How to fulfill your desires? Technique of wish fulfillment

Secret methods of making wishes come true. How should you make a wish so that it comes true? A strong desire is a way to achieve a goal. Rules for sending the desired signal into space. Real tips on how to strengthen the power of thought.

Ksenia Aksenova, wish fulfillment expert

“As far as I can remember, my dreams have always come true. Sometimes in completely surprising ways. It’s not for nothing that they say that if you really want something, it will definitely come true.

And apparently, it is the strength of my desires that helps me fulfill them.”

Expert Lakshmi shares her own observations on how unconsciously getting what you want has become a useful skill in life and a method of achieving your dreams. With the help of simple rules, you will learn how to control your destiny if you want something consciously and consistently .

Read the author's expert investigation on how to attract the best events into your life and how to make a wish come true with the power of thought.


Before you make a wish, think about whether it is really yours. It often happens that our fantasies are imposed by stereotypes or pictures of a happy life from TV. Try on your desire. Imagine as if the wish has already come true. How does this make you feel? The right desire causes calm joy, satisfaction from possession. The false brings discomfort and awkwardness. A true dream should come from the heart and give positive emotions. Such intentions come true quickly and easily, because they initially live in their owner, they just need to be transferred into life.

1. How to make wishes come true, what do you dream about?

Our life gives us everything we really want, but we don’t always understand it. Many have noticed that our deepest fears or most hidden desires come true without our knowledge and are not always beneficial. Even if you want to get married, have a child or earn a high income, but in your soul you have an unconscious barrier to this, then it will never come to you. This happens due to some fears and old stereotypes that sit deep in the soul and are visible only to the universe.

Therefore, if unpleasant events constantly occur in your life, and conscious desires never come true, then the first thing you need to do is deal with your subconscious. Analyze all your internal blockages and installations that attract troubles and slow down all your plans. If you listen to your soul, you will definitely get answers to all your questions.


The Russian mentality prohibits wishing for the best for oneself. This is considered unethical and selfish. How to fulfill your deepest desire? Give up the habit of judging yourself for your own dreams. You have the right to be happy, buy nice things, travel and work in a job that brings you pleasure. How to learn to fulfill your desires? Try to suppress the nasal inner voice that repeats: “You haven’t lived richly, there’s nothing to start with. Where money speaks, conscience is silent. Money can not buy happiness". Such thoughts, ingrained in the head since childhood, block the flow of finances, and they, in most cases, are necessary for the implementation of intentions. The possibilities of the Universe are limitless, and man has every right to use them. Allow yourself to dream and realize your plans.

Fulfillment of desires together with the Universe

Many people already have the experience of co-creation and fulfillment of desires together with the Universe. I have this experience too. So first I’ll tell you about the basic things you need to know.

First, be conscious of your choices.

The desire must be based on deep awareness and deep understanding. You need to understand why you need this or that desire fulfilled. What goals can be achieved with it? Will it be material or spiritual? Will it make you and other people happier? Doesn't it contradict the basic spiritual laws of the Universe? To do this, your consciousness must be at a high spiritual level. Simply playing “wish lists” with the Universe will not work.

Secondly, understand your true desires.

The Universe responds only to our true desires, which are constantly in our soul and are not momentary whims. Don’t think that the Universe will gather all its energy with a snap of its fingers and serve you. True desires are those that come from our heart. Those. Simply put, they are ours, and not imposed by parents, friends or society. Therefore, you should not pay attention to what anyone wants, it is better to turn your gaze inward. There you will find your true desires.

Thirdly, formulate your desire.

We are part of the Universe, and in the Universe itself there is everything for everyone. Any of our needs can be fulfilled. You just need to ask the Universe itself about it in time and correctly. It is not only our environment or a set of material objects. From the metaphysical side, the Universe is our friend who always comes to the rescue. Therefore, you should learn to ask. And for many, this is a difficult action, because everyone has been taught to be independent.

Fourth, you need to believe that your wish will come true

Each of us receives according to faith. It has long been noted that a person has what he believes in. The Bible says: “And whatever you ask in prayer in faith, you will receive” (Gospel of Matthew, Matthew 21:22). You can see that many people don’t even dream because they don’t believe that their desires will come true. Only unshakable faith that a wish will come true makes it a reality. When your request has already been sent to the Universe, you don’t need to doubt for a second the fulfillment of your order.

Fifth, take action.

We need to interact with the Universe together. One should not shift all responsibility for the fulfillment of desires only to the Universe itself. You should also put effort into this: set goals, plan, act, analyze, and so on. The desired appears only in co-creation with the Universe. And to put it even easier, she creates through each of us. Those. we are in fact the real Creators!


How often do we thank someone for something? More often we are unhappy and complain about life. Be happy with what you already have, and then the Universe will respond. How to fulfill your desire right now? Imagine that you got what you wanted and thank the Universe for what you already have. This is one of the techniques for realizing a dream, for example, you want your own apartment. This means that your gratitude to the Universe should begin something like this: “I gratefully accept an apartment that suits me in all respects.” Another option: “I thank the Universe for living happily in my own apartment...” Thus, you accept what you would like to see in your life, without martyrdom and remorse, with joy and inner satisfaction.

How to make a wish come true. Preparation

This checklist will allow you to make any of your desires come true. It consists of 10 simple but very important points. No one can be excluded !

I will tell you about each in detail in this article, but for now here’s a little advice...

To understand how to fulfill a desire, first of all you need to have this desire. Sounds weird? Agree! But it is often so difficult for people to understand what they really want, and even more difficult to formulate it.

There can be many desires, and they can all be fulfilled at the same time. But if you are new to this business, are skeptical and your faith is not strong enough, then I recommend starting with one desire

- the one whose implementation you most want.

Whether you accept my recommendation or not is up to you. Be that as it may, first you need to make a wish, setting a goal for yourself. And then - act strictly according to the instructions.

How to make a wish come true? Consistently follow the steps described below, checking the checklist items from 1 to 10. When you mentally check the last one, rest assured that your dream will turn into reality.



