Osho about love. Osho: quotes about the love of a man and a woman, about self-love

For many years, Osho was an outlaw; the society of his like-minded people was considered almost a sect. He was accused of various crimes from embezzling the organization's property to storing and distributing prohibited substances. However, he was not convicted. And only after his death came the realization of the value of the guru’s teachings, the true wisdom that he sowed in the minds of millions of his followers. Osho spoke and wrote about love, self-knowledge and the place of man in the world. About how to find yourself and not lose, how to love yourself and restore the uniqueness of your personality.

Biography of Osho

This is the Indian Enlightened Master. All over the world he is known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. He published more than 600 books, they are like a collection of his conversations with his students that Osho conducted over a quarter of a century.

Shortly before his death, he announced the discarding of the prefix "Bhagwan Sri", since for most it is interpreted as God. The sannyasins (his disciples) decided to call him the name “Osho”, already known to us, which first appeared in ancient Japan. This is exactly how all the disciples approached their spiritual mentors.

The letter “O” means great respect, love, gratitude, synchronicity, harmony, and “Sho” means a multidimensional expansion of consciousness.

Being enlightened, Osho realized more clearly than others the instability of the modern existence of humanity in this world. He believed that endless wars, unacceptable treatment of the environment: the annual extinction of several thousand species of plants and animals, the cutting down of entire forests, the drying up of the seas, the presence of dangerous nuclear weapons that have indescribable destructive power - all this will lead humanity to complete extinction.

In his opinion, one must live naturally, peacefully, and turn inward. It’s worth giving yourself a little time to be alone, silent, and observe the inner workings of your mind.

American followers of Osho purchased a ranch in Central Oregon, the area of ​​which was 64 thousand acres. Rajneeshpuram was founded there. The Indian esotericist, having lived on the ranch for 4 years, became, so to speak, the most daring experiment in creating a spiritual commune (transnational).

Thousands of his followers from Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America gathered there every summer. As a result, the commune turned into a prosperous city with more than 15,000 adherents.

In 1984, suddenly, just as he had stopped speaking, he began to speak again. Osho philosophized about meditation, love, human unfreedom within the framework of a heavily conditioned, crazy world. He accused politicians and priests of corrupting fragile human souls and destroying human freedom.

In 1985, the American government accused the Enlightened Master of violating current immigration laws, and then arrested him without warning. Osho was kept in shackles and handcuffs for almost two weeks in custody, refusing bail. There he was physically harmed, based on a medical examination. In Oklahoma, Osho was exposed to a large dose of radiation and became intoxicated with thalium. A bomb was discovered in the Portland prison where the Enlightened Master was later imprisoned. Only he was not evacuated.

His lawyers, concerned for the Master's life, agreed to admit an immigration violation, Osho left the United States on November 14. Then the commune disintegrated.

The American government was not satisfied with the violation of the constitution in their country, so when Osho went to other countries at the invitation of his disciples, they, using world influence, tried to negatively influence his work wherever he went. As a result of this policy on the part of the American government, 21 countries imposed a ban on the entry of both Osho and his companions.

In 1986, the Enlightened Master returned to Bombay. His disciples began to gather around him. In 1987, due to the rapid growth of people coming to Osho, he moved to Pune, after which his International Commune was formed. Daily spiritual discourses, holidays, and meditation weekends have been revived.

Osho has created a number of new meditations, one of which is “Mystical Rose”. This was the most memorable breakthrough in this field 2500 years after the great Vipassana meditation of the Buddha. More than a thousand people took part in it (both in the commune and in its meditation centers around the world).

Osho left his body on January 19, 1990. He did not want to identify his teachings with religion. His teaching was centered on the individual and his freedom. To him it seemed like a single world, without any restrictions on skin color, nationality, or race.

Osho did not consider himself God, he never believed in prophets, prophecies, or the Messiah. Osho considered them to be selfish people. In this regard, he did everything he could. Osho left what would happen when he was gone to the will of existence, since he trusted him absolutely.

The Enlightened Master believed that if there was truth in his words, then it would definitely survive. That is why Osho did not call his students followers, they were his travel companions.

Who is Osho and why is he so authoritative?

Osho's homeland is Central India, where he spent his childhood and youth. At the age of 21, insight descended on him, and his path as a spiritually enlightened person began. He first taught philosophy at Jabalpur University, and then founded his own movement. The years of his activity fell on the period of the 1970-80s. The essence of his theories boils down to the fact that in order to find true happiness, we need to forget about what all the religions of the world teach. Man is not meant for suffering; our destiny is pleasure and joy.

A person is unique in himself, and everything that imposes opposite thoughts is not true and requires rejection from the subconscious. Osho believed that all people have the right to make mistakes, can live them as personal experiences and should not struggle in agony for redemption. And this also applies to enlightened people. In addition, he considered the desire for material wealth to be normal. According to Osho, a person has the right to want to live better, to simplify his existence with the help of money. He does not create a list of rules that must be followed in order to achieve higher enlightenment. Believes that every person knows the right thing to do, who to be and how to behave. The main thing is to learn to listen to yourself and hear your inner voice.

