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Every person remembers situations when they give up and lose the desire to move forward. The period of despair and powerlessness, the feeling of one’s own unfitness, is familiar to everyone.

In such difficult moments in life, it is worth remembering expressions and quotes to lift your spirit. Positive statements from great people inspire faith, desire, desire to live and conquer new heights.

Such phrases are called motivators. They motivate a person to look at the world with different eyes, to understand that everything is possible.

Every morning, give your loved ones postcards with kind phrases, wish them a good day, and show faith in their achievements. Motivators are words that are spoken to relatives, friends and girlfriends.

Quotes from great people about life

You can get rid of accumulated emotions, worries and adrenaline in different ways.

Sports, hobbies, work, pills. It helps to realize that in this world we are all guests, life is beautiful, and one day it will end.

This is a natural process that happened to everyone: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Boris Yeltsin, Roman Trakhtenberg. Complete the list with the names of departed idols.

There is no point in stressing or being nervous. It doesn't matter. All that remains is to live and enjoy every little thing. All quotes from the greats come down to this idea. They teach you how to approach situations correctly.

Think about what you're worried about:

Cause of worriesCorrect life position
ArgumentNever mind! Make peace at any time. On the scale of the universe, this is just a situation
Abandoned by my belovedContrary to the whining of poets, love is not alone, these emotions pass, flare up again
No moneyAnd the homeless don't give a damn. And they live happily. Forget what you lack, enjoy what you have
Health problems and fear of deathThe famous actor Alexander Abdulov, having learned that he had cancer, continued to live as before. There's no point in coming up with scary pictures. Many will not live to see tomorrow. Someone died right now. While you live, there is no death, but when you die, it doesn’t matter anymore
Worries about workRelax, you can change your job every month. Many people live like this, in search of their business.
EnvyDo you think your neighbor is better? And the homeless have it worse. And the children in the orphanage are also having a hard time. Don't compare, the living is incomparable. Compete only with yourself
LonelinessA common problem. We're all alone. The presence or absence of people nearby does not make you lonely, nature created us one at a time. We are born alone, we die alone
Unreasonable worriesThere is nothing to be afraid of in this life, everything that happens is natural. Think less

Let's turn to famous people who shared their wisdom with the world:

  • "I want this. So it will be". Henry Ford.
  • “A person can change his life just by changing his point of view.” William James.
  • “If you want success and prepare to fail, you will get what you prepared for.” Florence Shinn.
  • “If you wake up every morning thinking that something good is going to happen, then it will happen.” Will Smith.
  • “Everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change themselves.” Lev Tolstoy.
  • “He who has nothing to say talks the most.” Lev Tolstoy.
  • “We are slaves to our habits. Change your habits and your life will change.” Robert Kiyosaki.

Positive phrases and expressions of successful people

  1. Life is what happens to people while they continue to make plans for the future.
  2. Only faith in one’s own strength helps a person gain the wings of success!
  3. Any life changes are another step towards opening new opportunities.
  4. To get what you have never had, you must become what you have never been!
  5. A bright future belongs to people who remain true to their cherished dreams.
  6. In every soul there lives a magical bell, touching which a person sounds the melody of his positive aspects.
  7. To reach your goal, you need to persistently pursue it.
  8. You are the endless sky. Everything else is weather.
  9. If one door closes in front of you, the next one will definitely open!
  10. Don’t consider wasted time that was spent with great pleasure!

Short phrases that lift your spirits

Do you want to improve your quality of life? Print out many different positive quotes, cut them one at a time, and string them on a thread. Every morning, tear off one piece of paper without looking.

This will be your prediction for the day:

  • “After thirty, a woman’s ear muscles weaken, and the noodles no longer hold.”
  • “The attitude towards others depends greatly on why they surrounded you.”
  • “I didn’t want to go to work, but greed overcame laziness.”
  • “Nothing is impossible if you’re crazy enough.”
  • “The less stressed you are, the easier it is to live.”
  • “I’m in such a good mood today – I can’t say it in a fairy tale, I can’t articulate it with obscenities.”

Uplifting phrases to lift your spirit at work

When working in a team, it is important to maintain morale. This is especially true for the sales sector, on which the profit of an enterprise or a person’s salary depends.

In a work environment, it is important to give short but clear motivators that can reveal a person’s hidden capabilities.

Meaningful motivators for managers for successful sales:

  • “Success does not come on its own. It’s worth going to him.”
  • “If you don’t ask, you won’t receive.”
  • “Success is a movement from failure to failure.”
  • “The beginning of a new week is an opportunity to open up on the other side.”
  • “People buy trust first, then product.”
  • “Selling is not a method of manipulation, it is a method of persuasion.”
  • “Don't sell! Help us sell."
  • “The big boss is the client.”
  • “People buy for emotional reasons. Learn to erase basic obstacles.”
  • “Don’t hold back the client, but help him.”

