The art of observation: how to understand that a man likes you

The desire to be under the protection of a man and to be married unconsciously manifests itself even in childhood, when a girl dreams of a white dress and plays with dolls. With age, dreams of a prince become conscious, relationships with the opposite sex gradually come to the fore. How do you understand that a man likes you and hasn’t fantasized about castles in the air, mistaking basic politeness for falling in love?

Does he love you or not?

Psychology of male behavior

Men are not as decisive and courageous as girls. For a long time they hesitate to admit their sympathy and take the first step. For days, weeks and months they circle around the object of attraction without making any confession. And at this time the girl is at a loss as to whether he needs her or not. Just as it is not easy for a man to understand the woman he loves, it is not easy for girls to unravel the true motives that guide guys.

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Unfortunately, those who talk a lot and for a long time about love, choosing unearthly phrases, most often lack sincerity. Most likely, they are pursuing some goal in relation to the lady. A person truly in love will not trumpet what worries his mind and heart.

If a man likes a woman, he behaves openly and involuntarily reveals secret feelings through manners and gestures. Some secrets of psychology and observing a guy will help you draw a conclusion for yourself: whether you are loved or not.

It is not difficult to understand that a woman really likes a man. The fair sex are emotional creatures, and the presence of sympathy for a guy is immediately revealed. Sometimes it seems to them that they are in love with insensitive blockheads who do not show reciprocity towards them. Men are actually not as complex individuals as they seem at first glance. Watching them, you come to the understanding that, without saying a word, with the help of non-verbal signs they reveal the essence of the feelings and experiences they are experiencing.

An attentive lady will understand how a man in love behaves if he really likes a woman. In rare cases, guys tend to confess their love or sympathy. They hide the feelings they experience for a long time and carefully until they are convinced of their reciprocity and resort to other active actions. But if your heart is set on some subject who is in no hurry to open up, and you are overcome by doubts about his feelings, take a close look at him.

A man’s behavior, voice and gaze will reveal the secret of his true experiences.

He will strive to protect you

When you walk down the street with a man who is interested in you, he will choose the part of the sidewalk that is closer to the cars and will carefully cross a busy road with you. In a crowded bar, he will help you get to the other side of the room, holding your hand.

It may seem like just a brotherly gesture, but in reality a man is flirting with you because he is attracted to you. He hopes to earn your trust and wants to please you. In any dispute or conflict situation, he will take your side and try to protect you.

But a powerful man with possessive tendencies can also act in a similar way, so be able to distinguish between such admirers.

A man who truly cares about you has a healthy mindset. He doesn't want you to feel lonely, hurt or unhappy, but he will respect your privacy.

And a possessive man can pass off constant control as caring for you - he will violate all your personal boundaries: he will strive to check your phone and email messages without asking or prevent you from meeting people who, in his opinion, may pose any threat .

Basic methods and signs

Before you understand whether the man you are interested in likes you, pay attention to his appearance.
When a guy is in love, he suddenly changes. New clothes appear in his wardrobe, and his shoes are perfectly cleaned to a shine. He strives to charm the object of passion by any means. READ How to let a man know that you really like him, but not impose himself

Signs that this man sincerely likes you won’t take long. The guy begins to carefully look after himself, gets a new haircut, shave off his gorgeous mustache, which until that moment had not bothered him, and begins to play sports. A man tries to look fit and attractive. When he appears, the delightful aroma of perfume is felt: he must conquer the lady of his heart and achieves this in different ways. But the main sign of his falling in love is his behavior. He behaves funny and touching, trying to win the desired girl.

By look

First of all, take a closer look at how the guy looks. A young man in love devours a woman with his gaze. He can't help but look in her direction. His head turns every now and then in the direction where she stands. Even with his back to the lady, he will secretly watch her, squinting his eyes to the side.

If a man really likes a woman, then no matter what costume she is wearing, he will look at her figure with admiration. Usually they look at a girl in a beautiful dress with such a searching gaze, but if she is wearing a simple robe or overalls, and the guy casts a running glance from top to bottom, the only conclusion is that he is interested.

When a lover looks into the eyes of the object of his dreams, his pupils dilate. The gaze seems to be lost in the eyes of the woman you love and during a conversation it can move to the lips and back. This way the guy shows his desire to kiss the girl.

Joyful and happy lights flash in his eyes if there is a feeling in his heart for the one he is looking at. Sometimes you can notice childish confusion or discouragement in them.