Over the years, a whole community has grown up around Osho. His ashrams (settlements) spread throughout the world. The largest was recorded in Pune, and later in the USA, from where the guru was expelled and his name was vetoed.

After this, Osho was banned from remaining within their territories by 21 countries of the world, fearing discontent from the United States and for ideological reasons.

After the guru's death in 1990, his wisdom was widely accepted. There are millions of his fans in the modern world; over 1000 books have been published under the authorship of Osho, both created by him and recorded from his words, lectures and video messages. They have been translated into more than 50 languages ​​of the world and represent the cultural value of India, Nepal, and other enlightened countries.

Osho about love

Regarding the feeling in question, he explained it in such a way that it seemed to be inside every person. An individual, according to him, is not able to love another representative of the human race if he does not love himself. This feeling comes from within, and if the subject is able to love himself, he will be able to share the feeling with others. This is not about the ego, but about the inner light that makes you open to love. You may notice that Osho talks quite a lot about self-love. Only after accepting oneself can a person open up to another.

His books are about relationships, harmony and love

Osho's entire life and work was permeated with love. Part of the criticism he received for his dynamic meditation sessions was due to the fact that after them many couples made love right in the hall where the exercises took place. Osho believed that people should not be prohibited from doing what they want and what their souls strive for. Especially after practical classes on self-knowledge.

Books that have become a real treasure for those who want to understand themselves and learn to love correctly, and not as the media imposes on us:

  • "Power of love". Osho's thoughts on the structure of real true feelings are collected here, the author reveals his vision of how people should properly enjoy it and themselves. That there is no universal definition of this feeling and it is impossible to comprehend it with the head, only the heart is vigilant, and only it is capable of seeing life’s values.
  • "Life. Love. Laughter" Osho says the gift of life is the most beautiful thing that happens to people. Love is an integral part of beauty, the energy that fills, it does not obey any laws. And laughter is part of a thinking, reasonable person. Also in this book there is a lot of philosophy about other feelings inherent in man, such as sin, joy, sadness, sadness and others.
  • “Medicine for the Soul,” a collection of exercises to find harmony with your inner world. Through this work, you can develop awareness and it will be especially useful for those who work with the souls of people and help them.
  • "Love. Freedom. Loneliness,” about why single people can be happy and create stronger relationships. Where do divorces come from and why are there so many of them, and why is this not always a reason for sadness. Osho also talks about self-love in this book.
  • “About women. Contact with feminine spiritual power,” this book is about how to treat a woman correctly. Osho talks about the nature of feminine energy, how to treat it, about its uniqueness.
  • “On Love and Sex” by Osho, about how to separate these energies. What sex really is, that you cannot treat it with disdain, you need to appreciate and properly manage this flow of energy.
  • “About Men”, the author reveals the meaning of male energy, how to cope with it, make friends and love. Defines and reveals the correct male character, teaches how to treat men of different ages and social status.
  • "About feelings." How to work on your emotions and achieve complete harmony with them, how to stop destroying yourself and start creating without manipulation, fear or guilt.

Jealousy, from Osho's point of view

It is the first step towards the destruction of true love. Most often, Osho said about love that it is expressed in the desire for good for a person. In this regard, it is implied that in a situation where there is no good intention in love, if it causes suffering to both the subject himself and his partner, then we are no longer talking about love. The latter cannot, according to Osho, coexist with gloomy jealousy, since love is not capable of possessing someone. Otherwise, it would mean that the individual killed someone and then turned it into his personal property.

In relationships, you need to give freedom, because love is not a restriction, not a sacrifice, but exclusively good, given free of charge.

When a person lives with a partner solely for the sake of money, security, reliability, children, etc., excluding love, his existence is comparable to prostitution.

Osho's attitude towards love and feelings

The wisdom of Rajneesh (real name) comes from the fusion of several teachings into one. It is believed that the dogmas of Christianity, Zen Buddhism, Tantrism, Sufism, and other religions are involved here.

The ability to love appears after a state of complete loneliness. Then there is no need to have a person nearby. In order to experience, as Osho says, the blossoming of love, you need to understand that you don’t need anyone. Only then will it be possible to understand that you cannot be disappointed, because you do not expect anything from anyone. The marriage and love that is imposed on us cannot be satisfied, its expectations are high and constantly growing. Therefore, only true love gives joy and happiness.

When we confess our love to another person, by the same token we confess our love to ourselves. And as if we are saying that we are worthy of real feelings. When we say “I love you” to our partner, we mean complete trust in his physical and spiritual being. We love everything divine in him that he keeps within himself, we see it and appreciate it.

