How to increase efficiency and productivity: ways and methods

Every person in the course of his work activity at least once experienced a state when work was not only not pleasing, but he also wanted to run away wherever his eyes were looking. If at that moment there was nowhere to disappear, then there was a strong desire to bury myself on my favorite sofa and do nothing. We invite you to delve deeper into understanding the causes of this phenomenon and learn effective methods that will really help improve your performance.

What is life energy

Harmonious human development is possible only with the combination of muscle and nervous strength. This combination can be called vital force. Muscles are given to us to carry out various movements, the coordination of which is carried out by the nervous system.

The coordinated work of the nervous and muscular systems ensures a balance between physical, mental and emotional processes. It turns out that if vitality decreases, then the work of the whole organism is disrupted.

Manifestations of brain activity

Brain activity is manifested by electrical oscillations - brain rhythms, among which about 8 types of oscillations are identified - from alpha to tau rhythm.

  1. The alpha rhythm is recorded at rest and during relaxed wakefulness. As soon as the functional activity of the brain increases, alpha oscillations begin to fade until they disappear.
  2. Beta waves are “responsible” for higher cognitive functions, memory, attention. They fade with motor activation or tactile stimulation.
  3. The gama rhythm is fixed when solving intellectual problems that require full concentration of attention.
  4. The delta rhythm regulates the recovery processes of the brain (during sleep). Excessive increases in delta waves are almost always associated with problems with attention, memory, and other cognitive functions.
  5. Theta waves appear at the moment of transition from relaxed wakefulness to drowsiness.
  6. The kapa rhythm, arising in the temporal regions, manifests itself when alpha rhythms are suppressed in other areas of the brain during mental activity.
  7. Mu oscillations are observed in only 10-15% of people. Occurs with increased brain activity and mental stress.
  8. The tau rhythm becomes a response to the blockade of sound signals.

To assess a person’s condition and his mental activity, it is necessary to take into account the ratio of rhythms. Thus, a decrease in alpha oscillations with eyes closed with a simultaneous increase in beta activity may indicate psycho-emotional stress and anxiety. A decrease in alpha activity with eyes closed with an increase in theta rhythms becomes a sign of depression.

Where do we get life force from?

For example, when a person’s sleep is disturbed, this is an example of a disordered functioning of the muscular and nervous systems. The muscles are relaxed, but the brain cannot turn off. Lack of vitality weakens the human body, which causes the development of various pathologies.

When there is no strength, then all interest in life disappears, all plans go to the side, you don’t want anything, and emotional exhaustion sets in.

To restore vitality, the body must receive various types of energy, such as the air that fills our lungs during breathing. It is simply necessary for the functioning of all organ systems.

A certain supply of vital forces can be accumulated in the human body; in order to accumulate them, all sorts of practices can be used:

  • Full sleep.
  • Meditations.
  • Breathing practices.
  • Relaxation.

As soon as you have a question about how to recharge your energy, try doing a few breathing exercises first, and then you can move on to other methods.

Gotu kola

Asian centella, which is called “gotu kola” in its homeland, India, is literally the twin sister of the famous Chinese giant ginkgo. The juice of its leaves has a similar stimulating effect on the brain, thanks to its unique terpene-glycoside composition. Local residents discovered the unique properties of gotu kola by observing the behavior of Indian elephants: the animals always willingly grazed in the thickets of centella, and elephants are distinguished by a high level of intelligence and long life expectancy.

Gotu kola is also an excellent blood circulation stimulant, so it is recommended for thrombophlebitis, varicose veins and cellulite. Taking centella extract helps to activate the production of choline and acetylcholine, the important function of which we have already talked about a lot above. In Thailand, a large study of gotu kola was conducted in 2008 with a group of elderly patients. The results showed significant improvements in overall well-being, mood, concentration and memory.

More details:

10 beneficial properties of gotu kola, instructions

Reasons for decreased performance

Our modern life is such that we are constantly surrounded by stressful situations and often experience overload. This applies to both muscular and mental work. Often monotonous and monotonous activities lead to decreased performance; how to increase it is a concern for many. Before we talk about increasing it, let's look at the reasons for the decrease in performance:

  1. Great physical exertion, especially when it is necessary to perform such work for a long time.
  2. Physical ailments and various diseases in which the functioning of systems is disrupted, which leads to a decrease in performance.
  3. Doing monotonous work for a long time also leads to fatigue.
  4. If the regime is violated, performance is not able to remain at a high level.
  5. Abuse of artificial stimulants leads to a short-term effect, for example, when drinking strong coffee or tea, a person initially feels cheerful and energetic, but this does not last long.
  6. Bad habits can also be considered the enemies of performance.
  7. Lack of interest in life and personal growth leads to the fading of previously acquired skills and abilities, and this cannot but negatively affect performance.
  8. Stressful situations in the family, at work, or personal problems can plunge a person into deep depression, which completely deprives him of any ability to work.