The final result that will come true after sending a desire into space directly depends on how you formulate it. Focus on the positive. For example, if you dream of finding family happiness and make the following wish: “I want to get rid of loneliness.” This form of desire will attract even more problems because it is driven by negative emotions. The correct form of expressing intention looks like this: “I gratefully accept into my life a relationship with a loved one who suits me in all respects.” At the same time, you need to be clearly aware of these parameters in order to clearly understand who exactly is right for you. Form a request like an order form, so it will be easier for the Universe to understand and satisfy your wishes. When constructing a sentence with desire, there should be no prefixes “not” or the opposite action. Formulate your requests clearly and in a favorable manner.

Point 3. Formulate your desire correctly

One of the most popular “women’s” questions is how to fulfill their desire for marriage. Let's use this example to figure out how to correctly formulate desires.

Here are the golden rules from Elizaveta Volkova.

Rule #1.
Use the “now” moment
It is important to write “I am getting married” instead of “I want to get married.” The point is that there is no other moment than the “now” moment. We always live in the “now”. When your wish comes true, you will realize it at some point in the future, but that moment will also be a “now” moment for you.

Rule #2.
Your desire should be as specific as possible.
If you want to get married, you should detail your desire, indicating that she wants to marry for love, and it would be nice to clarify who.

So, instead of “I’m getting married,” we write “I’m marrying a man who loves me and is ideally suited for me.”

Rule #3.
The desire should sound emotional.
Add adjectives. It is important that your desire, when you say it in your mind or read your note, fills you with joy. This is exactly the feeling that will push him to materialize.

Therefore, instead of “I am marrying a man who loves me and is ideally suited for me,” we write “I am easily, quickly and successfully marrying a man who loves me and is loved by me, an amazing man who is ideally suited to me.” Sounds better already, doesn't it?

Rule #4.
Rewrite your wish in your own words.
Other people's formal expressions and dry phrases may not work for you personally. It is necessary to formulate the desire in such a way that when reading this formulation you have positive feelings and pleasant sensations. How to achieve this?

The answer is very simple: if you wish, write in your own words - those that you most often use in everyday life, understandable and close to you.

Therefore, instead of “I easily and quickly marry a stunning man who loves me and is ideally suited for me,” we write, for example, the following: “I very simply and quickly marry an amazing man and we love each other very, very much.”

Environmental friendliness

How to fulfill your desires in an environmentally friendly way? Give up hope of influencing other people with its help. The dream should concern you directly, even if you wish health for your children or a well-paid job for your spouse. For example, instead of: “I want my children to be healthy,” it would be correct to formulate this: “I am happy that my children do not get sick and feel great, study well and have friendly relations with others.” That is, project all intentions onto yourself; other people can take care of themselves.

Alternative view

A pale-faced alchemist, dressed in a gray robe, performing a sacred ritual in the dungeon of an ancient castle over bottles and flasks, a mystical and mysterious atmosphere, a strange aroma hovering around; a toothless, sinister old witch piercing a wax figure with needles and pronouncing spells in an inaudible whisper; a painted Voodoo sorcerer in only a loincloth, rushing about in a fast and crazy dance, sprinkling everyone around him with fresh rooster blood; the old man Hottabych fulfilling wishes, plucking hairs from his own beard - approximately such images should arise in the mind of an ordinary person who hears the word “magic”.

In fact, magic is a more capacious and broader concept, which cannot completely relate only to exotic witchcraft rituals. Each of us has definitely encountered a situation in life when, simply with the help of one charming smile, a person easily received something that others could not even dream of, or achieved this with great difficulty, through intense and long efforts.

You can often see a situation where one parent spends a lot of nerves and time trying to calm down his raging child, and the second one just needs to look at him menacingly - and immediately order reigns and silence sets in.

There is simply an incredible number of examples of how some statesmen and political leaders, despite their vigorous and active activities, evoke only hatred among the population and serve as a reason for all kinds of ridicule, while others easily send the crowd to all sorts of barricades or even to their death, while using literally a few words to do this.

Few people think about the fact that the above is also a kind of magic. If you try to understand what magic really is, it will become clear that it is an art with the help of which you can get what you want from practically nothing, that is, in a way completely incomprehensible to others. If you try to describe any magical act, you can use a simple formula.

Beware of your wishes, for they will come true

What do you want? Probably, many will immediately catch themselves thinking that they now want money. But money is just something with which you can buy what you want. It turns out that they can be used: to attract a sexual partner, self-realization, ensuring one’s own safety, satisfying hunger, etc. All of these are existential needs that, in principle, everyone wants to satisfy, but each in their own way.

It has long been an axiom that each person is a one-of-a-kind Universe, a unique individual.

It is hard to imagine that all five billion individual and unique universes living on planet Earth revolve around a single ideal that modern culture so tirelessly strives to impose on them.

In general, this ideal is incredibly banal: an apartment (mansion, villa), a car (plane, yacht), a long-legged blonde wife (mistress), a handsome athletic husband (sponsor or lover), children (from one to three), a vacation Canary Islands (Bahamas, Seychelles), good job and excellent health.

Within the framework of this ideal, we can find only two options: “the main thing is that the sweetheart is nearby, or a woman’s happiness” and “the goal of a real man” is to plant a tree, build a house, and raise a son.

Why do most of us, smart and cultured people, line up for everything that is actually offered to us? “What’s wrong with if you want to follow these most universal (!) values?” – a thoughtful reader may wonder.

In principle, nothing, except that this “universal” ideal is truly suitable only for several million people on our planet.

Unfortunately, the universal ideal will not be able to provide all the remaining four-plus billion with individual, personal happiness. So, for example, if people who want to taste borscht are fed semolina porridge, then naturally they will not die of hunger, but they will not be able to get pleasure either.

The very first and most important obstacle in mastering the magic of desire is an attempt to follow not our own desires, but those imposed on us from the outside. For example, it may be a bright future that is so actively promoted by political parties; heavenly grace, which the church promises us after death; a personal career chosen not by you, but by your parents; a way of life cultivated with particular intrusiveness by advertising...

