Working with the subconscious - effective techniques and methods from a psychic healer

From this article you will learn:
  • What is the subconscious, what are the principles of its work?
  • How the subconscious mind allows you to change your life
  • How to work with the subconscious to achieve what you want
  • What affirmations help you use your subconscious and achieve any goal?

There is an opinion that one’s own subconscious is an uncontrollable part of the psyche. This is not true. The subconscious mind can be controlled to achieve your goals. How to use the subconscious mind to achieve success? If you know the ways, nothing is easier.

Effective work with the subconscious

In this article you will learn:

For more than ten years now, a trend has been gaining momentum, according to which the view on the issue of working with the subconscious is shifting towards the bearer of this subconscious.

In other words, it is easier for a person to see, understand and correct what is a stumbling block in achieving anything he wants. Whether it’s health, eliminating an unpleasant situation or the memory of it. Or simply awareness and understanding of the answer to some long-standing question.

This has become especially accessible in recent years. When time accelerates. Now any techniques have become more effective and easier to perform. Which are designed to connect with your “higher self”. Simply because the space has become more permeable.

Observation during association - what gives?

And something like this will happen: the subconscious will gradually soften negative emotions. Then he can completely replace them with positive ones. It will take some time. And, as mentioned earlier: it is important not to interfere with the images you see, but to observe how they change.

It is advisable to watch to the end to see the entire series of transformations. And feel what emotion your negativity will be replaced with. Record the emotional changes in yourself that accompany the exercise, which improve your condition.

This will let the subconscious understand that these sensations are more comfortable for you than the original ones. It often happens that in the process of this practice a person realizes that his problems and fears are by no means as global and unsolvable as they seemed before.

If you do this exercise regularly and deeply enough, your entire worldview can change for the better.

How to change the subconscious?

Of course not. But you can, by reuniting with him, understand and adjust your views. Your reactions to certain questions. And this, in turn, will change conscious manifestation. The consequence of all this will be inevitable changes in the event plan.

The only necessary condition, without which no personal initiative in this matter makes sense, is the presence of awareness.

Awareness is the key that opens many doors

Awareness presupposes solid, immutable knowledge. The knowledge that everything around is connected to everything. And that every person one hundred percent creates, down to the smallest detail, the reality in which he exists.

In other words, I created everything around myself. It is from this point “I am a creator” that independent work with the subconscious will manifest itself as effectively as possible.

Development of creative abilities.

Creativity is the easiest way for the subconscious to speak to a person. It transmits a signal through artistic or some abstract images, while consciousness uses logic and concrete language to send signals and communicate with the individual. By developing his creative abilities, a person helps his subconscious speak a language that is comfortable for the inner world.

You should find for yourself what attracts you most. This could be playing musical instruments, drawing, writing poetry and prose, as well as singing. It does not matter which creative language is chosen for communication and how naturally talented a person is in one direction or another of his creative activity. Having learned to express yourself with the help of art, you will be able to develop your subconscious world and find constant comfortable contact with it.

The subconscious should not be considered something fantastic and incapable of changing life. It is this inner voice that is the wise adviser who helps on the path of life, and you just need to learn to listen to it and understand it. The power of your subconscious is limitless and can provide invaluable benefits in life.

Working with the subconscious and fulfilling desires

What can work with the subconscious give? Yes, almost everything. Correction of well-being and functioning of internal organs. Improving the functioning of the body as a whole. Moreover, not only for myself. Mothers whose children have not reached the age of mental detachment - up to twelve years - can also, through transformations in themselves, correct the health of their children. Success in this case is very high if, of course, you learn.

In my online Esotericism Training course, I help you understand yourself. Most of my students begin to truly work miracles. Improve their health and that of their loved ones. They solve problems that have not been resolved for years in the shortest possible time. You can read the review on the Internet or in the section from customer letters.

Transformation is possible with everyone

It is also possible to transform difficult life situations by understanding their causes and hidden educational messages. It is possible to have a positive attitude toward any future event, which will lead to its accomplishment to the best possible extent. Working with the subconscious can provide a tangible vector on the path of spiritual development, a sense of the presence of the Source, and obtaining answers to questions of interest.

Subconscious Control Methods

The subconscious can do anything, a person just needs to set it up correctly. Many people want to receive some specific recommendations on how to do this. There aren't many of them. Below are some of the subconscious mind control techniques:

  1. Before going to bed, you need to give your subconscious a task - to solve the problem that is bothering you. The thought form accepted by truth travels from the brain to the solar plexus and ultimately materializes.
  2. You should not limit your subconscious to traditional methods. You need to think big.
  3. You should not react deeply to painful sensations in the body. You need to trust fate.
  4. Before going to bed, visualize the fulfillment of your desire several times. Thoughts, feelings, subconscious - all these are links in one chain.

