The best books about money, wealth and success: Top 20 publications

Handling money is not taught in school, but we are forced to do it every day.
Some people are good with money, some are not. Many people work hard, but only a few are rich. We often hear that there is never enough money. It's time to change this situation... If you are among those who understand the importance of money in life and intend to succeed financially, then we recommend you a selection of excellent books on money thinking. We've selected the best books to help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the nature of money and develop your money mindset.

“How to draw up a personal financial plan and how to implement it,” Vladimir Savenok

If you fail to save up, if your money goes down the drain and you have to live from paycheck to paycheck, entrepreneur and financial management expert Vladimir Savenok will come to your aid. He reveals the main secrets of wealth and prosperity in the book, which will help you choose an individual investment strategy. With the support of the author, you will achieve financial independence.

This book is not about austerity, which in most cases leads to breakdowns and pointless spending. We are talking about financial literacy, about building relationships with money. Financial comfort is possible if you follow the author’s unobtrusive recommendations. It is noteworthy that Vladimir Savenok takes into account Russian realities and makes adjustments to the global financial crisis, the consequences of which are still felt. You'll understand how to create a personal financial plan to make your money work for you.

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Anastasia Tarasova - My own financier

Financial literacy in the minds of most people means a lot of difficult to pronounce terms and difficult to understand banking operations. This book is written by a renowned financial advisor that covers serious issues in a very simple and understandable way.

She says that people generally do not know how to properly control not only expenses, but also their income, as a result of which they find themselves deeply in debt and work only to pay off loans.

After reading this work, you will learn how to get out of this hole, learn how to plan your budget and manage money. You will realize that no matter how much you earn, you can improve your well-being and stop living on credit.

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"Hungry and Poor!", John Diamond

John Diamond's wealth of life experience has allowed him to become a sought-after speaker at many prestigious conferences. He went from a guy from a poor family, whom his mother taught to sew, to the founder of an international fashion empire and knows for sure that poverty and despair stimulate and allow you to think outside the box. Today, John Diamond is one of the most successful branding specialists; many international companies, including Nike, resort to his services.

In the book, John Diamond reveals his own secrets of success and wealth, and also shares ideas that, if properly applied, have a chance of becoming profitable startups. The author believes in each of his readers and motivates them to win in accessible words. The key to success lies in empty pockets, an empty bank account is a great start to a grand journey to wealth and prosperity.

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Money and the Law of Attraction. Throw away your old shoes! (set of 9 books)

Those who have tried Transurfing in their own experience tell with amazement how their thoughts materialize in an incomprehensible way, and the surrounding reality literally changes before their eyes. For example, people, for unknown reasons, begin to treat you more sympathetically. Doors that previously seemed hopelessly closed are opening. The world regains its lost freshness: ice cream regains the taste of childhood, and hopes regain the delight of youth. And the main thing is a characteristic feeling of inner freedom.

Authors: R. Betts, E. Hicks, Jerry Hicks, W. Zealand

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"What I Learned from Losing a Million Dollars" by Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan

American economist and trader Nasim Taleb spoke highly of the joint creation of millionaire Jim Paul and finance professor Brendan Moynihan. The main difference between the book and all the others is that it is based on a story of epic failure and loss. Jim Paul lost more than a million dollars in just a few months and got into serious debt. The financial fiasco forced him to take a fresh look at the causes of the collapse. The result was a large-scale study of the psychological factors leading to failure.

The main moral of a sad story with a happy ending is not to take losses too personally. It is important to understand that success is often followed by failure, and this is a good reason to rethink your values ​​and attitude towards money in general. The reader of the book will be convinced that one cannot blindly believe in one’s own invulnerability. The main thing is to keep a cool head and continue moving forward, adjusting the chosen course and being flexible.

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“It’s difficult to make money. And it’s even more difficult to keep what you earn.”

The reader finds himself in a money abode, in other words, in a bank. In the Holy of Holies, completely unclean things are happening, and employees are ready to go over their heads in order to receive their reward. Neither the law nor morality stops them, and the higher the position becomes, the less morality remains in bankers. “The Money Changers” is not just a story told within the walls of a bank, but a well-thought-out plot that immerses you in the reality of a financial institution.

