What to read for self-development for a man: real bestsellers

Yesterday I got a call from a guy from a website for raw foodists, vegetarians and vegans. He introduced himself as interested in self-development, spiritual growth, Vedic knowledge and esotericism. In the conversation, it turned out that this person does not want to work, supposedly this will interfere with his self-development, and in general he is a refugee from Ukraine and is looking for free housing with someone to move in with. This is exactly what prompted me to write an article about what a man’s self-development consists of. What a real man should do in life.

It is obvious that this young man is not even close to talking about any self-development. Let men attack me, but real masculine qualities are developed in a man only when he follows the path of “war”, his will, body, spirit, mind, responsibility, chastity are tempered.

First, let women surround you

This is probably one of the most important recommendations, because a man by nature should be close to a woman, and if there are a lot of women, then this is even better. Just don't misunderstand our advice, because... We can hardly be called supporters of polygamy. Surrounding yourself with women means interacting with them as often as possible. The fact is that in the process of communicating with women, masculinity and courage in a man are manifested most of all. If you are one of those who experience embarrassment and constraint in the company of women, your task is to overcome them - this will be the first step on the path to courage. Just try to overcome these feelings, and over time you will gain greater self-confidence, an understanding of how to behave, and the ability to carry on a conversation, etc.

Books about a healthy lifestyle

If you decide to reconsider the quality of your life and start improving your body and spirit, then the following “men’s” books on self-development should help you:

The main thing is to start!

The book in the picture is 90 practical recommendations, for the application of which you do not need to wait for special occasions or the approval of loved ones. The author offers methods by which you will get a good night's sleep and evaluate your sleep on a special scale. There is also a list of healthy foods and recommendations for creating a healthy menu.

A book for people who want the best for themselves

Blue Zones by Dan Buettner. This is not just speculation, but serious research that the author and his team conducted in places famous for long-livers.

By the way, on the pages of this publication there are as many as 77 recipes from these very long-livers.

Each chapter explains in detail how to apply the tips given in your life.

Self-development and habits

Brett Blumenthal believes that we find it difficult to change our lives because we set too many big goals.

One Habit a Week, as the name suggests, teaches you how to gradually implement 52 habits over the course of a year.

This includes eating healthy, being physically active, and being spiritual.

Second, test yourself in a team sport.

Team sport very well develops such qualities as self-confidence, competitive spirit, and the will to win. When a person aims to go only forward together with his comrades, his character is strengthened and his inner core becomes stronger. In addition, team sport is a constant interaction with other people, in this case with teammates, thanks to which even an insecure man will gradually absorb the confidence of those who are confident in themselves, and this will begin to manifest itself in his everyday life . And another quality that is formed through team sports is patience, which is no less important in life.

Wisdom of the Great

Don't know what to read to expand the boundaries of perception and stretch your brain? The immortal works of the great philosophers of the past will come to your aid.

Sun Tzu "The Art of War"

  • Electronic version on liters.ru
  • Paper version on labirint.ru

This book is already about 2,000 years old, and I am sure that it will be relevant for at least that much longer. It was written by a Chinese military strategist to teach commanders how to win crushing victories on the battlefield with minimal losses. But unexpectedly, the book turned out to be applicable in many other areas. And all because psychological laws operate regardless of time, place and conditions.

“The Art of War” will teach you to think strategically and look at all situations from above. The knowledge presented in the book will help in school, at work, and in interpersonal relationships. You will learn to emerge victorious from any conflict.

Plato "State"

  • Electronic version on liters.ru
  • Paper version on labirint.ru

The State is Plato's most important work. In it he expressed his thoughts and views on the structure of society. In his view, the ideal is public administration based on the highest justice. But the idea of ​​this justice is very different from the modern one.

I warn you right away - the language of the book is not easy. The great philosopher expresses his thoughts in the form of dialogues, which further complicates perception. But this is an excellent workout for the brain, after which you will crack any other books like nuts.

F. Nietzsche “Thus Spake Zarathustra”

  • Electronic version on liters.ru
  • Paper version on labirint.ru

The famous treatise of one of the most mysterious philosophers in history. In it he reveals the idea of ​​superman as the crown of nature's creation. You have to go with the author in search of this person inside yourself.

Nietzsche calls for re-evaluating generally accepted values ​​and freeing your mind from the oppression of stereotypes. To this end, he criticizes existing religions and proposes new moral guidelines. The highest goal of each of us, according to Nietzsche, is to reveal the human element in ourselves and defeat the animal. After reading the book, you will be able to assess how close you are to superman and in which direction you should move.

