How to correctly visualize desires: 5 important principles

The method of visualizing desires only works for those chosen ones who sincerely believe in it. If you think in terms of “it will work, it won’t work,” you shouldn’t even try to materialize your thoughts. The main thing in this matter is a strong intention. A skeptical attitude is unacceptable here. Believe in technology and it will believe in you. Then the words of the famous song will come true: “One day the world will bend under us.”

Visualization of desires - what it is and how it works

The visualization technique is discussed in detail in the film “The Secret”. It was released in 2006 and gained enormous popularity. The heroes talk about what they managed to achieve using this simple technique.

Thought visualization is a method of attracting what you want into your life using the power of thought.

By closing your eyes and imagining your dreams and goals, you get closer to them every day. In other words, if you dream of a red BMW, you need to think about it, imagine yourself driving on the road. Sooner or later thoughts materialize.

There are two types of thought visualization:

  1. Directed to the outside world - this is the recreation of the desired images in drawings, pictures, photographs. Wish card.
  2. Internal – imagination in your head.

Imagination is the main component of success. The brighter and more truthful the pictures in your head look, the greater the likelihood of success.

Psychologists often refer to the “power of thought.” When a person constantly thinks about bad things, for example: “I don’t have money,” “I’m a loser,” negative thinking turns into reality. And indeed, nothing works out for him; he faces various problems, including financial difficulties. Thoughts in a positive way contribute to the speedy occurrence of the events you dream about.

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Don't confuse dreams and visualization. The latter should have a goal and a specific direction of what you want to achieve.

By “living” your dreams in your head over and over again, you give your subconscious a certain impetus. It begins to imperceptibly influence actions, to suggest which way to get to your goal faster.

Boomerang effect

Have you heard of the boomerang effect? The boomerang law is a rule according to which a person gets back everything that he gives.

This cosmic principle has been well known to people at all times. It is repeatedly reflected in folk sayings and proverbs: “What you sow, so shall you reap”, “As it comes around, so it will respond”, “Whatever the greeting is, such is the answer”, “Don’t dig a hole for someone else, you will fall into it yourself.”

This universal principle works both in the positive (creation) and negative (destruction) directions. The more good you do in your life, the more goodness you sow around you, the more prosperous and happier your life will be.

The boomerang effect is also notable for the fact that it works not only in relation to human actions, but also thoughts. At the energetic level, thoughts equal actions. If you think badly of someone, it means that you have already committed a negative action towards that person.

By allowing yourself a negative thought, a person has already committed a bad act.

According to the boomerang law, this act will return to the person in the form of a problem.

How to materialize thoughts correctly: recommendations

You can't just start thinking about how you shine your red BMW. For a successful result, you need to understand how to visualize correctly.

Basic recommendations:

  1. The main thing is to believe. This is the main secret of visualization. A skeptical attitude will not help you achieve your goal. If you believe in this technique, then it will believe in you.
  2. Precise and correct wording. When imagining a desire, it is important to formulate it correctly.
  • You cannot use “not” particles; they create a negative impulse. Incorrect: “I am not in poverty.” Correct : “I always have money.”
  • More specifics. The more accurate the picture, the faster the result.
  • Use only the present tense for wording. Incorrect: “I will have a car.” Correct: “I have a car.”
  1. Connect your emotions. Your feelings are the faithful companion of visualization. Include your sense of smell, touch, taste, hearing, etc. If you want to dine in a beautiful and expensive restaurant, imagine everything down to the smallest detail: how barely audible music plays, the aroma of a freshly cooked steak is felt, you feel with your hands what expensive wood the tables are made of.
  2. I see a goal - I go towards it! The desire must be extremely precise. There is no need to imagine how you are moving towards your goal. You must be sure that it is already in your hands. For example, you really want to lose weight. Then imagine how slim and beautiful you are standing in front of the mirror. If you contemplate yourself on the treadmill in the gym, it is unlikely that the goal will ever be achieved.
  3. Movies are more interesting than pictures. Make an interesting movie about your dream. The difference between a picture and a film is obvious. The picture is not alive, but by imagining a video, you put all your emotions into it - how you rejoice, have fun, clap your hands, laugh.
  4. Become the main actor. In all actions you must be the main character. After all, this is just your dream. You should not involve friends or acquaintances. Look at yourself not from the outside, but, for example, in the mirror. Being inside your film is important.
  5. Freeze! The frame is the most memorable and happiest moment. Record it in your memory or describe it briefly on a piece of paper. It is needed to quickly evoke your movie of desires in your consciousness.
  6. Choose the right time. The best moment is in the morning, after waking up. You are cheerful, full of strength, and no one has yet managed to ruin your mood. Positive thinking when you are in a bad mood or tired does not always work.
  7. From day to day. Just like the habit of brushing your teeth or drinking coffee in the morning, visualization should become part of your life. Secure this ritual, repeat it daily, preferably at the same time.
  8. Keep calm. Don't expect results instantly. Every dream has its own time of fulfillment. Let go and enjoy life, remembering to visualize every day.

