How to build a strong relationship with a man? Psychology of relationships + 9 important recommendations!

Relationships between a man and a woman

The relationship between a man and a woman should be based on love, patience, respect, understanding, passion. There are no absolutely ideal relationships; resentments and misunderstandings periodically arise in any family.

Love is a feeling of deep sympathy, affection and aspiration for another person.

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One of the main needs in a relationship is communication. When this does not happen, the family begins to fall apart. Partners must be emotionally open to each other. They should not only talk, but also share their feelings, desires and secrets.

You must be able to adapt to your partner, empathize, give advice, and understand him. Treat your other half with care.

If partners are happy, there are no secrets between them. They can talk to each other about everything in the world. Argue and not be afraid of being ridiculed. Healthy relationships are about respect.

If the husband does not agree with his wife’s opinion, he will not insult her, but will step aside so that she can “cool down” and later try to explain why she is wrong.

Mutual support is important in a relationship. Partners rejoice in each other’s successes, overcome difficulties together, and develop together. And then the relationship becomes strong and harmonious.

The most difficult thing in a relationship is to remain yourself and accept your partner for who he is. There is no need to change anyone. If people feel good together, they relax, and they don’t need to pretend and pretend to be someone else. You must behave naturally with your partner and be able to compromise in any situation.

A relationship will not be complete without intimate life. Sexual desire is a common need of any adult. If you ignore it, further development of the relationship will be impossible.

Mistakes that are important to avoid

In order not to scare off your partner and not be left with nothing, you need to avoid making trivial mistakes. Psychologists include:

  • excessive demands on a partner;
  • mistrust;
  • transferring past mistakes to future relationships;
  • searching for an ideal that does not exist;
  • fear of losing freedom.

You just need to enjoy life, be happy now, and not in the future. Don’t look for a husband, but look for a loved one. Among them will be the one whom you want to marry later.

There is no need to be afraid of a serious relationship. It is recommended to remember important words - wait, search, prepare, do not reject!

Relationships between men and women - psychology

Relationships between a man and a woman can inspire, inspire and make you happy. But they can also cause disappointment, despair and loss of trust in your partner.

To maintain a warm and close relationship, to enjoy every minute spent next to your loved one, you just need to follow simple rules:

  • A person attracts people like himself. If you are not satisfied with something in your personal life, first of all, you should understand yourself. If everything is fine with you, and you are lucky with the people around you, then this is your merit;
  • Your soulmate is your mirror image. Give him and give everything that you would like to receive yourself;
  • Relationships will be strong if you are willing to sacrifice something for your loved one, take care of him and be responsible. Relationships will be doomed to failure in advance if they are built on jealousy, suspicion, and a sense of ownership;
  • Control your speech. As they say, “the word is not a sparrow; if it flies out, you won’t catch it.” Do not humiliate or insult your partner, forget about reproaches. This can lead to a scandal or a break in the relationship;
  • Speak more kind words, give compliments, support in difficult situations;
  • The basis of relationships and an integral element of love is trust. There is no need to constantly monitor your loved one, check his SMS messages and social networks;
  • There will be no good atmosphere in the family if the partners do not respect each other. Their views on life may be different, but they must learn to respect the other’s opinion and not impose their own on him;
  • Find time to spend with your partner and take care of him.

And finally - proven advice from psychologists

The most important thing is mutual trust, do not lie and do not give reason to doubt you and, on the contrary, completely trust the one you have chosen.

Even the strongest man needs support, do not forget to take an interest in his affairs and lend your fragile shoulder in difficult times.

Show care and surround him with comfort: ask how he feels, if he is hungry, if he needs your help, and also keep the house clean and tidy, then the man will feel safe and will be grateful to you.

For more articles about relationships and marriage, see the link.

Relationships between a man and a woman

Each partner should have personal space and be free to use their time as they see fit.

If you want a strong relationship:

  • Be cheerful. Life is a complicated thing and sometimes things happen that you are not particularly happy about. But you need to think positively and enjoy life, and this will affect your relationship with your partner;
  • Feel free to show your feelings, confess your love and give gifts to your loved one. Hug him, say gentle words, talk to him more about current affairs, about your problems. There must be a relationship between lovers;
  • Spouses should sleep together, it brings them closer together.

To save a marriage, both spouses must work at it.