By gestures

A young man in love tries to control his feelings.
To hide his confusion and excitement, he fiddles with some little thing in his hands and strokes round objects. Every now and then his hand passes through his hair, as if straightening his hairstyle. This is a hidden and intuitive gesture of a person who wants to look more attractive in front of the lady of his heart. His “fighting stance” will help you understand that a strong man likes you: feet shoulder-width apart, thumbs tucked into his belt. This position has sexual overtones and shows a male trying to attract a potential mate. READ Powerful conspiracies for a man's love: rules and examples of rituals

An admirer in love often takes a pose, adopts the gestures and facial expressions of the woman he likes. He strives to constantly be nearby, to get into the field of view of his beloved, so that she notices him and understands what a handsome man is nearby. When a man stands next to a lady of interest, the toes of his shoes are turned in her direction. The following gestures appear in the behavior of a subject in love:

  • blowing away an invisible speck of dust;
  • straightening a tie or pulling down clothes;
  • smoothing hair;
  • rubbing palms;
  • scratching the head or nose.

Having heard the name of his beloved in a conversation, a man tries to develop the topic in order to find out as many facts about her as possible. He will try to find out her address, hobbies, so that he can be nearby and organize “random” meetings.

When in a company of people, a man talks loudly, jokes, trying to attract the woman’s attention.

By manners

Take a close look at him to understand how a man in love behaves if he likes a woman. He constantly pays attention to her. He will seem like a witty guy, the life of the party, so that she will notice his personality. After every successful joke, his gaze will be directed to the desired girl to understand whether she appreciated his sense of humor or not.

The guy in love is greatly transformed. He may become too active or, on the contrary, shy. When talking to the object of his adoration, he becomes embarrassed and gets confused in his phrases. He may become confused and not know what to answer if he is asked an unexpected question.

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Some confident men immediately take action. They flirt with the woman and omit sincere and warm compliments. An interested guy will bring treats: fruits, sweets, chocolate. He will listen to his beloved’s stories with great attention and talk about himself with great enthusiasm. A man will tell a woman facts that he kept silent about when talking with other people. Signs that a man likes a woman are his great interest in her life. He strives to find out as much information about you as possible. When talking about himself, he will only present positive facts about his personality.

A man in love shows concern for a woman: he accompanies her home, carries heavy bags, and is interested in her family. A man for whom she is truly important will try to make a pleasant impression on her family and friends. He will ask for a visit and bring treats to all household members. If a woman has children from a previous marriage, the man will try to make friends with them.

He will laugh at all your jokes

If a man laughs at any of your jokes, even bad ones, then most likely he likes you. Your corny jokes don't scare him off because when he's with you, the amount of love hormone (oxytocin) in his brain is so high that everything you say will be interesting to him.

A man may even praise you, saying how easily you make him laugh. And if he says that you are charming and witty, then he is definitely flirting with you.

Many people find humor very sexy. If a woman has a keen sense of humor, men may not pay attention to her physical beauty. Humor helps a man feel at ease around a girl and also strengthens his connection with her.

Internet activity

On social networks, a man who likes a certain woman behaves more freely than in reality. He will not ignore her photographs and will constantly monitor her appearance online. He writes compliments, pleasant comments or conducts a friendly conversation, sends messages daily. A guy in love sends a girl audio recordings that contain text that reveals his feelings and thoughts. Through social networks, he tries to find out as much as possible about the lady of his heart. Having gathered his courage, the virtual boyfriend will prepare to invite her on a date.

He will read her posts and statuses, wanting to understand what is going on in a woman’s soul, and will definitely pay attention to the male half of her friends. Not only women follow updates on a man’s page, the latter also commit espionage and “excavations.”

A man in love will try to get the lady’s phone number and find a reason to call. It could be anything. He will not only call, but also give a reason for calling back, for example: “Do you have a book by such and such an author? Please take a look and call me back...”

A guy who has deep feelings will take the time to call and see his crush.

Check physical contact

A guy who is interested in you will always find a reason to touch you: touch your arm, bump your legs, or even accidentally hug you. Watch what happens when you touch. If you put your hand on his neck, will he move away? Or, conversely, will he try to increase physical contact?

Don't forget that if he is a little shy, he may flinch and shrink a little from your touch. This doesn't mean he doesn't like you. Just keep watching.

How to understand that a man likes you

The sympathy that a man feels for a woman is easy to guess if you observe his behavior. Interest, love and sexual desire will certainly manifest themselves in his demeanor, voice and gestures.

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Close contact

It’s not difficult to understand that a particular man likes you if he constantly hangs around.
A guy in love tries to stay nearby in order to protect the girl from the presence of other men and draw attention to himself. He will follow her, even while in a half-turn. At every opportunity he tries to touch his beloved. He can hold her by the elbow, touch her back, hair, or hand her a coat or bag. If his hands often touch the back of her chair, this indicates the presence of heartfelt feelings. He makes great efforts to close the distance, squats down next to him, and spins around. Sitting on the sofa next to the object of passion, the guy puts his hand on the back of the seat: a gesture indicating an invisible hug.