If performance has decreased, how to increase it - that is the problem. Let's figure this out.

How you can increase your performance, energy and vigor: 7 simple steps

The most common techniques today are those in which maximum results are achieved with the least effort. I will describe some of them.

Pareto's Law

It says that 20% of the costs bring 80% of the “fruits”, and in the second part of the activity these numbers are reversed. This rule applies to all areas of life. In this regard, all secondary tasks should be performed at a time of low productivity, and priority tasks should be performed, on the contrary, when vitality is at its peak.

Three Important Activities

Many people create a daily schedule, which helps make the work process more organized. Therefore, every morning, identify the 3 most important things for yourself. If you complete them earlier than expected, you can move on to the rest.

"Do less"

A popular technique that has several different approaches. For example, some experts recommend taking a few minutes off during the workday and devoting yourself to meditation. This way you can get rid of stress, restore your breathing and concentrate on your responsibilities. Don't overload yourself. After all, it is better to do not so much, but with high quality, than to complete the entire volume, but “carelessly.”

Pomodoro technique

This method of increasing the performance of the human brain was discovered by Francesco Cirillo. The name came from the fact that the kitchen timer he used to keep time was shaped like a tomato.

The bottom line is that you should devote 25 minutes to intense work, and then be sure to take a five-minute break. After four such segments, you need to rest longer.

Multitasking – myth or reality

This mode is unlikely to make you more productive. After all, when we pay attention to several things at the same time, it has a bad effect on overall productivity. Even though you are well-trained, your effectiveness will be significantly lower than if you take on one task and complete it from start to finish.

Information diet

At a time when the flow of information coming from all sides is enormous, it is as easy to become oversaturated with it as to get sunstroke in the desert. Symptoms of this include slow reaction times, poor sleep, and absent-mindedness. Therefore, it is worth limiting yourself from such noise and trying to obtain as little unnecessary data as possible. You will see that in just a week your productivity will increase significantly.

Life on schedule

According to Parkinson's rule, work requires as much time as was allocated for it. So, if you decide that you will complete a specific task in a week, it will continue for that long. But if you set stricter boundaries, then dealing with the task will be much more effective.

Ask a question

Anti-fatigue medications

If you visit a doctor, he will most likely recommend increasing your activity and performance with the help of medications. These include:

  1. Energy products. They are able to quickly replenish the lack of energy, these include: “Asparkam”, “Papashin”, “Methionine” and others.
  2. Plastic action drugs accelerate the processes of protein synthesis. Cellular structures are restored faster, metabolic processes are activated, which means performance is restored. This group of products includes: “Riboxin”, “Carnitine”.
  3. Vitamins. Everyone is recommended to take vitamin supplements; they will help avoid loss of performance. Well-proven products: “Aerovit”, “Undevit”, “Dekamevit”.
  4. Adaptogens improve well-being, tone up, and help improve both mental and physical performance. This category of drugs includes “Ginseng Tincture”, “Eleutherococcus”, preparations based on Aralia, Chinese Schisandra.

For those who do not want to use medications to cope with their increased fatigue and low performance, there are other options.


Creatine belongs to the group of nitrogen-containing organic acids and is synthesized in the body of all mammals, including humans. If you artificially increase the concentration of this beneficial substance, you can accelerate cellular reactions, enhance muscle growth and increase the threshold of fatigue. A great combination of effects for athletes and bodybuilders, isn't it? This is why creatine, as a dietary supplement, is very popular in the sports community.

But today we are interested in the nootropic status of creatine. Those who want to “pump up” their brain will also find this nutrient useful, since it has an energy-saving effect on the brain. Creatine participates in reactions taking place in mitochondria and cytosol, and promotes the accumulation and conservation of energy in cells. The result is good memory and high speed of analytical thinking. It is recommended to take 5 g of creatine daily unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor.

Water treatments to give strength

All procedures associated with water tone the body, relieve fatigue, and increase the body's performance. We can recommend the following baths for severe fatigue and when it seems that there is no strength at all:

  • Take a bath with pine extract. It perfectly restores after intense physical activity.
  • The familiar sea salt can also work wonders. A bath with its addition relaxes, helps to relax the body and restore vitality.

Performance suffers, don’t know how to improve it? Start by taking a relaxing and restorative bath. Strength will certainly increase, and overall well-being will improve significantly.


