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TOP 10 most famous people in the world who achieved success from scratch: list

In this article we will tell you about people whose names are well known. Many admire the creativity, inventions, and talents of these people, but few have thought about how they achieved success.

It has long been known that achieving a certain goal in life is much easier when you have a material base under your feet. The people we will talk about today started their activities from scratch, without the support of influential parents and money.

The TOP 10 most famous people in the world who have achieved incredible success include:

  1. Steve Jobs is the founder of Apple, a revolutionary in the field of IT technologies.
  2. Thomas Edison is a famous self-taught inventor who has patented more than 1,000 inventions.
  3. JK Rowling is a writer, author of the Harry Potter series of books.
  4. Henry Ford - inventor, automobile designer, founder.
  5. Walt Disney - animator, actor, screenwriter, founder.
  6. Amancio Ortega is an entrepreneur, founder of the fashion brand Zara, and the richest person in the world according to Forbes.
  7. Croc Ray is an entrepreneur, restaurateur, and founder of the fast food corporation McDonald's.
  8. Soichiro Honda is the founder of the world famous automobile company Honda.
  9. Elvis Presley is an American singer and actor, nicknamed the “King of Rock and Roll.”
  10. Sylvester Stallone - film director, screenwriter, actor.

All these people found themselves at the pinnacle of fame, but it is difficult to imagine what hardships they went through to achieve success. Their life stories are a clear example that the impossible is possible. You just have to believe in your dream and do everything to make it come true.

TOP 10 people who have achieved success in life

Bethany Hamilton

troy_williams / Flickr
Bethany started surfing as a child. At age 13, she lost her left arm in a sudden shark attack. And it almost cost the girl her life. But despite everything, a month later Hamilton was back on the board.

And two years later she took first place in the women's Explorer division at the NSSA National Championships. Bethany is now also a writer, and her shark bite board is on display at the California Surfing Museum.

Steve Jobs: success story, achievements, photos

Important: Steve Jobs is an outstanding person who was able not only to build a computer empire, but also to change the lives of millions of people. He made complex technologies easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and accessible to people.

Steve Jobs was adopted by foster parents shortly after his birth. His biological parents were students, experienced difficulties and could not raise their son. It is known that Steve’s birth mother took a receipt from his adoptive parents stating that they undertake to pay for the boy’s college education.

Steve never considered his adoptive parents to be strangers; on the contrary, he was very irritated if this fact was mentioned in his presence. Steve Jobs' parents were people of humble origins: his father was an auto mechanic, and his mother was an accountant. Together they earned money to fulfill their promise and educate Steve. However, Steve himself was not distinguished by a diligent disposition, although he was a very capable child. His teachers called him a “prankster.”

After graduating from school, Steve left his parents' house and moved into a cabin with his girlfriend. By the way, he managed to go to college, but Steve could not finish it - his disposition was too free, not conducive to discipline.

Steve Jobs easily made new acquaintances, became interested in hippie culture and spiritual practices, and became a vegetarian. One of the decisive acquaintances was meeting Stephen Wozniak. Having become best friends, they began developing their first computer. To raise money for their developments, they sold their main assets: Jobs' minibus and Wozniak's programmable calculator.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in their youth

Thanks to the oratorical and entrepreneurial skills of Steve Jobs, it was possible to attract sponsors. Soon Jobs's house and garage were occupied: development of the first batch of Apple computers was in full swing here.

Steve Jobs loved simplicity, and successfully applied it to the design of his devices. Many team members found him extremely difficult to work with; he was characterized as a hot-tempered and stubborn person.

During the years of Steve Jobs's life, he managed not only to become the founder of Apple, but also to fail and be fired from his own company. Subsequently, Steve Jobs returned and helped Apple achieve unprecedented levels and success. But besides Apple, Steve Jobs made significant contributions to other industries, for example, he bought and developed the animation film studio Pixar.

Steve Jobs' irrepressible energy was undermined by health conditions; in 2003 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and in 2011 he resigned. That same year, Steve Jobs died at the age of 56. However, his name remains forever in the pages of history.

He is called differently: “father of the digital revolution”, “visionary”, dreamer and innovator. One thing is clear - crazy love for your hobby and confidence in what you do can change the world.

Steve Jobs

Donald Trump, US President

Make yourself a legend and people will want to touch it.