Interesting motivational words to boost morale:

  • “Don't tolerate defeat. Find 100 ways that don't work."
  • “Trials are blessings in disguise.”
  • "Start changing your life today."
  • “Opportunity doesn’t knock on doors.”
  • “One must love not to fight, but to win.”

Life-affirming motivators

Life is simpler than it seems. Rid yourself of all negative emotions, feel the quotes, think about it.

We ignore the obvious, taking it for banal and insignificant. All answers are on the surface, and experiences come from thoughts.

Stop living in the past - it will never come back. Let go. Don't get ahead of yourself—the future is beyond your control. You have this moment - just live it this way.

There is no concept of “age”, “late”, “inappropriate”. Remove boundaries, ignore stereotypes. You don't have to live right.

I don’t care what others say, their horizons are so narrow that the beaten paths and social foundations barely fit there.

There are no right or wrong decisions, you needed it all. Make peace with the past. You did everything right.

Pictures and quotes are enough to change the world. Own world. Put desire and effort into them. Don't allow yourself to think about bad things. Thoughts and speculation do not solve anything.

Only worry about existing problems. Stop inventing things that don't exist. 99.9% of our fears and worries will never come true. These are dry statistics.

The person decides what mood to try on. You can endlessly stress and worry, nothing will change. Relax: release physical tensions.

Stop trying to seem better than you are. Stop whining, everything is fine with you. All that remains is to understand this and build a new line of behavior.

Algorithms for every day

  1. Instead of carefully erasing an event from your memory, take out colorful crayons and complete it!
  2. Only the best comes to those who know how to wait patiently.
  3. Some mistakes are so great that you want to repeat them again and again.
  4. Miracles are found where people truly believe in them.
  5. If you see the goal, don’t pay attention to the obstacles.
  6. Don't be ashamed to set crazy goals for yourself!
  7. Even dream about those things that are forbidden to think about!
  8. Individuality is a brand that will never go out of style.

About health

  1. The kind expression on the doctor’s face is the beginning of the patient’s recovery.
  2. Optimistic people live longer and recover faster.
  3. Health is the reward of the wise.
  4. Health takes the lion's share of a person's happiness.
  5. The sweetest feeling is the feeling of recovery.
  6. Health is the result of self-love.
  7. Those who persistently strive for recovery recover faster.
  8. Healthy people are the most priceless decorations on the planet created by nature.
  9. Optimism improves human health.

Texts for a positive attitude on the lesson of Self-knowledge

Texts for a positive attitude.

Concentration on the light.

Please sit comfortably and keep your back straight. Don't cross your arms and legs. Hands can be placed on your knees or on the table. Relax. Please close your eyes.

Imagine that sunlight enters your head and falls into the middle of your chest. In the middle of your chest is a flower bud. And under the rays of the sun the bud slowly opens, petal by petal. A beautiful flower blooms in your heart, fresh and pure, washing every thought, every feeling, emotion and desire.

Imagine that the light begins to spread more and more throughout your body. It becomes stronger and brighter. Slowly falls down the arms. Your hands are filled with light and illuminated. The hands will perform only kind, good actions and will help everyone. The light descends down the legs. The legs are filled with light and illuminated. Your feet will only lead you to good places to do good deeds. They will become instruments of light and love.

Next, the light rises to your mouth and tongue. The tongue will speak only the truth and only good, kind words. Point the light towards your ears. The ears will hear good words, beautiful sounds. Light reaches the eyes. The eyes will look only at the good and see only the good. Your whole head is filled with light, and there are only good, bright thoughts in your head.

The light becomes more intense and brighter and extends beyond your body, spreading in widening circles. Send light to all your family, teachers, friends, acquaintances. Send light to those with whom you have temporary misunderstandings and conflicts. May light fill their hearts. Let this light spread to the whole world: to all people, animals, plants, to all living things, everywhere... Send light to all corners of the Universe. Mentally say: “I am in the light... The Light is within me... I am the Light.” Stay a little longer in this state of Light, Love and Peace...

Now place this Light again in your heart. The entire Universe, filled with Light, is in your heart. Keep her so beautiful. Slowly you can open your eyes. Thank you.

Concentrate on breathing.

I ask you to sit straight without crossing your arms or legs. We will now do a breathing exercise. When we concentrate on breathing. Our mind becomes calm. As we inhale, we will absorb peace and joy. And when we exhale, we will exhale all worries from ourselves.

Let's get ready, guys. Let's close our eyes, keep our backs straight, and put our hands on our knees.

Inhale-oh-oh..., you-y-exhale... (9-10 times, slowly).

A mental journey into the underwater kingdom

.(Ask students to sit in a circle with their hands on their knees or on the table. Do not cross their legs. Make sure they keep their backs straight. Play soft, calm music.)

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths; relax your body. In a few seconds we set off on a journey to the bottom of the sea.