When we love someone, we live to the limit of our capabilities. Freedom, and with it love, is what a highly spiritual person needs. This is why we were given life. By telling another person about love, we promise to be with him always. To love means to love both today and tomorrow, without comparing the chosen one with others. According to Osho, the response to love should not be out of a sense of obligation. You have the right to reject other people's feelings, and your chosen one can also reject them. Love is committed and does not come overnight. First it takes root, and then it stays forever. Lovers do not know what death is and are not afraid of it. Every moment is valued as a whole long life, where the ending is still very far away. If you live together without love, it means living in sin. This is especially true for those who are married. And when such a life is also accompanied by carnal relationships, then this is a crime against love. According to Osho, unrequited love does not exist; it is not a true feeling if there is no reciprocity from the second person.

Loving can be painful because it creates the path for higher pleasure and happiness. There is a higher sex, which does not consist of the fusion of two bodies, but of the interchange of energies. And Osho’s opinion is that such love is truly spiritual. Love feeds the soul. Without it, she will be weak, like a body without food.

Place of expectation in love

It is unacceptable to create shackles, since demands and expectations instantly destroy love. According to Osho’s statements, lovers never have enough of this feeling, which is why they should not wait, because waiting is always unjustified. True love can never be disappointed because it has no expectations at all.

Osho speaks about love from such a perspective that a person should neither wait, nor ask, nor demand. In a situation where love only brings disappointment, the feeling cannot be called real.

Love as art, harmony

Osho compared the love of a man and a woman to art. According to his revelations, to understand love, it must be treated as the latter. If you want to succeed in it, you need to learn the art gradually.

Both are not given to us at birth; they can only be mastered by following practice. For example, every dancer learns to dance through the study of plasticity and movement. It takes a lot of practice to master the art of dance. Moreover, the art of love takes much more energy, because in the first case only one person is involved, while in love there are two. There is a meeting of two completely different worlds. In the process of such rapprochement, conflict is sure to brew if one does not know the ways to achieve harmony.

“...A woman in love with you can help increase your creative abilities, can inspire you to heights that you never even dreamed of. And she doesn't ask for anything in return. She just needs your love, and this is her natural right...” (Osho). Quotes about love between a man and a woman are always relevant. Just a few words contain a deep truth, which many men are unable to see even in our time.

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Dance of opposites

There are a few fundamental things to understand. A man and a woman are, on the one hand, halves of one whole, and on the other, complete opposites. The difference attracts them. The further they are from each other, the deeper the attraction. The more they differ, the stronger their mutual attraction.

But this is where the main problem lies.

When a man and a woman become closer, they want to merge, to become one harmonious whole - but... their attraction is based on opposites, and achieving harmony implies that they can dissolve this opposite.

And until the love affair becomes conscious, it will bring both man and woman great suffering, great trouble. You can call it "falling in love."

All lovers face difficulties.

These difficulties lie in the very nature of things - they are not unique to lovers. The lovers cannot explain why they are so irresistibly drawn to each other. They are not even aware of the reasons behind it. Therefore, oddly enough, the happiest lovers are those who never meet. As soon as they meet, the opposite that created the attraction will turn into conflict.

Their views on different things, their opinions regarding different events will often be opposite. Even if they speak the same language, they will not be able to understand each other.

The way a man looks at the world is different from the way a woman looks at him.

For example, a man is usually interested in abstract issues - the future of humanity, stars, life on other planets. The woman openly laughs at all this nonsense.

She is interested in more “life” concerns - what is happening with the neighbors, who is cheating on their wife, whose wife is in love with the driver. Her interest is very localized, it is human. She cares little about reincarnation and doesn't care whether there is life after death.

Her interest is more practical.

She cares about the present - what is happening here and now. A man is never here and now.

He's always somewhere else.

If a man and a woman realize that there has been a meeting of opposites and that it does not always lead to conflict, then they have a great opportunity to understand the completely opposite point of view and absorb it into themselves. Then their life can become surprisingly harmonious.

But if this does not happen, their life together will turn into an ongoing struggle. Of course, this also means days off - a person cannot continue to fight twenty-four hours a day, he needs a little rest to prepare for a new battle. But all the same: for thousands of years, men and women have lived side by side, while remaining completely strangers. They give birth to children, but never recognize each other. Male and female worldviews are radically opposite. So unless you make a conscious effort, until this becomes your meditation, you have no chance of achieving a peaceful life.

A woman thinks intuitively, and a man thinks logically, so in most cases they cannot agree.

A woman immediately comes to some conclusion, without even starting to think about anything. A man first builds a logical chain in his brain, and only then gives a solution. He goes to his conclusion step by step, and she immediately jumps to him. She has an intuitive mind. Therefore, you will not be able to deceive a woman, especially your wife. No one has ever succeeded in doing this! She sees right through you because her way of seeing is not the same as yours. She comes in from the back door, although you didn’t even know there was one! You are ready and waiting at the front door, and she is right there, already knows all the entrances and exits.