Trump's story bears little resemblance to the standard "was nobody, became everything" success story. His father is a successful entrepreneur and real estate developer. Donald Trump received a good education: he graduated from a private boarding school, the Wharton School of Business. He also had no problems finding employment: he began his career in his father’s construction company.

While still in college, Trump implemented a project to modernize an apartment complex, which brought in $6 million in net profit. Until 1989, the future president became more successful and richer. But the financial crisis changed everything.

Trump did not build expensive projects with his own funds. To increase the pace, loans were taken out that were covered by other loans. As a result, the scheme did not work.

Trump's debts amounted to $9.8 billion, as a result of which bankruptcy proceedings were initiated against the company and himself.

The businessman was saved by his ability to negotiate. He agreed to cede 49% of his stake in the five-star hotel to six creditors. In exchange, Trump received more favorable terms for payments on loans taken from them. The businessman abandoned the Trump Shuttle airline and did not retain ownership of any of the construction sites. He was offered construction management for a modest salary, but was allowed to use his name on the buildings. An important image move was keeping Trump Tower in New York.

When I walked the streets of New York and saw homeless people, I realized what happy people they are! They are $9.8 billion richer than me.

Donald Trump

In 1995, Trump makes another attempt to reach the previous level and organizes the joint-stock company Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, which includes his remaining casinos. However, the fall in the company's share prices in 1998 again ends in debt. During periods of upswing, the company regained some of its assets, then accumulated debts and declared bankruptcy several times.

Despite financial problems, Trump is turning his family name into a brand.

He launches the TV show “The Apprentice,” his own line of bottled water and the Trump Visa card, and implements large construction projects. Although in his biography the words “bankruptcy”, “court” and “debt” appear in almost every second line, in the eyes of the public he always looked like a successful businessman.

Thomas Edison: success story, achievements, photos

The future inventor was described at school as “limited.” The teachers considered him an absolutely incapable student, given his small stature and weak physique, and after three months of training they asked his parents to take Edison out of school. To which the mother categorically disagreed with the teachers, but still took the child from school and taught her on her own. Thomas Edison's mother was the daughter of a priest and had a good education.

Thomas Edison has been experimenting since childhood. After reading the book “Natural and Experimental Philosophy” by Richard Greene Parker, he repeated most of the experiments.

The future inventor set up a laboratory for his experiments on a train, where he earned extra money by selling newspapers and candy. But one day, as a result of his experiments, he started a fire right on the train, after which he was thrown out onto the street with a crash.

But this fact did not stop Edison. Once, by chance, he saved the life of the son of the head of one of the stations. This incident was happy for Edison, because the boss, as a thank you, taught Edison telegraphy. Subsequently, Edison got a job as a telegraph operator in.

Thomas Edison continued to invent, but his attempts to sell devices were unsuccessful. Until the moment when his improved telegraphy system was acquired by one rich company. Edison earned $40,000 for the invention, while his salary was only $300.

Thomas Edison

With the proceeds, Thomas Edison equipped the laboratory and continued his painstaking work. He became the author of many inventions, but the most popular of them was the electric light bulb, which is still used today.

Other inventions of Thomas Edison:

  • Phonograph is a device for recording/reproducing sound;
  • The carbon microphone is one of the first types of microphones;
  • Kinetoscope is a moving image device used in cinematography;
  • An aerophone is a device for transmitting sound over a long distance.

And many other inventions. In total, he patented more than 1000 inventions. By the way, Thomas Edison suggested using the word “hello” at the beginning of a telephone conversation.

Important: The great inventor was a great workaholic; he argued that what makes a person a genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. It is known that Edison worked 19 hours a day in his laboratory.

Thomas Edison in the laboratory

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan said: “I haven’t made more than 9,000 baskets in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I was given the responsibility to score the winning goal and I missed. I failed over and over again, and that’s why I got so much success.” But few people know that back in school, Jordan was kicked off the school basketball team for “lack of skills.” Then he returned home, locked himself in his room and cried all day. But time passed, and Michael Jordan became the greatest basketball player of all time, whose proud number 23 was coveted by all the boys who were passionate about sports. This phenomenal athlete, who combines a unique combination of grace, speed, strength, skill, ability to improvise and an insatiable thirst for competition, has single-handedly managed to redefine the NBA superstar.