If there is no result for a long time, you need to figure out why. Perhaps your fears or doubts are getting in the way. Sometimes you can change the interpretation of a desire a little - and everything will work out.

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Imagination training

You can train your imagination by inventing fairy tales and stories for children. If there are no children, you can fantasize about situations in life.

There are exercises to develop this skill:

  1. To train your imagination, as well as to visualize, it is important to find a quiet place, relax and close your eyes.
  2. First you need to imagine any colors.
  3. When you get good at it, you can mentally draw geometric shapes.
  4. Then you can move on to household items that are in the room, be it a mug, a desktop or a stove.
  5. Further, the task becomes more complicated: you need to mentally draw the desired things or play out a plot from life. All this develops imagination and allows you to get what you want.

These rules suggest how to make visualization more effective and emotional. This technique captures the work of the subconscious, the laws of which scientists have not yet unraveled. But the more feelings and emotions are involved, the greater the chances that it will be involved in the fulfillment of desire and find new opportunities that the person did not know about.

The further into the forest...

But even if it all ended there, it wouldn’t... Very often, following wolf number two, “Where can I get money?” black wolf number three comes running under the code name “First you need to save up, and only then...”. Or “It’s better to buy what you need for now, and when there is a surplus, then…”. This position is typical of representatives of the older generation, who in the overwhelming majority lived according to this principle. Unfortunately, we sadly remember how almost everyone who saved, often depriving themselves, suffered a default. A person who has allowed these beliefs into his thinking, meanwhile, feeds three wolves with his energy.

Another wolf that comes and eats the white man's food is called "What if it doesn't work out?" It carries within itself both the unsuccessful experiences of other people and the person’s personal previous negative experiences. In the case when the Event is a business or some kind of project, another wolf thought is especially dangerous. That, they say, everything here is at least somehow debugged, but there are dreams, but it is not known how else it will be. This moment powerfully de-energizes the main white wolf and pumps energy into itself immeasurably. Because it tenaciously sculpts the focus of attention to itself. Well, one more little black top - information that was once learned about nobility, for example, being poor - books, fairy tales, stories to help.

And there are more and more wolves, but we already have a whole nursery. And all black, well-fed. Where's the white one? And he is not visible at all, because he hardly gets food. And in this state, you can meditate, visualize, do practices, perform rituals and jump around with a tambourine as much as you like - there will be zero sense. After all, the focus of attention has specifically shifted from the desired Event.

Indicative in this case is the situation with an unemployed person who is looking for a job but dreams, for example, of a car.

Yes, in his consciousness there will simply not be a chance for the embodiment of the “car” Event. Because ninety-nine percent of attention is eaten by the wolf “How to find a job?”, and one percent cannot feed the white wolf...

