NLP how to make a man fall in love with you - techniques and techniques in love

Knowledge of the psychology of human behavior and the ability to use it in practice works wonders. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) remains one of the popular techniques today. This method combines both verbal and non-verbal behavior modeling to achieve success in various areas. It can change not only your consciousness, but also the attitude of others. NLP techniques can show tangible results in communicating with men.

With the use of neurolinguistic programming techniques to achieve success, for example in business, everything is more or less clear. But how to use NLP in a relationship with a man? To do this, you need to understand how love relationships are built. As a rule, they include three stages: acquaintance, communication, love. It is in the first two stages that you can resort to NLP methods to influence a man. They will help to attract the attention of the person you like, interest him and build communication, which in the future can develop into true love.

When contact moves to the stage of strong long-term relationships, it is better to forget about manipulation methods - from an ethical point of view, this is unacceptable.

What is NLP technique

In general terms, neurolinguistic programming is an influence on the human subconscious. Although this direction is not recognized by official science, nevertheless, linguistic techniques are used by practicing psychologists in the field of relationships. They do not harm the body; on the contrary, they help achieve a certain goal, including making people fall in love with you.

For your information. In NLP, how to make a man fall in love with you, the manipulation technique is based on the linguistic model of changing the thoughts, emotions and behavior of a partner in the way that a girl needs.

Reframing (reshaping position)

The goal of this speech strategy is to turn the situation around and force a person to look at the problem differently.

The simplest type of reframing is one-word. Suitable for refuting limiting statements, softening criticism and comments. Replace the unwanted word with a synonym with the desired emotional connotation. And now the former comrade is no longer stupid, but naive; The lady from the accounting department is not pushy, but demanding.

I have a negative attitude towards the substitution of concepts: it does not reflect the situation and does not help in resolving it. If a child deliberately howls at the entire plane, it is unlikely that the mood of passengers will improve if the mother calls him “energetic” rather than spoiled and capricious.

Another type of reframing is grouping. It is divided into “unification” and “separation”. In the first case, the problem is globalized to the level of the crowd (“I’m not the only one who got a D in math, but the whole class”), in the second, it is divided down to the particulars (“What exactly is your misfortune? Not money, a dog or a house?”).

In Lateral Shift you need to use analogies to re-evaluate a situation. Take a negative problem and find an analogy that has new or expanded implications.

The problem has been replaced by a similar one in another area. NLP practitioners believe that as soon as a person finds a solution to a similar situation, the problem will be resolved

You can read more reframing techniques in the book “NLP-2: Generation Next” by Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier.

How to use it in a relationship

How to make a girl fall in love with you - psychological techniques and advice

Practical psychologists claim that NLP is a synthesis of the techniques of hypnotherapy, Gestalt therapy and family psychology. Therefore, they can be successfully used in a situation when you fall in love. For example, the use of visualization (detailed representation of thoughts and emotions) helps lovers build relationships. Or manipulation, when the principle of three “yes” is used when influencing another. If you know NLP techniques in love, you can interest the man you like.

The use of NLP technologies helps to properly build relationships with others

Important! NLP is not a universal tool, but a direction indicator of where to go. How love events will proceed further depends on the person himself. That is, the work of building relationships should not stop even after attracting a guy.

Prisoners of emotions

The habit of thinking in stereotyped ways destroys individuality and prevents you from fully enjoying your own life. Due to their own laziness or the speed of the world, people’s communication slides into the exchange of verbal labels, relationships are increasingly built on stereotypes. No one is surprised by the general opinion that the “candy-bouquet” period is followed by the second phase of addiction, and after three years love disappears altogether. And, without noticing it, people ride on the same rails. Remember that by closing yourself off from true feelings, you risk not only being left alone, you can lose your internal dialogue with yourself.

So why are more and more people hiding behind the usual patterns of relationships or completely excluding friendship and love from their lives, justifying it with their busyness and career aspirations? The fact is that one way or another we are all hostages of our own emotions.

Some are immobilized by strong emotions of sadness and inner pain. Such people avoid all scenarios that could lead to unpleasant emotions. Therefore, they avoid feelings, considering them dangerous. Out of habit, they begin to avoid responsible actions in the professional sphere, which leads to their own insolvency. Having built a fence around themselves from the outside world, such people lose their zest for life. Some of them are content with a feeling of comfort and a handful of neutral emotions.

