Options for SMS to cheer up a man: what you can write to him pleasantly

Author: Oleg Maltsev

We cannot always be close to our loved ones and friends, and in this case, modern technology helps us maintain communication. If a guy you love or know is in trouble and you need to support him and cheer him up, send him a funny message. Below we will give examples of SMS to cheer up a man, perhaps you will choose the appropriate option.

A couple more ways to entertain a VK girl

Cheering a girl via SMS or VK correspondence is not so difficult if there is a certain connection between you and you like to communicate.
The best way is to tell a funny story from your life, but not one where you looked stupid. Also remember a couple of jokes, help make the situation ironic. When a girl can look at the situation from the other side, more simply, her mood will rise and she will forget about what happened. How can you still cheer up a girl in contact? Tell jokes with hidden compliments, which everyone will appreciate and will become a new round in the development of your relationship. A good alternative is jokes with meaning, which broaden your horizons and allow you to take the conversation to another steppe, to distract you.

Regardless of how you decide to tease a girl, there are unacceptable situations:

  • Don't try to be a clown and insert phrases like this into every sentence;
  • There is no need to use a lot of slang and unclear words;
  • You should not bring up the topic of sex and sexual relations;
  • Talk about people with disabilities or past ridiculous situations, otherwise it will make the situation worse;
  • Talking about past relationships;
  • You shouldn't talk while drunk, nothing good will come of it.

If you don’t know how to tease a girl in correspondence, in a kind but funny way, go to her photographs or pictures. You can leave funny comments, chat and supplement the correspondence of others with pictures. It’s enough to use your imagination and be creative.

Another way is to talk about simple things, developing the topic to the point of absurdity, coming up with unrealistic development scenarios. It makes both of you happy and uplifting. You can even go to community groups where people share funny events from their lives, and send them to a friend. Try different methods and understand how to cheer up a girl by correspondence.

If you are at a loss for how to cheer up a girl in contact, go to special humorous public pages. A couple of funny pictures or videos will cheer you up without much effort. Especially creative people can personally shoot a video of themselves and send it to a friend. This will not leave anyone indifferent.

How to cheer up a VK girl? Individual approach!

You can figure out how to cheer up a girl in correspondence if she is sad, but not all methods will work. It all depends on the situation, your relationship, the character of your friend. If some people don’t like dark humor, others treat it ironically and may make similar jokes in response. It definitely works for all types of women - creativity, videos and pictures, funny stories from your life. The rest is an individual approach and the ability to “feel” a person.

How to make your friend laugh?

If a person is simply not in the mood, then this situation can be easily corrected. However, first of all, you need to find out what happened to your friend. Tips on how to cheer up your best friend and lift her spirits:

  1. Submit a funny story. A person can also tell a funny situation from life over the phone that recently happened to him.
  2. Send a message with a joke or use funny phrases during correspondence.
  3. Choose a picture for your friend that will make you smile.

A friend can also send jokes that are related to the situation. However, this should only be done in a trusting relationship. Otherwise, your friend may be offended.

Personal presence

Unfortunately, sometimes troubles happen when neither a friend’s kind word, nor a funny anecdote, nor admonitions that everything will be fine will help to lift the mood. If you see that a misfortune has happened to a person and it is very difficult for him, the best thing you can do is to come, provide all possible assistance and support him with your presence.

You don't know what to write to a guy in an SMS message to cheer him up?

We'll give you a hint! Memorize or rewrite!

