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Many girls, having barely met a representative of the opposite sex, those who have just entered into or are in a long-term relationship, ask the question: “Should I tell a man that I miss you?” Many people don’t want to seem intrusive or boring; for others, such confessions are like “hanging on the neck” of a gentleman. They talk about this on forums, mothers and more experienced friends give advice under no circumstances to admit your melancholy. But is this all really true?

Psychologists answer this question like this: It all depends on who the man is to the woman and what the relationship is between them. If a couple has been together for a long time, then you need to be open with each other. Accordingly, there is nothing wrong with telling your loved one that you miss you if you are sure that he will respond in kind.

What does the male “I miss you” mean?

The meaning of a phrase depends on who writes it and pronounces it. A friend or pen pal can thus express the idea that he lacked communication, many new interesting events have accumulated, and he is ready to immediately share information for joint discussion.

A person whom the girl knows in real life, met in a company of friends, at events is thus able to hint that he noticed her absence and show interest in continuing contacts.

Confession contains a veiled desire for physical intimacy (hugs, kisses, sex). In an established couple, the phrase “I miss” means longing without a loved one, signals a desire to see each other, to be close.

“Honey, I’m pregnant!”

Important news that changes your relationships and life in general. Therefore, it is better to inform about pregnancy in person. You always want to remember such moments. We will also include other important events here. And if you decide to joke in this way, then the idea is not a very good one. You don’t know how a man might react and where he is at that moment, perhaps driving. You never know what will happen.

Nonsense and gossip

Everything you heard during the day from colleagues, girlfriends, acquaintances or saw at a sale is unlikely to interest a man. Especially if at this moment he is dealing with serious work issues.

What to answer a man to the phrase “I miss you” in VKontakte or SMS correspondence

Girls are romantic, focused on emotional communication, tender words, compliments, confessions. It seems obvious to them that the guy wants to say about feelings.

Replying “Me too,” the ladies exchange emotion with him. Men are pragmatic, their brains and psyches are tuned to achieving real, specific goals. Having read the response confession, they will accept it as a green light signal for intimacy. They can ring the doorbell in an hour or two, counting on passionate caresses that turn into a night of love.

The main advantages of sincerity

  • Sincerity will help push him to action . Often for a guy the message: “I miss you” is like a “green light” for decisive action. There is a good technique that works on the stronger sex, namely a message with promises. For example, instead of: “I miss you, I want to see you so much,” you should write: “I’m cooking your favorite Peking duck and I’m looking forward to our meeting.” There may be erotic and gastronomic fantasies, the prospect of watching football together, etc.
  • Will help him take his mind off his problems . It’s nice to receive an SMS during a boring meeting: “There are five (six, seven, etc.) hours left until our meeting.”
  • You can get a meeting with the man you are interested in . Representatives of the stronger sex understand direct words, not hints. Therefore, you need to talk about your emotions directly, and if the girl is interesting, then the guy will understand and offer to meet, and if not, then you should not count on a long-term relationship.
  • Thanks to sincerity, relationships between partners will improve . As experts note, many problems in couples arise due to understatement between partners. Both husbands and wives are often embarrassed to talk about their feelings, arguing that since we live together, the other half should know about it. But both sides are pleased to receive recognition that the other half is bored.
  • Most guys want to hear good words addressed to them . People's attitude towards us can be a mirror reflection of our attitude towards them. It is easy for others to stumble upon a hypocrite. By being sincere with others, we receive sincere affection towards us. If the gentleman is “the one,” then sincerity will improve the relationship, otherwise, while the game of pretending is going on, another woman will get ahead, who will quickly realize that the stronger sex also wants to hear kind, sincere words.

What does it mean if a man during a live conversation says that he misses you?

At the moment of real communication, the boyfriend’s phrase means a desire for speedy solitude. Guys are designed this way, the level of testosterone in the male body is 20 times higher than the female threshold, naturally the libido is stronger.

Afterwards, he will happily lie down hugging, stroke his beloved, talk and do everything else dear to a woman’s heart. Most men measure the level of “boredom” by the degree of lust for their beloved. They get offended if she doesn’t support the initiative (she’s sick, she’s busy with work).

What do men themselves say about this?

We come to the conclusion that most men of any age are advised to talk about it directly. There is nothing wrong with the fact that a girl is sad when she is apart and tells her lover about it. This is the key to good relationships and trust. The stronger sex loves competition and loves to win the attention of women from others. Young people note that after these words they want to do something nice to their beloved. For some representatives of the fairer sex, SMS: “I miss you” helps determine intentions and interest in him.

But most women say that such words can only be written to a husband; the guy will become arrogant or think that the girl is already at his feet, since she is already sad in separation from him. Others argue that a self-sufficient lady is never bored, but only sad without a certain person.

How to understand that he is truly bored, what are the signs?

