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Wishing and waiting won’t get you very far. Get up and start following your dreams. (Jared Leto)

Aristotle called the growth of personality the practice of wisdom, and Vladimir Levi noted among its signs the emergence in a person of the ability to see the connections of events. Having been on everyone's lips for more than 40 years, the concept of spiritual self-development or personal growth has acquired so many definitions that it is easy for an ignorant person to get confused.

But strict psychology will put everything in its place. In education, when constructing personal growth trainings, we focus only on its laws, tools, definitions and methods of measuring results. This is why our teachers always manage to achieve success for each student:

  • teach a person to understand and perceive his “I” (the first level of self-development is personality awareness);
  • help to reveal the potential of communication with other people (the second component of this program of spiritual self-development is the individual’s relationship with the outside world);
  • set clear goals and start moving towards satisfying one of the most important human needs - self-realization.

Definition of the concept

Personal growth training is a training event that develops a person. In fact, it is a guide that helps him achieve success in any field. This is a kick that allows you to take the first step towards building the life you want. It is usually the most difficult to accomplish. If you really start working on yourself, this process will be much easier in the future.

Personal growth training

Personal growth training teaches you to look for the reasons for failure in your own actions, and not in strangers. A person begins to feel like a subject. Formation of the necessary qualities is the main goal of such trainings. These characteristics include:

  1. Internality. The feeling that the person himself is responsible for all the results in life.
  2. Hard work. In the literal sense, love for work, including on oneself.
  3. Communication skills. The main provider of opportunities is other people.
  4. And a number of other important character traits.

Coach, motivational speaker, business trainer: who to turn to

Professional teachers offering special courses for entrepreneurs and managers mainly work in 3 areas.

  1. Increasing motivation, creating a positive attitude towards leadership and development. A motivational speaker does not necessarily run a business himself or teach at a well-known school for entrepreneurs. The main thing for such a person is charisma, emotionality, and the ability to hold an audience. The speaker’s goal is to inspire the audience, to “ignite” them with his speech, which is why there are many popular personalities among motivational speakers: sports stars, show business, and politics. They work with audiences of thousands and keep the audience in suspense for 2-3 hours.
  2. Training of company managers. For this purpose, professors representing universities and business schools are invited. In this format, innovative content is more important than the trainer’s oratory skills. It is advisable to organize classes in small groups (maximum 50 people), we are not talking about giant halls. The value of the classes is the new knowledge and skills that the company’s managers receive, so the business coach must be a competent specialist, otherwise the whole idea of ​​training will lose its meaning.
  3. Individual lessons or work in small groups. This is what coaches do - personal mentors in personnel management, development, and leadership. This is the most diverse group of business coaches. Among coaches there are both excellent specialists and outright scammers offering dubious information products for pennies. Therefore, you should choose a mentor carefully and carefully, taking into account the ratings and top lists of the best teachers. A business coach can be both a motivational speaker and a renowned scientist. All this significantly increases the price tag for specialist services.

Objectives of personal growth training

Self-confidence training - how to develop

Everyone fills life with their own stereotypes. Acting according to patterns helps make events more predictable. But at some point, habitual actions no longer lead to the desired results. Reality becomes boring. If no new events occur in life, a person becomes depressed. As famous psychologists say, it is important to learn to balance between anxiety and boredom. To fill life with meaning, you need to find an action that causes a feeling of fear, but leads to development, and perform this action.

Personal growth trainings – a guide to self-development

Personal growth always involves leaving your comfort zone. Self-development includes:

  1. I'll meet myself. A person is inclined to look for excuses so as not to move towards success. Recognizing a problem is the first step to solving it.
  2. Changing your usual lifestyle. There are many resources, one of which is energy. Changing habits is always associated with its loss. But this is only in the short term. In the long term it is an investment. Today it will be difficult not to spend money and create capital, learn English, and improve other skills. But after a few years, more energy, time and money are required. Personal growth trainings help you learn to experience discomfort on the one hand, and on the other hand, make it less pronounced.
  3. Working on mistakes that a person will always make. To get fundamentally new results, you need to learn to act in a new way. First you need to get used to doing this. Therefore, mistakes are inevitable. Personal growth training helps reduce their number in the long term.
  4. Motivation. Usually people conserve their dreams; they do not manifest themselves. Trainings help you meet your feelings.

Personal growth training – a collective event

Important! Most training primarily focuses on the last point. After all, no one can change a person’s life for himself.

Sergey Azimov

Sergei Azimov , author of the work “The Clown and the Money,” which became a bestseller and was reprinted 8 times. Psychologist, businessman. Vice-President of the Center for Irrational Psychology in Germany.

Included in the golden dozen of business sales trainers, according to Sales Management magazine. He is the best trainer in the CIS, the author of a new business adaptation program.

Asimov teaches the audience the basics and skills in creating their own business without having a large start-up capital. Helps companies increase the number of closed deals and increase sales.

Participants in his seminars are heads of sales departments, TOP managers, and business owners.

The coach teaches tools that will accelerate career growth, teach you how to overcome objections, and develop negotiation skills.

Over 8 years of practice, the number of its participants has exceeded 10 thousand people.

How many trainings should I take to solve problems?

Personal growth - what is it?

