How to become an interesting person for others: effective methods, methods and recommendations

How to become an interesting person to others? Focus on your own individuality and don't try to copy anyone. Many people who want to become more interesting to others are forgotten, being obsessed with their desire. And they begin to imitate their ideal, and not always successfully, completely forgetting about their own uniqueness. And this is the main mistake of many people.

Understand what it means to be an interesting person

No matter who you are or what you've done, not everyone will find you interesting. Just as we find different hobbies, topics and movies interesting, we also find different people interesting.

What makes you interesting to one person may not be so attractive to others. But that doesn't mean they won't be fascinated by some other aspect of your personality or life.

So part of what it takes to be an interesting person is knowing your audience and focusing on the things you think they might like.

Or, if you've just met someone, you can briefly hint at different things until you get a response that indicates they want to know more about something specific. And even if you don't see much interest in them, you can still try to seem interesting by following some of the tips below.


If a person is thinking about how to become an interesting person to others, then there is a high probability that he is not very versatile. This is true? Then you need to start actively working on yourself. In self-development, the main point is to concentrate on your goals and desires, as well as constantly acquiring new knowledge to achieve them.

This process is impossible without self-knowledge, which implies the study of one’s personal characteristics (both physical and mental). It is very important for each person to comprehend himself, and then to establish himself in those areas of life that are most significant to him. And the more there are, the better. Everything is simple here. The more spheres of manifestation of his personality a person has, the wider his horizons will become, the richer his inner world, the richer his knowledge base. Personality is like a painting. The more details it contains, the more interesting it is to study it.

Learn to tell stories

The best way to become an interesting person and attract people to what you have to say is to tell stories.

History has a plot. It creates uncertainty. History is something that people can relate to.

When you tell a story, you invite them to travel back in time. Stories are memorable. So when your interaction with someone is over, your story will be remembered by them more than anything else.

You can tell a story to help you express an opinion, explain something, or make people laugh.

Stories are very powerful. Use them wisely.


Cheerful people always make people feel good about themselves. This must be remembered if a person is interested in how to become an interesting person. With a good sense of humor, you definitely won’t have to go to hell. After all, this is a valuable human ability to find something comical in almost every situation.

Plus, it is the ability to joke (and at the right moment) that makes a person the soul of the company. Such people are cheerful and funny, they do not hesitate to appear funny, and it is also not difficult for them to defuse the situation with an appropriate anecdote or witticism.

How to develop this skill in yourself? You need to constantly practice, learn from famous comedians, joke at yourself and laugh at problems. And don’t stress too much. Usually only in a relaxed state does an appropriate joke come to mind. If a person sits in tension and actively thinks about what to say so witty, it usually doesn’t turn out very well.

Include others in the conversation

If you're part of a group but one or two people do most of the talking, it can be helpful to keep everything gently negotiated so everyone can have their say.

It could be as simple as saying, “What do you think about this?”

Alternatively, it could mean moving on to a topic that you know the other person is more knowledgeable about than others in the conversation.

You can guide the process and help everyone by asking questions and being aware of the balance of the conversation. You'll appear more interesting, helping the conversation flow more naturally.

Negative character traits

Anyone who wants to become an interesting person must eliminate unpleasant character traits :

  • Talkativeness . It should not be confused with sociability. A sociable person happily carries on a conversation, but at the same time his words are always informative and interesting. A chatterbox, on the other hand, starts a conversation for the sake of conversation, gets into someone else’s dialogue, and the topics he raises are uninteresting or have long been boring to everyone;
  • Boring . A person’s penchant for moralizing and constant nagging only causes irritation;
  • Flattery . You need to praise others only on purpose and when necessary, otherwise the interlocutor will probably feel pretense and a desire to please.

Listen more than you talk

No matter how powerful your own words are, if you want to be interesting to others, you should also let them speak.

Let's face it, people love to talk about themselves and tell their stories. If you listen to them, they will treat you more positively.

To become an interesting person, you need to be interested. In other words, you should ask relevant and timely questions (without interrupting) and be present to listen to their answers.

You'll be amazed at how much this one thing can affect how other people see you.

How to be interesting to a man?

Some women believe that in order to remain always desirable and interesting to a man, you need to be the way he wants to see her. But this is a mistake. Representatives of the stronger sex are only interested in a woman who is interesting to themselves.

If a girl is only focused on attracting a man to her, he will definitely feel it and lose interest. You need to look for the path to yourself, and not to another person.