"The Noughties, or Ten Years of Wall Street Madness as Eyewitnessed" by Randall Lane

"The Psychology of Investments" by Carl Richards

We all do stupid things with our money—it's time to face the uncomfortable truth. And some mistakes are costly. It’s all because of emotions; they push us to sell assets, following the hysterical market. We buy when we feel a wave of optimism. This is logical, but not at all rational. This book by financial planner and conference speaker Carl Richards will help you take a fresh look at common money management methods.

With the author's advice, you'll identify gaps in your investment management strategy so you can create a plan that actually works. Carl Richards shares techniques to help you avoid common pitfalls in the world of finance, so you can stop mindlessly wasting not only your money, but also your time and energy. From the book you will learn what nuances of psychology will make you successful in the near future.

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Carl Richards, "Let's talk about your income and expenses"

A book by a world-famous specialist in optimizing personal finances and family budgets. Carl Richards is known for his lectures and seminars, which invariably attract full houses of devoted fans. Thanks to his intuitive terminology and infographics, even the most complex concepts become clear to any employee or housewife.

In the book, Richards pays special attention to an intelligent approach to accounting for income and expenses, reveals the secrets of marketing that force one to make impulsive purchases, and talks about rational planning of a family budget.

Mean Markets and the Lizard Brain by Terry Burnham

Terry Burnham, Ph.D. and professor of economics at the Harvard School of Economics, suggests applying the science of irrationality to personal finance. The traditional assumption of the rationality of the financial market and the people who play in this market is outdated. Research shows that investor behavior is often truly reckless. To succeed, you need to find new ways and areas of investment.

The book will change your understanding of the world of finance and economics. The author reveals the biological reasons for people's irrational behavior and explains how the brain encourages us to make certain decisions. Buying shares, currency, gold, real estate, obtaining loans - these processes are controlled by the most ancient part of the brain, the so-called lizard brain.

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Smart investor. The Complete Guide to Value Investing. Benjamin Graham

An outstanding economist and investor of the 20th century, he created a guide that has inspired millions of people around the world for 70 years. Since its first publication in 1949, the book has become a veritable stock market bible.

The modern edition includes commentary from financial journalist Jason Zweig, who draws parallels between Graham's examples and modern realities, and also provides a deeper understanding of how to adapt the author's philosophy to everyday life.

"Rules of Wealth. Your path to prosperity, Richard Templar

The English writer and bestselling author knows what prevents a person from being rich and happy. The path to success begins with an analysis of basic concepts: what does it mean to you to be rich and what is the limit of your dreams? The second important question, according to the author, is this: what specifically prevents you from becoming the person of your dreams? For some, laziness has become an obstacle, others are held in place by erroneous beliefs, and others have resigned themselves to poverty. Meanwhile, the potential of every person is enormous.

Richard Templar reveals the secret of happiness and success of rich people. The rules are simple: just believe in yourself and realize your importance to achieve prosperity. The author motivates you to start a successful life now, without waiting for Monday or the New Year. Richard Templar's warm support will help you change your life and become what you see in your dreams.

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Millionaire without a diploma. How to achieve success without traditional education?

Feature of the book:

All the successful people described in this book decisively refused the services of the current education system. They have built successful companies, made fortunes, and helped countless other people improve their lives—all through self-education.

The author instantly destroys the stereotype that success in life can only be achieved if you receive a higher education. For this book, Michael Ellsberg interviewed many billionaires who did not earn a degree. Among them: Facebook co-founders Dustin Moskowitz and Sean Parker, WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg, Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour.

Author: Michael Ellsberg

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"Warren Buffett. How to turn 5 dollars into 50 billion, Robert Hagstrom

Warren Buffett is a legend. The greatest investor of the century, the largest philanthropist and one of the richest people on the planet, the second richest in the United States, is known as the Visionary. Luck, success and money seem to fall into his hands by themselves. Buffett first tried his hand at the securities market at the age of 11. At 13, the future Wizard of Omaha filed his first income tax return. At the same time, a financial genius is distinguished by simplicity and modesty in communication and life.

