers . According to adherents of Rand's work, this work is about the role of personality, individuality, inviolability of beliefs, and abilities. Critics are confident that the plot is based on hyperbolization, the poles of opposition are too sharp and exaggerated, and the book glorifies selfishness and unregulated capitalism. This alone, without going into assessments, should be enough to read Atlas Shrugged and form your own opinion.

Speaking about The Fountainhead , Ayn Rand noted that its main theme is: “the contrast between individualism and collectivism, not in politics, but in the human soul.” In addition, this book is about creativity, aspirations, the strength to go against conventional wisdom and pursue goals.

"Bird by Bird"

There are many books today dedicated to literary creativity. And finding something worthwhile among the mass of useless information is not easy. But according to reader reviews, among the large number of similar literature, the book “Bird by Bird” is worth highlighting. Anne Lamott does not give advice that, following which the reader will become a popular writer and earn millions. But her work inspires and encourages self-development. In addition, ordinary readers who do not dream of Stephen King's laurels respond positively to it.

Books that, in the opinion of readers, are definitely worth reading include the following:

  • “The Alchemist” by P. Coelho;
  • “You are eternal” by L. Rampa;
  • "The Tipping Point" by M. Gladwell;
  • “Three Comrades” by E. M. Remarque;
  • “35 kilos of hope” by A. Gavald;
  • “The Art of Being Yourself” by V. Levy;
  • “Steppenwolf” by G. Hesse;
  • “The Wheel of Time” by C. Castaneda.

So what are “inspirational books”? A list of works that help you cope with life's troubles? Books that bring out the best in a person? Perhaps these are literary works that serve as a kind of beacon in the endless sea of ​​life. They guide, illuminate the path, and at the same time give strength.

Finally, it is worth recalling Hemingway’s words regarding the quality of the book. The American writer believed that all good works are similar in one thing: after reading them, it seems to the reader that they are about himself, about his own feelings, sorrows and regrets.

Richard Branson "To hell with everything! Take it and do it!”

This book by a British entrepreneur is about perseverance and working on yourself to unlock your potential, regardless of external conditions and innate characteristics. It is seasoned with personal experience and flavored with tips and recommendations that are designed to help you achieve your goals. And make dreams come true.

What is typical for evaluations of such books is that they are diametrically opposed. For some, “To hell with everything! Take it and do it!” - a banal work about success and general things related to it. For others, it’s a first-hand story, something of a formula, as well as a motivating reminder of what’s truly important. As you know, there is no arguing about tastes. Therefore, the matter of forming an impression of the book is entirely yours.

Motivational books for success for men and women - is there a difference?

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According to psychologists, among representatives of the stronger sex, motivation depends on assessing personal capabilities outside the perception of others, while for women it is the opposite. Ladies care about how people around them react to them, and this largely concerns their appearance. Women are more focused on interaction, while men are more focused on personal development. That is why inspiring self-development books for different genders may differ. However, business-oriented publications are equally suitable for both men and women.

Three editions for beautiful ladies

Inspiring books for women teach you to love yourself, establish communication with the world and not get lost in difficult situations. Particularly trustworthy are those written by famous actresses or journalists - this makes it easier for readers to imagine the heroine of the work and try on her advice for themselves. There are three great stories to choose from from this category.

The New York Times recognized it as a bestseller. These are not just recommendations for creating the right diet or a list of exercises for losing weight, which are usually printed in glossy magazines. The famous actress talks about accepting her body through understanding all physiological processes. Based on this, you can restore health and youth to the body, which, in turn, will help you achieve success in creativity, personal relationships and business.

Another New York Times bestseller from a famous actress. Despite her fame, Kate faces the same problems as most women on Earth - in relationships, raising children, taking care of her body. In the book, she shares her own methods on how to change your life for the better without losing your individual characteristics, be it nutrition, activity or emotional connections.

Only after moving to Paris did the Elle editor understand the secret of the slimness and attractiveness of French women. Being married to a Parisian, she was able to study Parisian chic from the inside, and tells what is irresistible about the beauties from the banks of the Seine, and how to become natural and elegant and develop natural magnetism even without being a native of this country.