Simple methods of working with the subconscious, with the “Higher Self”

On the last point I would like to say a few words separately. Despite the fact that when working with the subconscious a person actually connects with himself, he still connects to his “super-ego”. To your spiritual beginning. And here it is important to remember that spiritually we are not isolated. We are not trapped in a vacuum.

People are in a single light stream with each other and with the Force that created us. Simply put, by connecting with our spiritual origin when working with the subconscious, we receive the energy of the highest vibrations.

Practicing is better than meditating

But working with the subconscious is not necessarily an exclusively meditative immersion in a state akin to trance. Often, for serious work, including the correction of traumatic issues, relaxation is necessary. Looking into yourself, detached from everything around you. However, many methods do not require such action. There are practices that very effectively transform certain aspects of life.

List of books that will help you use your subconscious mind correctly

Currently, many books have been written about how to find an approach to your subconscious. Each author has effective methods that can be used in the process of self-development.

  • John Kehoe. “The subconscious can do anything.”

This book is a guide to your inner world. The author tells how to use the subconscious, how consciousness can change external reality, and also reveals the secrets of the successful lives of celebrities of the 20th century. The book provides a list of tips that you can put into practice.

Working with the subconscious, effective techniques

Next, I will describe techniques for influencing the subconscious. They differ in the method of implementation and time required. These practices have proven to be extremely effective.

"A miracle in a glass of water."

The fact that we are eighty percent water is no secret to anyone. Water itself is a unique substance. It is designed not only to quench the thirst of all living things, but also to be a storehouse of information.

It is precisely this property that makes it indispensable in the technique of working with the subconscious. I will describe it first. Water is capable of inscribing any information message into every cell of our body. Capable of inducing them to act in one way or another. The results of correcting bodily imbalances are quite impressive.

However, the effect of water does not end there. Together with water, absolutely any information message is absorbed into the physical body. It manifests itself first on the physical plane, causing the cells of the body to vibrate at a certain frequency.

How it works?

Then the signal goes to the mental level, spreading to the thin shells. The subtle plan, in turn, is associated with the embodiment of everything that we create with our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. The sent vibration signal is given a “reverse motion”, which is manifested by the embodiment of a particular desired situation. Isn't this a connection with the subconscious as a subtly manifested spiritual principle?

Literally in the last couple of years, the entire scientific world has been trumpeting that, in the context of the transformation of the world as a whole, the hydrogen molecule has changed. She is no longer at all what she was before.

And since throughout our world water, in whose composition hydrogen is present, is the predominant element. Things around are no longer what they seem. According to various sources, the speed of the properties of water, which we discussed above, has become many times faster.

What does psychology say?

From a psychological point of view, when trying to influence, a person is trying to get to the subconscious, while bypassing the conscious mind. After all, consciousness is capable of controlling any information received and even resisting it. The area of ​​feelings cannot do this; it waits for the green light from consciousness. Therefore, the technique of controlling the superconscious is more of a hidden nature.

But despite this, two spheres of influence are distinguished:

  • Directive (direct)
  • Indirect (hidden)

Directive influence is usually common between superiors and subordinates. He directly says what he expects from the employee, without veiling his demands. This control technique is today the exception rather than the norm. Since, at this hour, more attention is paid to communication, and it has reached a new level of development.

Indirect control techniques are much more widespread. Each of us has requests, desires to achieve the mutual sympathy of a person important to us, to achieve favor in society. And this is all, programming other people, an attempt to achieve a certain result by influencing their subconscious.

Working with the subconscious as elaboration of goals for achievement or healing

Take a nice, clean glass. Let it be transparent and there will be no extraneous expressed inscriptions on it. Pour clean water into it. Make sure it is of proper quality. On a small piece of paper, or better yet white cardboard, legibly and carefully write what you want.

The main thing here is not to use the particle “not” and to indicate what you want very clearly and concisely. You can have several points if they are on the same topic.

For example, life

On the eve of exams, it will be a great help for students to write on a cardboard square: “I pass the exam in the subject (name) quickly and easily. I rent it out in the most beneficial way for everyone. I get an "excellent" rating for it. Thank you".

For those who want to correct their health, you can write: “I am absolutely healthy. My part (organ name) is completely healthy, working in the best possible way clearly and harmoniously with all other systems of my body. Thank you".

