Best bestselling books 2021 for women: TOP 15 books ranking

What to do in your spare time? One of the great ideas is to read a fascinating, interesting and new book that will make you forget about everything around you and completely immerse yourself in the world proposed by the author of the work.

In today’s review, we offer you the TOP-15 rating of the best books of 2021 for women that will be talked about and which will certainly be discussed. Therefore, do not miss the new books that will become the most anticipated and best-selling books in the upcoming 2021 season and beyond.

Future bestsellers for a female audience are represented in 2021 in different genres - classic and romance novels, thrillers and detective stories, fantasy and mysticism, psychology and self-development.

Our selection includes the best books for women that will help you change and improve yourself. The motivating book “Don’t Be Stupid” by Jen Sincero, which continues the author’s previous bestsellers “NO SY” and “NO NOAH,” will help with this.

If you want to tickle your nerves and feel the rush of adrenaline, then plunge into the mystical world of detective and thriller from Stephen King - “Alien.” In the fantasy genre, the detective story “THE ONE. The One and Only” by John Marrs, which will make you think about your personal life and your soulmate.

We offer the most current selection of books for women, which will certainly turn out to be global bestsellers and will help brighten up the leisure time of modern women.

Three Comrades Erich Maria Remarque

Three friends - Robbie, the desperate race car driver Kester and the "last romantic" Lenz - went through the First World War. Returning to civilian life, they founded a small auto repair shop. And although the ghosts of the past haunt them, they do not lose heart - after all, what could be better than friendship, strong and faithful, for which one can give their all? Probably only love that knows no boundaries and limits. Beautiful and sad Pat, Robbie's tender lover, dispels the darkness of the meaninglessness of his existence. However, the newfound happiness is threatened by echoes of the same war - existing not only in the memory and consciousness of the heroes, but harshly embodied in reality...


Susan Kane

If you look at the portrait of a successful person, which is offered to us tirelessly by modern culture, then this is necessarily a subject bursting with optimism and a thirst for activity, assertive and sociable. By the way, did you know that Barbra Streisand and Bill Gates are introverts? Susan Cain convinces us that introverts are just as capable as extroverts in handling complex tasks. And sometimes, due to the characteristics of their temperament, they manage to do it much better.

Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë

Charlotte Brontë's second novel, Jane Eyre, published in 1847, brought the writer instant fame. This is a book about true feelings and devotion to ideals, about disappointed hopes and generosity, about a noble, strong-willed, passionate girl who remained faithful to her love, despite the blows of fate. A poignant story with a happy ending - a timeless classic of English literature.

“Business from scratch. Lean Startup Method, Eric Ries

Eric Ries is an American entrepreneur and pioneer of the lean startup movement. In his book, he describes a methodology that helps startups survive. Its essence is to quickly test new products on real consumers and constantly adjust the business model.

“Eric Ries described how the technology industry creates products and builds businesses,” Sandberg continues. “Traditionally, companies have relied on detailed business plans and rigorous research to deliver the “perfect” product. Ries argues that it is better for technology companies to take a product to market and refine it using customer feedback."


Lyudmila Ulitskaya

Writer, translator and screenwriter. The first female winner of the Russian Booker Prize.

Lord of the Flies William Golding

"Lord of the Flies". A strange, scary and endlessly attractive book. The story of well-bred boys who suddenly find themselves on a desert island. A philosophical parable about what can happen to people who forget about love and mercy. A grotesque dystopia, a warning novel and, of course, a reminder of the fragility of the world in which we all live.

The incredible novel by John Fowles - The French Lieutenant's Mistress

Every day, by the seashore, a woman in a black dress stands and looks at the horizon. One fine moment, she is noticed by a man who is going to marry someone else, and everything in his life begins to go against the grain. Will the main character give vent to his feelings or will he still marry his chosen one? It’s up to you to decide, because the author offers two options for the ending, believing that conscience is an exclusively personal choice for everyone.

