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Our life is a consequence of our thoughts; it is born in our heart, it is created by our thoughts. If a person speaks and acts with a good thought, joy follows him like a shadow that never leaves. "Dhammapada"

Everything that changes our lives is not an accident. It is within us and awaits only an external reason for expression through action.

Alexander Sergeevich Green

Life is neither suffering nor pleasure, but a task that we must do and honestly complete it.

Alexis Tocqueville

Strive not to achieve success, but to ensure that your life has meaning.

Albert Einstein

The Mystery of God (Part 1)The Mystery of God (Part 2)The Mystery of God (Part 3)

To see all things in God, to make one's life a movement towards the ideal, to live with gratitude, concentration, gentleness and courage: this is the amazing point of view of Marcus Aurelius. Henri Amiel
Every life creates its own destiny.

Henri Amiel

Life is a moment. It cannot be lived first in a draft and then rewritten into a white paper.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

The calling of every person in spiritual activity is a constant search for the truth and meaning of life.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

The meaning of life is only in one thing - struggle.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

Life is a continuous birth, and you accept yourself as you become.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I want to fight for my life. They fight for the truth. Everyone always fights for the truth, and there is no ambiguity in this.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

It is not necessary to look at where a person was born, but what his morals are, not in what land, but by what principles he decided to live his life.


Life - is a risk. Only by getting into risky situations do we continue to grow. And one of the biggest risks we can take is the risk of love, the risk of being vulnerable, the risk of allowing ourselves to open up to another person without fear of pain or hurt.

Arianna Huffington

What is a sense of life? Serve others and do good.


No one lived in the past, no one will have to live in the future; the present is the form of life.

Arthur Schopenhauer

Remember: only this life has value!

Aphorisms from literary monuments of ancient Egypt

We should not be afraid of death, but of empty life.

Bertolt Brecht

People seek pleasure, rushing from side to side, only because they feel the emptiness of their life, but do not yet feel the emptiness of that new fun that attracts them.

Blaise Pascal

The moral qualities of a person should be judged not by his individual efforts, but by his daily life.

Blaise Pascal

No, apparently death doesn’t explain anything. Only life gives people certain opportunities that they realize or are wasted; only life can resist evil and injustice.

Vasily Bykov

Life is not about living, but about feeling that you are living.

Vasily Osipovich Klyuchevsky

Life is not a burden, but wings of creativity and joy; and if anyone turns it into a burden, then he himself is to blame.

Vikenty Vikentievich Veresaev

Our life is a journey, an idea is a guide. There is no guide and everything stops. The goal is lost, and the strength is gone.

Victor Marie Hugo

Whatever we strive for, whatever the particular tasks that we set for ourselves, we ultimately strive for one thing: completeness and completeness... We ourselves strive to become an eternal, complete, and all-encompassing life.

Victor Frankl

Finding your way, finding out your place in life - this is everything for a person, this means for him to become himself.

Vissarion Grigorievich Belinsky

Whoever wants to accept the meaning of life as an external authority ends up accepting the meaning of his own arbitrariness as the meaning of life.

Vladimir Sergeevich Solovyov

A person can have two basic behaviors in life: he either rolls or climbs.

Vladimir Soloukhin

Only you have the power to change your life for the better, simply by intending to do so.

Eastern wisdom

This is the meaning of our stay on earth: to think and search and listen to distant disappeared sounds, since behind them lies our true homeland.

Hermann Hesse

Life is a mountain: you go up slowly, you go down quickly.

Guy de Maupassant

Idleness and idleness entail depravity and ill health - on the contrary, the aspiration of the mind towards something brings with it vigor, eternally aimed at strengthening life.


One thing, constantly and strictly performed, organizes everything else in life, everything revolves around it.


Just as there is a disease of the body, there is also a disease of the lifestyle.


There is no poetry in a serene and blissful life! You need something to move your soul and burn your imagination.

Denis Vasilievich Davydov

You cannot lose the meaning of life for the sake of life.

Decimus Junius Juvenal

True Light is the one that comes from within a person and reveals the secrets of the heart to the soul, making it happy and in harmony with life.