If this problem were the only one on our difficult path of mastering the art of magic, then everything would certainly not be so bad. But another problem is that the desires of most people are overly vague, abstract and not entirely specific.


Precision is not just the “courtesy of kings”, but also the most important step towards mastering magic. If the existing desire looks approximately like in our quote, then the result will be the same. There is nothing surprising here. Quite often, during a consultation with a psychologist, a client describes the desired job as follows: “I would like it to be creative, interesting, and at the same time highly paid.” Perhaps, from a grammatical point of view, this phrase does not cut the servants, and in general it is constructed correctly, but from the point of view of the magician, it is an absolute absurdity, since it does not contain a single specific sign of work.

Such a job, for example, could well be... the work of a killer or a prostitute, but it is unlikely that these options will be able to satisfy unlucky seekers of “highly paid” and “interesting” work.

There is another very treacherous reef on which many novice magicians crash. This reef is not a very accurate representation of the possible consequences of fulfilled desires.

Once, one participant in a seminar on personal growth, being concerned about the paucity of her feminine manifestations, formulated her desire in this way: “I want my sexuality to manifest itself in my every look, word and even gesture.” Despite all the warnings and advice from psychologists, she left her wording unchanged and two weeks later returned with a complaint that she was not allowed passage on the street by horny sexual “maniacs.” It’s not so strange if a woman who has become the living “embodiment of sexuality” attracts such narrowly focused male attention...

A very curious and unusual incident occurred with one unlucky Kharkov entrepreneur who wanted to become a “universally famous person” without defining for himself exactly what kind of fame he should be talking about. The entrepreneur acted as an intermediary in the distribution of very profitable orders on the Ukrainian market, and launched a wide advertising campaign. But the orders never reached the Kharkov companies, and the unlucky businessman became “universally famous” as a person with whom one should not do business. There are many such examples...

It is well known that just one desire, even correctly formulated, may not be enough. There is a very big difference between a dreamer who dwells in his fruitless fantasies and a magician who achieves real and concrete results.


In order to realize any desire, you need to expend energy, and the higher the result you want to get, the more energy you need to invest in it. A magician, unlike an ordinary person, understands what energy is, and knows where to get it and how to use it correctly.

Let's try to understand this issue. In ordinary life, the energy you spend to get the desired result is determined by the amount of money you have. Of course, you can measure it in cubic meters of dug up earth, bags of potatoes, but it’s still more convenient in money.

In modern conditions, when the population has certain problems with the money supply, the number of “magicians”, psychics and sorcerers who are trying to turn astral, psychic, mental and other energy directly into the desired result, or at least into money, is growing uncontrollably.

It is important to understand exactly what energy is. Energy is the state of matter that arises during its transformation or movement. For example, when you eat food, you absorb energy, and you release it by moving. If we modulate (“color”) the energy released by our desires (naturally, in a correctly thought-out and formulated manner down to the smallest detail), then obtaining the desired result is almost inevitable.

But, unfortunately, almost all the energy available to a person is already used by him, and the amount of free energy that must be directed to the fulfillment of his desires is very limited. Therefore, the first thing that is important to learn is to save energy and not waste it, and then you need to develop a system for proper energy distribution.

If the available energy or any other equivalent of energy (for example, money) is enough for the desire to be realized, then problems with the realization of the latter should not arise at all. Each of us performs similar magical acts of transforming available energy into realized desires in multiple quantities throughout the day, and it is unlikely that anyone would think of considering this as magic.

In general, money itself can be considered with full confidence a magical instrument, something like a seven-flowered flower or a magic wand. But since now we are not talking about the magic of money, it is worth talking about how, in addition to money, you can get what you want.

In fact, doing magic is not much more difficult than, say, baking pies. To be more precise, baking pies is no easier than practicing magic. If you have made a truly magnificent pie at least once, then you will be able to figure out the magic. The first thing that is important to do in the entire magical procedure is to clearly imagine the end result, in other words, to determine exactly what you want to receive.

Take a sheet of paper, divide it in half, and on the first half of the sheet write down in a column all the desires you have (there should be at least 30 of them). On the remaining half of the sheet we indicate the reasons why these desires have not yet been realized. It may turn out that you classify a significant part of your desires as unfulfillable.

It is worth noting that self-conviction in your inability to achieve what you want is the main obstacle preventing you from achieving results. Such beliefs are usually called limiting, since they significantly limit your magical capabilities.

Usually magicians try to get rid of all their limiting beliefs. It's up to you to decide whether you need to reconsider your views, or whether you are ready to give up some of your desires.

If you decide that your desires are truly too much for you, feel free to cross them off the list so as not to waste energy on vain regrets and empty dreams: you will still need it in order to realize the remaining desires (those that you even want to achieve). ready to implement at this stage).

Now we select from the list the most emotionally intense desires (4-5), and from them we select the desire for which at the moment you could sacrifice all the others. It is precisely this desire that we should work on, and we can forget about the rest for now - until you realize the first desire.

Now, to fulfill this desire, we will need to attract the maximum amount of energy to it. You need to try to imagine the object of desire down to the smallest detail: what you need it for; what is he like? what will happen to you when you receive it; how others will relate to this; how your life will change with his appearance. It is very important not to be lazy, and for greater efficiency, you can even write down everything you imagined on paper.

Think about whether some of your relatives, acquaintances and friends may be interested in fulfilling your desire, and try to determine which of them will periodically take an interest in your affairs and simply sympathize; and who will provide you with material or organizational assistance; who will help you control this important process of moving towards your goal, mark your mistakes and remind you of the planned stages.

These people will be your support group. Like money, a support group will be a powerful magical tool; this can perfectly reflect “don’t have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends.” The higher the number of people interested in your business and concentrating their favorable attention on your goal, the faster the goal will be achieved.

Your next step will be to create compelling and powerful images that will help you and your support team focus on achieving your desire. To do this, it wouldn't hurt to create:

1. A motto is a bright emotional phrase that carries the main meaning of what is desired.

2. A visual image that can reflect your ideas about the desired result. As such an image, it is appropriate to use either your personal artistic creation or a reproduction of a painting, panel, poster, appliqué, collage, etc.