  1. What's going on with your phone? I dial your number, and they tell me: “The subscriber is unavailable because he is having sex. Please wait your turn!”
  2. See you later, my beloved prince! I stocked up on oats, so you (you and your horse) won’t be late tomorrow!
  3. Your shoulder is my favorite pillow! It’s convenient to whisper gentle words in your ear! You are the best person!
  4. Cute! Do you know that by pressing the buttons on your mobile phone, you kill thousands of different germs? Show mercy! Take your fingers off the buttons!
  5. You remind me so much of a cactus... Just as unshaven and always growing near the computer (laptop) screen!
  6. I don't like weekends so much! As soon as I start to get ready for “get-togethers” by the fireplace (in a rocking chair, with a cup of coffee)…. I'm starting to remember that I have neither one nor the other, nor the third!
  7. I'm happy that you received my message! And I became even happier when I imagined that you had read it completely. Along with this SMS, I am sending you a piece of my heart. It will definitely warm you even in the most terrible cold!
  8. Greetings! I am an SMS ordered to give you two billion of the most romantic kisses!
  9. My days were illuminated by the moonlight of your eyes... I dream of being with you always, and now (every hour).
  10. I'll send you a message. Let it tell you for me how madly I love you. Only time will prove my feelings.
  11. Hello, my dear! Awoke? Get the message quickly! Forgive all insults, don’t sulk! Get dressed, put on your shoes and call me...
  12. SMS is a bridge (between me and you). Short messages guard all love. Receive my news and keep it in your heart. Feelings are fragile twigs. Don't break them, dear!
  13. Hello! Now a Doctor named Lyubov is writing to you to prescribe a hot and fiery kiss.
  14. I look at the night sky, completely dotted with stars.... And I mentally whisper words about unearthly feelings for you. I want all my love to be heard in your heart. Let me kiss the tips of your white wings, my dear angel!
  15. Did you know that I am a psychic? I just know that tomorrow I will miss you much more than yesterday... My intuition agrees with me!
  16. You alone have always been my paradise! Life without you is like hell. I’m ready to shout to the whole world about how much I love you! Message me if you want to hear it….
  17. You and I have been friends like this for a long time... Become a husband soon! I will be the best wife, my dear angel!
  18. My dear little man! I wish you would turn into a teddy bear so I could take you to my bed every night!
  19. Don't worry! I won’t freeze even when everything around is covered with a thick crust of ice! Your true love warms me...
  20. She lived her whole life like a small animal - unhappy and downtrodden. With your feelings you turned me into a flower... Beautiful, bright and open.
  21. The restaurant is located in Sochi. A male visitor shouts indignantly at the waitress:

Are you crazy?! I didn't order anything... Except for a few kebabs! Why did such a score come up?

Man, the kebabs are cooked on the Olympic flame!

What question should I ask?

Many men are interested in: what to ask a girl if she is not in the mood and is sad? You can ask what caused this mood. If she trusts you, she will open up and talk about her experiences.

Ask questions that will be of interest to both of you. For example, ask about their profession, goals or dreams. You can also chat about crazy things that have been or will be done in life.

Important! React to your lady's answers. Don't forget to express your emotions.

Any question should be interesting and easy. Don't make the girl think too much, don't make her blush. Communication should be based on mutual emotions.

How not to communicate with a guy on the Internet or via SMS

You shouldn’t get too carried away with ignoring messages from a young man - otherwise he will quickly lose interest in you, not feeling a sense of reciprocity of communication. Don’t burden him with your problems and be able to feel the mood of your interlocutor - sometimes it happens that even if you are in a bad state, you need to support your young man, whose problems are more serious than yours.

Another important rule for correspondence with a guy you like is to not impose yourself on the young man excessively. If you constantly write SMS to a guy with offers to talk or meet, you keep asking where and with whom he is now, your relationship will most likely end soon

A man should feel that the girl is confident in him and trusts him, while respecting his personal time and space. These simple rules will help make your correspondence enjoyable and not spoil your relationship, but, on the contrary, develop and strengthen it.

Unusual options

Unusual options for what words you can use to please a guy by correspondence are:

Unusual text message optionsa brief description of
“- Hello, I was thinking that only 3 things can cheer me up. Can you guess which ones?
- ... (the young man’s answer).

“An SMS from the bank about the receipt of money in the account, sunny weather and a call or message from you.”

This type of dialogue will be appropriate both when communicating between a guy and a girl who are in a love relationship, and between those who are friends. This is an unobtrusive, easy format for people to communicate that can lift the mood and strengthen the emotional connection between opponents.
“You are so courageous, brutal and powerful. And I am small, weak and in need of a reliable shoulder nearby. Always be with me, please. With you, I have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about.” These words will make the young man smile and will also increase his self-confidence. Feeling attractive, a man will gain the strength necessary to cope with life's difficulties and problems that arise along the way.