We formulate exactly what we want

Or you can even pour water into a small transparent bottle. Write on a piece of white paper “I appoint this water to be my cure for ... (name of ailment).” And attach it to the bottle.

For example, with tape written with text facing the water. And every morning, start the day by drinking positively charged water, thoughtfully and with joy that your wishes are already coming true. Instead, pour fresh water and leave it to “infuse” until the next morning.

Working with the subconscious as meditation

What there is now no shortage of on the Internet is all kinds of meditations. In video format or audio sound. I don't really like meditation personally. I'm more of a practitioner. I need to create, do. Actually, to each his own.

So, about meditation. For ardent “visual learners,” a video for meditation may be useful. And the audio is just right for everyone. Choose any topic that interests you, be it a mood for financial abundance, or health, or simply a good feeling. Listen to it first without immersing yourself, superficially, assessing general sensations, such as the timbre of the voice, the comfort of the sound of background music, the literacy of speech, its smoothness and message.

Listen to yourself

If at least something catches you in a bad way and makes you fly out of the state of relaxation, be it even one single hesitation from the announcer or the inappropriate chirping of a bird in a meditative melody, feel free to look for a replacement. Fortunately, there is a lot of this goodness on the Internet.

Meditation is, above all, a way to pamper yourself with a feeling of coziness, comfort, and fulfillment. You don't have to put up with anything that takes you out of this state.

Find 20 minutes a day for yourself

Next, find yourself a guaranteed twenty minutes of complete solitude. This is the duration of an average meditation. Including a preliminary mood and a pleasant return after. Usually, at the very beginning of the voice recording, you are gently encouraged to breathe and relax physically.

If this is not the case, then before turning on the recording, take a few conscious breaths. They should be completely smooth. And do the same with your exhalations. You need to feel how after each one you gently and safely fall into the depths of the subconscious.

As if in the thickness of warm, gentle water. Once you feel relaxed, start listening. It is guaranteed that you will feel blissfully fulfilled afterwards. It indicates that healing work with the subconscious has been carried out.

"Healing Ball"

This technique of communicating with the subconscious works as an effective prevention of well-being. Correction of physical discomforts and diseases.

It is better to spend it leisurely in the morning. It won't require a lot of time. Ideal to do outdoors. But if this is not possible, then let the window nearby be open. You can pre-ventilate the room well.

Stand with your parallel feet slightly pointing your toes inward. As if a little “clubfooted”. This will give you extra stability. Relax and do basic breathing. Allow yourself to connect with your subconscious.

Learning to relax properly

To do this, consciously and slowly take a deep breath. Tracing the air from the nose to the lungs and exhaling softly and completely. Also watching him with my inner gaze. On a full, high-quality exhalation, automatic reflex relaxation occurs.

By the way, this property of exhalation can also be used in everyday situations, when in case of stress or psycho-emotional tension it is enough to simply consciously exhale completely several times, and the inhalation will occur by itself.

So, close your eyes, imagine that your feet, wherever they are in reality, are standing on the surface of the soil. You can imagine anything that is suitable, even grass, even sand. Maybe pebbles or a bed of potatoes, if that’s convenient for you.

The earth heals everything

Then “see” how powerful branchy roots go from your feet into the very thickness of the Earth, literally to its loving heart shining with the warmth. With these roots you are saturated with the energy of the earth, at the same time blissfully “grounding” yourself.

Rub your palms well 10-15 times. Feeling the hot warmth between them. Slowly separate your palms. See with your mind's eye the energy ball between them. Play with it, making it bigger or smaller. Feel its warmth.

Then place it above your head, above the crown area. Put your hands down. Now imagine how this ball takes on a slightly purple glow. Then it gently penetrates your body through the crown, beginning to rotate.

An effective technique for working with the subconscious - Purple Ball

Your task is to gently and joyfully pass the purple energy ball through your entire body. Work from top to bottom in all areas. Trying not to miss a single one. It's like you're stroking yourself with purple energy.

In places where discomfort is felt or disease is localized, allow the ball to begin to rotate. As if “winding” viscous dark clots around itself in these places. Cleaning them like an eraser.

Having passed through the entire body, mentally allow the energy ball to go through the soles of your feet into the ground. Dissolve in it like a piece of refined sugar, leaving you refreshed and healthy.

Is manipulation good or bad?

Somehow it happened that the word “use” evokes mainly negative emotions and attitudes. And you probably want to ask: “Is it good to manipulate?” I will answer with a counter question: “Is it good to communicate?” Confused? So, know that you apply manipulations every day.