How to make someone fall in love with you

How to make a man fall in love with you - the psychology of relationships, is it possible to win a guy?

When you have a goal to make the person you want fall in love with you, it’s worth mastering proven techniques. According to experts, the more effective NLP methods for happy love are as follows:

  • Anchoring is to attract emotions, feelings that the partner once happily experienced, for example, childhood memories or love situations. In recreating such experiences, close partnerships are built.
  • Tuning is a popular NLP technique that establishes intimate contacts with a partner. The behavior of a loved one is copied, his gestures, facial expressions, breathing rhythm are repeated, that is, “external” adjustment. Having established external contact, they move on to further “conduct,” for example, through smiles and affirmative gestures. Adjusting to values ​​is effective: to find a common language with a partner of the opposite sex, you should look at the world through his eyes.

An effective NLP “tuning” technique makes it possible to establish close contact with a partner

  • Joining and mirroring help to join in masculine behavior. You need to understand how a guy perceives the world around him: through sounds, images or feelings. For visual learners, the priority is eye-to-eye communication to capture eye contact. Auditory learners want to talk, discuss important issues, and it is important for them to find the main words. Kinesthetic people prefer communication through emotions. They need physical contact.

Important! To attract the object of your love, you need to understand what type he is, so that during contact you can “mirror” his favorite words, emotions, and gestures.

Impact on a man using NLP methods

How to make your husband fall in love with you again - is it possible to interest him again?

For those girls who dream of strong relationships, psychologists have prepared special “female” NLP methods in relationships with a man.

The most effective are considered:

  • The “ideal first date” technique, when during the period of falling in love the first meeting with a man is important. Almost everyone gets nervous on a first date. Internal tension affects the situation, everything may not go according to plan, and the date will turn out to be crumpled. Visualization will help you avoid problems. Before meeting your loved one, you need to imagine your ideal date: appearance, first words and glances, even awkward moments. You can take advice from the audiobook by Ya. Baker “NLP for Women, or How to Drive Anyone Crazy.”
  • The “three yeses” technique is necessary when you need to move a relationship to a new stage. There is an axiom in psychology: if you answer “yes” three times in a row, then the intuitive answer will be the same the fourth time. The main thing is to pronounce all the key phrases loudly and confidently so that the man responds positively.
  • The technique of making a man fall in love with you is a disarming technique. It helps to anticipate the partner's possible behavior, for example, if he wants to end the relationship. It is important to disarm your partner by recognizing that the relationship needs to be renewed. Key words – another chance is needed to improve the situation, taking into account the errors.

Prohibited methods of communication that can ruin everything

There are things that you should never do if you don’t want to ruin your relationship:

  • Compare with previous partners . Not only are you reminding him that he is not the only one in your life, but the comparison, no matter how flattering it may be, creates an unpleasant feeling of competition.
  • Show your strength and independence . Make him feel like a knight and he will adore you.
  • Talk openly about his shortcomings . Remember, any man has a high opinion of himself; you should not hurt his pride. Any claim can be made indirectly. For example, instead of “you don’t pay attention to me,” say: “I love it when you give me flowers!”
  • Manipulate sex . Bed is a place for pleasure; turning it into a battlefield is unwise. Sooner or later this tactic will fail, and then you will lose.

How to influence a woman using NLP

NLP techniques will also help a man if he wants to make a woman fall in love with him

It is much more difficult to make a woman fall in love with you if she believes that she does not need a guy. However, there are NLP techniques for all types of girl images. All of them are based on playing with the feelings of the weaker sex: responsiveness, duty, desire to love and be loved. It is only important to use these pressure levers correctly using technology:

  • The plus-minus technique for pumping up a girl’s emotions means enhancing the positive in a relationship with a little negativity. For example, giving a compliment to another woman, that is, “minus”. Then immediately address the compliment to your beloved as a “plus”.
  • One consent - the technique is similar to the female “three yeses”. The idea is simple: say an important phrase, then ask about something abstract. A woman, having subconsciously answered the obvious “yes”, will agree with the first statement.
  • A choice without a choice presupposes agreement to an uncompromising scenario.
    For example, when arranging a date, ask: “When will we meet, in the evening or tomorrow?” This formulation does not suggest discussing, but only clarifying the meeting. Is it possible to influence at a distance through NLP? For NLP adherents, influencing at a distance is not discussed. Almost everyone has at least once encountered a situation where, when they think about calling a loved one, they call themselves within a couple of minutes. Such situations are not uncommon and serve as evidence of suggestion at a distance.