Through correspondence, it can be difficult for girls to express their emotions, support or cheer up a guy.
This is due to the fact that, without seeing the facial expression of your opponent, it is not always possible to accurately interpret his mood and reaction to specific words. Despite the existing risk of aggravating the young man’s condition by untimely changing the direction of the conversation, in the vast majority of cases, words of support, regardless of their form, significantly improve a man’s mood and strengthen the emotional connection with his chosen one.

On a date

The following tips will help improve a girl’s mood by inviting her on dates:

  • An active lady will be well entertained by a bike ride, a trip out of town, or a walk in the park.
  • A young lady with an eccentric character should be invited to a club, to a fun party with friends.
  • Invite a girl with a delicate inner structure and a penchant for creativity to the cinema, the theater, or an exhibition.
  • Invite a young girl to spend the day outdoors, at an amusement park, go to the zoo, or an ice cream parlour.
  • If a lady loves animals, visit a cat show, a pet store, buy her a “live” gift.
  • When a beloved is not just sad, but angry, accumulating negative emotions, she needs to throw them out. Invite a girl to paintball, to a shooting range, or go karting.

The arsenal of male tricks for a fun date needs to be used skillfully. Before the meeting, get yourself into a cheerful mood and be in a good mood.

Take the following recommendations into account:

  1. Learn to easily tease your friend, joke. It’s not difficult to say a barb, but to pronounce a joke correctly so that the girl doesn’t get offended is a whole skill. Work on the quality of your humor constantly.
  2. Improvise. Cheerfully talk incessantly, even nonsense. Notice the little things that you see around, successfully find the words to answer the lady’s questions. If the dialogue starts in a cheerful tone, the girl will definitely not be bored.
  3. Remember a funny incident from your life. Tell your beloved, laugh together at the absurdity of the situation.
  4. Come up with a harmless prank. You can buy a helium balloon, inhale the gas and confess your love to a girl.
  5. Make a date with a lady in the park and come for a walk dressed as a dog or a clown.
  6. Organize a competition. For example, eating ice cream at speed. Of course, the lady should win.
  7. Turn into children for a while. Blow soap bubbles, ride on carousels, run races.
  8. If today is your beloved’s birthday or name day, arrange an unexpected celebration. You can connect her friends to the party online via Skype.

Now you know how to cheer up a girl on VK, via SMS, in correspondence and on a date. In addition to the tips listed, use your personal charm, connect your innate sense of humor, then your lady will never be sad.

Phrases from the category of black humor

If your betrothed has everything in order with imagination and humor, then you can use not the most banal phrases to lift the mood:

  • “A nail is a strange thing. From frequent changes of holes, it bends, and, remaining in the same one, it will immediately rust”;
  • “Do you want your day to go smoothly? Eat a raw toad in the morning. Trust me, this will be the worst thing that will happen to you today”;
  • “Even mice, when they are in pain, still continue to eat thorny plants”;
  • “Are you thinking or did the genius just awaken in you?”;
  • “Nothing is known about the real truth, but there are rumors that there is definitely none in the legs.”

There are still a lot of original phrases, but you should use them only if you are sure that your man is truly gifted with a sense of humor.

Raising a good mood for a girl who is a pen pal

Women are particularly capricious. A sophisticated soul is not so easy to unravel, but how to cheer up or calm an angry girl is a secret for many men.

There is universal advice for everyone

No matter what the girl is, attention and sincerity are important for everyone. Any woman will be delighted with a love message written sincerely, specifically for her

If a girl appreciates humor, you can safely send funny messages with jokes, funny pictures or videos. It is desirable that the content be as personalized as possible to the girl’s tastes and preferences.

By the way, you can shoot interesting videos or take photos yourself. What will be captured there (playing with your favorite kitten, sunset outside the window, a smile, a declaration of love made on the street) does not play a special role. A girl will appreciate creativity.