Actions will tell about a true desire to be close:

  1. Regular calls, messages, photos. While at work or on a business trip, the guy keeps in touch, shares events, and is interested in his partner’s life.
  2. Questions about mood, plans, health.
  3. Discussions of simple things: household chores, movies watched, the past day.
  4. Monitoring pages on social networks, liking old posts and photographs.
  5. Constant offers to meet.
  6. Mentions of “your” moments to create a feeling of unity - memories of previous dates, anecdotes, jokes, phrases that both of you understand.
  7. Embarrassment, awkwardness at meeting, excitement.
  8. Memorizing the events voiced by the woman (getting ready to leave, making an appointment with a doctor, taking an exam), important dates - birthday, at a minimum.
  9. The desire to extend communication time.
  10. Nice words, support, little surprises (chocolate, souvenir from the trip, cute trinkets).

It’s easier to see a person’s true feelings in little things. Everyday participation, empathy, care, attentive behavior requires more mental strength than once a year, giving a designer broom of roses on your birthday (to “drown” yourself and so as not to saw).

“You are so beautiful/sexy/pumpy!” and other compliments on a man’s appearance

No and no again, my dears! This is a direct invitation to intimacy. I have written more than once about how and what compliments can and should be given to men. Read my tips and recommendations: How to compliment a man, How to compliment a man... I guarantee that no one can resist!

“We need to break up”

This news can easily plunge a person into shock. Again, it is unknown where he is when he reads the message. Any man is worthy of respect, so talk about important topics like breaking up personally. No matter how hard it may be, leaving a boyfriend over SMS is simply undignified. It's rude and humiliating. Moreover, the man will consider your behavior to be cowardice and he will be right. This also includes news of betrayal.

If a man misses a woman, does it mean it's love?

A woman is an emotional being, and when she hears the cherished “I miss you,” she begins to fantasize wildly. Many girls, having received recognition, think that they have received a sure sign of a man’s love. Looking for hidden meaning, thinking things through is the wrong way. The simplest solution to understanding what is behind the words is to ask directly: “What do you mean?”

A friend or acquaintance misses the company of a friend, communication, understanding. A guy who sees himself as a partner will answer that he longs to hug and kiss. When clarifying, there is no need to be afraid of seeming stupid; it is important to understand that the answer may not be what you wanted to hear.

Drunk SMS to ex

Admit it, dears, did it happen? I know that many girls, under the influence of alcohol, write to their former lovers. Do not do it this way! Delete the number of the person you broke up with if you have such a sin as drunken text messages.

Be sure: any messages that were written in a drunken mind will definitely be followed by a feeling of shame.

Probably this list can be continued endlessly. I have given the most important rules. I am sure you will avoid such correspondence in the future. After all, any messengers, social networks, dating sites are just another opportunity to interest a man. The main task of such communication is to meet. Be a mystery. And if you have been in a relationship for a long time, then allow yourself liberties and pranks in your messages to keep the spark alive.

Have you ever written something like this to a man? What would you add to the list? Share in the comments.

Nice words to your beloved man in prose, in your own words

Even if prose is not as sonorous as poetry, but pleasant SMS for a beloved man, written in your own words, is no worse than a rhymed letter from Eugene Onegin to Tatyana Larina.

  • There is no man in the world more attractive to me than the one who reads this SMS.
  • I miss you. I want to give many gifts: one hundred kisses on the nose, one hundred kisses on the forehead, 100 kisses on the cheeks and one passionate kiss on the lips.
  • You are the only one to whom I want to give all my tenderness, affection and love.
  • You are my most desired, most beloved, the only one in the world so unique. Love and miss.
  • I can't help it! My hands are reaching out to write to the man I miss very much. I'm waiting for you and love you.
  • In order not to miss you, I imagine our future meeting. But this still doesn’t help much. Come back soon.
  • Every minute my love for you becomes stronger. I’m afraid that when we meet after a long separation, I will strangle you in my tender embrace.
  • If we don’t see each other soon, I’m afraid I’ll burst from the overwhelming longing for you. Rescue us urgently!
  • Not a single SMS can convey to you all my tenderness and love. I need to give them to you personally when we meet.
  • Now I want to throw myself into the arms of the kindest, gentle, affectionate and handsome man in the world. It's a pity that Brad Pitt is not free again. Kidding. I'm talking about you. Waiting for our meeting.

As you can see, it’s not at all difficult to compose pleasant words for your beloved man in prose. Perhaps, if you don’t send him an SMS now with the text “I miss you,” and in your own words, he will never know that you are such a romantic person. Want to start a conversation with something less expressive? OK! Then watch these dedications.

Endless goodness and big hugs to everyone!

Olfactory perception

The ideal way to remind yourself from a distance is to use the same perfume. Choose “yours”, be sure to have a pleasant scent for him. Use this perfume for romantic meetings and walks together. Don’t quarrel with your loved one or make a scandal, when you are “dressed” in this scent, it should be associated with warmth and tenderness.

If you are facing a temporary separation, cuddle up to the man, leaving your scent on him. When preparing your husband for a business trip, spray some perfume on his underwear or other frequently used items. Thus, the beloved will yearn for his wife, haunted by a familiar scent.

Important tips for all women

© Ibrahim Asad/ Pexels

1. Usually a man is forced to constantly think about himself by that woman.

, who is minding her own business, doesn’t wait for his call and doesn’t really miss him. She is completely absorbed in her own affairs, which can distract her from the man.