Imagine that you are walking along the seashore. Listen to the soft splash of the waves and the cry of the seagulls. Feel the sand under your bare feet. In the distance you see a black dot: when it gets closer, you realize that it is a dolphin. He sailed to take you with him to the bottom of the sea. This is a very delicate creature and he is patiently waiting for you. Slowly climb onto his back, hold on tight and hit the road. How wonderful it is to swim underwater when you feel comfortable and safe on the back of a dolphin. Look around: how many bright, beautiful fish there are, gliding back and forth like a rainbow. As you descend into the depths of the sea, you see how everything around you changes, how many fancy algae sway in the water. Look how huge the fish are, and now look over there... it's a huge octopus. What a funny and fascinating world it is underwater. Have you noticed one thing? What deep, complete silence there is here. Stay in this state of peace (The teacher may be silent for a few seconds).

Now get ready to head back up to our world. Take a good look around. Look again at all the amazing colors and listen to the silence. How refreshing such peace has on us. Now the dolphin is heading back. You reach the surface of the water and approach the shore. Get off the dolphin, pet it and thank it for taking you on such an interesting journey.

Return to class and return to your seat. After a few seconds you will open your eyes, but try to maintain this feeling of peace and quiet.

Mental walk in the forest.

(Note: If this lesson is being taught outdoors, the imaginary walk can be started somewhere in the garden rather than from the classroom)

Sit with your back straight. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. With each breath, try to relax more and more and become calm. Now we are going for a walk in the forest. Imagine walking to the classroom door, opening the door, walking down the hallway and going outside. You breathe in the fresh air, feel the wind blowing on your hair and the rays of the sun gently warming your face. Start walking towards the forest. Be careful when you walk and don't step on insects. Stop for a minute and look around. Feel the beauty and freshness of nature. Go to some flower, bend over and look at it carefully, how fragile and thin it is. Smell it and inhale its aroma. Move on, noticing everything that is around you. The colors, the smells of flowers and trees, the songs of birds and the soft hum of insects. As you go deeper into the forest, watch how the trees become taller and bigger. Admire the play of light and shadow, listen to the rustling of the leaves. We feel safe in the forest. We go out into a clearing, here we will rest for a few minutes. Choose a tree that you would like to sit under. Go to the tree and wrap your arms around the trunk. Feel how powerful it is, try to feel and realize the energy of life flowing in it. Now sit under it. Leaning back against the trunk. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and pay attention to the peace and silence that surrounds us (At this point the teacher can pause for 1-2 minutes). It’s easy and calm for us, we feel happiness. How amazing nature is, and we understand how we must love and respect it, taking care not to harm any living creature. Remember that this is your own tree and you can return to it at any time. Now get ready to go back to school. Get up and look around again. Walk slowly back along the same path, taking care not to step on any insects along the way. And then we reached the school door. Look around again, take a deep breath of fresh air, open the door and return to your place. Keep this feeling of silence, peace and contentment within yourself. Open your eyes and smile!

About work, happiness

  1. Don't be sad at work! Work relieves people from want, vice and boredom.
  2. Happy is he who is able to spread happiness!
  3. Spring is not an obstacle to fruitful work.
  4. You need to love your work and only then will it definitely reciprocate your feelings!
  5. Don't wait for happiness to come! Step on it yourself!
  6. Find a job that brings you happiness.
  7. How much does a person need to be happy? So many! A whole other person!
  8. Happiness gladly enters those houses where a wonderful mood constantly reigns.
  9. The only happiness that is beyond doubt is dedicating your life to another person.
  10. I allow happy events to happen to me!
  11. Start your morning with this thought: “Be careful, my favorite job, I’m already in a hurry to get to you!”
  12. Happiness is the moments when you don’t have to lie when answering a simple question, “How are you?”

Funny expressions for a positive mood

  1. I'm so tired of living on a zebra crossing... Immediately moving to the rainbow!
  2. Has life smiled on you? Tickle her!
  3. Have you noticed that you are going bald? Don’t be upset: a bald spot is a pretty clearing, trampled by dreams and thoughts!
  4. Even after a tiny smile, one microbe dies in the body.
  5. Over the years, wisdom, experience and other bad habits come to people.
  6. If a person has little conscience, then he must be able to save it!
  7. I was seriously ill in a great mood. I don’t plan to go on sick leave so that everyone can become infected with this disease!

We talk about love only positively

  1. Love is a sincere desire to grow old with your soulmate.
  2. Love continuously so that there is no time left for jealousy.
  3. Human love is the most powerful source of activity.
  4. Love enriches people.
  5. Love people. They are all so different from each other!
  6. Life is a beautiful and fragrant flower, and the feeling of love is sweet honey.
  7. Love is a fairy tale that lovers write themselves and the ending depends solely on them.
  8. Nothing is impossible when you have a loved one next to you who believes in you.
  9. Love is a great desire to live.
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