Let's cheer up

If you want to cheer up a young lady with whom you have been communicating for some time, a classmate, classmate or work colleague, you want to cheer up a girl on VK or on the phone, then you should listen to the following advice.

  1. Say good morning. Be sure to lift your mood for the whole day. In addition to the actual words, you can add a beautiful postcard, for example, with a cute cat basking in the sun, with a snowdrop breaking through the snow.
  2. If you notice that the young lady is in a bad mood, she is sad, then you should not question her to find out the reason for what happened. If a girl wants, she will tell you everything herself. Your task is to switch the young lady to something positive. For example, invite her to answer some strange question that is very important to you at the moment.
  3. Send a colorful postcard with an interesting poem, a funny video or a funny melody to your wall on a social network.
  4. Send a video in which you appear in an interesting image. Say something funny or optimistic. You can also send videos showing funny situations with pets or kids.
  5. Send the girl a beautiful song, comment on it, for example: “listening to this music, I think about you.” You can also send a poem, especially one written in your own hand.
  6. Delight them with a virtual gift that can be accompanied by a humorous comment.
  7. Write an interesting joke that will definitely bring a smile to her face. To do this, you need to take into account the girl’s characteristics and her sense of humor.
  8. Give the young lady new impressions. Invite her to a movie or to some event, maybe even to the circus.
  9. Remind me of some funny incident that happened in your joint past, if virtual communication was preceded by personal communication. Send a collage of photos that capture this moment, if available.
  10. If you communicate closely enough and for a long time, send the young lady two photos. The first will be your old photo, the second will be a photo that you take on purpose, making a funny grimace. If possible, you can wear some cool outfit or cap. You can make a collage from two pictures, and leave a comment under it: “Find five differences.”
  11. Wish the young lady a good day. Ask her to smile as often as possible. Follow this request with a cheerful emoji.

If you want to cheer up a girl, avoid writing very large messages; it is better to give preference to short SMS.

Creative ideas

The fastest way to cheer a guy up is by putting creative ideas into practice. This can be done either by correspondence or in personal or telephone communication.

Ready-made options can be found on the Internet and adapted to the interests of a particular person and the characteristics of a particular relationship:

Creative ideasa brief description of
"The bunny missed you"This option involves a girl recording a video message addressed to her boyfriend.
To implement it you need:
  1. Think over the idea of ​​the message.
  2. Wear a bunny costume. If you don’t have a costume at hand, you can cut out only the ears (elongated ovals) from cardboard or colored paper, and then paint the animal’s face (whiskers, nose, etc.) with paints.
  3. Write the text of the message on paper or computer. The message should not be drawn out so that the man does not get bored of watching it.
  4. Record a video message, voicing the written text with different intonation, gestures and facial expressions.
  5. Send a video to a young man.

As an alternative to this option, you can use special masks that are automatically applied to the girl’s face when using the application.

Poem/song/fairy talesAn unexpected surprise for a man will be a poem or song written by a girl herself. In the absence of relevant skills, you can order a work in special campaigns, in which specialists implement full-fledged projects according to the conditions specified by the customer. The cost of such services varies from 3,000 to 7,000 rubles. If you don’t have the financial means and the inability to create poems, you can compose a short fairy tale, the main characters of which will be a girl and a guy who are in a relationship and have the same names as the participants in a particular couple.

It is recommended to choose a creative idea strictly in accordance with the interests and preferences of the guy whom the girl wants to cheer up.

For example, if a young man is a romantic, a video message with intimate overtones may not only not lift the mood, but also aggravate the situation by causing the man to focus on the idea of ​​an excessive difference in interests and thinking with his other half.

Causes of bad mood

First you need to find out what led to the decline in mood. I will now list the main reasons; they are not always on the surface.

Problems at work/school

A person spends most of his time first in educational institutions and then in the workplace. It is not surprising that we take everything that happens there to heart. Problems with superiors, conflicts in the team, heavy workload can seriously spoil your mood.