Secrets of good family relationships

To maintain a strong relationship, do not forget about these simple tips:

  • Don’t make scandals with or without reason, be tolerant of each other;
  • Make time to connect with your partner. Even if you are at work all day, find time to discuss family matters and problems with your significant other;
  • Support him in any useful endeavors. Your interest gives him confidence and motivates him;
  • Learn to listen to each other.

Features of men's perception of the world

Dear ladies!

Men are not aliens, as they sometimes write in books. They're just different. Their thinking and worldview are different from ours.

At all times, raising boys has focused on courage, dexterity, and the ability to be a leader and provider. Think rationally, make decisions and be responsible for them. Girls, on the other hand, have softer, more vulnerable, sensitive natures. Their tasks were to be a mother and housewife, to be able to manage everyday life and create comfort for their man after battles and exploits. And women perceive any event more subtly and emotionally. It is generally accepted that girls are cheerful and open, and men are unemotional and practical. Actually this is not true. “Legs grow” from centuries of experience in education. Here are a couple of simple examples that explain the way a man thinks: A woman will react emotionally to the simple phrase “the window broke” or “oh, I got hurt,” and a man will react rationally. It is important for the lady to sympathize; a picture has been scrolling in her head and she understands how painful it is to get hurt. A man's mind is different and is tuned to solving a problem.

Therefore, instead of “oh you, poor thing!” you will most likely hear: “Treat the wound, apply a tourniquet and go to the doctor immediately!” It's not insensitivity, it's caring.

A woman's thinking is more figurative.

It is easier for her to create new things, to fantasize, to be creative.

A man should always have a plan.

Therefore, it is easier for him to sketch rather than draw, to develop a ready-made idea than to come up with a new one. And one more thing: she always notices details, he focuses on the big picture. Hence the inability to find anything in the closet or refrigerator. In addition, a man’s awareness of himself in society and relationships is influenced by: Physiological characteristics The more a boy considers himself strong, athletic and “cool,” the more confident he is.

Details: men have less developed lateral vision. Therefore, he can spend a long time looking for keys or a pen that lies on the edge of the table, and not in the center.

1.1. Age

Agree, the values ​​and criteria for choosing a girl at 18-20 and 30-40 years old are different for a young man. At the age of 20, a rare guy thinks about a serious relationship and pays more attention to bright, daring fashionistas. Closer to 30 years, when everything that one wanted to prove has been proven and conquered, a man begins to seek attention and understanding of himself as an individual. Comfort and peace in relationships.

1.2. Upbringing

What kind of upbringing a boy received in childhood and what example of treatment of women he saw in the family will largely determine his behavior with the opposite sex in the future. And it will even influence the choice of the type of partner. But more on that later. If he is the only long-awaited child in the family, if all the whims were fulfilled at the first dissatisfied grimace, and there was always a round dance of grandmothers and nannies around, then such a boy will grow up to be a “narcissist” - capricious, selfish, helpless and even cruel.

And from future women he will expect the same treatment as he received in the family.

In this case, you will have to learn how to communicate with a narcissistic man. Or leave it.

1.2. Nationality

Yes, yes, this is an important factor. The culture in which your chosen one grew up and was brought up, what traditions are embedded in his head, will also influence his manner of communication and treatment of women.

For example, how to communicate correctly with an Eastern man?

He will shower compliments and compare girls' eyes to stars in conversation, and this is normal for them. But he will never tolerate a raised tone in his direction. Therefore, to convince him you will need all the gentleness, wisdom and feminine cunning. And in Latin America they will approve if a girl is the first to take the initiative when meeting someone.

How to build a relationship with a man

For partners to live happily ever after, they need to learn how to build relationships. And for this there are certain rules that cannot be broken.

What are these rules?

If you decide to build a relationship with a man, you need to decide on your self-esteem. Understated or, conversely, too high, it will interfere with relationships. You must set a clear goal for yourself: what kind of person do you need for your life together and how do you imagine your relationship with your partner.

The first impression a girl makes on a guy is of great importance. It is unlikely that he will want to start a family with a frivolous person. Watch your speech. Do not use too bright cosmetics, choose comfortable and practical clothes and shoes. Don't forget that you are a girl, so the guy should take the first step towards dating.

Relationships between a man and a woman should be built on love, trust, respect, and honesty. Strong relationships are built on female wisdom. Don’t be offended over trifles, don’t make scandals, know how to remain silent where necessary.