There are a few points to pay attention to:

  1. It is impossible to solve all problems. One difficulty will invariably give rise to another. You should not strive for a life without difficulties. You need to perceive the problem as an interesting task.
  2. It is not the number of trainings that determines overcoming difficulties, but the actions of the person himself.
  3. For the most part, this is a motivational event that helps get started. But, if there is no willpower (inspiration can disappear at one moment), nothing will help.

Learning to become a harmonious person

This is precisely the task facing educational teachers who have prepared a number of developmental trainings and you just need to visit our educational center if you have come to the conclusion that life does not stand still and the time has come to make efforts to develop your personality. And this may apply not only to generally accepted advanced training courses for the purpose of professional growth. After all, every person is a multifaceted personality. And, by the way, everyone has their own idea of ​​self-development. But the most important and key definition here is “development”. It carries the message of forward movement, evolution, improvement, growth. We want to achieve all this. But remember the first part of the word is the prefix “self”? That is, to acquire new knowledge, skills, and abilities, you will have to make your own efforts. And if your spouse, mother or friends can help you find contacts for good courses, then you will still have to study on your own. To make this training interesting, productive and, most importantly, effective and fruitful, study together with real professionals!

It is impossible to live better than by spending your life striving to become more perfect. (Socrates)

Personal development courses

Placebo effect - what is it in psychology

Training is always an active program that involves performing a large number of practical exercises. Personal development courses are more measured and include lectures and group discussions.

Man undergoing psychological test

Courses can be distinguished according to the following parameters:

  1. Subject. They can be aimed at one area or several: business development, personal relationships, making friends, and so on.
  2. Format. According to this parameter, courses are divided into closed and open. The first are aimed at people belonging to a certain group, the second - at everyone.
  3. Source of funding: corporations or individuals.
  4. Basic tools: some trainings provide development through meditation, others give the task of meeting a large number of people on the street. Still others offer a more severe method - to lie in a coffin for some time. All of them are useful, but some trainings are dangerous for the psyche. Therefore, you need to select them based on your individual characteristics.
  5. Degree of preparation of participants. Some trainings require developing people to have certain skills, others do not. For a beginner, the second option is preferable. There are tasks given that anyone can complete. This will have a positive impact on the student's self-esteem.

Important! No course or training can guarantee results. It depends entirely on the person himself. They can only provide opportunity. The student himself decides whether to use it or not.

Konstantin Baksht

Konstantin Baksht , general director and owner of the company “Baksht Consulting Group”.

Buy a book?

Author of building professional sales departments. Author of 10 business bestsellers. Total circulation 350,000 copies. Included in the TOP 3 most published and read business authors in Russia. Leading expert and best business coach in sales and sales management, more than 500 completed projects in Moscow, other regions of Russia and the CIS.

The trainings are useful for business owners, directors and sales managers.

Choosing a personal growth coach

There is no universal recipe for development; this process is always fraught with difficulties. If you choose the right coach, you can greatly simplify the process of achieving your goals. How to do it?

To understand what a specialist is, you need to analyze:

  1. A blog maintained by a trainer.
  2. Materials in the media or other Internet resources.
  3. Real reviews from participants.
  4. Recommendations from people who have extensive experience attending similar events.

For a coach to truly lead to development, he must have the following traits:

  1. Strict, but not rude. He respects the participant, but is demanding.
  2. Attentive. Each person has his own reasons (not excuses, but real factors) why he does not achieve success. A competent coach should take them into account.
  3. Has a sense of humor. Helps relieve the emotional stress that will definitely come in the process of working on yourself.
  4. Persistent. Only this quality should not manifest itself in imposing one’s point of view. The coach needs to persistently achieve the task.
  5. Motivating. The goal of a coach is to help a person help himself. He does not offer his own plan of action.

Important! A lot of men and women go to personal growth trainings without real intentions to develop. They are looking for a magic wand that will instantly improve their life. But that doesn't happen. Nothing can replace constant work on yourself. All psychological concepts are based on this.

Evgenia Popova

Evgenia Popova , Ledionline, business consultant who lives by the principle of the “three Hs” - Nothing is Impossible.

Owner of a HR agency with a turnover of more than 50 million rubles. in year. At one time, Evgenia went from an ordinary specialist to a manager.

Helps companies transfer part of their business to a remote management style, and also selects personnel for remote work. Teaches how to correctly set tasks and monitor their implementation. Helps streamline business processes. Consults medium and large companies.

How to get the most benefit

Personal growth training on its own cannot be beneficial. They just give a kick. In general, there is a correlation between cost and quality. A person's knowledge is only worth what people are willing to pay for it.

Personal growth begins with the understanding that security is much worse, because it is just an illusion. The fact that a person has worked at one company for several decades does not insure him against dismissal. Then he will find himself on the sidelines if he does not constantly learn and develop personally.

So, personal development training is a good way to force yourself to do something. If they replace real steps towards achieving a goal, you can form an addiction and, as a result, lose your money. Sellers of such training skillfully take advantage of such clients. In fact, personal growth courses can also be taken remotely. Sometimes there is no need for them, because even a free article on the Internet can inspire action.

Gleb Arkhangelsky

Gleb Arkhangelsky , CEO and founder of the consulting company “Organization of Time”.

Buy a book?

Founder of the Russian school of time management, candidate of economic sciences, head of the time management department at the Moscow Academy of Finance and Industry, author of books and project manager for implementing time management in major companies.

Conducts effective and useful time management seminars. Teaches you to plan your actions, set tasks, bringing them closer to completion step by step. Record the time spent and saved.

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