Wise, positive and short sayings about the lives of great people

Life is something that exists, that each time starts over and goes on its own course, this is flowering and growth, withering and death, this is wealth and poverty, love and hate, through tears and laughter...

Short, wise phrases touch on a wide range of facets of human existence and make you think.

It doesn’t matter how you were born, think about how you will die.

Short-term failure is not scary - short-term luck is much more unpleasant. (Faraj).

Memories are like islands in a sea of ​​emptiness. (Shishkin).

The soup is not eaten as hot as it was cooked. (French proverb).

Anger is momentary madness. (Horace).

In the morning you begin to envy the unemployed.

There are more lucky people than truly talented ones. (L. Vauvenargues).

Luck is incompatible with indecision! (Bernard Werber).

We strive for a bright future, which means that present life is not particularly beautiful.

If you don't decide today, you'll be late tomorrow.

The days fly by in an instant: I just woke up and am already late for work.

Thoughts that come during the day are our life. (Miller).

Beautiful and wise sayings about Life and Love

  1. Envy is sadness about another person's well-being. (Princess).
  2. Cactus is a disappointed cucumber.
  3. Desire is the father of thought. (William Shakespeare).
  4. Lucky are those who are confident in their own fortune. (Goebbel).
  5. If you feel it’s yours, feel free to take risks!
  6. Hatred is nobler than indifference.
  7. Time is the most unknown parameter in the surrounding nature.
  8. Eternity is just a unit of time. (Stanislav Lec).
  9. In the dark all cats are black. (F. Bacon).
  10. The longer you live, you will see more.
  11. Trouble, like luck, does not come alone. (Romain Rolland).

Short sayings about Life

It is difficult for a person who decides to agitate the king for a monarchy. (D. Salvador).

Usually the refusal is followed by an offer to increase the price. (E. Georges).

Stupidity is invincible even by the gods. (S. Friedrich).

A snake will not bite a snake. (Pliny).

No matter how the rake is taught, the heart wants a miracle...

Talk to the person about himself. He will agree to listen for days. (Benjamin).

Of course, happiness cannot be measured by money, but it’s better to cry in a Mercedes than in the subway.

The thief of opportunity is indecision.

You can predict the future by looking at what a person spends his time on.

If you sow thorns, you will not reap grapes.

Anyone who delays making a decision has already made it: don’t change anything.

Sayings of great people

Life is a direct result of human thoughts. (Buddha).

Those who did not live as they wanted lost. (D. Schomberg).

Giving a person a fish will satisfy him only once. Having learned to fish, he will always be full. (Chinese proverb).

Without changing anything, plans will remain just dreams. (Zacchaeus).

Looking at things differently will change the future. (Yukio Mishima).

Life is a wheel: what was below recently will be above tomorrow. (N. Garin).

Life is meaningless. The goal of man is to give it meaning. (Osho).

A person who consciously follows the path of creation, rather than mindless consumption, fills existence with meaning. (Gudovich).

Read serious books - your life will change. (F. Dostoevsky).

Human life is like a box of matches. Treating him seriously is funny; treating him frivolously is dangerous. (Ryunosuke).

A life lived with mistakes is better, more useful than time spent doing nothing. (B. Shaw).

Any illness should be considered as a signal: you have somehow treated the world incorrectly. If you don't hear the signals, Life will increase the impact. (Sviyash).

Success lies in mastering the ability to control pain and pleasure. Once you achieve this, you will be able to control your life. (E. Robbins).

A simple step—choosing a goal and following it—can change everything! (S. Reed).

Life is tragic when you see it close up. Watch from afar - it will seem like a comedy! (Charlie Chaplin).

Life is not a zebra with black and white stripes, but a chessboard. Your move is decisive. A person is presented with several opportunities for change during the day. Success loves the one who uses them effectively. (Andre Maurois).

Quotes from great people with meaning

Stay away from those little people who seek to deprive you of your ambitions. Better make friends with great people.


Your idea is, of course, crazy. The whole question is whether she is crazy enough to be true.


Music belongs to everyone. Only record companies still believe that they are its owners.


Avoid those who try to undermine your self-confidence. This trait is characteristic of small people. A great person, on the contrary, instills in you the feeling that you too can become great.