Support and attention3

In order for the attention of the chosen man to be constantly focused on one woman, it is necessary to constantly remind him that the girl sees in him who he himself wants and strives to be. Strong men constantly need this. The attitude of a girl towards a man is true strength and weapon.

You shouldn’t pay too much attention to work (maybe even to children), because if a girl’s attention is completely switched to these two points, her beloved man will no longer feel needed. And then he will start looking for something similar on the side. Men themselves are like children who constantly want a lot of attention and love for themselves.

It is also necessary to remember about the qualities and shortcomings of a man, his desires and requirements in relation to his woman.

You can find out more about how to start a relationship again in our article below.

How to build a strong relationship with a man

Any woman wants a man next to her with whom she would feel protected, attractive and at the same time weak as a woman.

And yet, before meeting their one and only, many have to go through disappointments in order to understand what she really wants. And that's not a bad thing. From her personal experience, she will be able to understand the individual characteristics of her character and decide how to build a future relationship with a man.

What does a woman want from a man? It depends on age, social status, temperament, social circle.

Here are the main reasons why a woman wants a relationship with a man:

  • Marry. This is a natural desire of any woman of reproductive age. Every woman wants to start a family, give birth to a child, take care of her husband;
  • Don't be lonely, love and be loved;
  • Meet a patron who would solve her financial problems;
  • Find a good caring lover;
  • Find a father for your children.

Every woman should remember one simple thing: a good relationship with a man will only work out when a woman loves and respects herself.

In this case, she will not enter into a relationship with a married man, gigolo or psychopath. Only when she has a good relationship with her partner can she feel happy.

Calm manner of communication and unobtrusive attention

Intrusive phone calls and persistent daily questioning are not an indicator of caring. Therefore, it is not surprising that a young man will only be annoyed by such open curiosity. As for quarrels, scandals and insults, such a manner of communication is, in principle, unacceptable in relationships between close people. By demonstrating respect for the words and actions of her man, a woman thereby forms a certain opinion of society about him.

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How to build a relationship with the man you love

How to build a relationship with your loved one in order to ultimately create a strong family?

A happy family is the hard work of two people.

What are the relationships based on?

  • On feelings. Love, respect, affection - these are the feelings that make a couple stay together. If people are indifferent to each other, then they will not succeed in a family union. Sometimes feelings undergo changes. Love turns into hatred, respect into disdain. But people never remain indifferent in relationships. Feelings can be killed or made even stronger. It all depends on both partners;
  • Depends on the person's upbringing. If a child grew up in a strong family where the father loved and respected the mother, then he will grow up to be just as caring and gentle. And, on the contrary, if he was brought up in a dysfunctional family, drinking and fighting took place before his eyes, he will most likely choose the same scenario of behavior when he gets married;
  • Experience matters a lot. If a woman lived with a tyrant husband, she will subconsciously look for the same qualities in her current partner, despite his good attitude towards her. And if a guy broke up with a sweet, caring girl, he will not immediately be able to discern the deceitful and evil essence in his new girlfriend. Lack of experience also negatively affects relationships. It will be quite difficult to understand a new partner; you will have to learn to give in and defend your opinion.

Strong relationships are based on a mutual desire to be together. Lovers adapt to each other, find compromises, and work around rough edges. And this work gives positive results and helps us live together for many years.

How to tie your loved one to you?2

In order for love and family happiness to be strong, a woman should not give her lover any reason to think that he is not important to her. If a girl puts her chosen one first in life, and he feels his importance, then love will in no case stop burning between the two halves.

After all, each of us wants to be unique and unique for our loved one. This may be difficult for busy people who work tirelessly, but it is a goal worth striving for. Finding free time for a person dear to you, communicating with him at any free moment. This way the male representative will feel how important he is. This is appreciated and always nice.

Why are relationships needed?

The desire to find your soul mate is primarily driven by the desire to procreate. I want to start a family, give birth and raise children.

Besides this, there are other reasons:

  • It’s easier to live together and experience life’s difficulties;
  • It’s more joyful to experience pleasant moments together;
  • In difficult times you can rely on someone;
  • There is someone to care about and someone to turn to for advice;
  • To have someone to meet old age with.

The reasons are different for everyone, but, in any case, it is much more difficult to live alone than with a loved one.

Dating by correspondence: rules of flirting on the Internet

60% of married couples met on the Internet. Online dating sites make the task of finding a partner much easier.