The husband comes home in full combat readiness. He knows what he is going to tell his wife - he has memorized everything down to the last letter. But the moment he looks at the woman, all the rehearsed phrases fly out of his head, and he himself becomes a little frightened child. Even such a great man as Napoleon was very afraid of women. He was even afraid of his own wife, because she knew him like crazy. A man's thought goes in a spiral, but a woman's thought flies straight like an arrow. The woman doesn't listen to you, she just looks into your eyes. She listens to you speak. She sees how your hands shake, she sees how your eyes dart.

She doesn't listen to what you say - it's not relevant. She knows that all this is fiction and that you made up your “legend” while walking from the pub. She can read your body language. And your body language cannot lie, you cannot control it.

The ways in which a woman comes to a conclusion are devoid of logic - they are made intuitively. But nevertheless, women rarely make mistakes. Logic may fail, but not a woman's intuition. A woman is always guided by intuition, and a man acts based on logic.

Of course, intuition knows the “back door” leading to reality. While logic continues to bang on the front door, to no avail. And the “back door” is always open.

A woman always acts differently, not like a man, even in small things. As soon as a man realizes this, their communication becomes different.

A man solves problems using his intellect. He is afraid of a woman precisely because she solves her problems at the level of intuition. A woman, as a rule, does not live by reason (of course, she is reasonable, but not intellectual). A man's rationality is one kind of rationality, and a woman's rationality is completely different. A man's intelligence is based on his intellect, and a woman's intelligence is based on her intuition.

They have no basis, no possibility of mutual understanding. They are radically opposite to each other, and that is why they experience such attraction. They cannot understand each other, and because of this they become a mystery - this also has great attraction.

It is a fact: you can love a woman all your life, but you will not be able to understand her.

The woman will remain a mystery, an unsolved secret; she lives by mood, not by thoughts, she is changeable, like the weather. If you love a woman, you will understand what I mean. In the morning the clouds gathered, and she was sad, and then suddenly the clouds disappeared, the sun appeared - and she sings.

Behavior unthinkable for a man!

What the hell is going on with this woman? Yes, for a man this is nonsense, because, as he believes, everything should have a reasonable explanation. The man asks: “Why are you sad?” The woman replies: “I’m just sad.” A man cannot understand this. There must be some reason to be sad!

He will ask: “Why are you laughing?” The woman will answer: “I feel happy.”

She lives by mood.

Of course, it is difficult for a man to live with a woman. If they can be understood logically, then something can be done about it. If it is not subject to logic, if it comes completely unexpectedly and goes away just as unexpectedly, then it is very difficult to deal with.

No man has ever managed to cope with a woman. First he tries, and then he gives up.

He refuses to even try to deal with her.

Men, unlike women, like to argue. Women have firmly learned this: a man will emerge victorious from any dispute. And that's why women don't argue - they quarrel. They start to get angry. And what they cannot achieve with logic, they achieve with anger. And, of course, the man thinks: “Why create so much trouble over such a trifle?”

And he agrees with the woman.

The woman has her own arguments. She breaks plates - but only those plates that she doesn't mind. She will never hit the ones she likes.

She throws a pillow at the man. But hitting someone with a pillow doesn’t hurt at all. The pillow is soft, it is a completely harmless weapon. A woman throws other things at a man, but never aims at him. She throws first one thing, then another. This is quite enough to make a noise. This is exactly what she wants: she wants all the neighbors to know what is happening. And the man immediately backs down. He begins to ingratiate himself and ask for forgiveness: “Sorry! I was wrong from the start. I knew it!" When the couple calms down, the man completely forgets about the argument.

Therefore, when he enters the house, he takes a deep breath and mentally prepares for new unexpected surprises.

Half of the world (its external, objective part) needs a reasonable approach. If we are talking about something related to the outside world, then most likely the man is right. But if it comes to the inner world, then the woman is probably right, because there is no place for reason there. So if you're going to buy a car, listen to the man, and if you're going to choose a church, listen to the woman.

But this is practically impossible. If you are married, you still won’t be able to choose a car for yourself - nothing will work out for you. The wife will choose the car herself. And not only will he choose.

She will sit next to you and “lead” her!

Both men and women need to understand a simple truth.

When it comes to the world of objects and things, where precision is important, then the man is right.

He operates with logic; it is more “scientific”; it's more "Western". A woman acts intuitively, she is more “eastern”. And in most cases, intuition leads her to the right decision. So if you're going to church, follow your woman. She has developed a correct feeling for things related to the inner world. If you love a person, you soon come to understand this. Then a tacit agreement arises between the lovers as to who will be right and about what.

Love always understands.

A man is a doer.

The woman is the beloved.

She's not a doer.

A man is the mind, a woman is the heart.