When making appointments, conducting business negotiations, talking with a friend over a cup of coffee, in a cozy cafe, or simply living in society, in each case you try to give the interlocutor a message, on a subconscious level, and wait for feedback, his reaction, actions. All this is nothing more than an attempt to control – to manipulate.

Working with the subconscious, other effective techniques

Get rid of negativity.

Working with the subconscious - effective techniques - “Pysanka”

No, this is not an Easter egg at all. This is what we will call an effective technique for interacting with the subconscious. For which you don’t need to close your eyes at all. On the contrary, it is better to keep them open. It provides effective results. Often one that was not expected at the beginning.

Working with the subconscious - effective techniques - unconscious writing technique

This is a method highly respected by psychologists. It allows you not only to get to the bottom of the reasons for this or that, but also to bring out destructive emotions. What are our emotions? This is energy. And if they circulate inside over and over again without being conscious, then it’s like they’re riding the same events on a merry-go-round. Sometimes it only makes them worse.

Well-written feelings not only provide significant relief. They pull emotions as a basis from an unfavorable situational structure and it is destroyed.

Films about the subconscious

Films about the mind and subconscious are of interest to psychologists, people who are engaged in discovering their abilities. The human brain is a mysterious substance, who knows what might be hidden there? Masterpieces of cinema that lift the veil of subconscious processes:

  1. "Areas of Darkness / Limitless"
    . Eddie Morra is a failure in life, his marriage is destroyed, he is not in demand as a writer, but everything changes when he meets his ex-brother-in-law Vernon, who offers him miracle pills that reveal 100% of the brain's potential.
  2. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"
    . The film is about love, which is not afraid of “erasing memories”; the subconscious of the main characters refuses to erase feelings, and somewhere in the subconscious depths Joel and Clementine remember each other and collide again and again.
  3. "Deja Vu / Déjà Vu"
    . The film is about the mysterious phenomenon of the subconscious, known as déjà vu, expressed in the brain's message “it has already happened.”
  4. "Shutter Island
    " Federal agents Teddy Daniels and Chuck are sent to a psychiatric clinic on Shutter Island to investigate the disappearance of child killer Rachel Solando. The investigation becomes tangled and complicated by the fact that Daniels' subconscious keeps its own secrets.
  5. "Beginning / Inception"
    . Dominic Cobb is a valuable expert in hacking people's subconscious minds, stealing valuable information through lucid dreaming.

Working with the subconscious as a way to process negative emotions

It is better to implement this effective technique of working with the subconscious in a state of emotional excitement on this topic, when “you’re really excited.” Then you will also save your health at the same time. And you won’t allow negative biochemical processes that provoke the production of “wrong” hormones to destroy your body.

Get some privacy and cover yourself with enough sheets of paper. Stock up on handkerchiefs too. And, remembering that we ourselves attract any events and people into our lives, start writing at the top: “A letter of anger to the part of me that chooses to be angry with accountant Zinaida Palna and her idiotic behavior.”

Write from the heart

Of course, this is an example and the essence of your “letter of anger” may be completely different. In your letter, you can use any expressions and phraseological units. Epithets 18+ and words that “beep” in polite society. Don't be delicate. Anyway, it’s already in my head, so what’s there? And no one is guaranteed to read it except you.

But still, in order to achieve a greater therapeutic effect, work with the subconscious and effective techniques, try not to float away in emotions from a wide, but still channel. To do this, designate the narrative as a continuation of the following statements:

- I was offended when you...

- It was a shame when you...

- It's unpleasant when you...

- I'm tired of feeling angry when you...

- I don't want to see you...

— I’m tired of feeling that I... (I can’t do something normally there, for example)

Turn yourself inside out

Well, in that spirit. Sometimes things will come up that have nothing to do with Zinaida Palna. It’s still bubbling - write that too. Pull them out like a magician pulls handkerchiefs out of his hat. You don't need these handkerchiefs. He writes until he is completely empty. To the point of a balloon with nothing in it. It’s better right to the point of fatigue and the moment when there is nothing more to say, and you don’t even want to.

The next stage of working with the subconscious and an effective technique is rereading. All your writing now needs to be re-read, even if not loudly, in a whisper, but thoughtfully and with expression. Read until it stops “overwhelming” and bubbling in especially exciting moments, until you get the feeling that you are reading a newspaper about someone completely stranger. We're exhausted.

Water washes away negativity - working with the subconscious, effective techniques

Now take a shower, wash away the negativity, preferably put any lighted candle nearby and look at the flame for a little while. If there is no opportunity for a healing bath right now, then try to at least wash your face with plenty of water. Imagining how everything is irrevocably washed away and gone into the drain hole.