Health problems

Health is a very fragile thing, if you neglect it, expect trouble. Naturally, physical illness cannot but affect psychological well-being. If a girl gets sick, your support will help her only in combination with seeing a doctor and eliminating the original cause.

Dissatisfaction with your appearance

For girls, appearance is a sore point. All you have to do is see yourself in the mirror in poor lighting and that’s it – your day is ruined. All these photoshopped bloggers are adding fuel to the fire. Compared to them, ordinary girls seem flawed.

Quarrels with loved ones

Conflicts can unsettle anyone, and it is quite natural to feel sad in such a situation. If the person is really close, most likely, reconciliation will come very soon, and the good mood will be restored by itself.


A common cause of low emotional levels. To enjoy life, you also need energy, and sometimes there is simply nowhere to get it.

We figured out the reasons for the girl’s bad mood, what to do to lift it? First, understand a few points so as not to get into trouble and not aggravate the situation.

  1. Do not pester the girl with detailed questions, moderate your curiosity. You need to speak and act delicately, without invading its boundaries.
  2. Don't discount your friend's experiences. There is no need to say that her problems are far-fetched and not worth a damn, that in Africa children are starving and in general we will all die - this is only so-so consolation.
  3. Don't try to “please” the girl with your problems. She will either get angry at your inattention to her, or begin to worry about them too.
  4. Don't look for reasons in female physiology. For some reason, many men like to blame all their troubles on PMS or lack of sex. Even if such a thought has crossed your bright mind, do not voice it. With your words you can hurt and worsen an already bad condition.

Listening to music together

It is known that many compositions have a powerful healing effect. They are able to influence the general emotional background, evoke positive thoughts, and even change physical well-being for the better. How to cheer up a girl by correspondence? You need to invite her to plunge into the world of mysterious sounds, to feel something sweet and amazing in it. Listening together can bring people incredibly closer and begin a romantic relationship. Often, the emergence of mutual feelings occurs when future partners share some kind of emotional experience with each other. If music captures both, there is a great chance of finding something more than just communication.

Thus, it is not at all difficult to cheer up by correspondence. To do this you need to make some effort and include a little imagination. Girls are amazing and mysterious creatures. They sense falsehood from afar, but are attracted by genuine sincerity. If a guy tries a little and shows delicacy, the result will be satisfactory.

A girl is like a flower, a tender and vulnerable creature. She cannot live even a day without affection and attention. The mood of a young lady often changes: at first she is kind and fluffy, and the next minute she is capricious and sad. Absolutely anything can be a reason for a bad mood: problems at work, fatigue, a sidelong glance from a passerby.

How to cheer up a girl with words

Every man should understand that even a strong and unapproachable woman at heart is like a kitten that needs affection and care. Sometimes there are cases in which it is more advisable to leave your beloved alone with her thoughts, so as not to fall under the hot hand. But where is that fine line between comfort and indifference? Let's figure it out:

There is no universal method to cheer up a girl: everything is individual. It is better to have several backup options in order to correct the situation in case of failure. We tried to select techniques that will definitely help you:

  • Offer your loved one help. Let her rest. Ordinary actions: going shopping, cooking a light dinner, cleaning the apartment -
    can tip the scales for the better.
  • If a woman asks for silence, then hug her and be silent.
  • Offer to watch a movie at home or go to the cinema. Choose a comedy film for relaxation together that will not burden you with unnecessary worries.
  • Distract her by talking about a vacation, an interesting trip, or upcoming pleasant plans for the weekend.
  • The best way to cheer up is
    shopping. Just don’t even think about mentioning buying groceries or household items. A woman should spend this time on herself, and you keep her company.
  • A trip to a beauty salon helps to get rid of depression. Book your loved one for a manicure or to see a stylist, paying for the services in advance.
  • Prepare a hot bath for your loved one with foam and aromatic oils. Lavender, orange, patchouli, mint, rose and ylang-ylang oils are good for relieving stress.
  • Offer to give your loved one a relaxing massage.
  • Don't forget about treats. Believe me, a bar of chocolate can work wonders.