Tender is the Night Francis Scott Fitzgerald

American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald called the novel “Tender is the Night” his favorite work, his confession. The author - a brilliant, subtle artist - touches on themes that are relevant in our time just as they were a hundred years ago: love and infatuation, obsession and passion, disappointment and despair, moral devastation and mental degradation... A novel about the eternal problems of human relationships with with a sad and poignant ending, written easily and elegantly, it will not leave anyone indifferent.

"The Origins of Altruism and Virtue" by Matt Ridley

This book is a review and synthesis of everything that has become known about human social behavior over the past 30 years. In it, Ridley criticizes the well-known model that argues that culture almost completely replaces biology in shaping human behavior.

“Relatively little attention is paid to people here. Matt Ridley is interested in altruism as a universal property, characteristic of amoebas, social insects, and computer programs created to solve the prisoner's dilemma. Harsh, cynical evolutionary logic: mathematical models show that being good—under certain conditions—is beneficial. So we are good."


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Slaughterhouse-Five Kurt Vonnegut

A volunteer in the ranks of the American army during World War II, captured by the Germans, and witness to the almost complete destruction of Dresden, Vonnegut transferred this experience to the pages of his most famous novel, Slaughterhouse-Five, or the Children's Crusade, in which the lines between present and past, peace and war, reality and fantasy, madness and sobriety.

“The Past and Thoughts”, Alexander Herzen

Herzen worked on this autobiographical novel for almost 16 years. And in the end, he came up with a real encyclopedia, reflecting the life, customs and social life of Russia in the mid-19th century.

“In Past and Thoughts there is a junction between documentary and artistic, which has always worried me. It seems to me that fiction is simply not so interesting anymore,” Alexievich told the Gorky publication. — I’m not saying that there can’t be brilliant art books. But today people read more non-fiction.

Readers trust not fiction, but documentary prose, in which the witness of the event becomes a full-fledged hero. Life itself is crazy interesting, why come up with anything else?”


Oprah Winfrey

American TV presenter, producer, public figure.

Lolita Vladimir Nabokov

“Lolita” is the most famous work of Vladimir Nabokov, a recognized masterpiece of world literature of the 20th century. This is the writer’s third American novel, which he later translated into Russian. “Lolita,” which was first published in 1955, caused a scandal on both sides of the ocean and at the same time elevated the author to the top of literary Olympus. According to Nabokov, “in works of literary art, the real struggle is not between the heroes of the novel, but between the novelist and the reader.” This creative credo is fully reflected in the novel “Lolita” - full of contradictions, obvious and hidden quotes and allusions, verbal games, hints and other traps that even the most sophisticated reader can easily fall into. This publication includes an article and detailed comments by one of the largest researchers of Nabokov’s work, professor at the University of Madison (USA) Alexander Dolinin

The heart is a lonely hunter

Carson McCullers

Carson McCullers stands on a par with such titans of modern American literature as William Faulkner, Erskine Caldwell, Flannery O'Connor, Harper Lee, being a representative of the “Southern Gothic” genre. The author is a two-time Guggenheim Foundation recipient (1942 and 1946) and a recipient of the Henry Bellamann Award for Outstanding Contribution to Literature. “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” is a psychological novel, the relationships between its characters: deaf-mute friends John and Spyros, the tomboyish girl Mick, the alcoholic and agitator Jack, Biff Brann - the owner of the diner and Dr. Benedict Copeland - the black idealist doctor, are complex and interesting.

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

“A Clockwork Orange” is a literary paradox of the twentieth century. Continuing the futuristic traditions in literature, experimenting with the language spoken by the frontier generation of malltshipalltshikov and kisok “oversatiated” people, Anthony Burgess creates a novel recognized as a classic of modern literature. The smart, cruel, charismatic anti-hero Alex, the leader of a street gang, preaching violence as a high art of life, as a form of pleasure, falls into the iron grip of the latest government program for the re-education of criminals and himself becomes a victim of violence. Is it possible to save the world from evil by depriving a person of the will to commit actions and turning him into a “clockwork orange”? This question is as relevant today as it was yesterday, and this is the question the author asks the reader.