Three motivating works for men

Inspirational books for men are more designed for personal growth, and have an element of competition with other representatives of the stronger sex - from famous personalities to close friends. It is worth paying attention to three interesting printed publications.

The publication is interesting because it does not have a cover. The reader sees motivational recommendations immediately when picking up the book. And it can also begin to act immediately. This book consists of clear recommendations, scheduled for two months. They will help you identify the right and wrong decisions made in life, learn to be responsible, in a good way arrogant and successful.

Expert advice on creative thinking is especially important for men. The physiology and mentality of representatives of the stronger sex does not always allow them to break out of the usual. Boys are brought up to be thorough, to avoid extravagance. But to achieve success, it is often necessary to make original, non-standard decisions. The book teaches not to give up unusual thoughts and not to allow logic to question ideas that go against stereotypes. And to make it easier for a man to generate creativity, the author reveals nine thinking strategies using examples of famous artists and philosophers. He shows in practice how to apply non-standard ideas in solving work and everyday problems.

The creator of this work first collected the most effective methods of personal growth and self-development, analyzed them, and, like a real man, tested them on himself. The author described 25 ways to improve your life and told which methods work and which are simply a waste of time.

A selection of motivational books for men - on video:

Robert Kiyosaki "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

Robert Kiyosaki builds his story on allegory. Poor dad is poverty with its inherent lifestyle, views and beliefs. Rich, accordingly, is the opposite. The author focuses on issues related to the acquisition of financial well-being and the competencies necessary for it, and the development of the right approach to money and business. One of Kiyosaki’s famous quotes: “One father recommended: study more to find a good company to work for. Another father recommended: Study more to find a good company and buy it.”

Jenny Downham "While I Live"

The main character is a sixteen-year-old girl who wants to live here and now, who wants to try so much in this life. That’s why she writes a whole list of wishes, which she immediately undertakes to fulfill. Some of the items on her list are dubious and not entirely innocent. But in general she is not like others.

She strives to complete everything as quickly as possible, because it is possible that she will not have time later...

Chuck Palahniuk "Fight Club"

Rejection of consumer culture and issues of masculinity is Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club. A work that has become in many ways iconic for American literature. And the release of the film of the same name with Edward Norton and Brad Pitt contributed to an even greater increase in its popularity. What is the secret of a book being compelling? In the experiences and views of the main character, which may not always be perceived and reflected in the views of the majority, but quite accurately illuminate some of the pressing problems of the modern world.

"White on Black"

The book received a lot of positive reviews. Despite the fact that it was published in 2002, there is hardly anyone among fans of modern literature who has not heard anything about it. What explains the book's widespread popularity?

Every person in life sooner or later comes a moment when it seems to him that he is unhappy, unloved and lonely. This condition comes and goes. Someone can cope with oppressive melancholy on their own. Some people need the support of loved ones. But the thought “I am the loneliest and most unhappy person in the world” occurs to almost everyone at least for a second.

Ruben Gallego wrote an autobiographical work, after reading which the reader becomes uncomfortable with his own weakness and cowardice. The hero of the book is a disabled person, a pupil of an orphanage. His legs and one arm are paralyzed. He is an orphan. And he's a hero.

Ruben Gallego grew up in a Soviet boarding school, his physical capabilities were more than limited. But he survived and wrote a book in which he vividly described the cruelty of nannies, the stupidity of teachers, and the indifference of doctors. And he did this with such irony and wisdom, with such a condescending attitude towards human cruelty and sensitive compassion for others that after reading the work, you don’t want to feel sorry for yourself for a very long time. To go through all the circles of hell in a Soviet boarding school and write a book about it - isn’t that heroism?

Benjamin Franklin "Autobiography"

Franklin's Autobiography is the unfinished memoir of the greatest political figure of his era. In it, the author, in addition to his biography, introduces readers to the system he developed for achieving moral perfection, which in its simplest form is known as Franklin’s pyramid.