We often repeat that a person is judged by his deeds, but sometimes we forget that a word is also an action. A person's speech is a mirror of himself.


Remember: unsolvable problems, irreconcilable contradictions force you to overcome yourself, which means you won’t be able to cope with them otherwise.


Women want to change. They are wrong. I am for happiness. And happiness lies in constancy and in not changing.

Sayings about life in English with translation

The truths differ little among different peoples of the world - this can be seen by reading quotes in English:

Politics are come from the words poly (a lot of) & the word ticks (bloodsucking parasites).

The word “politics” comes from the words poly (many), ticks (bloodsuckers). Means "blood-sucking insects."

Love is conflict between reflexes and dreams.

Love is a contradiction between reflexes and thoughts.

Every human like an angel with one wing. We can only fly in embracing one another.

Man is a one-winged angel. We can fly hugging each other.

Beautiful quotes from philosophers about the meaning of life and human existence


For me, living means working.

I. K. Aivazovsky


is born not to drag out a sad existence in inaction, but to work on a great and grandiose cause.

L. Alberti

Struggle -

this is the joy of life.

L. N. Andreev


a person individually and all together
one might say, a certain goal, in pursuit of which they choose one thing and avoid another.



everywhere and everywhere depends on the observance of two conditions: 1) the correct establishment of the final goal of any kind of activity and 2) the search for appropriate means leading to the final goal.



To reach the goal, you must first go.

O. Balzac


to action merge with its results.

O. Balzac


over the edge does not mean reaching the goal.

O. Balzac


does not move forward; he goes back: there is no standing position.

V. G. Belinsky


your path, to find out your place - this is everything for a person, this means for him to become himself.

V. G. Belinsky


There is no goal, there is no activity, without interests there is no goal, and without activity there is no life. The source of interests, goals and activities is the substance of social life.

V. G. Belinsky


Whoever understands that the meaning of human life lies in worry and anxiety will no longer be an ordinary person.

A. Blok


live peacefully and be happy while at least one unfortunate person still lives on earth. The purpose of life is the prosperity and happiness of all mankind.

Ya. Bolyai


To achieve a set goal, efficiency is needed no less than knowledge.

P. Beaumarchais

In life

one must strive to overtake not others, but oneself.

M. Babcock


on a straight road he will get ahead of a runner who has lost his way.

F. Bacon

Hello, dear readers of my blog! Continuing the topic of finding your purpose, I want to show you wise and beautiful sayings of great people about the meaning of life. After all, a huge number of sages, scientists, poets and politicians have been searching for the meaning of existence. I have selected for you smart and meaningful quotes that will help inspire, add motivation and perhaps make you think about your own meaning of existence.

Parables and our lives

Our life is replete with stories about incidents in the lives of people who drew certain conclusions from what happened. More often, people come to conclusions when sharp turns happen in their lives, when trouble overtakes them, or when loneliness gnaws at them.

It is from such stories that parables about the meaning of life are made. They come to us through the centuries, trying to make us think about our mortal life.

Vessel with stones

We often hear that we should live easily, enjoying every moment, because no one is given the opportunity to live twice. One wise man explained the meaning of life to his students using an example. He filled the vessel to the brim with large stones and asked the disciples how full the vessel was.

The students stated that the vessel was full. The sage added smaller stones. The pebbles were located in empty spaces among large stones. The sage again asked the disciples the same question. The disciples responded with surprise that the vessel was full. The sage also added sand to that vessel, after which he invited his students to compare their lives with the vessel.

This parable about the meaning of life explains that large stones in a vessel determine the most important thing in a person’s life - his health, his family and children. Small stones represent work and material goods, which can be classified as less important things. And sand determines a person’s daily bustle. If you start filling the vessel with sand, then there may be no room left for the remaining fillers.

Each parable about the meaning of life has its own meaning, and we understand it in our own way. Those who think about it, and those who don’t delve into it, some compose their own equally instructive parables about the meaning of life, but it happens that there is no one left to listen to them.

Three "I"

For now, we can afford to turn to parables about the meaning of life and glean at least a drop of wisdom for ourselves. One such parable about the meaning of life opened the eyes of many to life.