For your information. A similar connection, like telepathic correspondence, arises between close people who are emotionally attached to each other. Therefore, a man and a woman connected by an intimate relationship feel each other at a distance.

It is believed that thoughts are material and have great power contained in the energy of brain impulses. There are technologies based on verbal and visual transmission of information. If you have certain skills, it is possible to use NLP methods to influence a man at a distance, even if the suggestible person is quite far away.

On a note. It is impossible to make a man fall in love from a distance. With the help of technology, you can only create a desire to think about a woman, instill positive emotions, and make her interested in you.

Attracting with emotions and feelings, that is, “anchoring” a man, is possible only with direct contact

Speech Strategies

Journalists were using speech strategies long before NLP emerged as a separate field. However, they are good for live communication and work in conjunction with adjustments.


Truisms are platitudes that do not evoke the desire to argue. They migrated to NLP from philosophy, their effectiveness has not been proven. A person with critical thinking will easily challenge any truism. I'm sure you will do this with almost every statement below:

  • good things cannot be cheap;
  • there are things that cannot be bought;
  • everyone has the right to make mistakes;
  • not all yoghurts are equally healthy;
  • tastes could not be discussed.

In sales, scripts for handling objections are built on truisms. To the phrase “These shoes are too expensive” you can answer “The stingy one pays twice” and sow doubt inside the client. Truisms are rarely used to identify needs in a live conversation: platitudes standardize the client in his eyes and discourage the desire to continue the conversation. But in advertising posters the truism works well: it allows a person to feel part of society and gives positive emotions. No correct experiments have been conducted on this topic, and successful experiences have local subjective successes.

At first glance there is nothing to argue with. But if you think about it: what will strength give? For whom is it priceless? Why feel it?


The strategy includes several techniques to create smoothness and expressiveness of speech and an illusory connection between sentences. For example, the use of conjunctions “and” and “but”. Compare offers:

  • Your hair is beautiful, but short.
  • Your hair is nice and short.

The first sentence has a negative connotation, the second balances the statements and is positive. Substituting alliances changes the mood of the interlocutor and has a positive effect on him. Of course, there are no facts supporting this. But it actually sounds better.

The second technique is to use the conjunction “and” to connect speech. When I started learning English, I recorded myself on a voice recorder. I listened and was horrified by the pauses and the illogicality of the presentation. To refine my self-image, I used the connective and (“and”) between sentences. So a set of heterogeneous phrases turned into a monologue suitable for listening.

It's the same in Russian. Enter the conjunction “and” and the speech will sparkle with new colors: “And so beautiful is the night. And the stars are shining in the sky. And time flows endlessly."

The following technique is good for written text. Its meaning is to indicate the cause-and-effect relationship between statements:

  • the less we love a woman, the more she likes us;
  • the more you want to develop, the more you think about buying a new course;
  • after you buy noodles, you can buy rolls at a discount;
  • I won't go to Mars because I don't have that much money.

The basic rule of babbling came from Ericksonian hypnosis - talk a lot, jump from question to question, actively sprinkle speech with prepositions and conjunctions. End the speech with a request. According to NLP legend, a person simply cannot refuse you. It is difficult for me to assess the effectiveness of this method, since I always listen carefully to people and notice outright nonsense.

Sorry for the quality of the video, but it would be a shame not to share it. NLP as it is)


Presuppositions are speech tricks in which the suggested fact is spoken of as a matter of course. There are many types of presuppositions, so for convenience I have provided a diagram.

All about presupposition in one diagram

Are any people susceptible to NLP techniques?

Psychologists believe that there are groups of people who are not susceptible to suggestion: this could be a person who is very intoxicated, since perception is currently turned off; old people with reduced imagination; people with damaged intellect who are unable to understand suggestion; skeptical people.

Depressive, neurotic, weak-willed individuals who are under stress are easily influenced.

To attract the attention of a loved one and form the right attitude towards yourself, simple but effective NLP methods help when modeling your partner’s behavior. The main thing is that manipulation does not harm a man, but helps to win and retain his love.

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