The book provides a detailed analysis of the principles of financial success for an entrepreneur. The author of the book does not limit himself to Buffett’s specific investment methods, but provides universal principles of money management that anyone can successfully apply in practice.

Robert Allen - Multiple Streams of Income

Specific and extremely practical guidance on creating additional sources of income that most have never thought about before. We are used to relying only on our salary. But simple tricks can help you turn $10 a month into millions without much effort! The author provides very convincing calculations and tables. I just want to take it and start doing it!

You will learn how and where to invest your time and money, how to buy real estate with a minimum down payment, how to make money in an MLM business and a lot of other necessary information. The book will expand your financial horizons and inspire you to create an ever-growing income. It's time to part with stereotypes that act against ourselves and discard all non-working schemes.

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If you want to have money, you need to learn from those who have it. You will master the theory in our selection of books, but you will still have to take the first steps yourself. Walk with confidence, because all the routes and maps are now in your hands!

“A million for my daughter”, Vladimir Savenok

Entrepreneur, financial consultant, founder of a consulting company Vladimir Savenok knows how to save a tidy sum for his daughter or son. The unusual format of the book - a notebook - encourages you to immediately take action and start accumulating capital here and now. The author talks not only about how to save money, but also about how to protect your bank account from inflation. Everything is fair: Vladimir Savenok tried the described methods on himself. This is a million-saving plan that works for the author's daughter Alicia.

The book will be useful to those who think about the future, build a family budget for the future and are already looking for ways to ensure the future of their children. The author's support will make the process of boring mechanical accumulation interesting and effective. The chapters of the book are accompanied by original illustrations: it can be read together with a child over 10–12 years old, in order to at the same time explain the basic principles of financial planning.

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“God loves the poor, but that doesn’t mean he tells you to fly second class.”

A comical parody of books on self-improvement, development and, of course, instructions for getting your first million. The story begins in a monastery where Brother Zap, a failed former Wall Street broker, serves heaven. Only $304 remains in the account of the religious institution, and the sale of wine from local plantations only makes the situation worse - it tastes so vile. But everything changes when, with the help of signs from above and the book “Save and Live Prosperously,” Brother Zap and the rest of the ministers in the entire monastery begin to earn good money...

"Why the Rich Get Richer" by Robert Kiyosaki, Tom Wheelwright

Robert Kiyosaki is an American entrepreneur, investor and founder of an educational company that teaches how to properly manage personal finances. Tom Wheelwright is known as a successful business consultant. The joint work of two outstanding personalities reveals the secrets of success and prosperity. It seems to many that only people with certain character qualities and the ability to foresee the future become rich. In fact, those who are not afraid to take responsibility for their lives thrive.

In the book you will find working techniques that will help you change your life, invest money correctly and plan your finances in order to work for the future and receive a constant income. The authors share new ideas that will change the way you think about wealth and how to make a living. The main principle of wealth accumulation - not to stop developing - can be adopted by everyone.

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Roman Argashokov - There is always money

This book is the result of more than 10 years of work experience of Roman Argashokov, an entrepreneur, director of the Center for Financial Culture and a famous financial consultant.

The author shares with readers simple methods for obtaining financial results, which in some cases are truly impressive. Thanks to his advice, your money will stop slipping through your fingers, you will get rid of loans and debts, you will be able to significantly increase your income, achieve goals you once set, such as buying a house, a dacha, the car of your dreams, learn how to create financial protection and try on the role of investor.

In addition to theory, each chapter contains practical tasks so that readers can consolidate the material they have covered.

The book is written in simple language, there are many jokes and exciting stories. It should be read by anyone who wants to improve their financial well-being and stop worrying about tomorrow.

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More good books on finance

Friends, write in the comments what books you would recommend reading on finance and I will add them to this list.

Robert Kiyosaki "Cash Flow Quardant"

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Evgeny Khodchenkov “5 steps from financial freedom”

A. Tarasova “Your own financier: How to spend wisely and save correctly”

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