How to cheer up a girl over the phone

Do you have a girl you would like to console, but she is not with you right now? You want to pull her close and kiss her. However, only a mobile phone is at hand. In this situation, we recommend writing a text message or calling:

  1. Ask what happened the way you would if you were nearby.
  2. Make her feel supported despite the distance. Say that you would like to be there to kiss and console, promise that everything will work out.
  3. Don't rush to give advice unless she asks for it.
  4. Tone of voice is very important in a telephone conversation, so speak gently and with a smile.
  5. Try to distract by telling a good joke or moving the conversation to another topic.
  6. You can send a photo or video together, and the girl will be pleased that you keep such photos.
  7. Write text messages with jokes or anecdotes. Good humor will help you quickly cope with female melancholy.

Remember: only you know your girlfriend best and you will certainly find a way to console her.

What to do if the girl you love is in a bad mood? This can be done quickly and easily, in different ways, which we will certainly share with the reader. In our article we will give examples of how to cheer up a beauty and how to evoke positive emotions in her.

How to cheer up a girl - if you don't know the answer to this question, we'll tell you the seven best ways to do it.

Top 7 ways to improve your chosen one’s mood.

How to calm a person who is hysterical?

When you have to communicate by phone or via instant messenger with a person who has fallen into hysterics, you need to follow several rules:

  1. We calmly accept all his emotions. If necessary, we ignore even caustic remarks addressed to us;
  2. We are waiting for the main stream of words to dry up. A person in hysterics needs to speak out as much as possible. In correspondence you should indicate that you are listening to him carefully. Perfect phrases: “I understand you”, “Continue, I’m listening carefully”, “So what happened next?” Trying to give productive advice at the peak of hysteria is not worth it;
  3. When the acute phase is over, we offer real help, for example: “Is there anything I can do to help? If you want, I will try to come as soon as possible”;
  4. At the end of the dialogue, write something like this: “Try to lie down and rest for a while. If you feel bad again, call or write. I always have my phone with me. I’m ready to listen to you even at night.”

How to cheer up a guy you like via online correspondence

Make someone laugh with funny pictures and videos

Sometimes, when communicating with a guy on the Internet, a girl may come to the conclusion that the topics for communication have been exhausted, and in order to continue full-fledged communication, she often has to take a break for several days. Otherwise, the dialogue may simply become sluggish, which, of course, will not benefit the nascent relationship at all.

It is important to note that if your relationship is not yet very close, then avoid vulgar videos and pictures - you may be misunderstood. This kind of material is especially inappropriate if in real life you are a very modest and calm girl

Also, you should not send memes related to a topic that is unfamiliar to your interlocutor (about your favorite TV series, for example). Usually, funny pictures with animals, or those that illustrate typical scenes between a guy and a girl, are a safe bet.

Cheer up with emoticons and light dialogue on VK

Sometimes, just talking to someone is enough to lift a person’s mood. If you suspect that your interlocutor is upset about something, then start an unobtrusive and lightly distracting dialogue with him. You can talk about events that might interest him - for example, an upcoming concert or the release of a certain film. You can tell him that you visited some event, and you think that it would be interesting for him to be there too - briefly tell him about where you were. React to his jokes quickly, send back surprised or laughing emoticons. True, it’s better not to overdo it with the latter. Sometimes emoticons become the end of any conversation, since not every interlocutor can figure out the answer. That is why you should use emoticons mainly in combination with some phrase. You can also amuse a young man with a fresh joke found on the Internet.

Send your favorite song and find out about his musical preferences

When interlocutors begin to look for “common ground,” they often try to find out more information about each other’s tastes and determine in which areas they have the most in common. Of course, musical preferences are an important aspect of the lives of many people, and for many it is indicative.