JK Rowling: success story, achievements, photos

The name JK Rowling became known after the world was stunned by the first book about Harry Potter. The writer worked on her book for many years. Over the years, she experienced a variety of life events, joyful and painful: the illness and death of her mother, the wedding and birth of her daughter, divorce soon after the wedding and life on the brink of poverty.

JK Rowling grew up in an ordinary family and did not experience any shocks until a certain stage in her life. However, the death of her mother and a divorce with a baby in her arms forced her to plunge into the abyss of life's troubles. After the divorce, the woman was forced to live on social benefits. She often felt humiliation, shame and resentment for her little daughter. It seemed to JK Rowling that this dark streak would never end, and the woman was often depressed.

Despite life's difficulties, for a long time Rowling wrote a book about a boy who was a wizard. According to Rowling's stories, her first inspiration came to her unexpectedly. She was just sitting on the train, which was delayed for 4 hours, and images and situations arose in her head.

When the manuscript was finished, Rowling sent it to 12 publishing houses and was rejected by them all. Only a year later, Bloomsbury gave the book the green light. And it was a real sensation! JK Rowling received a grant to continue writing the Harry Potter series of books.

Since then, the writer’s financial difficulties were resolved, and fame came to her. It is believed that JK Rowling introduced the fashion for knowledge. She was able to revive children's interest in reading at a time when children forgot about it and became interested in computer technology.

JK Rowling also wrote other books, such as “The Casual Vacancy”, “The Cuckoo’s Calling”, “The Silkworm”, etc. The writer married a second time, gave birth to a son and a younger daughter, continues to create and is involved in charity work.

Writer JK Rowling

Garland David Sanders

Garland David Sanders
If you call this man by his first and last name, it is unlikely that anyone will recognize him, but if you say “Colonel Sanders” instead, everyone will immediately understand that we are talking about the creator of one of the world's largest fast food restaurant chains, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Colonel Sanders is living proof that success can be achieved at any age and in any matter close to you, the main thing is to work hard and fruitfully to achieve your goal.

After leaving military service, Garland Sanders worked as an insurance agent, a fireman, a farmer, and even owned a small gas station, where local residents went to enjoy chicken wings prepared by the colonel himself. This was what ultimately became the key to the door behind which success lay hidden - the dish worked so well for him that Sanders’ popularity grew and he was soon able to expand the business. With his retirement, Garland had the opportunity to devote almost all his free time to cooking, and for several years he traveled around the United States, offering his recipe to owners of roadside eateries, but there was no result - there is a legend that Sanders received more than a thousand refusals before his cooking method someone was interested in chicken wings. However, the purposeful colonel achieved his goal and now his network of eateries includes more than 16 thousand establishments in 110 countries.

Henry Ford: success story, achievements, photos

Henry Ford was the eldest of six children in a farming family. From childhood, interesting technical ideas that could make life easier arose in Henry Ford's head, but his father did not support him. Soon after his mother's death, Henry Ford ran away from his father's house.

First he worked as a mechanical engineer, and then received the position of chief engineer at the Edison Electric Company. Henry Ford worked on creating a steam engine. One day he met Thomas Edison, and he believed in Ford, which incredibly inspired the latter.

Later, Henry Ford and some businessmen created the Ford Motor Company. His goal was to create inexpensive cars that would be accessible to many, not just wealthy people. Ford's partners did not support his idea, and as a result, the majority of the company's shares passed to Henry Ford.

Later, he was able to establish an assembly line production of cars, which became his main achievement. The Ford car became easy to drive, did not require complex maintenance, and also differed from its predecessors by a significant reduction in cost. Now the car has become a means of transportation, and not a luxurious toy for the powers that be.

Henry Ford took strict control over the management of the plant and the automobile production line. He controlled all stages of production, organized a workers' village, and also established the highest minimum wage in the United States at that time - $5 a day. Henry Ford later handed over the management of the company to his son, but after the early death of his son, he again took the reins into his own hands. The company was then taken over by Henry Ford's grandson, Henry Ford II.