Possible problems

Not all people have emotional and sensory freedom of thought. For some, it will not be difficult to artificially recreate in their memory the smell of fresh baked goods, while others will have difficulty remembering what the first teacher looked like. Such purely individual difficulties can be overcome with the help of an additional vision board. To create it you will need whatman paper or a computer desktop. It will help you both visualize your desires so that they come true, and not forget about daily training, and discipline yourself.

Men most often experience such difficulties, because their emotional side of personality is less developed than that of women. Representatives of the fair sex, according to the peculiarities of the development of the lobes of the brain, in an inexplicable way for men, remember even the most insignificant details in images and situations. Whereas the stronger sex is obliged to make titanic efforts on themselves for this, because their brain is developed in such a way that it is easier for them to remember the whole image without going into details.

Attention! A collage with illustrations of moving towards a dream that is constantly in front of your eyes serves as an indispensable motivator. Bright and positive, he is able to teach even the most sensual person to recreate the desired realism in visual images. This is a proven fact.

Wish board

To visualize desires, you need to know how to correctly visualize using whatman paper:

  1. In the very center is a photograph of the protagonist - the main character, that is, himself. The image must act as a positive charge on the character. To do this, the photo must be liked by the creator of the image board.
  2. Around your portrait you need to place photographs directly related to the materialization of thoughts and desires - according to practice, seeing yourself surrounded by images closely related to your dream significantly increases self-esteem.
  3. It will be much more effective if the pictures surrounding the central one also contain the hero himself, who finds a goal. To do this, you can use a photo editor or draw it yourself. For example, a woman dreaming of motherhood can use a computer program to enlarge her belly and place such an image on the board.
  4. You shouldn’t spread yourself thin on several desires. In pursuit of two hares, the hunter, as a rule, is left without prey. You need to choose a dream that is worthy of so much emotional work on visualization and do everything to fulfill it.


Learning visualization techniques is not difficult if the desire to materialize a dream is not subject to doubts and fears.

Rules for drawing up affirmations (statements)

  1. Statements must be positive. In other words, if your goal is to start getting up early in the morning, you shouldn't say, “I don't sleep long in the morning anymore.” It is better to say: “I wake up with the sunrise.”
  2. The shorter the statement, the more effective it is.
  3. Try to make the statement sound natural. Sometimes even a well-written statement causes internal resistance - thus the ego resists internal growth. This can be overcome.
  4. When using affirmations, always try to create something new. Do not try to remake or change what already exists in reality, as this will cause conflict and struggle. (The question may arise here: how, for example, can you correct existing bad relationships, say, with relatives? Indeed, if you inspire yourself: “My ideas about raising a child find full understanding from my mother-in-law,” although in reality this is far from If not, you won’t succeed. First try to visualize some new positive aspects of your relationship. For example: “My mother-in-law reads books about unconventional methods of raising children.” Gradually, things will come to mutual understanding.)
  5. When using affirmations, try to convince yourself that what is being stated is true. Drive away doubts and hesitations.
  6. Statements that mention God, Christ, Buddha or other great Teachers are often very effective, says Shakti.

Affirmations can be used without a prior visualization process. You can recite or simply remember certain statements throughout the day. The only condition: statements should not be repeated mechanically. You should put into them the meaning that corresponds to these statements, and, if possible, achieve the corresponding sensations. That is, if on the way to work you say to yourself, “I love my job,” you should feel joyful in the knowledge that eight happy hours await you.

And remember: it took you many years to create for yourself the world in which you live now, therefore, it will take some time to change it. Be patient.

On the subject: Time delay in realizing an intention or how long does it take for apples to fall into the sky?

However, do not despair - five minutes of creative visualization can sometimes help you get rid of negative blocks that have accumulated over several hours, days, or even years. This, by the way, is one of the reasons that visualization is a great help in healing.