The work of the human subconscious is always good

How does work with the subconscious go further and what other effective techniques are there? And then let’s go give thanks. This is the most unexpected part of the technique, which causes bewilderment at first, but it is precisely this that, in parallel, in the subconscious, builds new models of reaction to previously familiar things. And that means it changes the situation as a whole.

Some, especially the conscious ones, even in the process of writing a “letter of anger” in the background noticed a slight tingling understanding that at some moments or with someone they themselves were behaving like the notorious Zinaida Palna (well, let’s practice on her, since she is our example today), or they feel like a victim who a priori needs a tyrant, ce la vie.

Gratitude works wonders - working with the subconscious - effective techniques

Or an understanding comes that Zinaida Palna’s behavior is not allowing similar or opposite manifestations in some matters. Rejection of one's true self, and so on.

One way or another, when you take a blank sheet of paper, title it: “A letter of gratitude to the part of me that chooses to be angry at the accountant Zinaida Palna and her idiotic behavior.” And tune in to gratitude to this person (or situation, you can also work through them in this way, don’t forget). Then you will understand that you have something to write.

Working with the subconscious - effective techniques - how to do it? The guiding question for the narrative is actually one: “Thanks to you, I understood... (realized, felt, and so on).” If gratitude is really difficult, then go “from the opposite direction”, relying on the “letter of anger” and write opposite statements.

Only the truth and nothing but the truth

Where was “I’m tired of being humiliated by screaming” replaced with “Thanks to you, I realized that I don’t value myself and allow myself to be shouted at.”

Where I was “tired of having the bad feeling of her telling me my work wasn’t done well.” Replace with “Thanks to you, I realized that I consider myself a bad worker. And her work is insufficient and unworthy, Zinaida Palna is just giving me my own beliefs.”

And in this spirit, to the point of feeling gratitude. To myself for the work done, first of all. Next, tear the letter of anger into shreds or burn it and flush it down the toilet; the letter of gratitude can be saved and re-read in moments of doubt. Blessed changes will not keep you waiting. This is the best work with the subconscious and effective techniques always give results.

Abilities of the subconscious system

The subconscious is often compared to a computer into which certain types of programs can be inserted. This is how inner conviction and regeneration of thought occurs. As for the formation of human habits, their regeneration occurs due to the repeated repetition of certain formulations. Having formed certain psychological habits, a person begins to gradually move towards the goal. In this process, he acquires certain beliefs, new views, exactly what he needs to perceive the environment in a new role. The subconscious system regenerates certain tasks through visual and mental images. It is these aspects that are necessary for a person to receive such a mindset for success.

The subconscious is the power of conscious creation

As you can see, it is not necessary to graduate from specialized universities in order to establish contact with your “higher self”. You can master working with the subconscious and effective techniques yourself, understand yourself and correct problems. Build interaction with the subconscious and with the World in such a way that it is pleasant and harmonious.

However, do not forget what is considered basic when working with the subconscious and effective techniques only when you are one hundred percent responsible for the occurrence of any event. For the person in your life. Without your consent and idea, even a leaf from a tree will not fly by. Only from this state are real life transformations possible.

Who is responsible?

The crack between managing your life and being in a state where “nothing works, I tried!” begins exactly at the moment when you are sure that you are, of course, the master of life. You can change and adjust everything yourself, and you are responsible for everything. But of course you created all this, but that tiny piece here is definitely not you. And it's not your fault. That's it, there is no point in continuing further.

Well, the second immutable rule is to be in a state of balance when implementing any of the spiritual practices, and each of those listed is essentially this. The practice of “pysanka” here stands apart exactly until the moment when the negative is written out, this is akin to “cleaning up”.

Working with the subconscious is an effective technique. Any transformation begins exclusively in a state of even calm. In gratitude to the World for the good that already exists. In a state of self-acceptance and self-love.

Act as if your dream has already come true

When you program your subconscious mind, you must act as if the changes you desire have already happened. Programming your mind requires you to imagine yourself in the state you want. When you begin to act as if you have already achieved what you desire, your subconscious mind will be attuned to this reality and you will experience this change in your life.

If you want to be rich, you need to start acting like a rich person. Do some research and find out the behavior of rich people. Once you determine what they do, continue to imitate what you can. Over time, your subconscious will catch on and continue the process. You will find that you achieve exactly what you wanted and more.

Conclusion The subconscious is a silent pilot in our lives. It is all-consuming and has the ability to help us create the reality we desire in our lives. By following the tips above, we can reprogram the subconscious and begin to create our own destiny. Try it and see how much closer you get to your dream.

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