3. An anthem is a piece of music borrowed from professionals or composed by you personally, the music and lyrics of which can inspire you on the path to realizing your desire.

4. A talisman is a decoration made of leather, wood, metal or stones with certain symbols printed on it that help focus your attention on your desire.

5. “Altar” is a specially designed and dedicated space in your apartment, into which magical objects that have any relation to your desire should be placed, and in which rituals of a magical nature will take place.

6. A totem is a sculptural composition made of absolutely any material, placed in the “altar” space and symbolizing the goal of your aspiration. This composition can be either abstract or realistic.

7. In order for all the images you create to help fulfill your desire, they must constantly come into the field of your attention.

8. Visual images and slogans need to be placed in all sorts of places. So, for example, on your computer, a visual image and motto may well serve as a screen saver that appears every time you turn it on; if you do not have any special aids, then you can simply use posters and sheets with a slogan with images and hang them in your workplace and in your apartment: above the desk, on the walls, near the mirror, on the refrigerator door, etc.

The most important stage of the magical process will be drawing up a plan, which will include: the goal you have already described; methods and means of achieving it; a detailed description of all the functions of your support team members; funds that you have the opportunity to invest in achieving your goal (raised from outside or your own); creating a diary or diary that serves as a system for monitoring the implementation of the plan, in which all your achievements and efforts will be noted on the path to the long-awaited goal.

Once you are able to organize your own life in accordance with the process described above, believe me, the result will not take long to arrive!


The laws of the Universe are based on balance. If you want to receive something, you must first give something. Give care and attention. Help others selflessly and joyfully. There are always many people around who need care, not necessarily financial. It is enough to visit a nursing home, look after lonely pensioners or children in orphanages. You can do something nice for a loved one, give a gift or do a good deed. Every little thing will result in positive moments in your own life.

Go towards your desire

Every day you need to do something to make your desire come true. It's like building a house. You have to lay a brick every day so that you can create a wall, and soon the four corners of the wall along with the roof will become a house.

This is the magic of life that can be experienced. If you want something, go in that direction, one step at a time.

Don't worry if you have no idea about the path and if you don't have that experience. If you keep going, life itself is merciful enough to give you all the knowledge and all the experience necessary to fulfill your desire.


The most important thing about how to fulfill your desires is not to dwell on them. They made a wish, wrote it down and forgot. Just put the dream in a distant box in your head - this is a working technique for making a wish come true. Take it out of there only to maintain motivation, and the brain itself will find options for implementation. Release your dream into space, the Universe will decide how it should come true. There is no need to scroll through the options and chain of events in your head. This can slow down the entire implementation process.

5. Don’t invent anything, set specific goals

The main obstacle to the fulfillment of desires is assumptions about how it should be fulfilled. There is no need to come up with options for the development of your future; you are limiting the universe, which can show you a completely different path. In your wishes, make not money, but the purpose for which you want to spend it. For example, make a wish for a car, a house, a cottage. If you are planning a new relationship, then don’t think about dates.

There are other successful options to achieve what you want, especially if it concerns something material. For example, unwittingly we receive gifts from fate. For example, someone received an inheritance from distant relatives, exchanged an old unclaimed item from a closet for a more needed one, or simply received a gift from a friend. There are a lot of similar examples in the life of every person, and here our thoughts and wishes were absent, life simply provided the easiest way to solve problems.

Everyone is familiar with the situation when life events develop according to a scenario that we did not plan. As a result, doubts immediately appear in your head that all intentions will come to naught. However, in reality, no one can know what lies ahead; maybe this is the best path of development.

How to make a wish correctly

There are several rules for formulating desires in the right way. This is one of the secrets you need to know to achieve the desired result. So:

  1. The intention should belong only to you and concern you personally. Formulate your desire on your own behalf, without involving others.
  2. If the dream affects someone close to you, shift the focus to yourself.
  3. The wording should be with the message that you already have what you want.
  4. The most specific description possible. This is especially true for personal life. Write down point by point what you want to see at the finish line. For example, if this is a husband, then write down in detail all the qualities that are important to you in him as a man. For example: caring, loving, wealthy, not greedy, loves children, and so on. Write what is important to you, try not to miss a single moment in the description.
  5. You can't use negation. The message should be positive and direct, setting up for immediate execution. For example: “I will never eat sweets at night again,” replace with the phrase: “I eat delicious and healthy food that helps make my figure ideal.” Practice correctly expressing your thoughts in a positive way.
  6. Remove frames. All restrictions are only in your head. For example, there is a desire to earn a certain amount per month. Add the phrase “and even more” to the wording, then the dream will sparkle with new colors and the Universe itself will decide what framework is acceptable. The possibilities are endless, and you need to take advantage of them.
  7. Regarding financial dreams: initially decide why you need this amount. Having specific physical goals for financial investments is the key to actually achieving your desires. Money doesn't like abstraction. Is there a way to fulfill your desire right now? You can achieve quick results if you let the Universe provide different options for realizing your plans. Therefore, when thinking of a million to buy a car, it is better to put the car itself first. Perhaps it will come to you in a completely different way, without savings. For example, you win the lottery or receive gifts from loved ones.
  8. Be sure to write down your wish. In order for fulfillment to happen as quickly as possible, the brain must see the physical embodiment of the dream, at least in writing. Moreover, it is advisable to do this with pen and paper, rather than saving printed text in notes on your phone. Then the information will be recorded in the subcortex of the brain, and the intention will begin to come true miraculously.

How I turned unintentional desires into a way to achieve a goal.

A couple of years ago in Bali, one healer respected by the locals said that I have a third eye, a sixth sense, the gift of foresight and everything like that. There is some truth in these words. On the female side of my family, special knowledge, treatment with spells, and the opportunity to see something in the future were passed on from generation to generation. But any knowledge requires development, and somehow it didn’t get to me.

The words of the Balinese sorceress hooked me, and I began to analyze my life.