The state of health, Shakti believes, directly depends on how consciousness evaluates it. People get sick because they often believe in the depths of their consciousness that illness is an inevitable reaction of the body to certain situations. If you believe that swimming in an ice hole or, say, getting your feet wet will make you sick, you will definitely get sick. To be healthy, you must believe that such trifles are not scary and that you are absolutely healthy. Your consciousness affects not only your own health, but also the health of those people you think about.

You can love your sick grandmother living in another city and wish her long life in letters. But if at the same time you agree with the concept of her ill health, then you support her state of illness. Surprisingly, in order to positively influence the health of another person, sometimes it is enough to simply change your own assessment of the other person's health and create confidence in yourself that he is healthy.

(On the topic of health, read the Healing section, there are many useful articles there)

Moreover, he does not necessarily need to know about your manipulations with his consciousness. This is quite difficult to believe, especially for people raised to respect rational science and rational thinking. Even more difficult, having believed this, says Shakti, is to learn to use the principles of visualization in practice: changing your consciousness is extremely difficult.

Now let me give you a few examples of meditations and affirmations from the book Shakti Hawaii.

Healing Visualization

  • Sit comfortably and try to relax your entire body, from your toes to your facial muscles. Feel the tension go away.
  • Imagine a golden healing flow of energy around your body...feel it...enjoy it.
  • If a part of your body has been hurting, ask if it has a message for you. Ask if there is something you need to understand or do right now or in life at all.
  • If you receive an answer, try to understand it and do what is necessary. If there is no answer, continue the process.
  • Send loving healing energy to the part of your body that needs it and try to see and feel it. how she heals.
  • Imagine that the problem is solved and you no longer need energy. Then imagine yourself cheerful and healthy in different situations.
  • Finish with the healing visualization.

Affirmations or affirmations for healing

  1. I freed myself from the stereotypes of the disease.
  2. I love my body and it loves me back.
  3. I feel deep peace of mind.
  4. I love myself and therefore my relationships with others are based on love.
  5. I am open to creative energies.
  6. Creative ideas and inspiration come to me every day.
  7. I create my life according to my desires.

These are just some examples that do not necessarily need to be copied. You can come up with your own meditation and your own positive statements that are in tune with your inner world. Remember that the visualization process is a creative process.

After reading the book Shakti Hawaii, I received confirmation of my vague suspicions that we ourselves are the creators of our own destiny.

Several years ago I was a programmer and worked in the same “mailbox”. My attempts to change jobs for several years were unsuccessful. Now I understand why. Trying to get a job, say, as a translator, I thought that, on the one hand, it would be nice, but, on the other hand, this work also has serious disadvantages - in general, it turned out that I didn’t really want to become a translator. As a result, despite my efforts, I was not hired as a translator, and I continued to do work that I had long been tired of.

And a few years ago, my wife and I went on a boat trip along the Volga. In the library visitors' questionnaire, my wife wrote that I work as a journalist. Whether she wanted to see me in this capacity, or whether she wanted to make fun of my unsuccessful attempts to get on the staff of one rather reputable magazine, I don’t know.

Immediately after returning from the trip, I did not become any kind of journalist. And only periodically I remembered the cute joke and, during half-oblivion, half-meditation in front of the computer screen, I imagined the same situation: I work in a small youth group that is doing I don’t know what, but something completely unusual... Almost a year passed. Shortly before my birthday and the anniversary of our trip, I heard an astrological forecast, according to which people of my Zodiac sign were soon to realize their secret desires and dramatically change their fate. And so it happened. I ended up in “The Path to Myself” (completely by accident?). And in general, I was not surprised by this. I believed so much that something like this was going to happen.

Something else remains surprising to me even now: I accurately predicted the age of the people with whom I had to work. And even such an insignificant detail as my current “office” receiving new premises (this happened shortly after I joined the magazine), and even my participation in the “clean-up work” for its final improvement.

You understand, if a person dreams of a “subbotnik”, it’s not without reason...

In my master class “How to learn how to quickly materialize desires,” I will tell you how to correctly visualize a desire using a 3D model.

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