Henry Ford and his car

Marilyn Monroe

After wandering around foster families all her life, at the tip of a photographer from a military magazine, Norma Jeane Mortenson decided to try her luck in Hollywood. In 1947, a year after signing the contract, 20th Century-Fox rejected the young actress, considering her unattractive and unable to act. Ultimately, Marilyn Monroe became the most popular blonde of humanity, one of the most iconic actresses, a pop idol and sex symbol of all times.

Walt Disney: success story, achievements, photos

Walt Disney was born into a poor family; from childhood he was forced to work as a newspaper delivery boy. When World War I began, Walt Disney had to become a Red Cross driver.

He had a passion for drawing, and later got a job as an artist in a film studio. He managed to open his own studio, but it soon went bankrupt.

Walt and his brother moved to Los Angeles, where together they founded the animation studio The Walt Disney Company. They began to produce cartoons, but did not achieve great success.

Success came to the company when the cartoon about Oswald the Rabbit was released. Later a new hero appeared - Mickey Mouse. At first, the cult cartoon character was not approved, but then Walt Disney received an Oscar for creating the image of this mouse.

In terms of the number of cinematic awards, Walt Disney is the most titled person. He made the world of animation completely new, revolutionized the idea of ​​cartoons and animation.

His achievements include the famous Disneyland amusement park. The idea for the park came to Walt during a walk with his daughters, whom he adored.

Walt Disney and his heroes

Vincent Van Gogh

In his entire life, the unrecognized genius Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting, and only to his friend. Very often the artist went hungry, but he created about 800 paintings that no one needed. Today he is considered a classic of post-impressionism, one of the most outstanding artists of all time, who created priceless works of art, the most expensive of which is estimated at $142.7 million.

Amancio Ortega: success story, achievements, photos

Amancio Ortega is today one of the richest people in the world. But one day he had to quit school to help his family. The family was very poor, the mother worked as a maid, the father as a railway worker. The parents' salary was not enough to survive until the end of the month. The boy had a developed sense of pride, he did not want to live like that and got a job in a shirt store, where he was literally “at his beck and call.”

Thanks to his responsible attitude to work and determination, Amancio Ortega began to quickly climb the career ladder. By the age of 17, he had already gained sufficient experience and quit to create his own company. At first, in the small workshop of Amancio Ortega, workers sewed women's robes for a small fee. Gradually, production grew, all the proceeds were invested in production, the customer base also began to increase, and eventually the first Zara retail store opened.

Amancio Ortega became the founder of a group of companies that united various fashion brands. But Zara remained the most recognizable brand. Amancio Ortega occupies a leading position in the ranking of world millionaires according to Forbes.

Amancio Ortega

Jan Koum

Net worth as of 2021: $10,600,000,000

Yan Borisovich is now 44 years old. He was born in Kyiv and grew up in the small Ukrainian town of Fastov. At the age of 16, he emigrated to the United States with his mother and grandmother.

Life did not spoil the family: Ian studied at the university, the family received food stamps, which allowed them to survive in difficult times. Far from his relatives and friends back home, Jan often thought about creating a simple and free communication system. This is how the WhatsApp application appeared in 2009.

Not everything went smoothly, but the developer’s efforts were not in vain: after the next update and the appearance of pop-up notifications in the program, WhatsApp was immediately downloaded by 250,000 people. Users were attracted by the simplicity of the application and the lack of advertising. In 2014, the application was sold to Facebook for $19 billion. This deal turned Koum into a billionaire.

Croc Ray: success story, achievements, photos

Ray Kroc is a shining example that it's never too late to start. Success came to him at the age of 52. Before this, the future founder of the McDonald's empire sold paper cups and was even able to found a company producing mixers, but it did not bring tremendous success.

One day he was selling his mixers to the McDonald brothers and saw their roadside restaurant. It had a self-service system, and the price tags for food were obscenely low. And Ray Kroc, unlike the McDonald brothers, saw a “gold mine.” He invited them to sell franchises, the brothers quickly agreed and gave permission to use their name.

Ray Kroc improved the franchising system by establishing strict requirements - everything must meet the standards. He didn't want the brand to be disgraced in the pursuit of quick profits.

Kroc's real success came after McDonald's opened in a small town and lines began to line up at the cash registers. Since then, crowds of people who wanted to invest their money profitably came to Kroc, because, as it turned out, the business paid off very quickly.