Third – test yourself in extreme sports

Extreme sports, such as parachuting, diving, rock climbing, mountaineering, shooting, bungee jumping, alpine skiing, rafting, etc., including even contact martial arts, allow a man to gain one of the most important qualities for him - courage. In addition, they build confidence in themselves and their strengths, eliminate many fears, strengthen inner resilience, and impart perseverance and determination. Thus, a person in whose life there is extreme sports not only soon notices how he himself is changing, but also observes positive changes in his own life.

Fourth – develop your body

It's easy to see why this is important. A priori, a man is one who has not only a strong spirit, but also a strong and developed body. But this does not mean at all that you need to make yourself a “mountain” of muscles, spending endless hours in the gym. Simple systematic physical activity is enough. You can start going to the pool, buy a barbell and a pair of dumbbells for home and exercise once every two days, do exercises or morning exercises, and go jogging. Just make it a rule to do something that will develop you physically, because strength and endurance will never become unnecessary. In addition, a strong man can always protect himself and his woman, and this is important, because... a man is a warrior from time immemorial.

Duration and quality of erection

The quality and duration of an erection is influenced by blood pressure in the bodies located in the penis. In an unexcited state, the blood pressure in the male reproductive organ is several times lower than the pressure of all internal organs. In the process of blood flow to the sexual organ due to erection, blood circulation increases approximately 25 times. At this moment, the pressure becomes the same level as the pressure of the internal organs. When the cavernous and spongy bodies are filled, they begin to put pressure on the veins that drain blood. But they do not completely overlap.

Another interesting fact is that during the occurrence of an erection, according to the physiology of a man, the communication between the urethra and the bladder is blocked. Nature provides this phenomenon so that only seminal fluid passes through the duct at this moment.

The stability of an erection is primarily affected by blood pressure. In this case, the stability of the outflow and inflow of blood will have the same indicators. If the outflow increases, then the quality of the erection will suffer first. To provoke blood flow to the penis, the brain needs to receive a signal coming from the nervous system. The signal is then transmitted by the neural network to weaken the resistance of the muscles that surround the genitals.

The quality and duration of an erection depends directly on the potency and psychological characteristics of a person, which can directly affect sexual life. The most common reason for failure is self-doubt, which is the leading cause of decreased erection quality.

Fifth - learn to play poker

You should not think that learning to play poker is necessary for the sake of some kind of boasting, smoky evenings at the poker table or making money (although the latter will only be beneficial). Poker is a game that also develops the qualities inherent in a man, but inherent in a smart man. These are qualities such as determination, prudence, patience, ingenuity, logic, intuition, the ability to control emotional manifestations and understand people. A real man should be able to control himself and control himself in any situation, and poker can teach you this.

Men's skills

And finally, let’s look at what courses to take to improve your skills in working with your hands.

“Do-it-yourself apartment renovation” from Alexander Smolin

If you cannot distinguish a drill from a hammer drill, and an angle grinder for you is a resident of Bulgaria, then you urgently need to take a video course on DIY apartment renovation. A professional with 20 years of experience will share with you the secrets of a perfect renovation.

After completing the course, you will be able not only to keep your home in order, troubleshoot any problems in a timely manner, but also to make high-quality cosmetic repairs yourself, saving hundreds of thousands of rubles.

The course costs RUB 7,990. If you subscribe to the site's newsletter, you will receive a 50% discount. After payment, they will send you a DVD with all the video lessons or give you a link to download them from the Internet - your choice. If for some reason the course is not suitable for you, the organizers will return your money.

“PC Repair Encyclopedia” on Udemy

The PC Repair Encyclopedia course will teach you how to independently repair modern computers and more. In a programme:

  • PC visual diagnostics;
  • testing all components separately;
  • installing drivers;
  • data recovery;
  • DIY computer assembly.

The total duration of video lessons is 6 hours. All information is presented in simple and understandable language - anyone can understand it. The course costs $18.99.

“Basics of electronics repair” from Andrey Golubev

In the free Electronics Repair Basics course you will learn:

  • diagnose and troubleshoot equipment;
  • change microcircuits;
  • repair remote controls;
  • understand the design of power supplies;
  • use a soldering iron.

To receive the course, you need to register on the site. Video tutorials will be sent by email.


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Sixth, watch what you say.

This point also relates to the issue of self-control. As you know, a “long tongue” has always been the root of many problems, and unfulfilled promises are the reason for the loss of respect from others, even the closest people. A real man is not only always responsible for his words and keeps his promises, but also tries to speak exclusively to the point. This behavior allows you to earn good attitude from other people, and can also save you from unpleasant situations in life. And another advantage is that the ability to listen develops, which is important when communicating with other people.