Keep men interested

Advice from family psychologists will help you always be interesting to a man:

  • Don't agree with a man on everything. Only a woman who has her own judgment and views is interesting.
  • Don't call him too often when he's at work. Your calls should be short and to the point only. There is no need to bombard a person with love messages. He will quickly get bored with this.
  • Assert your independence. You must have some kind of hobby that remains only yours and not shared. Let your partner get used to the fact that once a week you go somewhere without him on a regular basis - coffee with girlfriends, fitness, painting lessons. Of course, this will annoy the man. He will try to tie you to him. But do not give in to persuasion and blackmail on his part. Believe me, no matter what men say, they are interested in independent women. Because what attracts people is not so much beauty as individuality and self-respect. However, do not limit the freedom of your half yourself. Don't ask him to give up hobbies and meetings with friends.

Get a man interested

  • Make changes to your appearance periodically. A man should not get used to you, otherwise he will get bored very quickly. Give him little shocks. If you don’t dare radically change your appearance, add variety to your wardrobe - an unusual bag, shiny shoes, bright prints.
  • Study your body. You should know what kind of caresses are pleasant to you and what causes rejection. And don't be afraid to tell your partner about it. You can't just worry about satisfying him. A normal man always wants to please his woman.
  • Love sex and don't be shy about your own sexuality. After all, this is a healthy need for the body. Don't be a prude in bed. Try new poses and techniques. Sudden sex is also an effective way to keep your spouse interested in you.
  • Be a little unpredictable. Don't give your partner the opportunity to always predict your behavior and reaction. Sometimes behave differently in similar situations. However, don't overdo it. Men are afraid of too eccentric women.
  • Know yourself. When a woman knows what she likes and what she doesn't, she begins to have more respect for herself.
  • Engage in self-development. At the same time, it is important to understand that when you learn something new, you do it not for someone else, but first of all for yourself. Don’t just attend courses or read educational literature, but also apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

Develop value for yourself and men
When a woman is valuable to herself, she becomes valuable to a man. If there is a bright world inside you, then a man will definitely want to get there, and you will always be interesting to him.

Know when you might be boring

If you find yourself talking to others a lot but still think you're boring (or have been told you are), you may be bad at reading signs.

Perhaps the topic started out interesting enough, but since then you have come to dominate the conversation and are working on your point of view. Or maybe you brought up a topic that others aren't very interested in.

Part of being a good communicator is knowing when to change tactics and move onto safer, more pleasant ground for everyone involved.

Some signs of boredom include a blank stare, a yawning mouth, a distraction, or a hesitant nod and agreement like "uh-huh."

Take courage

Only strong-willed and exceptionally courageous people can have and defend their opinion, and follow the unbeaten path. If you do not decisively move things forward, you will sadly watch the actions of more decisive people. Only you can make your cherished dream come true.

And the driving force in this process will be your own stubbornness. Don't give up - it's boring and uninteresting. Fight ridiculous customs. You have the power to set your own limits on your personal priorities. Protect them and protect yourself from those who like to impose their ridiculous demands.

Be positive to become an interesting person

Following on from the previous point, it is worth bringing a positive attitude into your relationships with other people.

If they walk away feeling energized because you were upbeat and optimistic in what you said and the way you said it, they will see you in a better light.

It doesn't always matter what you say, because "interesting," as we mentioned, is difficult to define precisely.

Simply being positive can make you seem like a more interesting person. Someone that other people want to be around.

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Think with your own head

In the modern world, people are under enormous pressure from all possible sides. Don't let other people tell you anything. An interesting person, as a rule, always has his own personal point of view on every issue. It is impossible to impose someone else's train of thought and events on him, because there is a filter barrier in his head that carefully sorts and selects the information received. Strong personalities will never follow the crowd; if necessary, the crowd will follow them, but not vice versa. Therefore, always think about making important decisions yourself and do not rely on anyone else’s thoughts and opinions.

Be open-minded

We all have different opinions and beliefs. This variety is often what makes conversation so interesting.

One thing you must adhere to is that any arguments must remain friendly and good-natured.

Don't let the conversation turn into an argument. Stay open to what the other person is saying.

Don't attack or belittle their views. Don't reject them outright. Try to look at the situation through the other person's eyes and understand why they might think and feel the way they do.

Try to make the discussion challenging but enjoyable, and people will want to argue with you again. Turn conversation into an argument and people won't talk to you.