After some time, I came to the conclusion that sometimes the fulfillment of my desires is more like magic than an ordinary coincidence. And after doing some work with situations, it became clear that what I really want is coming true. At such moments, I am not afraid of natural disasters and visits from aliens; it is impossible to convince me or argue with me. “I want it, and it will be so,” I say.

The power of thought can work wonders. Having accepted this and directed it in the right direction, now I am developing this knowledge.

One day I was very passionate about receiving wonderful dishes from America, limited edition. Orders were not sent to Russia, the collection that I was in love with was no longer produced, and there was no one to go to the store in New York - there were zero acquaintances there, and no one was going to fly across the Atlantic.

You won’t believe it, these mugs sank into my soul so much that I decided that I would have them no matter what. A couple of days later, I went to have lunch at my favorite cafe, where I met a man who, as it turned out, was flying to New York tomorrow. I told him the sad story, and after 10 days this Sergei returned with the treasured box. He found the same limited edition that was sold by an Indian family; the colorful mugs did not fit into their “special” interior and were delivered to me.

I realized that by developing this skill, I could get what I needed. Until recently, my power of thought only helped me. I haven’t tried to work with consciousness directed at another person: it came naturally.

The other day a friend came to visit us. She wrote that she was leaving the airport, and we counted down that in 40 minutes we would be meeting her with dinner. An hour passed, and then an hour and a half - she was still not there. We checked the maps: there are no traffic jams. Just about to call her, I looked at my watch and calmly said: “Yurga will arrive in 7 minutes.” At the 6th minute we hear a taxi and at the 7th minute she enters the house.

Now I'm wondering if I should help other people's intentions come true? The question is complex, because this is different knowledge and different energy flows. So let's get back to how to work with personal desires.

How to use meditation?

Meditation is a state that helps clear thoughts and relax the body. During the period of meditation, it is necessary to abstract from pressing problems and switch your consciousness to something pleasant. This relieves tension and makes clear what was overlooked in the turmoil. Meditation for fulfillment of desires is useful because you can free up your brain for new ideas regarding your dreams. Pure consciousness is capable of generating ideas that simply had not been thought of before.

For successful meditation, you first need to stop all internal dialogues. Stop re-washing past events, dialogues, and reliving the past. Stop the flow of thoughts about the future, focus on the present moment. Usually people who are far from esotericism and yoga think that to meditate you need to learn highly spiritual teachings and become on par with the guru. In fact, anyone can do this every day, for example before bed. First you need to take a comfortable position, the one in which you feel as relaxed as possible. Lying down is a great option. Comfortable clothing should not distract you, remove sources of extraneous sounds (phone, computer, TV), ask your loved ones not to disturb you for a while. Listen to your feelings; you can count your inhalations and exhalations to focus. Feel every part of the body, this exercise is useful for developing intuition. It may not work out the first time, since the human mind is designed in such a way that thoughts come in an endless stream. The task when meditating to fulfill desires is to stop reacting to them, to look at your life as if from the outside. Often our intentions are thwarted with unnecessary worry or stress about their implementation. You need to be able to collect facts in your head without judgment and determine the course of further events rationally and without extraneous emotions. The main thing is regular relaxation training; ultimately, it will be possible to achieve this state in the daily chaos, regardless of external conditions. Then the percentage of emotional, rash decisions will automatically decrease, and the implementation of plans will happen faster.

Point 5. Use all your resources

There are a number of tools that each of us can use when moving on to the practical part of the answer to the question - how to make a wish come true.

Tool No. 1. Control your thoughts

Your thoughts create your reality. Yes, exactly thoughts. Therefore, think correctly. Think about your desire.

Now I will not dwell on the theory for long. The blog contains a huge amount of material on this topic, I recommend that you study it.

You can start with the following article:

Esther and Jerry Hicks created a fabulous life for themselves with the power of thought.

This will strengthen your faith in the power of thought and in your power.

Tool No. 2. Use your vision

Surround yourself with visual images of your fulfilled desire and constantly focus
on your dream

There are various tools to help you:

  • Vision board or collage;
  • A picture with numbers, name signatures, etc. (depending on what exactly you want);
  • Wish card;
  • Album with pasted pictures;
  • A drawing depicting you at the moment of fulfillment of a wish.

One of the most popular and effective techniques is creating a wish map. Instructions from Elizaveta Volkova will help you learn more about it and understand in detail the nuances of its preparation:

How to make a wish map so that everything you plan comes true

Tool No. 3.
Meditate and Visualize
The fundamental practical means of fulfilling desires is the so-called visualization at the alpha level. I'm sure most of you have heard about it or even practiced it.

The essence of the process is this: you, through an effort of will, create in your mind special thoughts about your desire. Why special? The fact is that these thoughts should describe a moment in the future in which YOU exist and in which your desire has ALREADY come true. At the same time, you should recognize this moment not as the future, but as the present - something that has already happened.

This is a very important nuance that must be taken into account, otherwise your visualization will be empty and useless.

In other words, you are not just happy about what will happen, you are happy about what is, because in your mind, thanks to an effort of will, it is happening right NOW.

It's not like a movie, it's more like virtual reality. After all, you watch a movie from the outside, not being an active participant, but in virtual reality you yourself can perform actions, walk, touch objects, even hug a person and speak words of love to him.

Lisa advises going to the alpha level to visualize desire twice a day for at least one month: in the morning (immediately after waking up) and in the evening (before bed).

To hone your skills and fulfill your desire in the shortest possible time, I additionally suggest you watch a video on the YouTube channel of the “Power in Thought” project on how to meditate correctly:


This practice is one of the main ones for the successful realization of desires. When visualizing, you need to clearly imagine that you have already received what you wanted. Choose one desire, focus on what it is and what it will give you. For example, you dream of an apartment. Imagine how you enter this room, how many rooms there are, the sound of your steps, the smell of fresh plaster and sunlight through the windows. You need to feel the moment of fulfillment of a desire in order to be ready to accept it when the time comes. Be attentive to your feelings. It happens that a person feels out of place, uncomfortable or uncomfortable. This means that the desire is false and is not truly yours. Such a wish will probably not come true, and if it does, it will not bring happiness.