Advantages of online dating:

  • — You risk relatively nothing except wasting time;
  • — You can correspond on the Internet in comfortable pajamas and with tea, while feeling beautiful and seductive;
  • — Virtual communication gives a feeling of permissiveness and courage;
  • — There is a chance to meet foreigners.

There are also disadvantages:

  • - You can never be sure who is really hiding behind the avatar;
  • — You and your interlocutor can embellish the photo and biography at your discretion;
  • - A man may turn out to be a fraudster or simply married;
  • — A person may unexpectedly interrupt the conversation and not allow you to explain.

5.1. Rules for communicating with a man in correspondence

How to communicate with a man in correspondence, where to start a conversation, should you write first?

Virtual communication differs from ordinary communication in that the opponent does not hear your voice, intonation, or see the reaction to his words. Try to answer as clearly as possible, without ambiguity (unless this is part of the game). When you see a new letter, do not rush to open it immediately. Show your interlocutor that you weren’t waiting at the computer all day. Writing first is acceptable and normal. The ratio is 1 your message to 5 his.

Ask questions that a man cannot answer in monosyllables.

Develop topics that interest him. The 100 hour rule applies here too. It is quite possible that after several evenings at the keyboard you will be asked to switch to a dialogue on the phone. If this does not happen, show your interlocutor that you do not see any prospects and cut down communication, let him get bored. Remember that communicating on VK is not the same as communicating on Tinder. A man may need different types of attention from you.

5.2. Telephone communication

There are a million manuals, advice from psychologists, folk tricks on how to communicate with a man on the phone. The stronger sex does not like telephone conversations too much, preferring real communication.

Therefore, one of the rules of such conversations is not to talk to a man on the phone for more than 3-5 minutes.

So you win on three points at once:

  • — Don’t seem like an obsessive chatterbox;
  • — You remain mysterious;
  • - This makes it possible to see how much a fan is interested in you, because even in 3-5 minutes, having learned that you are “a little busy,” he will have time to invite you to a personal meeting.

A short telephone conversation will tell the gentleman that you have something to do, that you value time and do not use it for empty chatter.

Why can't you build relationships?

Sometimes it happens that a beautiful and smart woman cannot build a relationship with a man.

Why is this happening?

The reasons can be very different, but the main ones are:

  • Bad example of parents. It is very important to understand that all people are different, as well as situations. It is quite possible that your life will be more successful than that of your relatives;
  • Demands on men are too high. Give free rein to your feelings, not your mind. Treat men more easily;
  • Takes on the male role. You shouldn’t do this and make decisions for men. This scares them away. Be feminine, gentle, defenseless;
  • Idealization of a partner. Accept your partner for who he really is. Do not idealize him, do not attribute to him the qualities that you would like to see in him. Otherwise, you will have to be disappointed in him later;
  • Self-dislike. Love yourself, be confident, smile more often. Do something you enjoy.

But very often a woman cannot build a relationship with a man because he:

  • Womanizer;
  • Egoist;
  • Gigolo;
  • Despot;
  • Alcoholic.

If a woman has nevertheless linked her fate with such a person, it is better to end the relationship with him as soon as possible and try to find a worthy match. There is no need to dwell on negative experiences. Live, rejoice and believe that very soon everything will be fine for you.

The second stage is searching for information_8212

Friends, acquaintances, going to public places such as parks, exhibitions and conferences - all this will help you learn about single men. Even social networks can help with this. Yes, the task is difficult, you will need to spend enough time to find a good candidate. The main goal at this moment is to meet the person who interests the woman.

The main problem at this stage is the fact that the older the woman, the more difficult the search will be. But more mature women also have their advantages. Once a worthy candidate has appeared on the horizon, it’s time to proceed to the next steps.

Stop manipulating

When a child cannot get what he wants, he begins to be capricious, take offense and throw tantrums - thus, he forces his parents to submit to his weak will. A little miracle walking under the table can make adults dance to its tune. It is not surprising that the technique of such manipulation is postponed and strengthened in his mind as the most effective way to achieve his goal.

And then the child grows up. Desires change, relationships with the world and other people change, but the manipulation technique is only being honed. Even where one could simply ask, heavy artillery is now used - pressure on pity, on conscience, on a sense of duty, on pride - just to avoid refusal and long explanations.