Ray Kroc

Oprah Winfrey

Once upon a time, Oprah Winfrey was fired from her position as a television reporter, citing the fact that she was “not suitable for television.” Today, Oprah is synonymous with modern television thanks to her talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show. She is perceived as a very influential person, inspiring people with her positive and optimistic programs.

Soichiro Honda: success story, achievements, photos

The future founder of a famous automobile company was born into the family of a village blacksmith. He did not like schoolwork; he believed that they would not bring him any benefit. Soichiro recognized only practice; later he gave preference to practitioners, not theorists, and emphasized that learning theory without real experience means nothing.

Since childhood, he adored the smell of machine oil; in his opinion, it was the best smell in the world. It is not surprising that Soichiro Honda's soul gravitated towards cars and everything connected with them.

However, his life passed through difficult years for Japan: first the Tokyo earthquake, then the war. His life was undergoing changes that were beyond his control. In the post-war years, a self-taught mechanic began to create motorcycles from bicycles by attaching a low-power motor.

Over time, Honda has become the leading motorcycle manufacturer in the world. This is how Soichiro’s main idea came to fruition - the production of cars. Despite the opposition of the Ministry of Industry, Honda achieved the creation of the largest automobile manufacturing concern in the world.

He adhered to strict rules, loved simplicity in clothing, and was interested in people who differed from him in their views. A person with a strong spirit did not break under the pressure of external circumstances and went towards fulfilling his dream.

Soichiro Honda

Stephen King

Stephen King might hold the record for being rejected by publishers. His first novel, Carrie, was rejected 30 times. Therefore, King threw the manuscript into the trash, from where it was later retrieved by his wife and, apparently, for good reason. Some 50 of his novels have sold approximately 350 million copies worldwide. This is him, the king of horror who made us afraid of clowns...

Elvis Presley: success story, achievements, photos

“The King of Rock and Roll” is the name given to Elvis Presley, who died early but left a significant mark on the history of music. Since childhood, Elvis liked music; he sang in the church choir. At school he took part in music competitions, for which he once received a guitar as a gift from his mother.

Elvis Presley's family cannot be called wealthy. My father worked various jobs to make ends meet. As a teenager, Elvis Presley became interested in styles such as blues, rhythm and blues, and boogie-woogie. He often played the guitar in the yard with friends.

After graduating from school, Elvis Presley began working as a truck driver, but did not want to give up his childhood dream. He went to auditions and failed them successfully.

One day, in frustration, Elvis began to play a melody, but because he was nervous, he did it too quickly. As a result, everyone liked his style of performance so much that the song soon became a hit. Since then, Elvis Presley's musical career has skyrocketed. One after another, hits and videos were released. A real “Elvisomania” began in America. Elvis Presley later began acting in films, but achieved enormous popularity thanks to his hits.

Elvis Presley

Steven Spielberg

Having dropped out of school at an early age, he was persuaded to return to a class for children with learning difficulties. But this happiness did not last long. A month later he was again expelled forever. But this is not what saddened Steven Spielberg most of all, but the inability to enter the film school at the University of Southern California, which he dreamed of. He was refused three times, citing the fact that he was “too mediocre.” Instead, Spielberg attended Cal State Long Beach and ended up directing some of the biggest blockbusters in movie history, worth $2.7 billion, receiving 3 Oscars, the Legion of Merit, the Medal of Freedom, and an honorary degree in 1994. year from the film school, which rejected him three times.

Sylvester Stallone: ​​success story, achievements, photos

Sylvester Stallone's filmography includes more than 50 films. The first film that brought fame to the actor was “Rocky”. Sylvester Stallone himself wrote the script and wanted to star in the title role, but no one wanted to see an unknown actor of average height in the title role, albeit in good physical shape. However, Stallone did not concede anything and did not want to sell the script. His persistence and determination prevailed, and the director agreed to his conditions. Since the release of the film “Rocky”, Stallone has received long-awaited fame and success.

However, until this moment, Sylvester’s life had not been pampering: he studied at a school for difficult teenagers, then worked as a doorman, a bouncer in a night restaurant, and cleaned animal cages at the zoo. Once he was even forced to sell his dog because he could not feed it. It is worth noting that he later bought his four-legged friend back by paying his fee.