Once the desire is selected, review its implementation in reverse order. If we take our example as a basis, then start visualizing from the place in the apartment to which you have reached, and gradually return. Mentally divide your journey into 10 parts and play one of the pieces in reverse order in your head for 10 days. Why is this being done? This way, a clear understanding will be recorded in the subconscious that you already have what you want. This means that the path to realization has been completed, and starting it again will not be difficult. Reinforce every day with emotions, enjoy what you do, and be grateful to the Universe for it.

Point 6. Be prepared for a temporary delay

Almost every day you will be overcome by doubts: does all this make sense, will it work, are you doing everything right...

After a couple of weeks, you will start to feel like you are standing still and nothing is happening, no matter how hard you try.

This is fine! The world fulfills your wishes not instantly, but with a time delay. Just accept this fact. The duration of such a delay can range from two weeks to three years. This period directly depends on how well you follow all the steps of the instructions. None of them are written just like that; each is extremely important and requires your close attention.

If you want your dream to come true as soon as possible, think about it all your free time. But think correctly - imagining and feeling that you have what you want now, throwing away fears and doubts.

Thanks to the systematic work of the mind, even the most incredible desires come true. Checked!

On the subject: Time delay in realizing an intention or how long does it take for apples to fall into the sky?

Mantras or affirmations

In reality, each of us has our own mantra that we can use. This is a phrase that needs to be repeated in a situation when there is an energy decline and it seems that the dream will never come true. Mantras for fulfilling desires should be easy to remember and pop up in your head automatically. They may change over time depending on preferences. For example:

  • “Every day my life gets better and better.” Even if there is collapse around you, repeat this phrase, and gradually your thinking will begin to change. After all, even the most severe failures bring us lessons for self-development and bring goodness.
  • “I have found/found my purpose and am successfully realizing it.” Suitable for those who have not yet figured out why they came into this world. Helps you tune in to the best and look for opportunities for development.
  • “Everything I do is aimed at success and prosperity.” For those who are not confident in their own abilities and do not know how to fulfill their desires.
  • “My income is growing every day.” Allows you to set yourself up for productivity and energizes you for financial desires.
  • “I love and accept myself.” Reinforces self-confidence.
  • "My Universe loves me." When everything seems to be turning against you. This mantra of wish fulfillment directs the subconscious to search for the most successful options for realizing your plans.

You can come up with some of your own affirmations that will personally bring you energy and direct your activities in the right direction. Their task is to return attention to the main goal, to distract from unnecessary worries and worries. Force the brain to generate ideas to fulfill intentions.

Your desire should be the main goal of your life

But as you move along your path, you must take care of many things so as not to miss the life around you. Life comes with its daily responsibilities. You are part of the whole and therefore it is important for you to take care of different aspects of life.

But while fulfilling your duties, you should never forget about your desire, among everything that surrounds you.

Learn, grow, improve and become better with your approach to fulfilling your dreams.

Remember that if someone fails to achieve their desire, then it is not the situation or circumstances, but the person himself. If you give up, the life that supports you in fulfilling your desire will also leave with you.

It's all about you and your passion. It is you who push the situation, people and circumstances to make the impossible possible.

Every day that you get closer to your desire, you must learn, improve, grow and become a better person in life.

It forms a habit for you. You don't live to fulfill your desire, but you also live to improve your life by fulfilling your desire. It is necessary to remain open to the magic of life.

Obstacles on the way to fulfillment of desires

In the heads of many people there are offensive and sometimes absurd beliefs that slow them down on the path to realizing their plans. A person may believe that nothing will come of his idea and worry about the opinions of others. They often doubt their own abilities, complain about their age or lack of professional experience. There are especially many negative beliefs related to money. For example, that you can’t earn a lot of money, that you can’t live in abundance honestly, that there’s always not enough of it. In order to get rid of thoughts that put you in a reactive state and stop the process of fulfilling your desires, you need to do the following:

  1. Identify and formulate for yourself what exactly the problem is, how exactly the negative belief sounds in your head. Write them down on a piece of paper in a column.
  2. Choose the most persistent one, the one that destroys in the bud all attempts to move forward on the path to realizing your plans. Try to remember where you got it from. Perhaps it was imposed in childhood or it is often repeated by the spouse. Say goodbye to it and write down something else next to it, new and worked out in a positive way. For example: money brings me joy and freedom, I easily and quickly earn... thousands a month and even more.
  3. Introducing a new belief will take some effort. The first option: mentally scroll through the new installation five times. The second option: record audio with your own voice and listen to it on your way to work or in any other free time. Continue this technique for 21 days. The results will not take long to arrive.

How the subconscious mind works to fulfill desires

So, let's start mastering techniques that really help make your dreams come true.

Many people have been convinced more than once of the materiality of thoughts. What you dreamed about will come true someday. But I want this to happen as quickly as possible. Try to bring your dreams closer to reality with the power of thought.

Today people are so busy that they cannot focus on what is most important at the moment. Their thoughts are scattered. They rush from one desire to another, making mistakes.

Many people use affirmations, but these are not your thoughts, but just memorization of phrases.

Example, while pronouncing affirmations about prosperity and abundance, people continue to talk about their poverty, filling their consciousness with poverty. No matter how many times they repeat affirmations, their thoughts go in a negative direction. And the root of everything is the power of thought, the work of the mind, the focus of attention.

It's time to rebuild the perception of the world around us, then the subconscious will begin to fill with other thoughts, and positive changes will follow. Affirmations are rote words, so they don't work.

But concentrated thoughts materialize. Stop talking about how bad everything is, how ugly and poor your city is. Learn to focus correctly on desire.

Try to get rid of resentment about your financial condition. Never talk about poverty, then instead of problems, you will see prospects that will help you achieve success and prosperity. And when one thing improves, the rest will begin to improve.

An avalanche of success will gain strength, the scale of success will come and life will become much better. The main thing is not to lose sight of success, focus on it so that your attention does not run back and forth. Take complete immersion in the goal, then everything will come true.