Another useful amino acid - L-tyrosine - is included in the protein composition of all tissues and organs and is produced from phenylalanine. Without a sufficient amount of this amino acid, adequate synthesis of the hormones adrenaline and norepinephrine, as well as the main neurotransmitter, dopamine, is impossible. To provide yourself with L-tyrosine, you can either significantly increase your consumption of seafood, fish, meat, legumes and grains, or purchase a ready-made dietary supplement.

L-tyrosine is very useful not only for those people whose professional activities are associated with strong mental stress and prolonged concentration. This amino acid significantly increases the threshold for fatigue, so it is also extremely useful for those who are engaged in physical labor. L-tyrosine prevents the development of endocrine diseases, maintains the health of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands and pituitary gland. However, if you already suffer from a similar disease and are taking hormonal medications, be sure to consult with your doctor about L-tyrosine to avoid unwanted drug interactions.

Familiar methods for improving performance

Currently, many scientists and researchers who study humans have proven that there are ways to increase performance that are available to absolutely everyone, all you need is desire.

  1. The first thing you need to do is normalize your daily routine. The required amount of time should be regularly allocated for sleep; it is advisable to go to bed at the same time. Lack of sleep immediately affects performance.
  2. You need to pay attention to your diet. Excess fatty and floury foods lead to the development of fatigue, and mental performance also decreases.
  3. You can turn to vitamin supplements if your diet does not allow you to compensate for the lack of certain substances.
  4. It is necessary to plan your day in advance, then you will not have to rush from one task to another when in the end nothing is completed. To begin with, you can simply keep a notebook or diary where you can write down important things that need to be done that day.
  5. If you feel normal at home, but fatigue overtakes you only at work, then reconsider it. It should be well lit, all necessary things and objects should be in direct reach and in their place. Then you won’t have to spend a lot of time, losing energy, searching for what you need.
  6. Don’t be a homebody: visit public institutions, theaters and exhibitions, lead an active life, find a hobby you like, then you will never even have a question about how to increase a person’s performance.


Acetyl-L-carnitine is an amino acid better known to those who want to lose weight and look younger than to those who want to improve memory and stimulate brain activity. But its nootropic functions deserve attention, since acetyl-L-carnitine has the same effect on the brain as creatine - it regulates energy balance. By regularly taking this amino acid, you can achieve three positive effects at once: activate the brain, get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome and put carbohydrate metabolism in order.

A study conducted at an American university showed that students who took acetyl-L-carnitine for two months were able to improve their science grades much better than their peers who did not take this amino acid. Men will probably be interested to know that acetyl-L-carnitine stimulates the natural synthesis of testosterone, and therefore improves sexual function.

Our brain gets tired too

You can feel not only physical fatigue, but also a loss of mental performance is not at all uncommon. A person was given a brain for a reason; it not only controls the work of the entire body, but also must constantly solve any problems in order to be in good shape. Scientists have found that we use only 15 percent of the capacity of our brain; almost everyone can make sure that this percentage increases significantly. This will provide enormous opportunities. How many important problems a person could solve!

Scientists are sure that just as muscles need constant training to be in good shape and maintain a beautiful body shape, so the brain needs to be trained. Previously, it was believed that it was not amenable to training, but now all this has already been refuted by numerous studies. If we train the brain, then there is no question of losing mental performance. Daily routine work is quite tiring for the brain; it does not receive food for development.

Let's find out how we can increase the abilities of our brain.

Products that increase tone

To keep your mind clear, you need protein. That is why plant and animal foods should be included in the diet.

Natural sugar and starch also contribute to increased efficiency. Black bread and potatoes are the best helpers in this case. Since ordinary sweets lead not only to excess weight, but also accelerate fatigue.

Seafood improves concentration: shrimp, crab or squid. Strawberries and bananas will help get rid of stress and lift your mood.

Ways to increase mental performance

Almost all recommendations are not out of the ordinary. Most of us practically know all this, but for some reason they are in no hurry to comply, and then they complain that their brains don’t want to work at all.

  1. An indisputable truth is that a person should sleep at night and be awake during the day.
  2. Even at the workplace, it is necessary to set aside time for rest, but not with a cigarette in hand or a cup of coffee, but take a short walk in the fresh air, just relax or do gymnastics.
  3. After work, many people rush to their favorite sofa or to the computer monitor to look at their social media feed, but is this really relaxation? This is a real punishment for our brain; it requires active rest - walks in the fresh air, cycling, outdoor games, communication with friends and children.
  4. Smoking and alcohol are the main enemies of our brain, give them up and see how much more efficiently your brain has become.
  5. We train the brain, to do this, try to count not on a calculator, but in your head, we remember information, and do not write it down on a piece of paper. The route to work should be changed periodically so that new connections are formed between neurons.
  6. Feed your memory with vitamin supplements, and even better, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.
  7. Mastering breathing exercises will help you saturate your brain with the oxygen it needs.
  8. Massaging the neck and head will also help significantly improve blood circulation in the brain.
  9. Constant stress and anxious thoughts tire your brain, learn to relax, you can master yoga techniques or learn to meditate.
  10. Learn to think positively, everyone has failures, but a pessimist gets hung up on them, while an optimist moves on and believes that everything will be fine.
  11. We solve all matters gradually and one by one; we should not dissipate our attention.
  12. Train your brain by solving puzzles, logic problems, puzzles.