Sylvester Stallone

Bill Gates

Everyone associates the name of this man with the famous Microsoft brand, but Gates’ very first invention was traffic meters. For their development and production, Bill and a group of friends created a company called “Traf-0-Data”. The young entrepreneurs wanted to sell their invention to local authorities, but at the very first presentation of the product they were expected to fail, since the device did not meet the stated capabilities and did not work as expected. Despite the loud fiasco of Bill Gates, this event pushed him to invent software for computer equipment, as a result of which the world famous company Microsoft was founded. A popular audiobook about the biography and secrets of success of Bill Gates is now used as a teaching aid.

Richard Branson

UNclimatechange / Flickr
Born into a family of a lawyer and a flight attendant, Branson had a very difficult time studying: he suffered from dyslexia, got bad grades and constantly failed exams. But instead of resigning himself, Richard decided to go into business. He founded a record company, saving on everything - even delivering records to retail outlets in London in his own car.

Today, Branson has a huge fortune, which he amassed through his conglomerate of Virgin companies. He is one of the richest people in the UK, with more than five billion dollars at his disposal.

Benjamin Franklin

Franklin's father really wanted to educate his son, but his funds were only enough Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin to pay for two years of schooling. However, this did not stop Franklin from being an avid book lover, inventing the lightning rod and bifocal glasses, and becoming one of America's Founding Fathers.

Nikolay Kuzyakov

— When my brother and I entered college at the age of 18, our parents said that they wouldn’t give us any more money, and we decided to get it somewhere. We found work as sales agents, offered confectionery, and all the buyers said: “Give me something new.”

We started looking for it and found an entrepreneur who made interesting confectionery products. We suggested that he package his product under our brand. The brand was invented by “Vanyushkin Sweets” - in honor of our father, we are proud of him. We had two options - either in honor of our mother or in honor of our father, but my father’s name is Ivan, this is a traditional Russian name, it fit well into our name. Moreover, we immediately positioned ourselves as a non-standard product for children.

We toured nearby regions and literally sold 1 million rubles in the first month, earning 100 thousand rubles from it. This was a huge amount of money for the students.

After that, we bought the workshop in installments for six months. This is how our first workshop appeared, it was just a garage production. The first week everyone worked: me, my brother, our girls, our friends, our mother was actively involved. And from there began rapid growth. My father saw that everything was successful with us and began to help with raw materials. Our top products are mini-muffins, pancakes, mini-pancakes with fillings, and profiteroles. We sell to all countries of the world. I think that with our potential, with our products, we can be sold in at least 70 countries around the world.

Vladimir Gruzdev

Fifth place was headed by the owner of Fashion Continent, and concurrently the governor of the Tula region, Vladimir Gruzdev. I received my starting capital by issuing a loan from Sberbank in the amount of $500,000. This became possible after successful management activities under the leadership of the famous entrepreneur Oleg Boyko.

The governor's fortune is estimated at $950 million .

“This idea took off and spread like wildfire.”


Some of your childhood's best summer memories likely involve trampolines, a great activity for kids. However, Rick Platt saw even greater potential in this entertainment: in 2004, he patented “a sports court of trampolines surrounded by walls and the sports played on this court.” Rick called his invention “Sky Zone” - he presented it to the public as a platform on which a person could fly. The playground became so popular that its use went beyond sports purposes: it was accidentally discovered that activities on the playground have a positive effect on autistic children.

Jay Z

Beyoncé's husband lived in Brooklyn, where dreaming of millions seemed completely pointless. He sold drugs, like many of his peers. It was very difficult for his mother; she had enough to eat, but otherwise difficulties often arose. It was not easy for him to make the decision to change his life and focus on music, but it yielded an impressive result. Together with his wife, the musician represents the most influential people in pop culture.

Sergey Galitsky

The first place is occupied by Russian businessman Sergei Galitsky, who is the director of the Magnit retail chain. Galitsky began his career as a student, helping the deputy manager of a Krasnodar bank. Such a dusty position allowed him to acquire useful connections and influential acquaintances.

Having managed to obtain an initial capital of $30,000, Galitsky chose to invest it in the purchase of a popular product at that time, namely cosmetics and perfumes. This first investment was fully justified and paid off in full, after which Galitsky registered the first distribution company Trans-Asia, which became the prototype of the future Magnit.

At the moment, the businessman's total fortune is estimated at $3 billion .

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