A little boy wondered about the soul and asked his grandfather about it. He told him an ancient story. There is a rumor that in every person there are three “I”s, from which the soul is composed and the whole life of a person depends. The first “I” is given to everyone around us to see. Secondly, only people close to the person can see. These “I”s are constantly at war for leadership over a person, which leads him to fears, worries and doubts. And the third “I” can reconcile the first two or find a compromise. It is invisible to anyone, sometimes even to the person himself.

The grandson was surprised by his grandfather’s story; he became interested in what these “I”s meant. To which the grandfather replied that the first “I” is the human mind, and if it wins, then cold calculation takes possession of the person. The second is the human heart, and if it has the upper hand, then the person is destined to be deceived, touchy and vulnerable. The third “I” is a soul that is capable of bringing harmony to the relationship of the first two. This parable is about the spiritual meaning of life of our existence.


  1. Strive not to achieve success, but to ensure that your life has meaning. Albert Einstein
  2. We should not be afraid of death, but of empty life. Bertolt Brecht
  3. Life is not about living, but about feeling that you are living. Vasily Klyuchevsky
  4. I saw the meaning of my life in helping others see meaning in their lives. Victor Frankl
  5. Finding your way, finding out your place in life - this is everything for a person, this means for him to become himself. Vissarion Belinsky
  6. The completeness of life, both short and long, is determined only by the purpose for which it is lived. David Jordan
  7. Like a fable, so life is valued not for its length, but for its content. Lucius Seneca (the Younger)
  8. Improving a person is the meaning of life. M. Gorky
  9. When a person is full of life, he does not ask himself why he lives; he lives to live, because living is a damn fine thing. R. Rolland
  10. When a person does not know which pier he is heading towards, not a single wind will be favorable for him. Seneca the Younger
  11. The shortest expression of the meaning of life can be this: the world moves and improves. The main task is to contribute to this movement, submit to it and cooperate with it. Lev Tolstoy
  12. A person who is aware of his purpose is thereby aware of his dignity. Lev Tolstoy
  13. The purpose of life is self-expression. To manifest our essence in its entirety is what we live for. Oscar Wilde
  14. Life becomes meaningless if we are not connected with other people by warm feelings of kinship and if we do not feel that we are creating and making a difference. L. Bennion
  15. A person's life has meaning as long as he brings meaning to the lives of others through love, friendship, compassion and protest against injustice. S. Beauvoir
  16. Every person must justify his existence. That is, to answer the question of why he lived, what he did. B. Gorbatov
  17. If a person can live at ease, not automatically, but spontaneously, then he realizes himself as an active creative person and understands that life has only one meaning - life itself. Erich Fromm.
  18. I may not know the meaning of life, but the search for meaning already gives meaning to life. Berdyaev
  19. The whole meaning of life lies in the endless conquest of the unknown, in the eternal effort to know more. Emile Zola
  20. There are people who live without any purpose, who pass through the world like a blade of grass in a river: they do not walk, they are carried along. Seneca (Younger)
  21. A person who dares to waste an hour of time has not yet realized the value of life. Charles Darwin
  22. Finding the meaning of life is happiness, finding happiness in life is meaning. V. Kolechitsky
  23. The more you think about the meaning of life, the less meaning remains in what you think. L. Sukhorukov
  24. In pursuit of a great dream, it is easy to lose the meaning of life. V. Borisov
  25. Truly, those who do not value life do not deserve it. Leonardo da Vinci

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Philosophy is nothing more than the love of wisdom and a sincere desire to know the truth. That is why they occupy a special place among the many great philosophers. They are able to briefly and accurately answer the most important eternal questions: “What is existence?”, “What is the meaning of life?” and “Who is who in this world?” The article will examine the most striking statements of such masters of words and thought as Aristotle, Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, Voltaire, Plato, Omar Khayyam (and other great philosophers). Their quotes are filled with meaning that has not lost its relevance over time. Moreover, they will not lose popularity in the future. In all ages the world remains the same, and this cannot be changed.

Let's turn to the sages for an explanation

Now we are ready to blame anyone for our troubles, in our sleeping consciousness. The government, education, society, everyone is to blame except ourselves.