Dale Carnegie described the work as follows: “If you want excellent advice on how to treat people, manage yourself and improve your personal qualities, read the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin - one of the most fascinating stories of life.”

The list is in random order and is not a ranking. Supplement the article with your own book options and share your thoughts on the topic in the comments.

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Motivational books about personal freedom

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It's hard to achieve anything if you feel backed into a corner. Three wonderful works will help you find a sense of freedom and throw off your shackles.

The book tells you how to come to an agreement with yourself in order to find inner freedom. He invites the reader to become the artist of his own destiny.

From his own experience, the author shows how to become a millionaire and arrange a “retirement” at 30, working just four hours in seven days. This book can be called a guide to a free and luxurious lifestyle with the least amount of labor and time.

After the release of the publication, its creator was considered a strange person, and his methodology was considered too provocative. But both critics and masters of psychology were wrong. Positive thinking makes a person free, which means he is more determined to succeed and easily overcomes obstacles on the way to it. This printed edition has a place of honor in the library of the current US President and very successful businessman Donald Trump. He believes that the book helps not to succumb to depressive thoughts even on the most difficult days.

Elton Sinclair "Oil"

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Motivational books, the best of which have become global bestsellers, describe the thoughts and feelings of outstanding people. They tell you how important decisions are made and show what character traits help you reach the top in business.

Elton Sinclair's novel "Oil" tells the story of a strong, purposeful personality - oil industrialist Arnold Ross. The story of a character with an interesting character is one of dreams and struggle, love and hate, money and power, meanness and justice.

The work describes the world of the 1820s. The book tells in detail about the oil field of Southern California. For the sake of his dream, purposeful workaholic Arnold Ross stops at nothing. Special charm, business acumen, perseverance and a brilliant mind help to make a huge fortune.

Stephen Covey "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"

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The world bestseller of an American consultant on personal development and organizational management talks about a systematic approach to a person’s priorities and determining the main goals in life. The work helps to understand oneself, highlight the main tasks in life and shows how to achieve the intended ideals.

This book is the result of the author’s study of a huge amount of literature on success, leadership, and analysis of the lives of great people. Covey believes that the foundation of every individual's fulfillment and long-term success is adherence to age-old truths and principles that remain true under all circumstances.

“Mom is at zero. A Guide to Parental Burnout”, Anastasia Izyumskaya, Anna Kuusmaa

Children are happiness and a lot of work. Sometimes it can be very difficult for parents: despair sets in and it seems that everything is getting out of control. Many mothers experience emotional burnout, but few dare to talk about it openly. The main characters of the book speak truthfully about their emotions and share their fears, worries and experiences with experts. The book will be a revelation (“I’m not alone!”) and a reference guide for a tired mother who needs to do so much in 24 hours.

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Loretta Breuning "Happiness Hormones"

One of the most serious diseases of people in the modern world is depression. A depressed state destroys a person’s life, plunges him into dark thoughts, and kills any endeavor. University of California professor Loretta Breuning helps the reader understand how the brain works and understand why modern people are susceptible to this complex disease.

The work reveals in detail the mechanisms of operation of such “happiness hormones”:

  • endorphin;
  • serotonin;
  • oxytocin;
  • dopamine.

In the book, Loretta gives detailed action plans and practical advice for getting out of a severe depressive state. The book will help you form habits that will completely change your perception of the world around you.

Itzhak Pintosevich “Act!”

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Filled with sparkling humor, an excellent motivating book by personal growth and motivation coach Itzhak Pintosevich “Act!” became a worldwide bestseller and changed the lives of countless people. The author's work not only motivates the reader, but also becomes a guide to a new, brighter and richer life.

Easy rules that allow a person to believe in himself will help him be in good shape and find significant inspiration in the depths of his soul. The work makes it possible to realize what important steps should be taken to start a new life. At the same time, the writer tells how to achieve outstanding results without changing your own personality.

The author is confident that everyone is able to control their destiny if they understand that external circumstances are not the main factor that controls a person’s life.

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