The methods are quite simple and quite doable, but quite effective, you just have to try.

Caffeine + L-theanine

A cup of strong coffee is what first comes to mind when you need to concentrate, drive away drowsiness and force yourself to learn a lesson, solve a problem, perform complex mental work. But scientists have long proven that caffeine itself has no effect on academic performance and productivity. He won't tell you the right solution or give you a good idea. All that coffee can do is cause short-term stimulation of the nervous system, thanks to which your brain will stay afloat for a little longer. But the energy surge will very soon turn into a decline, and fatigue and drowsiness will appear much stronger than before taking caffeine.

Another thing is the combination of caffeine with the amino acid L-theanine contained in green tea. This substance is able to bypass the blood-brain barrier and protect the brain from the aggressive stimulating effects of caffeine, while maintaining and prolonging the positive stimulating effect of the latter. L-theanine prevents caffeine from increasing blood pressure and triggering a hypercompensation reaction, when a rise in brain activity is followed by a sharp decline.

Tests have shown that the best results can be achieved by taking 50 mg of caffeine and 100 mg of L-theanine over several hours. This dosage is equivalent to two cups of green tea and one cup of coffee, and it will significantly increase your concentration, improve the speed of logical thinking and visual information processing. There are complex dietary supplements based on caffeine and L-theanine, but only relatively healthy people who do not have diseases of the cardiovascular system can take them, as well as regularly indulge in caffeine-containing drinks.

Traditional medicine against fatigue

Recipes from traditional healers will tell you how to increase a person’s performance. Here are some of them:

  • Take the beets and grate them, put them in a jar about three-quarters full and fill them with vodka. Leave in a dark place for about 2 weeks, and then take a tablespoon before each meal.
  • Buy Icelandic moss at the pharmacy, take 2 teaspoons and pour 400 ml of cool water, put on fire and remove immediately after boiling. After cooling, strain and drink the entire amount throughout the day.

If you look at herbalists, you can find a lot more recipes that will help improve performance.


We would like to finish the story about amazing plants that stimulate brain activity with bacopa, another Ayurvedic medicinal herb. Bacopa not only improves memory, accelerates the transmission of nerve impulses and the analysis of information coming from the outside world, but also brings thoughts into harmony. The mild sedative effect of bacopa ensures calm and long-term concentration. This plant can even be used as a muscle relaxant - it reduces the frequency of epileptic seizures and neutralizes seizures in nervous diseases.

Recent research into the medicinal properties of bacopa has shown that it is also an effective antioxidant: it fights free radicals and protects cell integrity. When applied topically, bacopa juice has an anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect, and when taken orally, it has an antipyretic and analgesic effect. As for the use of bacopa extract as a nootropic substance, scientists recommend combining it with ginkgo biloba extract to obtain the best results.

There is already scientific evidence that taking dietary supplements based on these two plants for three months caused an average increase of 25% in test scores on memory and attention tests in control group subjects.

Author of the article:

Sokov Andrey Vladimirovich |
Neurologist Education: In 2005, she completed an internship at the First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M. Sechenov and received a diploma in the specialty “Neurology”. In 2009, she completed her postgraduate studies in the specialty “Nervous Diseases”. Our authors

Let's sum it up

From all that has been said, it becomes obvious that the loss of mental and physical performance is most often the fault of the person himself, and not of surrounding factors. If you organize your workday and rest after it correctly, you won’t have to suffer because your performance has decreased. You don’t need to figure out how to increase it in various ways.

Lead a healthy lifestyle, enjoy life, be glad that you live on this beautiful earth, and then no amount of fatigue will defeat you.

Asian ginseng

A legend of traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng root is recommended for almost any health problem. The pectins, tannins, glycosides, polysaccharides, resins, essential oils, alkaloids, vitamins and microelements contained in it are in amazing harmony, and together have a stimulating, rejuvenating and tonic effect on the body.

Preventive use of ginseng is relevant for reduced immunity, loss of strength after a serious illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, endocrine and digestive disorders, and sexual weakness in men. Ginseng is known to stabilize heart rate and normalize blood pressure. This natural medicine has no contraindications or side effects, however, it is a very powerful stimulant and tonic, so it is recommended to take ginseng in a dosage of no more than 200-500 mg twice a day.

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