Manipulation is a way to get what you want from other people without taking any responsibility for it. Asking is more difficult - you need to take the courage to clearly state your desire, and even get involved in reciprocal obligations that you so want to avoid. Therefore, hints, sighs, an offended or upset look are used - anything to make the person next to him want to do exactly what I want from him.

And although it seems that manipulation is harmless, it actually greatly complicates the relationship. Any manipulation is deception and self-deception. And any such dishonesty is the shortest path to the destruction of relationships.

Yes, in any person you can find those strings by which you can pull him. But why? Don't want to get rejected? But in reality it’s not so scary - you never know what we want and don’t get. Don’t feel like talking about your desire directly? Why not say, why not take a risk? This is also not as scary as it seems. Don't want to be held accountable for fulfilling your wishes? But isn't that fair? And is it really such a big problem to fulfill the wishes of a loved one?

Why are all these games needed if everything can be agreed upon? It is clear that it is scary to lay all your cards on the table at once - revealing your desires and passions to another person is scary. So what, hide like this all your life? Why not start slowly talking about your passions openly - because this is the only way to truly satisfy your desires and move on. Why do we need mutual trust if we don’t use it and don’t develop it?

There are so many grievances in ordinary families because of these fears and stupid shyness - “Oh, you don’t hear or understand me at all!”

- so maybe you need to sit down and calmly explain everything, and not expect that a person who, in general, owes you nothing, will understand the intricacies of your conflicting desires?

Learn to talk about your desires as simply and directly as possible. There is no need to beat around the bush - speak about your desire honestly and openly. Yes, sometimes this requires a bit of courage and a willingness to meet a loved one in the same way when he asks for it - so what? This is how adults live - they negotiate. They do not bargain and do not calculate the cost of each service, but they are not shy about asking and do not hesitate to fulfill other people’s wishes.

This only makes relationships easier. The ability to ask and the willingness to meet each other halfway in fulfilling desires makes communication easy and carefree. Why wait until the gentleman deigns to give you flowers if you can ask him about it? After all, he himself will be happy to please you. Why quietly hope that your friend will read your innocent erotic fantasy in her eyes, if you can say it directly? And she herself will be pleased that you see an attractive woman in her.

There is a limit to everything - not every desire is appropriate and not every desire can be fulfilled, but that’s why we are adults - we can negotiate. Take courage and learn to play openly. Stop fussing and manipulating each other. The more simply you can talk about your desires, the more likely you are to realize them, and the more open, joyful and long-lasting your relationship will be. Go for it.

Maintain your personal territory

Another common and destructive misconception is that a man and a woman in a love relationship should do everything together, sleep in the same bed, have no secrets and generally belong to each other entirely.

Yes, at the initial stage of a relationship you don’t want to be separated from each other for even a minute. Friends, work, hobbies - everything is put aside just to be together. This may be romantic, but squeezing each other dry all at once is dangerous. To reduce the whole meaning of life to a relationship with even the most wonderful person means to lose touch with reality.

No matter how wonderful this relationship is, sooner or later both of them will get bored. You cannot live with each other, otherwise life will soon become black and white. But most couples do not understand this and, on the contrary, strive to completely unite their lives into a single whole.

From a practical point of view, this may seem appropriate and correct. Common finances, common vacations, common meals, common entertainment, common friends, and, often, common work. This togetherness seems to express great love and trust for each other. But a year passes, the romance fades away, and both begin to understand that life has taken a strange turn and is now passing by.

Even the best and most versatile person will quickly bore you if he is an eyesore all the time. Like good wine - if you drink it in one gulp from a beer mug, all its taste value will disappear from the second sip. You need to savor an expensive drink - drink it slowly, listening to every sip - this is the only way to reveal the whole bouquet of sensations.

It’s the same with relationships - if you don’t limit yourself to anything, you can drink each other dry in a couple of months. And who will benefit from this?

When a man and a woman first meet, they are independent people with their own views, interests and friends - and that’s exactly how they like each other. A person flourishes when he lives life to the fullest and in harmony with himself. But in too close a relationship this is impossible, and instead of supplementing your usual life with the presence of a loved one, you simply have to give up life.

At first, in a fit of passion, it is not difficult to agree to such an exchange. But later, when the emotions subside, you will again want to be free - to friends, girlfriends, to the mountains, to old hobbies, but there may no longer be room for all this. And at this stage, many relationships experience a strong shake-up, since only two extremes are seen as a way out: to completely devote their lives to each other or to break up.