A man can create things, but he cannot create life - this requires sensitivity similar to the sensitivity of the earth. A seed falls into the ground, disappears into it, and then suddenly a new life is born. This is how a child is born. To give birth to anything - a child, faith, oneself - a womb is needed. You need to become a queen. The woman is patient. Just imagine a man with a baby growing in his belly for nine months! You can’t even imagine that a man could endure this - it’s simply impossible. Women are more patient and more accepting.

Where does this strength come from?

It comes from their sensitivity.

When you are a doer, you give of yourself, thereby depleting your essence. When a woman and a man make love, the man exhausts himself, but the woman is enriched by him, nourished by him, she is the receiving party. When making love, a man loses energy, and a woman is saturated with it. This is why women all over the world are constrained by conventions. If it were otherwise, there would be no men! A man simply could not satisfy a woman. A woman can make love to a dozen men in one night and still feel fresh and full of energy. A man can make love only once, after which he is already exhausted. A man throws out energy, a woman absorbs it.

A woman waits - this does not mean that she does not love; her love is amazing, no man is capable of loving so deeply.

The woman is sure that everything has its time and there is no need to rush anywhere. She lives without tension, she is full of energy - hence her feminine beauty.

While in the uterus, a woman's egg is simply waiting. She's not moving anywhere. And the male seed moves, and at great speed. To reach a woman's egg, a man's seed has to travel a long way - and this is where the competition begins. Men compete with each other from the very beginning, even before they are born. When making love to a woman, a man releases millions of sperm, and they all fly towards the egg. Each of them “turns on” the highest speed, because only one will be able to get to the egg. Only one will win the Nobel Prize. This is where the real Olympic Games are! And this is a matter of life and death. This is the Great Competition - millions of sperm are racing to overtake each other to reach the goal. And the female egg is just waiting. Amazing trust...

A husband who is not under his wife’s thumb is a rarity. It is unlikely that you will come across such a specimen in life. And if you meet one, then this exception will only confirm the rule, that’s all.

There is an explanation for this from a psychological point of view. A man constantly fights, so his energy is depleted. And when he gets home, he wants to become “feminine” - to take a break from his own masculine aggressiveness. He fought everywhere - in the office, in the factory, in business, in politics. At home he doesn’t want to fight - he wants to rest, because tomorrow everything will start again. Therefore, at home he becomes like a woman. And the woman remained a woman all day, she did not fight - she had no one to fight with. She was tired of being a woman - the kitchen, children and so on. She wants to try on aggression and fight a little, and then her husband is at hand. Therefore, a woman becomes masculine, and a man becomes feminine. This is the essence of henpeckedness.

The heart is "primitive". Scientists have not yet found a way to “educate” the heart and make it “civilized” - and this is for the better. The heart is humanity's only hope for survival. Therefore, woman remains humanity’s hope for survival.

The world has always been dominated by men. And the reason for this is funny: in his soul a man feels his inferiority, and in order to compensate for this inferiority, he began to dominate the woman. A man is stronger than a woman in only one thing - physical strength. In any other matter, a woman can easily defeat him. A woman lives longer and gets sick less often. Men go crazy twice as often as women.

And men also commit suicide twice as often.

In everything except physical strength, a woman is much stronger than a man.

Logic and precision are qualities of the male mind.

Receptivity and serenity are qualities of the female mind. Only a woman is capable of perception, so it is she who becomes pregnant - since she has a uterus.

These qualities - male and female - need to be complementary. If you cannot think like a man, then you will not be able to understand what is being said to you, you will not be aware of what the Master is conveying to you.

And if you don’t have a feminine mind, feminine sensitivity, you won’t be able to absorb what is said, you won’t be able to “get pregnant” with it.

Both are very important. You have to be intelligent, extremely intelligent, to get the point. You need to be incredibly receptive to grasp the essence so that it becomes part of you.

A man always forced a woman to keep her mouth shut - not only outside, but also inside: he forced the woman to remain silent.

Listen to yourself. If the feminine part of you starts to say something, you immediately throw accusations: “Illogical! This is nonsense!

You miss out on a lot of beautiful things because the mind continues to say its own thing, not allowing the heart to get in a word.

Often it is rebels who become leaders. Experienced school teachers entrust the most active and restless ones with maintaining order in the classroom. As soon as these students find themselves “in power,” all their energy, previously destructive, becomes support for the teacher - because now they begin to establish order. The male mind bears the signs of a rebel, so he rules and dominates.

And although you hold power in your hands, deep down you continue to miss life. And deep inside there remains a woman's mind!

Until you accept that the feminine part of you has a voice and “surrender” to it, you will continue to miss out on life. As long as you fight the feminine in you, you will never know real life and its joys.