Books that women should not read

There are books that many people think are not worth reading. Every woman needs to have a list of such literature so as not to waste time and be interested only in useful books.

list of books not worth wasting time on
List of books not advisable to read:

  • P. Krusanov “Angel Bite”
  • S. Kinsella “Wedding Night”
  • S. Mayer “100 years later”
  • A. Turgenev “Sleep and Believe”
  • S. Minaev “Spiritless”
  • Y. Pelikhova “Republic of Indigo”
  • L. Bokova “My body is the Bosphorus”

For one reason or another, these books did not gain popularity and received the most negative reviews from women.”

Transformation Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka is one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, the most read and most mysterious, “the incomprehensible master and ruler of the kingdom of the German language” (G. Hesse). His works were initially published in tiny editions, which were also difficult to sell. Nowadays they are distributed around the world in millions of copies, but Brecht’s remark that in Kafka’s work “everything needs a key, like in secret writing” still remains true. He created a unique artistic universe, fascinating in its uniqueness, a universe where heroes experience strange adventures, tormented in search of answers to their ghostly questions. We present to our readers a collection of Kafka's best stories, each of which is an indisputable masterpiece for all time.

The most popular books about relationships between men and women

list of the best books about relationships for women
List of the most popular books for women about relationships:

  • N. Rybitskaya “Men Acquisition” gives a woman more than one piece of advice on how to get the man she wants and be able to keep him. In this book, any reader will find a list of necessary tips and will pay attention to various life situations
  • I. Vagin “Basic Instinct” - a book written by a sexologist, in his work he talks about various sexual experiences, revealing to a woman the secrets of the relationship between a man and a woman. The book helps you plunge deep into your desires and secret thoughts.
  • Steve Harvey “You Know Nothing About Men” - the author beloved by many women every time releases a new book on how to improve relationships with a man. He literally advises: how to address a man, how to talk to him, how to establish family life with him and even push him towards marriage
  • A. Kurpatov “Three main questions. Family Happiness” - from the title it is clear that this book teaches people how to establish relationships among themselves among married couples and lovers whose feelings have lasted for a long time. The author tries to answer all questions, even the most piquant ones.
  • V. Levy “Traumatology of Love” - the author, through his work, teaches women not to pay attention to various wounds left from unsuccessful relationships and shows how to find happiness in their personal lives
  • A. Libina “Psychology of a modern woman” is a kind of training for women that teaches everyone to love themselves, respect themselves and seek strength in order to build new relationships in life
  • John Gray “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is perhaps the most popular work of the psychological genre. It talks about how different men and women are, they have contrasting views on things and thoughts in their heads. The author teaches how to get rid of obstacles in communication and opens up new ways of contact.

Drachma Tramps Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac gave a voice to an entire generation in literature, during his short life he managed to write about 20 books of prose and poetry and became the most famous and controversial author of his time. Some branded him as a subverter of foundations, others considered him a classic of modern culture, but from his books all beatniks and hipsters learned to write - to write not what you know, but what you see, firmly believing that the world itself will reveal its nature. A celebration of the outback and the bustling metropolis, Buddhism and the San Francisco poetic revival, Dharma Bums is a jazz-improvised tale of the spiritual quest of a generation that believed in kindness and humility, wisdom and ecstasy; generation, the manifesto and bible of which was another Kerouac novel, “On the Road,” which brought the author worldwide fame, entered the golden fund of American classics and, after much ordeal, was finally filmed.

The best Orthodox books for women at any age

Some religious literature is personal and not intended for the general public, but it is also popular among certain women. Orthodox literature helps to find oneself in thoughts and judgments, and also brings a person closer to God.

the best Orthodox books for women
The best Orthodox literature for women:

  • V. Gubanov “Elder Zechariah” - a manuscript telling about Elder Zechariah and his daughters
  • N. Tolstikov “Reapers of the Fruits” - talks about the spiritual formation of personality
  • M. Dokhtorova “Years of Pilgrimage” - a woman’s story of Mother Maria and her memories

Carrie Stephen King

A small provincial town in New England overnight becomes a “dead town.” Corpses lie in the streets, deadly flames rage above the houses. And this whole nightmare of the fiery Apocalypse is the work of one person, the girl Carrie, the pathetic, frightened daughter of an eccentric widow. For many years, Carrie's talent for telekinesis lay dormant, only to wake up one day. And then death came to the town...

