TOP 8 books on working with the subconscious that a non-professional can master

Recently, the topic of the relationship between human thought and its implementation in reality has become increasingly popular: films are being made about this, books are being written, and trainings are being sold. Often the purpose of such trainings is to lure money, and it is not at all necessary that the training will be conducted by a professional. As with everything, there are real gurus in this area, and there are those who just want easy money in the wake of the popularity of this topic.

There is so much literature itself that it is easy to get lost in it. Let's look at a few books about our subconscious and the materialization of thoughts that are really worth reading.

What influence do his own thoughts have on a person?

People who are used to going with the flow think in stereotypes. Standard thinking does not provide the prerequisites for personal and career growth. It does not allow you to be successful and absolutely happy.

A person's thoughts should be under his strict control. This is the first step towards a conscious life, which will further lead to harmony in the soul and growth in all areas.

You can learn to think correctly only if you competently manage your subconscious. This is not an easy task, but with daily effort and study of suitable literature, it becomes feasible.

How does the subconscious influence our lives?

In our normal state, we cannot get to the subconscious - it is hidden from us. Where is there to manage it?! However, it, for its part, determines every step for us. It gives us the direction to move through life, implementing the attitudes that are present in it. But where do these attitudes come from?

At an early stage of life, our subconscious mind remembers especially vivid experiences. At that time, we do not yet think about managing it: this is our childhood and earliest youth. Experiences marked by the subconscious can have different colors. These can be ups and downs, joys and sorrows, grievances, pain or satisfaction, harmony, happiness, success. Identical experiences combine with each other into large complexes, and, in addition to emotions as a result, we remember the path to this result. The brighter and more often we experience the same emotion, the more habitual it becomes. And we gravitate towards her as if we were our own.

As a result, a number of experiences become a necessary condition for comfort for a person. Moreover, it often happens that these experiences, all or some, are quite negative. But throughout our lives, we strive to create around ourselves precisely those situations in which we will receive the same guarantees of comfort - familiar experiences. And although many people do not consider themselves happy or satisfied with their lives, their subconscious is comfortable, good and familiar.

No matter how hard you try to change your life, gain confidence and wealth, nothing will work out until you change your scripts and attitudes - until you start working with your subconscious.

TOP 8 books on working with the subconscious

Millions of different books have been written about the power of thought and the subconscious component of the psyche, among which there are both serious works by scientists and practical guides for beginners.

It is difficult for a person who has never delved into this topic to choose truly suitable works. I decided to share my own experience with blog readers and compiled a list of 8 books on working with the subconscious. I recommend purchasing all books by liters, they have the most affordable prices and a very large assortment. Here is the link.

So, I recommend reading the following works

1. Valery Sinelnikov “The power of intention. How to realize your dreams"

A famous psychologist talks about the power of intention and how to achieve it. Having mastered the technique of visualization and clear control of thinking, you can make your life full, interesting, bright and colorful. The author teaches how to build harmonious and stable relationships with people around you. Valery Sinelnikov released a whole series of books called “Secrets of the Subconscious”. Therefore, you can pick up any other copy from this series.

Link to the book.

2.John Kehoe “The subconscious can do anything”

It talks about how to change external reality with the help of consciousness. You will learn the secret of success of 20th century celebrities. You will also be able to test in practice the effectiveness of the advice that the author gives to readers. The book is easy to read, very fast and most importantly – interesting.

You can get the book here.

3. Joseph Murphy "The Power of Your Subconscious"

Here you can find answers to all the questions that concern modern people. How to work more efficiently and achieve your goals, why some are cured of fatal diseases while others fade away in the prime of life, how to look into the future with confidence. These and many other topics became the basis for writing this work.

The book is here.

4. Vadim Shvarev “Free yourself from the subconscious”

This is a practical course for those who want to change themselves for the better, as well as radically change the current order of things and the direction of their thinking. The author's technique will help you get rid of negative character traits, root good habits and overcome the influence of your own Ego on the body.

5.Vadim Zeland “Reality Transurfing”

It gives clear recommendations relating to all spheres of human existence. You will learn how to control the subconscious in order to control and consciously change the surrounding reality. The author, based on personal experience, explains the mechanism of the influence of thought on a person’s destiny.

You can get it here.

6. Violetta Khamidova “The power of the subconscious. Practical course"

This book will teach you to understand the subconscious aspects of your personality. After reading it, you will be able to control your emotions, understand the nature of feelings and learn to travel in the astral plane. It describes the secrets of the human psyche and the secrets of achieving success in all areas of life.

Buy a book.

7.Rhonda Byrne "Secret"

This book changed the minds of many readers around the world. There is also a gorgeous film adaptation, known in wide circles. However, the effect of reading the original is much more noticeable and tangible. It says here that the possibilities of the mind are limitless. Each person, through his thoughts, attracts into his life what he wants.

Link to online store.

8. Gil Edwards “The Book of a Dream. Magic for every day"

The author writes in the preface that his main task and goal of writing the book is to transport the reader from the gray, frozen everyday life into a beautiful and colorful existence. All this is possible! To do this, you just need to change your consciousness, which will change your subconscious. If these two aspects are in harmony, a person will be able to achieve everything he desires.


Be sure to check out the book: “Working with the Subconscious.” It was written by a young author, Igor Safronov. In it you will find how to plan work with the subconscious, how to carry it out and how to measure the result. Here is the download link.

Why is everything wrong?