A person needs to become water - flowing, fresh, striving for the ocean. He needs to be water in everything - to be as soft, feminine, receptive, loving, pliable. There is no need to become like a stone. The stone looks very strong, but it is not; The water looks very weak, but it is not. Don't let the stone fool you: it's only so durable on the outside. Water always defeats it: under the influence of water, the stone is destroyed, turns into sand, and is carried into the sea. Over time, the stone will disappear - under the influence of soft water.

The stone relates to the masculine part of you - it is the masculine, aggressive mind. Water is feminine, soft, loving and not aggressive. And non-aggression wins. Water is always ready to give up, but thanks to this it wins - this is a woman’s trick. A woman always gives up and thanks to this she wins.

And a man wants to conquer, but as a result he suffers defeat - that’s all.


The world consists of two parts. The man created his own world - bright, sparkling. And the woman lived in the shadows - and she created her world there. And now, in order to become perfect, both a man and a woman need to possess the qualities of these two worlds. They need to be both gentle, like a rose petal, and hard, like a dagger - in any situation. If the situation requires you to be a dagger, you are ready; if the situation requires you to be a rose petal, you are ready. The ability to transform from a rose petal to a sword in an instant will make your life richer.

Women have difficulty making decisions because they are more changeable, more fluid and less firm. And this is their beauty and grace.

A woman is like a changing river. And the man is firmer, more decisive. So where you need to make a decision, listen to the man. And when there is no need to make a decision - you just need to go with the flow - then a woman will help a man. A woman's mind can reveal many secrets, just like a man's. But the conflict between a man and a woman is still inevitable - just as the conflict between science and religion is inevitable. There is a possibility that one day a man and a woman will realize that complementing each other is much better than conflicting. But this will happen at the same time when science and religion also decide that it will be better for everyone if they complement each other. Science then will not refute what religion says, and religion will trust what science says.

And this will not be an invasion of someone else’s territory, because the spheres of activity of science and religion are completely different. Science moves outward, religion moves inward.

Women are observers, men are reflectors. Men think better. Therefore, when you need to think about something, listen to the man.

Women feel better. When you need feeling, listen to the woman. Both (feeling and thinking) make life complete. When you are truly in love, you become yin-yang. Have you ever seen the Chinese yin-yang symbol? It depicts two fish almost merging with each other in deep movement, completing a circle of energy. Man and woman, masculine and feminine, day and night, work and rest, thinking and feeling - all this is not opposite, but only complements each other. And when you are in love, you and your partner become amazingly refined in your own being.

You become whole.

A man and a woman are two parts of one whole. Their world should also be one whole, and they need to share all their qualities with each other, without division into “male” and “female”.

If you force someone to “be a man,” that person is missing out on something wonderful in their life.

He ceases to be alive - he becomes callous, hard, almost dead. And if a woman forgets that sometimes she must be unshakable and rebellious, then she will become a slave. Absolute softness is characteristic only of slaves. And then the roses cannot fight with the daggers, they will die immediately.

The perfect, whole person has not yet been born. There are men, there are women - but not Man.

Both masculinity and femininity can move in two directions.

The male mind can become aggressive, violent, destructive. Throughout history, men have often done this, and humanity has suffered greatly from it. And when men reinforce this negative aspect of masculinity, women involuntarily begin to strengthen negative femininity just to survive next to such a man. Otherwise the gap would be too large, almost insurmountable. When a woman is negative, she is passive, inactive, indifferent. A negative man can only connect with a negative woman.

Positive masculinity is initiative, the desire to create and learn. Essentially, the same energies operate in a negative aspect. But while the negative male mind becomes destructive, the positive male mind becomes creative. Destructiveness and creativity are not two different things, they are two sides of the same energy. The same energy can become both aggressive and peaceful.

When aggression turns into initiative, there is something beautiful about it. When cruelty is turned into a thirst for knowledge, it can be of great benefit. And exactly the same with a woman. Passivity is negative, receptivity is positive. These qualities look almost the same, they are very similar. One must be very discerning to see the difference between passivity and receptivity. Passivity is boring, dead, hopeless. There is nothing to wait for, nothing to hope for, nothing will happen anyway. Passivity turns into apathy, into indifference. Receptivity is a welcoming, an expectation, there is a prayer in it. Receptivity is hospitality, receptivity is the womb. Indifference and apathy are poison. But what was indifference can become non-attachment, and then it will be filled with a completely different meaning. Indifference is similar to non-attachment. But indifference is simply a lack of interest. Non-attachment is not a lack of interest; on the contrary, it is a passionate interest in which there is no desire to “catch on.”

Enjoy the moment while it lasts. And when the time comes for him to disappear, as everything is destined to do, let him go.

This is non-attachment.

To become truly courageous, a man needs not to be afraid to take risks, he needs to develop creativity and initiative in himself. This will be useful in life. To become a real woman, a woman needs to be a lake of energy behind a man. She should give him as much energy for his creativity as needed. This energy will help give inspiration and breathe poetry into a man’s life. The male soul, striving for the unknown, will be able to relax in the lake of energy, restore its strength and be filled with life again.