The Fault in Our Stars

John Green

This novel appears on all recommended book lists: for teenagers, for adults, for women and for those who want to be known as a well-read person. This is the amazing love story of Hazel Grace Lancaster, a sixteen-year-old girl with thyroid cancer, and Augustus, a seventeen-year-old boy whom she meets at group support meetings. The lovers agree to read each other's favorite books. Hazel gives Augustus a copy of Peter Van Houten's book, The Royal Malady. Having finished reading it, Augustus is upset: the novel ends mid-sentence. He sends a letter to a writer about an unfinished book. Van Houten replies that he can only tell the ending of the book face to face. Hazel Grace, her mother and Augustus travel to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten. Meeting him was not the most pleasant experience, but this did not stop the lovers from spending wonderful days in Amsterdam.

American Tragedy" Theodore Dreiser

The novel “An American Tragedy” is the pinnacle of the work of the outstanding American writer Theodore Dreiser. He said: “No one creates tragedies - life creates them. Writers only portray them.” Dreiser managed to portray the tragedy of Clyde Griffiths so talentedly that his story does not leave the modern reader indifferent. A young man who has tasted all the charm of the life of the rich is so eager to establish himself in their society that he commits a crime for this.


French women of all ages are admired by everyone for their legendary style of presenting themselves. They do it so casually that even the simplest clothes look chic. They look natural and know how to not create the impression that they spent a long time choosing an outfit. It also never feels like they put a lot of effort into their makeup and hair, even if that's true—especially in this case. Tirelessly improving their appearance, they do not forget to work on their inner content. Appearance, although an important component of their personality, is far from the most important thing. A lively mind, a charming nature, education and intelligence - these are their real trump cards. Add sophisticated elegance to this incredible cocktail and you will get a completely irresistible, bewitching feminine charm. Remaining subtly intriguing throughout life is a real art, but any woman can master it, from the pages of this book you will learn how.

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

This book became the most popular and most beloved for several generations of women, and nothing equal to it has been created to this day. This book formed the basis of the most famous film of all time. Years and years pass, but Gone with the Wind does not get old, and now new readers will have to laugh and cry, love and suffer, fight and hope along with the magnificent Scarlett O'Hara..

"Emma", Jane Austen

This novel, in a humorous manner, tells the story of a young woman who wooes her friends and neighbors, finding herself in funny situations. Rowling calls Austen her favorite writer and Emma her favorite of her books.

“I’ve read her books so many times that I’ve lost count,” Rowling says. The writer read Emma at least 20 times.


Natalya Vodyanova

Supermodel, actress, philanthropist. Founder of the Naked Heart Foundation, created for the construction of children's playgrounds in Russia and abroad.

Great Expectations Charles Dickens

“Great Expectations,” one of Dickens’s last works and the crown jewel of his work, tells the story of the life of young Philip Pirrip, nicknamed Pip in his childhood. Pip's dreams of a career, love and prosperity in the “world of gentlemen” are shattered in an instant, as soon as he learns the terrible secret of his unknown patron, who is being pursued by the police. Money, stained with blood and marked with the seal of crime, as Pip is convinced, cannot bring happiness. And what is it, this happiness? And where will his dreams and great hopes lead the hero? In 2012, the novel was once again superbly filmed by the creator of the films “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, “Mona Lisa Smile”, “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” and “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, directed by Michael Newell with the participation of Helena Bonham Carter and Ralph Fiennes."