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Bringing out your best qualities

How to become an interesting person? There are all kinds of advice, but most recommendations say: you need to be careful and notice every little detail. There is something to talk about with any person, the main thing is to find a topic whose source is the interlocutor himself. You just need to take a closer look at it. Did you notice a few hairs on his T-shirt? Then it’s worth casually asking if your interlocutor has a cat. He will immediately become interested in the interlocutor - he will at least be intrigued by the person’s observation skills. And then the topic can be developed. This is where education and reading are needed. People who know a lot are able to easily and imperceptibly move from one topic to another and reason in such a way that it will not be boring. Dialogue with them rarely reaches a dead end. But even if everything has already been discussed, they have a trump card. And these are questions. The kind that can spark a new round of dialogue.

It is enough just to ask what else, in addition to what was agreed, the interlocutor is interested in, or what he would like to do. Even without keeping questions in mind, you can always get your bearings. The question should only show the interlocutor its significance. Few people don't like to talk about themselves. The main thing is to be sincerely interested in them.

Be authentic

In your quest to be a more interesting person, it can be tempting to pretend to be something you're not. But this is unlikely to make you seem more interesting to the people you want to impress.

In fact, if someone detects even the slightest counterfeit, it tends to push the person away altogether.

Instead, just be yourself. If you want to stand out, stand out. If you want to mingle, mingle.

Changing your style, appearance or behavior to please other people is pointless. Even if it works, they will like the fake you, that is, your mask.

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Interesting people of the world

There are personalities whose names are heard everywhere and always: da Vinci, Mozart, Einstein, Hawking and other titans of various directions. Of course, their contribution to the development of our world is invaluable, and their image is an interesting object for study and analysis, but let’s leave these famous faces at least for a short time and turn to less noticeable people who are also curious about their lives and achievements. Today we will talk about the most interesting people in the world who have achieved something in certain areas of their activity. Most likely, you don’t know them, but believe me, they deserve your attention.

Have goals if you want to become an interesting person

Goals help move us forward in life. They help us achieve many things. Goals can also be interesting to discuss.

Other people may relate to your aspirations even if they don't share them. They are connected with your desire and enthusiasm to do something, to become better, to grow.

Having a few interesting goals can certainly make you a more interesting person.

Just remember the previous point about authenticity and only set goals that you really want to achieve.

Jill Heiner

Jill Heiner is a Canadian underwater explorer, cave diver, writer, photographer, and filmmaker. As a child, as a little girl, Jill was inspired by a series about underwater exploration of the world's oceans, and this passion became the meaning of her life. Heiner was part of the team that made the first 3D map of an underwater cave. She also became the first person to dive into the ice caves of Antarctica, penetrating further into the underwater cave system. In 2001, she was part of a team that explored ice caves in icebergs. Her contribution to the study of the underwater world is enormous; Jill is responsible for a huge number of works and expeditions, awards and thanks. This amazing researcher and scientist is developing world science like no other.

Consume interesting things

If you want to add interesting comments to the conversation, study more interesting source material. To do this, you should try to use a wide range of interesting media.

Study more facts, for example on, watch documentaries, read books, follow interesting news, listen to podcasts - all this can give you the knowledge necessary to raise important and interesting issues in any conversation.

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Derek Kayongo

Derek Kayongo is a man who helps people in need by making soap. After struggling to survive the Ugandan civil war and living for some time in a refugee camp, Derek knew what poverty was like. Imagine his shock when he saw that the hotel was callously throwing away the remaining soap provided to visitors every day. For a person like Derek, this was unacceptable because he knew that at this time many children in other countries were dying from lack of hygiene products. This gave him a brilliant idea. After much thought, he decided to launch his global soap recycling project. In 2009, he started his own business, which continues to develop today. Derek's project has already supplied more than 100,000 bars of soap to countries in need, absolutely free of charge. Such nobility today deserves due attention and respect.

David Mayer de Rothschild

Another interesting story from people's lives. This man and his crew made an incredible journey across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Sydney. He did this on board a boat made from 12,500 plastic bottles, powered by solar and wind energy. Rothschild's goal is to show the world what a huge amount of garbage can be found in ocean currents. His boat Plastiki showed the world how waste plastic can be used for practical purposes. David spent 4 years preparing for this expedition, inventing his future sea transport. Eventually the boat was able to travel 9,500 miles and arrive unharmed in Sydney Harbour. Our hero is also the head of various charitable organizations, an ecologist, researcher, scientist and writer.

The following story is about the lives of interesting people - about a young inventor.

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