If a man and a woman move together in a positive direction, then they become one. And a real couple - and there are very few real couples - is one in which each merges with the other, endowing him with his positive qualities.

If there is a woman next to the poet who supports him, then his poetry can soar to the skies. And if a man feels that a woman is always ready to help, then he feels a huge surge of strength, he can handle any task. As soon as he feels that the woman is not with him, his energy disappears. Now he can live only with dreams, but they no longer have energy; they can be realized. A man creates a dream. The woman gives impetus to its implementation.

In the search for God, in the search for truth, a man must lead, and a woman must follow him. Animus (Animus - spirit ( lat.

)) within you must become a master, and anima (Anima - soul (
)) must become a student. Remember this regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.

The woman is static. The man is dynamic. That’s why women seem so calm and men seem so restless. Already in childhood these differences are visible. The boy is restless by nature, he is always spinning around, trying to get into something - he causes a lot of trouble. And the girl usually doesn’t create trouble - she just sits hugging her doll. Amazing peace...

A woman is a source of peace, that is why she is so round and beautiful; a man is a source of anxiety, because he is in constant excitement. To grow you need a source of anxiety because growth is always change.

A woman is orthodox by nature, but a man does not accept conventions. A woman loves the established order and supports it, but a man is not averse to starting some stupid revolution. He doesn’t care what changes will follow his rebellion, he is already “for it.” His motto is: “Change is good,” and he doesn’t care whether it changes things for the good or for the bad. A woman is always for the established order of life. Whether it is good or bad is not the point. Her life principle is: “It has always been this way, so it must remain so.”

In order for you to grow, the frozen source within you must be warmed and allowed to thaw. If your feminine part is frozen, it needs to be melted so that you can become a river.

But the river needs solid, reliable banks. Remember: if a river has no banks, it will never reach the ocean. And if the river is frozen, it will never reach the ocean either. The river just needs to melt, become fluid and accept the help of the motionless banks.

A man needs to be masculine, and a woman needs to be feminine, but in the positive aspect of these qualities. Then their union will become contemplation, it will become great creativity.

Then your union will give you many new discoveries. Then life will become a dance between two polarities - a dance in which man and woman help each other, in which they fulfill each other. A man alone cannot become successful. A woman alone will be just a standing lake of energy, without the ability to move. Together they complement each other. No one is more important than another. Parts of the whole cannot dominate each other; they have equal rights. Neither a man nor a woman is more important than each other, they are complementary. Together they merge into a single whole, they achieve a divinity that they could not achieve alone.

Become total. Get back everything that has been denied by society for so long, don’t be afraid to get it back for yourself. Don't be afraid: If you're a man, don't be afraid to be a woman sometimes.

If someone has died, you cannot mourn because you are a man - only women can shed tears. Tears are so wonderful! But, alas, this is a taboo for men.

The man becomes more and more rude, aggressive, neurotic. Therefore, it is not surprising that Adolf Hitlers are born. A man who doesn't cry anymore will sooner or later become Hitler. A man who forbids himself to shed tears will sooner or later become Genghis Khan. He will forget what compassion is, he will become heartless, he will stop feeling what he is doing to people. Hitler killed millions of people and did not feel the slightest pang of conscience.

He is a “real man”: the woman in him has completely disappeared. Compassion, love - everything is gone. There are no more tears.

I wish men could cry too. Tears soften the heart. They make a person fluid and soft. They remove all barriers and allow you to own the entire sky.

Women are not allowed to laugh - if a woman laughs at the top of her lungs, it means she is not well-mannered. What nonsense?! If you can't have a good laugh, you're missing out on something very important. Laughter should come from the stomach. Laughter should be so contagious that your whole body shakes from your laughter. It should not come from the head. But women don’t laugh, they just smile – after all, a lady is not supposed to burst into laughter.

And so ladies live in constant anxiety, day by day becoming more insincere, unreal.

Don't become "ladies" and "gentlemen".

Be whole.

The lowest form of love

Osho talks about love in this aspect when people fall in love with cars, dogs, things, animals. This happens because the feeling in question of an ordinary, untrained individual has been transformed into something terrible - an ongoing conflict. As a result, this leads to constant squabbles, grabbing each other by the throat. This kind of behavior is the lowest form of love.

In the case of using feeling as a bridge (meditation), there is nothing terrible in this. But if you always try to understand the essence, then within the framework of this very understanding a person begins to move upward.

Highest level

Osho argued that only then does love transform into an unconditional form, when it ceases to be suffering and dependence. In a situation where love is a state of mind, the so-called lotus of soul and happiness finally opens up, beginning to exude a subtle aroma. This can only happen at the highest level.

Osho (quotes about the love of a man and a woman) emphasized that only at the highest level will an individual achieve a special divine state of consciousness. At the lowest level, this feeling remains politics, the manipulation of only one person.