2. Men prefer those women who do not get into their personal space.

When meetings are casual, the man feels complete freedom of action, completely calmly understanding that a woman can also be completely free at this time. This will make a man think about the woman and care for her.

3. Never run after a man while showing off your beautiful self.

Better than that, from time to time you can send your man a message that can be a kind of poke. The main thing here is to choose the right time to remind yourself and make sure that this does not happen during his work meeting. It is enough to simply wish the man a good day, while hinting that you do not mind communicating in person.

4. Give your man a small gift from yourself.

, which can, for example, be hung on your hand. This could be some kind of keychain for your phone. Or you can put your photo in his wallet. You can also give your man a cup of coffee and then he will start his every morning thinking about you.

5. You can also make a man think about you more often

, if you come up with a specific word that will make him switch to you all the time. For example, after a romantic dinner and a night spent together, you can tell your man that it was great. After which this word needs to be used more often, for example, on the phone to casually clarify that today is just a great morning. Or use this key in an SMS message. Even after hearing this word from someone else, the man will immediately return mentally to you.

But when using this method there is one important condition. It is necessary to repeat this magic word at least seven times in order for the method to work. In normal conversation, try not to use this code word.

6. Everyone knows the trick in stores or supermarkets,

when the smells of tangerines are released into the premises. We immediately begin to assume that the smell of tangerines is directly related to the New Year. In connection with this, we immediately begin to purchase much more goods than we planned.

Therefore, determine for yourself some unique aroma of perfume or oil that a man will associate exclusively with you. In order to enhance this effect, you can even put an aroma lamp in the bedroom. But choose the scent carefully so that your man doesn’t get a headache from it.

When you are in the bedroom and you are wearing this perfume, try not to conflict or quarrel with the man in order to enhance the positive effect. Your pleasant smell should always evoke only positive emotions.

7. If you keep touching the same place

(elbow, neck) for a man, at the moment when he experiences strong positive emotions (happiness, joy, laughter), this will make him think about you more often. It is enough to simply touch your hand to a certain place and hold it for a few seconds.

In order for a habit to develop, there must be at least 30 such touches. Such management of emotions will give him the understanding that being with you is very good and carefree. This method will put a man in a good mood, even if he was furious before.

8. Try to find a common hobby with your chosen one

. This could be watching some new movie that was released at the box office or collecting things, or maybe it would even be fishing. Any joint hobby can bring you closer together, and in the future, as soon as a man encounters this activity again, he will certainly remember you.

9. Try to make friends with his friends,

because when you become “one of our own” in this team, your task will be greatly simplified. After all, now his friends will constantly remind him of you.

10. If you make it a rule constantly

leaving cute notes with pleasant words or messages in the morning wishing him good morning in the pockets of his clothes, then this will evoke the most tender feelings in a man, even if he does not at all look like a romantic. This will take very little time, but a man will constantly have your image in his mind, and pleasant thoughts about you will warm his soul.

11. Never, under any circumstances, compare

your man with no one, don’t try to change him in any way, just love him for who he is. You must be able to restrain yourself and your emotions, even if there is some reason.

Always show in public that you are a couple: affectionate touches, a gentle look or an imperceptible hug - all this will speak of sincere love that is difficult to hide. In this case, your man will very soon believe you and understand that in this life he only needs you.

What to write to a stranger to make him smile?

When messaging a stranger, it is important to appear unobtrusive and establish easy communication.

It is important to appear unobtrusive when messaging a stranger

You should not use diminutive expressions so as not to scare off the guy you like.

  • You can send a neutral emoticon and see the reaction. If the guy sends a smile back, you should continue the conversation.
  • Give a compliment: “I wonder if nice guys make interesting conversationalists?”
  • “I think our t-shirts match perfectly in our profile photos! What do you think?".
  • "Hello! My friend said that she has a cute boyfriend who wouldn't mind chatting. Can you guess who she meant?
  • You can send him a beautiful photo with your face, but without bare parts of the body. Then use the standard “Oh, sorry, wrong number” and look at the reaction.
  • You can write honestly and openly: “Hello! I really don’t want to distract you, but I’m missing new people and interesting acquaintances in my life right now. Let's try to chat a little?"

Examples of phrases to make a guy smile

The phrase can be sexual or casual in nature.

Men like initiative from a woman

You can send a message in the middle of the workday or on a trip, when the guy least expects it.

  • Use humor: “Darling, do you know that in order to smile, a person needs to use about seventy muscles? I suggest you pump them up right now!”
  • Emphasize that you feel bad without him: “I miss you and your morning coffee. Thank you for a great start to the day!” or “I wish I could quickly return home and find myself in your warm arms...”.
  • Intrigue a man, make him look forward to a date: “Tonight you will not only have a delicious dinner, but also an interesting night program. Come back quickly, and I’ll take a shower...”
  • Remind that you are worried about your lover and will always support him: “Good morning! May this day be rich and bright, I am nearby.”
  • Give your man an original compliment: “I love your dimples when you smile. Smile now, come on!”

You can also use funny pictures and videos, but for this it is important to know about the tastes and sense of humor of your man.

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