But in a relationship it is quite possible to remain separate people, and the relationship only benefits from this. If you give up childish greed and the desire to own a person completely, if you overcome the fear that a person released into freedom may not return, if you do not reduce your whole life to relationships, everything falls into place.

Reservation. Some relationships only last because the partners have their claws in each other's hands and won't let go. In this case, if you loosen your grip, the relationship will really collapse, since, apart from a tight hug, nothing connected the people here. One day, out of boredom, we met, got used to it and stuck to each other - that’s all the relationship was. And although they have long become familiar and convenient, they are worthless, and it is not a great loss if they fall apart. It is precisely such relationships that end with an unanswered question on his deathbed - “Why, exactly, did I live this life?”

You don't have to spend every minute together. Moreover, it is fundamentally important to have personal time for solitude, for your friends and hobbies. And not just five minutes a day, but at least half of all free time from work. Personal individual life must continue.

This is especially important for a man, since he reveals himself best in his affairs and hobbies. But a woman should also be able to fill her time with something else besides communicating with her beloved man, so as not to lose her independent value.

Then the time spent together will be experienced more vividly and valued more highly. All you need to do is allow yourself to do your favorite things, and be together exactly when you really want it. Therefore, it is so important to maintain your psychological and everyday separateness.

The same can be said about personal physical space. Yes, a small apartment can force you to constantly butt heads, but even in one room you can give everyone their own corner, which will be their personal and inviolable territory. How many couples live in multi-room apartments without any personal space?

Moreover, sleeping together every night in the same bed - the very thing for which young couples move in together - is a real evil for a long-term relationship. It is very easy to reduce communication with a loved one to a dull routine, when both have already become such an eyesore for each other that there is no joy when meeting, and when parting there is a secret feeling of relief. And if earlier even the thought of sleeping together was exciting, then after six months of sleeping together, even a naked body no longer causes erotic experiences.

Ideally, each person should have his own room where no one can enter without asking or even open the door without knocking. And not just an office where you can work, but a completely autonomous space where you can live separately. In fact, if circumstances allow, you can even live in separate apartments and take turns visiting each other - this does not make the relationship any less serious. Living together is not at all an indicator of affection.

You should not be afraid of the division of territory and the fact that a person may want to be alone. This does not mean that the relationship is fading away. It's just that every person needs privacy from time to time. And not once a month, but constantly. This is normal and natural, and this is exactly what personal territory is for.

The same applies to money issues. Many couples put all their money into a common pot and then decide together what to spend it on. But, like the lack of personal territory, the lack of personal money deprives people of a sense of freedom and independence. Therefore, everyone should have their own wallet and the opportunity to spend a certain amount without any reporting about where, when and on what.

It is often considered normal for a woman to earn no money at all or not earn enough to support herself. It would seem that there is nothing wrong if a man is ready to take care of her. But on a psychological level, this state of affairs gives rise to a lot of problems.

A man deep down feels like a benefactor and believes that the woman now owes him something for his kindness. And a woman, although she can afford to live happily, falls into powerful dependence and is deprived of all internal freedom - now she is tied to her existing relationships and has no opportunity to go free if the situation demands it.

As long as everything is fine in the relationship, this situation seems normal. But as soon as the relationship reaches a dead end, the woman finds herself in a trap that she has built for herself. And the man also finds himself in a difficult position - throwing a man out into the street with nothing is quite difficult.

Therefore, it is very desirable that both a man and a woman have their own independent income, sufficient so that at any time they can go their separate ways and live independently. This is not to mention the fact that your own earnings allow you not to report and, from time to time, give each other pleasant and unexpected gifts.

The personal space of another person must be respected and protected as if it were your own. Some people need more freedom for complete comfort, others less, and you need to figure this out yourself.

Stop clinging to each other and walking everywhere holding a hand. Even if you dote on each other, don’t forget that life doesn’t come down to relationships, that the soul sometimes needs loneliness, and that separate entertainment is not a betrayal of your loved one.

Learn to live separately, even if you live in the same very small area. It is not necessary to have dinner together every time, it is not necessary to sit cuddling in front of the TV, it is not necessary to receive guests together. Finally, try going on vacation alone, and then come back and share your impressions.

Only complete mental, financial and economic independence can make relationships truly strong. Fight for your independence, defend your freedom and value the freedom of another person. Don't be afraid to lose, otherwise you will lose.

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