"Demons", Fyodor Dostoevsky

The actress calls this work about the radical revolutionaries of the 19th century “the first shock in my life.” And this is one of Dostoevsky’s best novels: it contains politics, a thriller, and controversial characters.

“I read the novel in 9th grade and suddenly lost my footing: those who made the revolution suddenly turned out to be demons,” Khamatova said in an interview with Vokrug TV. “Imagine how difficult it is to come to terms with the fact that, writhing and writhing in terrible agony, your idols are dying, which for me then were Lenin and Stalin, and that the red flag is turning from a symbol of freedom, good and light into a symbol of evil.”


Maria Sharapova

The tennis player, former world No. 1, served as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Program for nine years.

Wren - songbird Reshad Nuri Guntekin

After the death of her parents, young Feride is raised in her aunt's house with her son Kamran. Having matured, Feride falls in love with his cousin, but carefully hides his feelings. Pretty soon it turns out that Kamran is also not indifferent to the girl. The newlyweds set a wedding date. But suddenly Feride finds out that Kamran has someone else. In despair, the girl runs away from home, never to return there. She still has no idea what shocks await her ahead and what intrigues will play out behind her back.

Song of Solomon

Toni Morrison

Macon is a hero-seeker for whom it is important to find himself as an individual, understand and express the spiritual aspirations inherent in him. Macon Pomer, a child from a wealthy family, learns the story of his father, his birth, and the story of his grandparents. He goes in search of a treasure left by his father and aunt in a cave, but his desire to get rich smoothly turns into a desire to solve a mystery of his own. He wants to get to the bottom of things, wants to find out who he is and who his ancestors really were. And in this search, Macon realizes that he has no one more important than his family. Even if there are people with oddities in this family. A book about love for your people. A book about racial injustice and the oppression of people of color. A book about human relationships. Toni Morrison is a Nobel Prize winner in literature and one of the most widely read writers in the world.

The Blind Assassin Margaret Atwood

For more than thirty years, the outstanding Canadian writer Margaret Atwood has been creating works of amazing originality and depth, repeatedly awarded with prestigious literary awards. The Blind Assassin, which won the Booker Prize in 2000 and has been called the first great novel of the new century, is actually several novels nested within each other. Atwood takes the reader through the entire 20th century, and gradually we begin to understand: the story that the heroine tells us, the story of two sisters separated by fate, a story of love and hatred, betrayals large and small, deafening world madness and a quiet personal nightmare - this is not quite what what really happened. To be more precise, everything was much worse.


Women's wisdom is a phrase that can evoke a sarcastic smile in someone, a desire to practice their wit, or even make an evil joke. It may seem to some that woman and wisdom are incompatible concepts. Someone will remember jokes, proverbs and sayings that ridicule the female mind. What kind of wisdom is there? But this is only at first glance.

Finding peace of mind

Sociologists and psychologists have proven that women are several times more susceptible to depression than men. The “weaker” sex tends to doubt their talents and capabilities more often. They need more approval of their actions from others. This manifests itself in different ways, including outwardly it may look like aggression directed outward, although in fact it is nothing more than dissatisfaction with oneself, low self-esteem of one’s actions, uncertainty and dislike.

This book is a concentrate of female success and positive psychotherapy at home. She will improve your mood, give the necessary advice, share the wise thoughts of the great, make you laugh, explain the reasons for failures and talk about feminine strength and wisdom, which can be endlessly drawn from the depths of our collective and personal unconscious.

Analytical psychology and psychoanthropology explain this ability as a gift from the great mother Nature, who from birth endowed a woman with the ability, expanding the boundaries of her consciousness, to receive vital information from the “database” of intuition. Moreover, the range of problems whose solutions are stored in this database is unlimited. It is known that, being in the world of logical formulas, we have successfully developed the left hemisphere of the brain, but we hardly use the right, intuitive hemisphere, and it is this hemisphere that is capable of borrowing information from the depths of the subconscious. A woman is an integral microcosm of the Universe, capable of balancing consciousness and intuition, the joint work of which will make it available to her:

• the process of cognition of the surrounding world and existence, cognition of oneself as a part of the whole;

• knowledge that has been collected for centuries and passed on from generation to generation by the wisest guardians of the family;

• cosmology, metaphysics and laws of holistic, spiritual psychology;

• the meaning of life, spiritual purpose and lessons that come to us in the form of illnesses and failures;

• general laws of the universe that govern the life of the Universe, the Earth and all life on it.