Voice timbre

The voice, like the eyes of an interested guy, is not always controllable and can tell about a person’s most secret thoughts and desires. When talking to the woman he loves, the tone of his voice becomes a little higher. Due to excitement and hidden emotions, he breaks down and sounds abruptly. It is impossible to hide the love in a man's voice when he addresses the object of his affections. The tone becomes softer, cooing notes or aspirated hoarseness shine through it.

If a man is in the status of “enemies” with a woman, this state of affairs greatly depresses him. He will become irritated and gloomy from the inability to be near his beloved, break down and shout at those around him. A man is capable of raising his voice even on the subject of passion, but at this moment he will look touching and wounded.

Confidential conversation

An admirer in love strives to get to know the woman who evokes intense feelings in him. He is interested in talking about everything with his potential chosen one. He will start a conversation about politics and end with a topic about views on family life and having children. The guy views the girl as a future wife and mother of his children, so he strives to reveal more useful information.

He will communicate with the lady of his heart on the most frank and confidential topics: he will talk about childhood memories and antics, youthful dreams. Next to her, he experiences pleasure from dialogue, comfort and disposition. Don’t be surprised if he tells you a lot about his relatives, parents, and beloved dog. This fact indicates the feeling of closeness that a man feels towards a woman.

Pauses in conversation

A guy who dreams about a girl and desires intimacy with her behaves strangely when he is nearby.
During the dialogue, he may unexpectedly create a pause by looking at her lips, eyes or décolleté. The presence of the woman he loves excites and excites him, and violent experiences are not always subject to clear guidance and self-control. A lover behaves like a child. In the presence of the woman he loves, he bumps into objects and becomes distracted. He may not hear when someone calls out his name loudly, because all his attention is occupied by his beloved.


Men are possessive, but when they fall in love, feelings of jealousy arise on their own. At the initial stage, when a guy is trying to win a girl, he will not be openly jealous, but his behavior will give away the fact that this feeling has taken possession of him. If a lady’s phone rings or she chirps cheerfully into the receiver with someone, he frowns and becomes wary. He will hover around the object of his adoration, trying to prevent other representatives of the stronger sex from entering his territory.

When a woman needs help, a man will quickly rush to her in order to get ahead of other potential gentlemen.


A young man who is inflamed with sincere feelings for you will certainly be betrayed by his manner of communication and behavior. Namely:

  • When talking, he often jokes. And what’s remarkable is that literally after every joke he tells, he watches your reaction. It is important for a man in love to understand that it was his replica that was able to draw a smile on your face.
  • His voice begins to sound lower when communicating with you. Men, for the most part, are convinced that this trick makes them more brutal and sexier in the eyes of their chosen one.
  • Gives sincere compliments. They are radically different from those banal vulgarities that men also sometimes resort to, pursuing completely different goals.
  • During the conversation, he asks too many questions. However, don't be afraid. This only proves his interest in you. A guy in love is interested in everything that directly concerns you and your life.
  • He speaks somewhat more quietly than usual. Another psychological technique that will subconsciously force you to close the distance and come as close as possible.
  • When communicating, a young man in love tries to tell only positive facts about himself. The guy will hide moments that could somehow compromise him or put him in an unfavorable light.
  • In conversation, he mentions things that you like. Speaks on topics that interest you.
  • Observe the man's behavior with other representatives of the fairer sex. It is possible that he will behave more relaxed with them, while in front of you he will be shy, blushing and confusing his words.

How to understand that a man is interested in you: advice from a psychologist

If there is a man in your field of vision who is dear to you, and you cannot understand his true feelings, take a closer look at him. Perhaps his manners speak of a nascent feeling of love and admiration. Psychologists distinguish important aspects of the behavior of a guy in love:

  • He catches the eye of his beloved girl and looks at her intently. At the same time, his eyebrows fly up, and joyful lights appear in his eyes.
  • When meeting the girl he loves, a man involuntarily opens his lips.
  • He listens carefully to the woman, devouring her every word. Tries to tell a lot of positive information about himself.
  • Keeps the girl in sight, always being there if she needs something.
  • It becomes awkward in her presence. May drop objects, spill juice. He fiddles with various things in his hands, strokes the surface of a table, chair, mug. He tugs at his earlobe and touches his hair.
  • He changes dramatically: the modest guy amazes with his bold actions, and the merry fellow becomes surprisingly silent and mysterious.
  • He pulls himself up in front of a woman, showing off his muscles and broad back.
  • To appear more attractive, she unfastens the top button of her collar.
  • Jokes cheerfully, trying to seem cheerful and funny.
  • Demonstrates his abilities and best qualities.
  • Tries to show concern: makes coffee, brings the necessary item. Brings treats and gives flowers.
  • He keeps the lady of his heart in mind and absorbs everything she talks about with him or those around him, even if his back is turned to her.
  • When a woman appears, a smile appears on his face.
  • His voice sounds soft and affectionate. Occasionally, abrupt and hoarse notes can be traced in it.
  • A man in love uses any means to find out the phone number of the girl he is interested in.