We complain about life, but at the same time we look for values ​​where, in principle, they cannot exist: in the acquisition of a new car, expensive clothes, jewelry and all human material goods.

We forget about our essence, about our purpose in our world, and most importantly, we forget about what the sages tried to convey to the souls of people in ancient times. Their meaningful phrases about life today could not be more relevant, they have not been forgotten, but they are not perceived by everyone, and not everyone is imbued with them.

Carlyle once said: “My wealth is in what I do, not in what I have.” Isn't this statement worth thinking about? Doesn’t these words contain the deep meaning of our existence? There are many such beautiful sayings that are worth our attention, but do we hear them? These are not just quotes from great people, they are a call to awakening, to action, to living with meaning.

Confucius (Kun Tzu): quotes about the meaning of life and other aspects of existence

The famous Chinese philosopher is the great creator of sayings similar to religious principles. And this is not surprising, because he has always been a supporter of the formation of a harmonious society. The main feature is simplicity, which allows you to effectively inspire anyone.

His quote “If we know so little about life, what can we know about death?” reflects the incomplete awareness of modern society about all aspects of existence. This is brilliant, because a person will never become so powerful as to be confident in his essence or even in the future.

The theme of great feeling appears in his teachings quite rarely, but nevertheless fully shows the contradictory euphoria that is caused by love. “Happiness is when you are understood, great happiness is when you are loved, true happiness is when you love,” says Confucius. How accurately it is said, because every person at the end of the path realizes the choice made earlier. And a spiritual tragedy happens if you get the feeling that there is an unloved person nearby, who has been mistaken for your loved one all your life.

Wisdom of Confucius

Confucius did not do anything supernatural, but his teachings are the official Chinese religion, and thousands of temples dedicated to him were built not only in China. For twenty-five centuries, his compatriots have followed the path of Confucius, and his aphorisms about life with meaning are passed on from generation to generation.

What did he do to deserve such honors? He knew the world, himself, knew how to listen, and more importantly, hear people. His quotes about the meaning of life are heard from the lips of our contemporaries:

He created his own system of state structure. In his understanding, the wisdom of a ruler should be to instill in his subjects respect for traditional rituals that determine everything - the behavior of people in society and family, the way they think.

He believed that the ruler must, first of all, respect traditions, and accordingly the people will respect them. Only with this approach to governance can violence be avoided. And this man lived more than fifteen centuries ago.

Catchphrases of Confucius

“Teach only someone who, having known one corner of the square, can imagine the other three.” Confucius spoke such aphorisms about life with meaning only to those who wanted to hear him.

Not being an important person, he could not convey his teachings to the rulers, but he did not give up and began to teach those who wanted to learn. He taught all his students, and there were up to three thousand of them, according to the ancient Chinese principle: “Do not share origins.”

His smart sayings about the meaning of life: “I’m not upset if people don’t understand me, I’m upset if I don’t understand people”, “Sometimes we see a lot, but we don’t notice the main thing” and thousands of his other smart sayings were included by his students in the book “Conversations” and judgments."

These works became central to Confucianism. He is revered as the first teacher of humanity, his statements about the meaning of life are paraphrased and quoted by philosophers from different countries.

Pythagoras as the founder of the first school of philosophical knowledge in history

Often, quotes from great philosophers give a strong impetus to public figures to achieve their goals. Proof of this are the sayings of the ancient Greek teacher Pythagoras, who also gained incredible popularity in the field of mathematical knowledge. “The beginning is half of the whole,” he notes quite accurately.

Pythagoras’s thoughts about women make one be delighted, because to encapsulate the whole essence in a short statement is the highest degree of skill. “A woman who gives herself in her love finds in this giving her highest rebirth, her crown and her immortality.”

Socrates' student and Aristotle's teacher - the talented Plato

Quotes from great philosophers often encourage society to engage in beneficial activities for themselves and others. “The book is a dumb teacher,” Plato reflected. No one will dare to argue with the fact that it is impossible to overestimate the importance of a good book in the life of society. It is thanks to this source of knowledge that everyone can not only become better, but also achieve unimaginable heights in their own endeavors, which will have a very positive impact not only on development, but also on many aspects of social activity.