How to let go of desire

Over-importance is when a dream is so strong that a person can’t think about anything else. Such a focus on intention creates a lot of obstacles in its implementation. The Universe loves to maintain balance in everything. Therefore, an easy attitude towards what is happening gives rise to ease in fulfilling desires. How to let go of importance and switch to other things? First, think about the option in which your wish will not come true. It is likely that much more interesting options will appear. Secondly, do things that will distract you from your main desire. And thirdly, you can do the following practice: on a piece of paper, correctly formulate your desire with all the details, without denial and environmentally friendly. Fold the sheet into an airplane and release it out the window with the following words to fulfill wishes: “I trust my desire to the Universe and I know that it will fulfill it in the best possible way.”

Point 2. Analyze your desires

How to do this? I'm telling you.

a) ask yourself the question “Why do I want this?”

And give a detailed and detailed answer to it on a piece of paper. Take your time and don’t be lazy: the better and more detailed the analysis of your desire, the faster you will come to the result - its fulfillment.

You should have a list of reasons that clearly explains why the fulfillment of this desire is so important and necessary for you.

Why is such a list needed? Firstly, while you are writing it, you once again “pass through yourself” your desire, fully realizing it and finally making sure that you really want what you want, no matter how strange it may sound. Secondly, the formation of such a list will help you pull out from the subconscious to the surface the secret motives of your desire, which are not obvious at first glance.

What I mean? For example, your desire is a vacation in the Dominican Republic. But when you start answering the question “Why do I want this?”, you suddenly find out that in fact your goal is not a vacation or the Dominican Republic, but a holiday romance. This is the secret motive. This means that your true desire is a love relationship, and not a vacation at all. But romance can happen to you anywhere, you don’t have to go somewhere for this.

Be honest with yourself and don't limit the Universe

! And remember: “false” wishes, as a rule, do not come true.

b) clearly formulate your desire

After all, a clear formulation of a desire is the key to its “high-quality” fulfillment.

Stay to the point. If you want to be loved and confident, write so. You shouldn’t think of a “cool car” for yourself, hoping that someone will love you because of it.

c) check your goal for adequacy

It’s stupid to dream of a villa in Mexico if you earn less than 20 thousand rubles a month. No, of course, miracles happen all the time. But! First you must believe in your inner strength. The larger your desire, the greater your faith in yourself and your omnipotence should be. And this comes with experience.

Is your goal adequate? If not, then I suggest adjusting it. Let it not be global for the first time, but no less significant and achievable for you. Over time, as you gain experience, you will be able to make bigger dreams come true.

Best days for wishes

The most energetically powerful days for making wishes are the days of the new moon. It is customary to formulate statements of intentions and release them into space on holidays, for example, New Year or birthday. Such days are filled with good wishes, which means they carry strong mass energy. It is also beneficial to practice wish-fulfillment techniques on the days of the spring and autumn equinox. There are still a few days a year that are filled with power from well-placed planets.

The power of intention or why wishes don't come true

The desire to want something in itself has no power. Desire is just focusing attention on some goal. You can think about it as much as you like, but nothing will change. Desires are realized only with the help of the power of intention. Intention is the combination of desire and action. Vadim Zeland in his book “Reality Transurfing” defines intention itself as a firm determination to have. And this is a very important thing to understand. Those. you need to not just want, but want to have and act.

Next you need to know the following. The power of intention itself is divided into two types: internal and external. Internal intention is when we focus on the process of achieving a goal. External intention is concentration on the fact that the goal has already been realized. Simply put, a goal is chosen by external intention, and achieved by internal intention. And many use either one or the other intention. Either there are a lot of actions, or a lot of ideas about what you want.

Based on our understanding of the power of intention, we can distinguish 3 forms of desires.

The first form is when your desire to want turns into a strong desire to have and act. This is the most correct form. With this approach, desires begin to come true, because there is no extra energy potential.

The second form is the usual inactive and languid desire to want, which creates excess potential. It just hangs in the energy field and uses up your energy. In the worst case, all sorts of troubles may begin to attract.

The third form is the most dangerous of all. This is when a strong desire becomes dependent on an object. High importance automatically creates a relationship of dependence, which generates large excess potential. Such desires are usually based on the following attitude: “If I..., then...”. For example, if I earn a million rubles a month, I will become a free and independent person.

Naturally, only the first form of desires is subject to fulfillment, when the desire itself turns into a pure intention to have and act. If with internal intention to act everything is more or less clear, then with external intention it is not very clear. To trigger this external intention, I personally use affirmations with visualization techniques.

I give an example of how to compose the correct affirmation using all the rules for formulating a desire.

I thank the Universe for the opportunity to have here and now a new Mercedes-Benz CLA 200 worth 1,500,000 rubles in white with a 200 horsepower turbo engine, automatic transmission and leather interior.

When pronouncing this affirmation, we use the visualization technique. If there are problems with this technique and the picture is unclear, then you can place a photo of the car on a wish collage.

This is how the external intention to have is launched. All that remains is to act and move your feet towards what you want!

But sometimes it happens that we visualize every day and perform actions, but the desire is not fulfilled. There are several reasons for this and you definitely need to know them in order to understand what the problem is with not realizing what you want.

1. The desire to have everything at once, which ultimately leads to nothing.

2. The desire must be from the heart, and not imposed by society.

3. The desire should not cause a high degree of importance

4. A desire is not fulfilled instantly; it takes energy and time.

5. The desire is not supported by an external or internal intention to have and act.

Naturally, when I just started working with my desires, I remade all these mistakes. I think this little checklist will help you fulfill any of your desires. Good luck!

Golden minute of the day

To fulfill a wish, you can calculate the most favorable moment. First you need to choose a strong date to send your intention into space. Suitable numbers of the month are from 1 to 24. The selected date will indicate the hour, and the order of the month will indicate the minute. For example: you chose September 15th for making a wish, which means that the golden minute of the day for the fulfillment of a wish falls at 15:09. If the day is chosen from the 25th to the 31st, then the month becomes an hour and the date becomes minutes. For example: you chose March 30, which means the golden minute will be at 03:30. The main requirement is to make only one most cherished wish and let it go until it comes true.