Osho: quotes about love

A large number of quotes are devoted to this topic. Here are a few of them:

  1. “...The mind is a very businesslike, calculating mechanism; it has nothing to do with love...”
  2. “...Love is a spiritual experience that has nothing to do with genders and bodies, but connected with the deepest inner being...”
  3. “...Loving yourself does not imply selfish pride, not at all. In fact, it implies exactly the opposite...", etc.

This is how Osho described the trembling feeling known to many. Love quotes (short) are easy to remember because they contain truth that never gets old.

Osho's worldview

Osho's worldview is reflected in his statements...

“I don’t have a system. Systems can only be dead. I am an unsystematic, anarchic flow, I am not even a person, but simply a process. I don’t know what I told you yesterday.”

“Truth is outside of specific forms, attitudes, verbal formulations, practices, logic, and its comprehension is carried out by a chaotic, not a systematic method.” “My message is not a doctrine, not a philosophy. My message is a kind of alchemy, a science of transformation.”

“My friends are surprised: yesterday you said one thing, and today you said something else. What should we obey? I can understand their confusion. They only grasped at the words. Conversations have no value for me, only the spaces between the words I speak are what are valuable. Yesterday I opened the doors to my emptiness with the help of some words, today I open them with the help of other words.”

Women, from the point of view of Indian esotericism

Osho spoke about a woman’s love from a position of grief, since the fair sex was constantly suppressed. He argued that men had ruled the weaker sex for a long time. They took every opportunity to do this, and women were always suppressed.

It seemed strange to him that men dominated even in dance, poetry, and music. It should be the other way around, but women have never been given the opportunity to achieve anything meaningful. He believed that if women were prevented from getting an education, society would eventually become poorer. Osho insisted that it was simply necessary to give the weaker sex respect. The world should belong to both sexes.

If a man is alone, he only creates wars. Life becomes a never-ending struggle. History is filled with cruel people who are considered famous today.


Osho believed that everything that happens to you should be accepted with ease. This will avoid suffering. Osho quotes about life help you see where true happiness lies.

“What difference does it make who is stronger, who is smarter, who is more beautiful, who is richer? Because in the end, the only thing that matters is whether you are a happy person or not.”

“If you are rich, don’t think about it, if you are poor, don’t take your poverty seriously. If you are able to live in peace, remembering that the world is just a show, you will be free, you will not be touched by suffering. Suffering is the result of taking life seriously; bliss is the result of the game. Take life as a game, enjoy it.”

“Don’t look for the best, but look for your own. After all, the best will not always be yours, but yours will always be better..."

Love and fear

According to Osho, there are two types of life: the first is based on fear, the second is based on love. In the first case, life will never give deep relationships, since a person lets another in only to a small extent, after which the wall grows, everything stops.

One who is love oriented is religious. He is not afraid of the future, results and consequences. Such a person lives in the present.

In youth, people boldly go into love because there is a very strong desire to love, which suppresses fear. Then the latter, accumulating, fills everything so that there is no room left for a free decision to give love. People love only because they want to feel that way. This is inherent in a person from the very beginning, but fears accumulated throughout life prevent one from being happy.

Difference between love and infatuation

Osho, like other sages, pointed out that there is a huge difference between these feelings. What many call love later turns out to be simple falling in love.

Likewise, the relationships that true love gives rise to differ from those built on falling in love. In the first case, they give mutual happiness, and in the second - quarrels and disappointments.

Finally, it is worth recalling that the article examined how Osho understood the most reverent feeling (for quotes about love, see above). His points of view regarding male and female perceptions of love are described. Osho’s main love rule is also voiced (quotes about self-love): without accepting yourself, it will be impossible to open up to another person.

The enlightened master believed that love (no church can stand around it), awareness are qualities that no one can monopolize. Osho wanted people to know themselves, regardless of the opinions of others. To do this, you need to look inside. There is no need for a church or any other external organization.

Oscho has always promoted freedom, creativity, and individuality. He was always for the beautiful Earth, for existence at this very moment, there is no need to wait for heaven, fear hell, or experience greed. It’s enough to just be in silence, here, enjoying your existence.

His philosophy is to destroy in any way everything that later becomes slavery: groups, authorities, leaders - these are diseases that should be avoided.

Make life around you beautiful!

The idea is simple: you must always go forward and upward and discover something new! Both around you and in yourself. Inspirational Osho quotes will support you along this path.

“The only person on earth we can change is ourselves.”

“Make as many mistakes as possible, just remember one thing: don’t make the same mistake twice. And you will grow."

“Make life around you beautiful. And let every person feel that meeting you is a gift.”

“Whenever you are faced with a choice, be careful: do not choose what is convenient, comfortable, respectable, recognized by society, honorable. Choose what resonates in your heart. Choose what you would like to do, no matter the consequences.”

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