Gibran Kahlil Gibran

Man struggles to find life outside himself, not realizing that the life he seeks is within him.

Gibran Kahlil Gibran

A person who is limited in heart and thoughts tends to love what is limited in life. One whose vision is limited cannot see beyond the length of one cubit on the road he is walking on or on the wall he is leaning against with his shoulder.

Gibran Kahlil Gibran

Those who illuminate the lives of others will not be left without light themselves.

James Matthew Barry

Look at every dawn as the beginning of your life, and at every sunset as the end of it. Let each of these short lives be marked by some kind deed, some victory over oneself or acquired knowledge.

John Ruskin

It's hard to live when you haven't done anything to earn your place in life.

Dmitry Vladimirovich Venevitinov

The completeness of life, both short and long, is determined only by the purpose for which it is lived.

David Star Jordan

Our life is a struggle.


You can't get honey without difficulty. There is no life without sadness and adversity.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Debt is what we owe to humanity, our loved ones, our neighbors, our family, and, above all, what we owe to all those who are poorer and more defenseless than us. This is our duty, and failure to fulfill it during life makes us spiritually bankrupt and leads to a state of moral collapse in our future incarnation.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

A person's honor is not in the power of another; this honor is in himself and does not depend on public opinion; her defense is not a sword or a shield, but an honest and impeccable life, and a battle in such conditions is not inferior in courage to any other battle.

Jean Jacques Rousseau

The cup of life is beautiful! What stupidity it is to be indignant at her just because you see her bottom.

Jules Renan

Life is only wonderful for those who strive for a goal that is constantly achieved, but never achieved.

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

There are two meanings in life - internal and external. The external has family, business, success; And the inner one - unclear and alien - is the responsibility of everyone for everyone.

Igor Mironovich Guberman

He who can fill every moment with deep content endlessly prolongs his life.

Isolde Kurtz

Truly, there is nothing better in life than the help of a friend and mutual joy.

John of Damascus

Everything that happens to us leaves one mark or another in our lives. Everything is involved in making us who we are.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Life is a duty, even if it were a moment.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Only he is worthy of life and freedom who goes to battle for them every day.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

A person lives a real life if he is happy with the happiness of others.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Life, like the waters of the sea, is refreshing only when it rises to heaven.

Johann Richter

Human life is like iron. If you use it, it wears out, but if you don’t use it, rust eats it up.

Cato the Elder

It's never too late to plant a tree: even if you don't get the fruits, the joy of life begins with the opening of the first bud of the planted plant.

Konstantin Georgievich Paustovsky

What is more valuable - a glorious name or life? What is smarter - life or wealth? What is more painful - to achieve or to lose? This is why great passions inevitably lead to great losses. And indefatigable accumulation turns into a huge loss. Know when to stop and you won't have to feel ashamed. Know how to stop - and you will not encounter dangers and you will be able to live a long time.

Lao Tzu

Life should and can be unceasing joy

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy

The shortest expression of the meaning of life can be this: the world moves and improves. The main task is to contribute to this movement, submit to it and cooperate with it.

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy

Salvation does not lie in rituals, sacraments, or in the confession of this or that faith, but in a clear understanding of the meaning of one’s life.

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy

I am sure that the meaning of life for each of us is simply to grow in love.

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy

In nature, everything is wisely thought out and arranged, everyone should mind their own business, and in this wisdom lies the highest justice of life.

Leonardo da Vinci

The blessing is not in having a long life, but in how to manage it: it can happen, and it often happens, that someone who lives a long time lives short.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (the Younger)

The greatest flaw in life is its eternal incompleteness due to our habit of postponing from day to day. He who finishes his life's work every evening does not need time.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (the Younger)

A day is never too long for a busy person! Let's extend our lives! After all, both its meaning and its main sign are activity.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (the Younger)

Life is like a play in a theater: what matters is not how long it lasts, but how well it is played.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (the Younger)

Like a fable, so life is valued not for its length, but for its content.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (the Younger)

What is the longest lifespan? To live until you achieve wisdom, not the farthest, but the greatest goal.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (the Younger)

What is the belief, so are the actions and thoughts, and what are they, so is life.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (the Younger)

There is nothing more uglier than an old man who has no other evidence of the benefit of his long life except his age.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (the Younger)

Let your life be equal to you, let nothing contradict one another, and this is impossible without knowledge and without art, which allows you to know the divine and human.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (the Younger)

One should look at the day as a small life.