Believe in the fulfillment of your desires, visualize and imagine that they have already come true. This way the brain will tune in to achieving the goal, and the dream will gradually become a reality.

Wish Fulfillment: Mastering the Art of Manifestation

The newly created path can only appear if you take steps. Desires and dreams alone are not enough. Every situation and every experience in your life remains fresh and new to you. Nothing exists in the future, but you create the future by taking these steps towards your desire.

Life holds a sign at every step. If you learn to read these signs and have the courage to move in the direction of these signs, it will be easier for you to achieve your dreams.

Life is filled with excitement at every turn when you are deeply connected to yourself. You can read the flow of life only if you can read all the movements that happen within you.

The magic of bay leaves to make wishes come true

Since ancient times, laurel has been considered a magical plant with witchcraft powers. Even just holding it in your hands, you can get closer to fulfilling your dreams. Conditions for using this plant may vary. It is allowed to carry out a ritual invented independently. In any case, everything relies on a person’s faith in the actions performed.

The main condition for using spells and prayers in the magic of wish fulfillment is that you cannot harm anyone. Your dream should be clean and bright. It is forbidden to accompany it with any bad thoughts, feelings of revenge or negativity. All the negative energy can turn against you. Moreover, this applies not only to conspiracies, but also to any other life events.

The first step towards realizing your dream is to evaluate the reasonableness of your own desire. You may strive with all your might to find yourself in a fairytale kingdom, but in real life this cannot be achieved. Consider the possibility of making your dreams come true.

Then choose a good bay leaf for the ritual. Whole and large ones are suitable for this purpose.

Think carefully about your dream and write it down on a bay leaf. Ideally, the inscription should be made with gold or silver ink, but in the absence of such, you can opt for a regular blue pen.

Then you need to burn this sheet, mentally directing the smoke to the desired authority. A solemn atmosphere during the ritual (for example, using a special burning bowl, white candles and music) will give more confidence in achieving the result.

Anyone who wants to hold the ceremony as quickly as possible can be content with its express variation, which does not take much time. To do this, take a bay leaf in your hands and rub it thoroughly in your palms. Then you need to inhale the spicy aroma and, as you exhale, say your wish out loud.

Any ritual with bay leaves is quite simple to perform. To guarantee the best result, it is advisable to choose the right day so that all factors contribute to the fulfillment of your dream.

The magic of money and achieving goals regarding the acquisition of something works best during the new moon and the waxing moon. The waning phase, on the contrary, is a period when it is good to get rid of something. Focus on lunar cycles is of great importance in any magical rituals. Let's take a closer look at them.

Books on wish fulfillment magic that are worth reading

N. Domasheva-Samoilenko, V. Samoilenko “The magic of wish fulfillment. Parandi. Ancient Avestan practice of increasing personal power"

Humanity is in a Universe that is a real Cornucopia. It is guarded by the Goddess Parendi. Different peoples called her in their own way: the Greeks called her Gemera, the Slavs called her Makosha, the inhabitants of Ancient Rome - Fortuna, the Egyptians - Renenutet, and the Hindus called her Lakshmi. But it doesn’t matter exactly how the name sounds, since in any case it reflects the true essence of the Lady of Abundance. She can make any positively oriented dream come true. Achieving boundless success, family happiness, perfect health and prosperity is within her reach. In a space full of various blessings of the Universe, there is no place for suffering and need.

With the help of this book, you will not just come to terms with the shortcomings of your life, but actually learn how to use the magic of wish fulfillment.

Carlos Castaneda "The Teachings of Don Juan. The Way of Knowledge of the Yaqui Indians"

American author Carlos Castaneda first wrote a book in the spirit of a “spiritual series” - “The Teachings of Don Juan”. It presents in detail the values ​​of the spiritual heritage of the Indians of Mexico. After the book was published in 1968, it was immediately translated into 17 languages , gaining wide popularity. The relevance of the thoughts expressed in “The Teachings of Don Juan” is not lost today.

The plot will immediately captivate you, immersing you in a completely new, unknown world. First, you will meet an ordinary anthropology student who is collecting material about psychotropic plants and their use in Indian tribes. Soon he will meet the magician and great teacher the Nagual don Juan Matus and become his follower.

The hero has to overcome many difficulties in the process of exploring the new world. Not everything in it will be safe and understandable. As a result, fear will triumph over the hero's desires, which will lead to the end of magical training.

Using the example of “The Teachings of Don Juan” you can once again think about the meaning of human life.

F. Balthazar, Soror Manira “The Magic Book of Desires”

This work is not just reading material that you can look through and forget, but a kind of magical instrument that requires continuous hard work on yourself.

With some effort, you can fulfill all your cherished dreams. The book provides specific recommendations that will help you move towards your plans. By following the suggested tips, you will get results, even if you do not have any supernatural abilities.

The book can act as a personal diary or grimoire - a magician's workbook. If you want to put your personal life in order, easily solve any problems, establish communication with the world of spirits and attract good luck, then this publication will be a good helper on the path to achieving your goals.

Where to buy everything you need for the magic of wish fulfillment

A beginner, who has barely discovered the world of the mysterious, and an experienced sorcerer, who has years of practice behind him, are united by a thirst for knowledge. In the study of magic, there is always room to move, expanding your horizons, increasing wisdom, collecting effective techniques and advice.

Magicians always strive to know and be able to do more, and “Witch’s Happiness” is ready to help you with this. The books collected in our catalog can take you to a new level of Craft and give you the most important knowledge. All you have to do is choose.

Didn't find the book you need with us? Write to or call tel. 8-800-333-04-69. We are also always in touch on Facebook, Telegram, VK and WhatsApp.

"Witch's Happiness" - the magic begins here.

Fairy tale


One of the most creative methods of making wishes in our selection. Try on the role of a writer and compose a good fairy tale. The main character of this story should be you. Let your character go in search of his dreams: he must overcome difficulties, meet wise advisers, learn to love himself and in the end find what he wants. By putting bright positive emotions into your story, you will help the Universe hear you and help you make your dream come true.

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