It is important to note that the philosopher has a very original idea of ​​​​relations between people. How right he is! “By striving for the happiness of others, we find our own,” notes Plato. It is caring for others and a sincere desire to give that gives rise to real feelings, be it love or friendship.

Create your own destiny

You can decide your destiny with the help of powerful motivation, which is often dictated by aphorisms about living a meaningful life. After all, the meaning of life is different for everyone, either gained by experience, or coming from outside.

Einstein said: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The main thing is not to stop asking questions... Never lose your sacred curiosity." His motivational quotes about the meaning of life lead many along the only right path.

Aphorisms about life with the meaning of Marcus Aurelius, who said: “Do what you must, and what is destined will happen,” set a person up for positivity.

Psychoanalysts argue that greater success can be expected from an activity if one gives maximum meaning to this activity. And if our work also brings us satisfaction, then complete success is guaranteed.

Questions arise about how education, religion, mentality, and a person’s worldview influence the meaning of life. I would like the values ​​and knowledge gained over the centuries to unite all people, regardless of their worldview, religion or era. After all, quotes about meaningful life belong to people of different times and beliefs, and their significance is the same for all sane people.

Our position in the Universe requires an eternal search for answers, for ourselves, for our place in life, for involvement in something. The world has not come up with ready-made answers, but the main thing is to never stop. Aphorisms about the meaning of life call us to movement and actions that are useful not only to ourselves, but also to those around us. “We live for those on whose smiles and well-being our own happiness depends,” as Einstein said.

Ancient Greek master of words and thought Aristotle

Great philosophers in the modern world play a huge role for many people, because in order to learn the art of real feeling, one’s own mistakes are not enough. “Love is a theorem that must be proven every day,” teaches Aristotle. He is right, for there is no sublime feeling without actions that confirm devotion. And let them be simple, but real: deliciously prepared tea, a warm blanket, shared enjoyment of the incredible sound of the piano, or a gaze into the eyes that does not require words because of absolute understanding.

“Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the only goal of human existence,” proclaims the great master of thought. Each person perceives this value in his own way: for some, happiness is in the family, for others - in a favorite activity, someone is crazy about traveling, while others put all the components together and enjoy the flow of life.

A meaningless life

All humanity has one natural quality, which determines the desire to find meaning in everything and, in particular, life itself; for many, this quality wanders in their subconscious, and their own aspirations do not have a clear formulation. And if their actions are meaningless, then the quality of life is zero.

A person without a goal becomes vulnerable and irritable; he perceives the slightest difficulties with wild fear. The result of this state is the same - a person becomes easy to manage, his talents, abilities, individuality and potential gradually come to an end.

A person puts his destiny at the disposal of other people who benefit from his weak character. And a person begins to accept someone else’s worldview as his own, and automatically he becomes driven, irresponsible, blind and deaf to the pain of his loved ones, senselessly trying to earn authority among those who use him.

Socrates' unique approach to explaining the most important teachings

Often, quotes from philosophers about life and human attitudes towards it make us think about the main thing - what is happiness? “He is richest who is satisfied with little, for such contentment testifies to the wealth of nature,” Socrates explains the situation. This statement once again proves that only a person with the “sun” inside can be awarded the honor of not only enjoying happiness, but also sharing it with others. For some, even with the whole family, they will bring a piece of warmth into the soul. For others, even the stars from the sky are not enough to find harmony with themselves.

In his teachings, Socrates is distinguished by the absolute fairness of his judgments. “Treat your parents the way you would want your own children to treat you,” he says. After such words, each person immediately compares the statement with his behavior towards his parents. It’s great if, following such thoughts, a smile appears on your face. But it's worth considering if regret arises.

Francois Marie Arouet (Voltaire) - an outstanding thinker of his time

Often, quotes from great philosophers show a person his true self. “Infinitely small people have infinitely great pride,” notes the famous thinker. After reading this statement, everyone is immediately divided into three categories. Some ignore this point, others try to come up with an excuse for themselves, and still others, the most literate, understand that they are doing everything right in life. They do not hide their true face behind a mask of pride, if only because they do not know how to do it. Such people are certainly the happiest.

Voltaire also conveyed very interesting thoughts to society about women. “Women’s strength lies in men’s weaknesses,” he asserts.

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