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A responsible person is one who keeps promises made. Such people are always trusted because they are not late when they say they will come at the appointed time and return the things they borrowed.

During adolescence, responsibility plays an important role, but not so important: completing homework on time, attending school classes, preparing recreational activities. The young mind may not understand the gravity of the situation. It is not enough to prepare, for example, a speech; it is important that it is done on time and with high quality. From the moment a teenager enters adulthood, responsibility follows him everywhere: at work, at university, at home.

There are people who are afraid to make decisions and carry out serious assignments, so they obey others. Such softness can lead to disastrous consequences. People who are easy to manipulate are often deceived and betrayed. If you think about it, such a life is very boring and meaningless. People learn from their mistakes by trying something an infinite number of times and analyzing the mistakes. This is the only way to achieve success.

I believe that responsibility should be taught from childhood. Parental education plays a big role in this. Let's imagine this situation. The child is not allowed to take initiative, express his own opinion, or do what he wants. With a high probability, such a child will grow up into an infantile young man who will live with his parents on their money, because he will be too lazy to get a job.

Examples of irresponsibility are easy to find in real life. There are terrible cases of medical errors that occurred due to students who skipped school and did not want to study and began to operate. Investigators who do not want to understand crimes, but arrest the first one they come across. It cannot be denied that such cases occur in our country; they indicate that irresponsible actions can ruin the lives of innocent people.

I would like to give an example of the right action from my life. As a child, I broke an expensive vase that my parents bought in Yekaterinburg. At first I wanted to shift the blame to the cat Vaska, but I felt sorry for him. Not wanting to act meanly, I admitted my guilt to my parents. Of course, mom and dad were upset and punished me, but they were proud of my action. This is the essence of responsibility. You need to be able to accept a well-deserved punishment.

Thus, responsibility is very important for any person. Not only an adult, but also a child. You need to act honestly, not deny your own mistakes, but be responsible for them.

15.3 9th grade OGE

Is responsibility a carrot or a stick for you?

What is your attitude to the concept of personal responsibility? Does it evoke a feeling of freedom? Or is it the feeling that you are tied hand and foot?

In addition to parental encouragement/reprimand as a guide for our actions, there is another important impetus associated with the adult's perception of personal responsibility.

It is a natural child's interest to explore everything that comes along the way. A child is not born a “blank slate.” Even if we do not consider the spiritual aspect, such as the presence of a soul, each of us from the very moment of conception is a unique combination of the genetic material of our parents and all ancestors on both lines. And from birth, a certain core of the future personality is already present.

Therefore, despite the upbringing of the family and society, everyone has characteristics and preferences that are unique to them. Our desires and goals follow from them.


personal responsibility presupposes that each of us is responsible to ourselves for ensuring that they are realized
. So that deep impulses find their expression outside. Because this is what brings a feeling of deep satisfaction, agreement with oneself and life; such responsibility is associated with pleasure, and not with a burden on the shoulders and punishment.

Help! I am responsible for everything and I no longer take it out. What should I do?

Without further ado, point by point:

1. Take a pen and paper, write a list of everything you consider yourself responsible for. Honestly. Better in a column.

(I am responsible for the health and well-being of my children, although they are over 30 and have children of their own... I am responsible for my wife/husband... for my cat/dog... for my health... for rising prices... presidential elections... tomato harvest, etc. .)

2. Now, for each item, write in percentages from 0 to 100% the degree of your real possibility of influence . Yes, it will be subjective. Possibly very

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