Send your guy one of your favorite songs, accompanying it with the question: “Do you like to listen to this or is it not your type?” If it turns out that the young man likes this composition, then you can send something else in the same spirit. Also ask what kind of music he prefers to listen to, show interest in his musical preferences! However, do not forget about politeness and a sense of tact - if a guy names you bands or compositions that you don’t like at all, then you don’t need to answer something like: “Oh, I can’t imagine how you can listen to this” or “No, no , such horror is not for me! Be tolerant and respectful of other people's tastes, and in the above situation you can answer like this: “Interesting music! I usually listen to a different style, but there’s definitely something in these songs.” Believe me, guys don’t react very well when they start making fun of their tastes or anything related to them, however, neither do girls.

If you really like the music that a young man is passionate about, do not hesitate to write to him openly about it. Ask if he has any other similar compositions in his “arsenal”. Subsequently, you can mention that on the road you listened to the songs that he sent to you and now you often put them on “repeat” - such a confession will undoubtedly please any guy.

Cheer on VK

You can cheer up a guy by correspondence not only using SMS, but also during communication on VKontakte. The advantage of using this method is the opportunity to leave your message not only in a private message, but also to make a confession publicly (by writing text on the wall of the young man’s account).

You can cheer up a man on VKontakte in several ways:

  • Describe a real (or fictitious) funny story that happened to the girl herself or someone she knew the other day.
  • Send a gift with a funny message attached to it. Despite the fact that in the vast majority of cases VKontakte gifts are paid, they cost no more than 50 rubles.
  • Send a funny picture with a phrase that the young man will understand. If there is no suitable option in the public domain, you can make such a picture yourself on free sites.

    You can cheer up a pen pal by sending him a funny postcard.

  • Send a funny video or video that matches the interests of a particular young person. Videos can be selected from those previously downloaded on VKontakte or downloaded yourself from other resources.
  • Send a personal video message. The girl records the video herself. If the girl is too shy and uptight to record such an appeal, you can record a voice appeal, voicing a confession or telling a joke in this way.

It is recommended to choose the message structure in accordance with the algorithm:

  1. Understand whether the message should have a loving connotation, be a confession, or simply act as friendly support.
  2. Determine the purpose of the message (to support, cheer, confess feelings, etc.).
  3. Choose an appropriate time (for example, a young man’s lunch break).
  4. Find a template that can be used as the basis for a future message (if the girl plans to send text in a VKontakte message).

Options for text messages on a social network can be:

VK message optiona brief description of
For your sake, I will do everything, even with you I will watch 22 men running in shorts after one ball across the field. What time is football today, you say? If the topic of football is not of interest to a particular young person, the message can be rewritten, also veiling another sport or game on a console.
Hello! How are you feeling: nerves, heart, pulse, stomach, back? How are you, my dear man? Such a message can be sent to VK either to a friend, a boyfriend or husband. It will not only lift your spirits, but also provoke a detailed response, emphasizing the importance of a man in the eyes of his other half or girlfriend.

If you are embarrassed to write first

Get over yourself and stop being shy. Your shyness will definitely not attract him in any way. And do you know why? Because shy girls achieve little in life. Shyness can be felt just as strongly (even from a distance) as insecurity.

Wait for him to write to you himself. But keep in mind that you will have to wait a very long time. The worst thing is that you may not wait. And then you will be angry with yourself, but anger will not help.

Get this guy out of your head. And you will solve many different problems at once. You won’t have to worry, think about how and what to write. A cruel way, but there are others.

Ask your girlfriend to write to him (on your behalf). But make sure that you don’t write anything unnecessary. Otherwise you’ll blame your girlfriend if she writes everything her own way.

Cool messages to your loved one

  • Hello honey I want to! I really want to! I really want it! You can't even imagine how much I want this! I want, I want, I want you to SMILE now!
  • If you don't respond to this message in 5 seconds, you'll owe me 100 kisses! You didn't have time!!!
  • A hundred cute gophers can't match your charm!
  • Let everyone shy away from you! I mean bad weather, adversity, problems, illnesses!
  • I saw yesterday how you hugged her greedily and at the same time purred like a March cat! You will sleep without a pillow today)
  • You are so bright and brilliant, like a ray of sunshine on spring water!
  • Look at the sky! Now the sun will peek out from behind a cloud and wink at you, like this smiley
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