Maksim Gorky

The meaning of life is in the beauty and strength of striving for goals, and it is necessary that every moment of existence has its own high goal.

Maksim Gorky

The task of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to live in accordance with the internal law that you recognize.

Marcus Aurelius

The art of living is more reminiscent of the art of fighting than of dancing. It requires preparedness and resilience in the face of the unexpected and unexpected.

Marcus Aurelius

Do not do what your conscience condemns, and do not say what is not in accordance with the truth. Observe this most important thing and you will complete the whole task of your life.

Marcus Aurelius

To add one good deed to another so closely that there is not the slightest gap between them is what I call enjoying life.

Marcus Aurelius

Let your deeds be great, as you would like to remember them in your declining years.

Marcus Aurelius

Each person is a reflection of his inner world. As a person thinks, that is how he is (in life).

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Life is beautiful if you learn to live.


It is necessary that each person find for himself the opportunity to live a higher life in the midst of the humble and inevitable reality of each day.

Mikhail Mikhailovich Prishvin

The true mirror of our way of thinking is our life.

Michel de Montaigne

The changes that occur in our lives are a consequence of our choices and our decisions.

Wisdom of the Ancient East

Follow your Heart while you are on earth and try to make at least one day of your life perfect.

Wisdom of Ancient Egypt

Beauty lies not in individual features and lines, but in the overall facial expression, in the life meaning that lies in it.

Nikolai Alexandrovich Dobrolyubov

He who doesn't burn smokes. This is the law. Long live the flame of life!

Nikolai Alexandrovich Ostrovsky

The purpose of man is to serve, and our whole life is service. You just need to remember that you took a place in the earthly state in order to serve the Heavenly Sovereign and therefore keep His law in mind. Only by serving in this way can you please everyone: the Emperor, the people, and your land.

Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol

To live is to act with energy; life is a struggle in which one must fight bravely and honestly.

Nikolai Vasilievich Shelgunov

To live means to feel, to enjoy life, to constantly feel new things that would remind us that we are living.

Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky

Constant work is the law of both art and life.

Honore de Balzac

The meaning of life is self-expression. To manifest our essence in its entirety is what we live for.

Oscar Wilde

Life is not about the days that have passed, but about those that are remembered.

Petr Andreevich Pavlenko

Life is like games: some come to compete, others to bargain, and the happiest come to watch.


If you don't study life, it has no meaning.


It only takes a moment to become a hero, but it takes a lifetime to become a worthy person.

Paul Brulat

The main thing that life teaches a person is not that there is suffering in the world, but that it depends on him whether he will turn suffering to his benefit, whether he will turn it into joy.

Rabindranath Tagore

Life is not so short that there is not enough time for politeness.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

We find in life only what we ourselves put into it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Don't waste your life on doubts and fears.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

All the people and all the events in your life came into it because you attracted them. Now you have to choose what to do with them.

Richard Bach

An easy life teaches us nothing. And the main thing is what we ultimately learned, what we learned and how we grew.

Richard Bach

The happiest way of life is the one that gives us more opportunities to gain self-respect.

Samuel Johnson

Most of our life is spent on mistakes and bad deeds; a significant part passes in inaction, and almost always the whole life is that we do the wrong thing.


Life is pure flame; we live with the invisible sun within us.

Thomas Brown

The best part of a righteous person's life is his small, nameless and forgotten acts of love and kindness.

William Wordsworth

Spend your life on things that will outlive you.


Although few of Caesar's people, each one still stands at his own Rubicon once in his life.

Christian Ernst Benzel-Sternau

Souls tormented by passions burn with fire. These will incinerate anyone in their path. Those without mercy are cold as ice. These will freeze everyone they meet. Those who are attached to things are like rotten water and rotten wood: the life has already left them. Such people will never be able to do good or make others happy.