Seventh - try to behave with dignity

A man in every situation in life must behave exactly as a man should. This suggests that you should not commit careless acts, behave respectfully with others, especially women, not indulge your weaknesses or the weaknesses of loved ones, refrain from showing rudeness, aggression, and disrespect. A man should be an example for others, especially for his children, if he has any. If there are no children, then you need to train yourself to behave in such a way as to become a role model for them when they appear.

Eighth - develop your mind

A man should pay great attention to the development of his mind. It's no secret that being smart and versatile is always good. But a man, if he really wants to be an example for others and even for himself, must constantly develop in this regard. The development of the mind means reading books, broadening one’s horizons, having a wide range of interests and various hobbies, developing intelligence and expanding the scope of personal skills and abilities, developing and training leadership qualities. Having a developed mind means having a sharp mind, a sense of humor and a large information base. By the way, this also contributes to achieving success in any area of ​​life.

Ninth – develop spiritually

When it comes to comprehensive development, you need to take into account not only the physical body and mind, but also the inner world. In other words, you need to devote time to spiritual development. This does not mean that from now on you need to completely immerse yourself in some kind of spiritual teaching, because... Quite simple, non-binding practices, such as meditation, for example, are enough. Just set aside time during the day to be alone with yourself for at least half an hour in a state of peace and tranquility. This practice allows you to stop the racing of thoughts, achieve some inner silence, relax, and put everything in your mind “on the shelves.” It also develops intuition, improves understanding of yourself and others, and helps you remain true to yourself in any situation.

The Way of the Leading Fist (Tao of Jeet Kune Do), Bruce Lee

The greatest martial artist, Bruce Lee, wrote this book to help any man involved in martial arts, as well as those who want to know themselves.

Much of this book is devoted to fighting techniques and will be of interest to boxers and kickboxers, but the beginning and end are pure masculine philosophy.

Bruce Lee keeps things simple. With his book, your understanding of the world will also become simpler, and you will be able to find inner peace.

Bruce Lee will answer your questions on how to stop being afraid of a fight, how to be more confident in yourself.

Tenth – strive for success

Considering that the indicators of success for each person can be completely different, here we can only say that a man must, firstly, have goals, and secondly, make efforts to achieve them. You must understand what is important to you, what you want to strive for, and what to spend your time and energy on achieving. And if you find this, if you manage to achieve the desired results, then you can already be called a successful person. And success will bring with it financial wealth, moral satisfaction, and a feeling of happiness.

These, in our opinion, are the main recommendations, following which any man will be able to develop in himself those qualities that he should possess by nature. And then he will be called a real Man with a capital M.

ANOTHER RECOMMENDATION: In fact, every person, regardless of gender, skin color, age, religion, or anything else, should strive for self-development and personal growth. But you can become a truly developed and strong personality only when you know yourself well: your personal qualities, advantages and disadvantages, preferences, meaning in life, the most important values, etc. At first glance, it may seem that achieving such self-knowledge can be very difficult and you can spend a lot of time on it, but we want to tell you that this is far from the case. To know yourself, you just need to have a system and understand how to use it. We can offer you both - we invite you to take our self-knowledge course, which will reveal to you many secrets and interesting things about yourself. Follow this link and start getting to know yourself.

And we wish you courage in completing our course!

We also recommend reading:

  • Storytelling
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
  • “Why men want sex and women want love” - Allan Pease, Barbara Pease. Summary of the book
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... and finally master this notorious time management!

Best author of self-development books

“Get Out of Your Comfort Zone” is a famous bestseller from Brian Tracy, included in all the top 10 popular books on financial self-development. Everything related to personal efficiency and time management is collected here. One of the most famous manuals for self-improvement contains 21 techniques for maximum productivity and proper planning of affairs.

Time for new achievements

“Wealth is a birthright,” says Bodo Schaefer, author of The Path to Financial Freedom. If you want to improve your financial situation, check out this collection of advice from the guru. The methods described are very simple, but they help change thinking and really work. By the way, if tables and simple reasoning bore you, then read the fictional version of this book by the same author - “Mani, or the ABC of Money.”

Author of books on wealth

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How easy it is to become wealthy people

Men! Reading literature for personal self-development is only half the battle! Do you want to reach the level of financial freedom? Then complete the tasks given by Napoleon Hill in the book Think and Grow Rich. The publication was born in 1937, but contains many recommendations that are relevant for material development today.

You can take a risk at least once in your life

The authors of One Minute Millionaire, Robert Allen and Hansen Mark Victor, set out to help a million people become millionaires. The pages of "Millionaire" alternate between the technical part and the fictional story on behalf of Michelle Eriksen, who decided to make a million dollars.

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