Wisdom and modernity

Today, when a girl or woman faces difficult life questions, who does she turn to? Most often to Internet search engines. Because most often she simply has no one to ask the question. The Internet offers a lot of advice on various topics, sometimes contradictory, and you still have to choose your own option among them. However, for thousands of years, the role of adviser and assistant was played by wise women of the clan. They preserved and passed on through generations folk wisdom, secret knowledge, healer traditions and the secrets of women's magic. Those who possessed and used this knowledge correctly succeeded in life, helped their husbands make careers, and maintained health, beauty and youth for many years, to the envy of their ignorant rivals.

The modern lack of censorship, the World Wide Web and the possibilities of the media have made any information, but also false information, accessible to the public. Unfortunately, the availability of information does not always guarantee its truth. Therefore, the authors of this collection set themselves several tasks: 1) provide readers only with time-tested truth; 2) to concentrate as much as possible the wisdom accumulated over centuries in one book; 3) talk about sacred women’s secrets hidden in myths and legends and teach how to use them; 4) awaken the intuition hidden in every woman.

The book consists of several sections, each of which in its own way reveals the facets of female insight, denying the fashionable but destructive slogan: “Think like a man, act like a woman.” Following it, a woman will never become a man, but will cease to be a woman, which means she will not be able to be happy. We hope that all this will help restore the memory of the great Wisdom of the Foremother and take advantage of her lessons of happiness.


You are a woman, you are a book between books, You are a rolled, sealed scroll; In his lines there is an abundance of thoughts and words, in his pages every moment is insane. You are a woman, you are a witch's drink! It burns with fire as soon as it enters your mouth; But the one who drinks the flame suppresses the cry And praises madly amidst the torture. You are a woman, and you are right. From time immemorial you have been adorned with a crown of stars, You are the image of a deity in our abysses! We draw an iron yoke for you, We serve you, crushing the firmament of the mountains, And we pray - from eternity - for you! Valery Bryusov

Night train to Innsbruck Denise Woods

Former lovers Richard and Francis meet by chance on the Rome-Innsbruck night train. Frances is one of those unkempt wanderers with a backpack on her shoulders, for whom the whole world is an endless holiday, and they are welcome guests on it. Richard is a successful London architect. They were united by a common passion - passion for travel. Four years ago they were traveling by train through the lifeless desert of Sudan, but during one of the stops Richard disappeared in the most mysterious way... All these years they dreamed of meeting, but no matter how ardent these dreams were, now none of them were ready for a date . Each of them told their part of the story. At first they often interrupted each other, but then for the most part they listened in silence. Everyone was shocked by the sounds of a once-loved voice in the darkness of the compartment, and by the story that this voice was telling. And everyone suspected that the interlocutor was lying.

Jojo Moyes "Me Before You"

A simple girl, Lu, meets a guy and leads a mediocre and boring life. At the same time, Will, a successful businessman, gushes with energy and is always full of ideas. One day turned the lives of these people upside down: Will was hit by a motorcycle and became disabled, and Lou, by coincidence, became his nurse. It turned out that, experiencing sincere affection for each other, young people endure difficulties more easily.


Magnificent ruins

Jess Wallers

The author wrote this family saga for about 15 years; the book has many storylines - from the filming of “Cleopatra” with Elizabeth Taylor in a small Italian town to television shows in modern America. The characters' fates are intricately intertwined and grow from the 1960s to the present day. Everyone has their own role, which they perform brilliantly. Lovers, husbands and wives, dreamers and cynics, stars and losers... Stolen love, broken and reborn hearts and irresistible heroes. A film based on the book is coming out this year.

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