Hong Zichen

The basis of our satisfaction with life is the feeling of our usefulness

Charles William Eliot

The only happiness in life is constant striving forward.

Emile Zola

If in life you conform to nature, you will never be poor, and if you conform to human opinion, you will never be rich.


There is no other meaning in life except what a person himself gives to it, revealing his strength, living fruitfully...

Erich Fromm

Every person is born for some kind of work. Everyone who walks the earth has responsibilities in life.

Ernst Miller Hemingway


The encyclopedist scientist and philosopher Aristotle saw the meaning of life in achieving happiness, that is, in realizing the essence of man. And happiness itself consists of mental benefits, such as a desire for knowledge, mastering various skills and abilities, the opportunity to love and be loved and to have family and friends nearby. However, in the pursuit of one’s happiness, one cannot ignore the interests of others, which is why, according to Aristotle, for a decent life, justice is also necessary.

Bust of Aristotle. Roman copy of a Greek bronze original (after 330 BC). Original author: Lysippos

Plato also revealed the essence of the question that interests us. The philosopher believed that the meaning of life lies in self-improvement. It is necessary to develop yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and mentally. The ability to control your feelings and emotions, strengthen your body, and comprehend science - these are the main aspects of improvement. The thoughts of the great ancient Greek philosopher turned out to be the most important achievement of antiquity.

Arthur Schopenhauer

The 19th century German philosopher, misanthrope Arthur Schopenhauer wrote that people are driven by someone else’s will, and a person cannot independently control his destiny, his will is determined. Life for him is hell, in which a fool follows universal pleasures, committing sins, and ultimately comes to disappointment, and a wise man limits his pleasures and sets a limit to his desires, thereby avoiding troubles. Human life, according to Schopenhauer, consists of a constant struggle with death and suffering, from which it is impossible to get rid of.

Arthur Schopenhauer

And the cluster of yellow-red rowan trees fades, I compose funny poems

Sometimes there are many more words in silence than in the most sublime words. Nevertheless, the meaning of quotes from poets about life is much more interesting.

  1. The modern woman is wrapped up in vanity. But as before, divine! Let a little tired. R. Rozhdestvenny
  2. I will go through everything without reproaching anyone, I will overcome any anxiety, just to know that everything is not in vain, that you will not betray me on the road. E. Asadov
  3. But even in excess there is no stronger rapture. One smile of tenderness for your tormented soul. F. Tyutchev
  4. The soul is killed, joy is over the soul. Although she sheds tears from her fiery eyes, she remembers everything about her beauty. M. Lermontov
  5. It's nice to think by the bed. A. Pushkin
  6. I have no evil. I don't lie to my heart. I live as best I can. I live as best I can. R. Rozhdestvensky
  7. People, be gentler towards your neighbors, treat them with tenderness and kindness. E. Asadov.
  8. I believe that you will come again with the fragrance of wondrous lilies to captivate and embrace me. A. Blok
  9. I have so many whimsical comparisons for you - but is it possible to catch your beauty, even instantly? V. Hoffman
  10. And that beautiful land, and that city where a bright look doomed me to captivity, I bless the sweetness of the first pain. F. Petrarch
  11. This is the passion with which I burn! I wither, I perish in the prime of my life, but I don’t want to be healed... A. Pushkin
  12. The waves rush, thundering and sparkling, sensitive stars look from above. F. Tyutchev
  13. Like a white stone in the depths of a well, one memory lies within me. A. Akhmatova
  14. A beautiful woman is a profession, and if she is still not settled, she is condemned. R. Rozhdestvensky


The ancient thinker and philosopher of China, Confucius, tried to understand the hidden nature of man. He was convinced that material well-being should fade into the background, and the meaning of human life lies in achieving the Tao, and an ethically complete society will arise only in the case of self-sacrifice. Confucius believed that it was necessary to take care of relatives and elders, to respect and love everyone around. Then a society whose attribute is knowledge will be united and capable of rapid and effective development. Moral values ​​and education are an integral part of the formation of the inner world and views of every person.


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