Human psychology is structured in such a way that he always lacks something - health, family, home, work, money, understanding, respect, love... the list of human joys and needs can be continued indefinitely. But, unfortunately, not everyone can “show off” with well-being and satisfaction in all areas of their life. “Why isn’t everything the way you want?” Let's figure out together what influences the course of events in our lives, and together we will develop a set of rules, observing which, success will certainly accompany our entire life and all its endeavors.

How is literature useful?

First of all, you must understand: no technique will produce results until you yourself begin to take specific actions. You can sift through a mountain of varied literature, but still not change anything. Or you can choose just one book that you like and start implementing the ideas of its author right now!

Meditation techniques help a lot in the work of the subconscious. Therefore, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with my list of books about meditation, here is the link: “TOP 10 books about meditation techniques that are easy to master even for a beginner.” Also, in order not to spend a lot of time reading such a large amount of information, it may be useful for you to master the technique of speed reading. Let me remind you that on the blog, we have already discussed this method, here is the link: “How to increase your reading speed without losing the quality of information perception to save your time.”

You choose which book to read. The main thing is to put the advice into practice. Only in this case can we expect success and real changes in the way of thinking.

John Kehoe - “The Subconscious Can Do Anything”

Perhaps the main advantage of this book is its simple presentation of complex thoughts. The book is written in a very easy and accessible language, thanks to which it is read literally in one breath, although it touches on the laws of physics and other not so simple topics.

On a note! The author himself devoted a considerable number of years to studying the material he writes about - in addition to the clearly presented theory, the book contains many tips on how to apply it in practice. John Kehoe's book will help you hear your inner voice, understand what is hidden in the subconscious and how to turn it to your advantage.

Popular books

Natalya Pravdina, a specialist in the transformation of consciousness, tells in a very accessible and interesting way how to achieve success and realize your desires. The book “I Attract Success.”

The book Twelve Conditions of Success by Herbert N. Casson - Describes the rules: “These RULES are a dangerous and sharp instrument. They are not for children or the weak. They are not for quick viewing or selective reading. They all need to be thoroughly studied and deeply comprehended.” Here are some clippings from it:

  1. Whenever someone asks you for money, put off your answer until tomorrow - this is a rule that will save you from many losses.
  2. There are always scammers in the world of finance.
  3. There are different plans: good, bad, average. Sometimes they are carried out by the best and sometimes by the worst people in society.

V. Azarov’s book “The Path to Happiness and Success in Life” is the first part of the complete “Course for the development of willpower and character development”; serves as the foundation for the spiritual re-creation of oneself.

Nina Valentinovna Rubshtein’s book “Strategy for Success” will provide significant assistance in drawing up an action plan and implementing it in order to achieve any goal that you have in mind in business or personal life. The author talks about the difficulties of the path and ways to overcome them.

Useful books can also be downloaded from our library using the link:

We can only believe that our body still has extraordinary abilities, because the human brain is a depth that has never been explored in detail by anyone.

Good luck in your search for the truth!

Meg Jay "Important Years"

If you are a fan of quickly moving from words to action and have already recharged yourself with positivity after the above selection, then you should pay attention to Meg Jay’s book “Important Years,” which broke sales records according to the authoritative publication The New-York Times. But, it is worth understanding that the guide to changes in life will be useful to people who are in the time period from 20 to 30 years. Although, we know that age is not in the passport. He's in the shower.

Joe Vitale "The Key"

A magic book that has helped more than a million people. What other arguments are needed? “The Key” is something akin to the film “The Secret,” in which the viewer is encouraged to have positive, correct thinking, which can save them from regression. The book will help you create and attract positivity, kindness, success and many positive factors into your life. It's worth trying for yourself!

Everything will be as you want! Methodology for success

“Each person is given at least ten opportunities to change his life during the day. Success comes to those who know how to use them.” André Maurois is a French writer.

Do you know where the magic lies? In small tricks that you can successfully master. Here are some of them:

  1. See yourself in your thoughts only as the most beautiful, happy, living in abundance, joy and good surroundings.
  2. Make friends with intuition - a natural instinct, an inner voice, or a signal from the other world. It doesn’t matter what you call it, the main thing is to learn to listen - to listen and hear yourself.
  3. Be persistent and dedicated in your desires, determined only for success.
  4. Don’t be afraid of changes, otherwise there is every chance you will remain at a “dead point.”
  5. Smile more often.
  6. Love your neighbor.

The famous American professor Gates, based on chemical analyzes of sweat, blood, saliva, came to the conclusion: thoughts of envy, hatred, sadness, fear, etc. excite dangerous chemical processes in our body, which have the most detrimental and dangerous effect on our health. But thoughts of love, joy and goodwill, on the contrary, improve mental state and have a beneficial effect on the entire body.

Keep in mind that negative, negative thoughts poison us, but positive ones make us healthy. Love your neighbor as yourself, because, in essence, by loving the people around us and the whole world, we thereby show love for ourselves, and this means we attract only prosperity and goodness into our lives.

Richard O'Conor "The Depression is Canceled"

A bright, memorable book that will cure depression in a few pages. A depressed mood can happen to anyone: financial difficulties, bad weather, poor health or a meeting with a negative person can break you once or twice. But how to get out of this trap? There is no need to run to the pharmacy; your solution is to go to the site where you can buy this book.

Greg White "Challenge Yourself"

What can charge better than a personal, high-quality example? Greg White did a great job by writing a guide called “Challenge Yourself.” The book talks about how to improve not only your thinking (where it all begins), but also to continue changes by improving your body, financial situation, and even social status. Such literature should be a reference for those who are tormented by the slightest doubts about themselves or have become victims of depression. Don't lose heart, the world is waiting for your exploits!

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