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Sign language speaks for him

A man can remain silent about his sympathy, but body language will give him away. The main signs are as follows. Firstly, he will dignify and straighten up every time in your presence, as if trying to show himself taller and more open to communication. Secondly, he may show nervousness (fiddle with his tie, cufflinks, belt, button), constantly look at his watch or touch his own face. Thirdly, he will definitely preen himself or at least straighten his hair or clothes before turning to you.

How to understand that a man is interested in you if he hides it

Not all men show hidden feelings for a woman through attention and care. Some representatives of the stronger sex hide their feelings and behave in strange ways for various reasons. There are several reasons why guys don't show their feelings:

  1. Fear of being rejected. Even the most successful and attractive man experiences fear of unrequited love. It is easier for him to control himself, without giving the appearance that his thoughts and heart are occupied with his beloved, than to fail and be rejected.
  2. Lover of solitude. The familiar lifestyle of a bachelor is closer to a single man than the unknown married life. It is difficult for him to change his usual foundations and let a new person into his measured life.
  3. Bad experience. If a man has had a painful relationship in the past, fear of new love settles in his soul.
  4. Emotionally reserved. From an early age, boys are taught to be strong, restrained, and not express their feelings. As a result, they grow up to be dry men. In order not to make himself look like a weakling, the guy hides his feelings.
  5. Uncertainty about feelings. Sometimes a man cannot understand what feelings a girl causes him, whether he loves her or not, so he controls his emotions in every possible way.
  6. Defensive reaction. Sensitive men are very vulnerable individuals. To protect themselves from disappointments and broken hopes, they close themselves and do not reveal the emotions seething inside.
  7. The guy is not free. A married man has no right to flirt with another woman and show her love. When there is no way to talk about feelings, you have to hide them.

Adults and young men - manifestations of sympathy at different ages

An adult man, wise with life experience, who knows first-hand about relationships with a woman, as a rule, will not hide his emotions. Most likely, he will invite the girl on a date, confess openly, or at least hint quite clearly about his feelings. He will try to win the object of sympathy, if not with words, then with actions.

In the situation with a teenager, everything is a little more complicated. To determine whether a handsome young man likes you, you need to wait and, perhaps, even take the initiative when the first signs of reciprocity appear. For example, if a young man from university or from a neighboring yard always happens to be nearby, speaks out of place, or begins to behave strangely in the presence of a girl, then most likely he likes her.

Behavior of a man who hides his feelings

Some guys skillfully remain calm and do not reveal their true feelings. They behave strangely and sometimes aggressively, in no way reminiscent of the tremulous Romeo. Psychologists note absolutely opposite signs that a man likes a woman, which are strikingly different from those described above.

Several facts related to the behavior of the stronger sex indicate that behind the steel armor are hidden worries about a woman. Understanding what a man likes is permissible with the following line of behavior:

  1. The lover tries to avoid the woman. He often turns away, averts his gaze, trying not to even look in her direction.
  2. When her name is mentioned, the man frowns, gets angry, becomes awkward and irritable.
  3. In a company or at some event, he will diligently ignore the presence of his beloved, remaining sociable and friendly with other people.
  4. He says a lot of negative words about her, enjoying the abuse and finding an outlet for unsatisfied feelings in an angry tirade.
  5. When talking with a woman he likes, a man behaves rudely and defiantly, can be rude, insult, and then suffer from what is happening.
  6. A man publicly mocks the object of his adoration.
  7. In the presence of his girlfriend, the guy flirts excessively with other ladies, trying to make her jealous. When the culprit of secret yearnings disappears from sight, he immediately cools off towards those with whom he had just enthusiastically flirted.
  8. When a woman suddenly appears, the man's face hardens and his eyes visibly widen. He may blush and hesitate, trying to disappear quickly so as not to reveal his feelings.
  9. Such a man tries to avoid touching his beloved girl and at the same time reaches out to her. He often takes a defensive stance, folding his arms in front of his chest.

It’s not at all difficult to understand that a man likes you if you notice how his behavior becomes unreasonably hostile towards you. During his rude antics, turn to him in a gentle voice and ask for some favor: he will begin to be embarrassed and grumble, but will fulfill your request.

The main signs that a guy likes you is close attention to you. A person will not constantly turn his attention to what is indifferent to him. Violent emotions in a positive or negative way indicate an indifferent attitude of the stronger sex towards the lady.

If a man likes a woman, his behavior resembles the antics of a small child. He tries to please and please her or attract attention in other ways.

Men, like women, are characterized by excitement and deep emotions. When a guy behaves relaxed, pours out compliments and words of love, like a speaker during a rally, then his feelings are questionable. A young man in love feels vulnerable and harbors love in his heart so that one day he can confess to his beloved.

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