Abilities are the individual characteristics of a person that help her successfully engage in certain activities.

Moral qualities of a person

Morality is a set of voluntarily accepted rules for a person, which are of decisive importance in a person’s behavior and his attitude towards himself and others.

It is formed by the influence of many components:

  • family values;
  • individual experience;
  • school influence;
  • society.

Within the definition, there is differentiation into such subspecies as:

  • racial;
  • religious;
  • humanistic.

The role of moral positions is important for any social group. There is an opinion that racists, bigots and others lack moral principles and moral qualities. This judgment is erroneous and unscientific. Also, according to research, such social groups have genetic roots and cannot always be controlled by humans.

Volitional personality traits

In the process of life, a person gains certain experiences.
Depending on what processes you had to go through, your character is formed. Overcoming obstacles helps to realize the will of the individual. Basic volitional qualities

DeterminationActive, conscious, motivational movement towards a certain result. It is divided into 2 types: • strategy – the ability to be guided by beliefs, certain values, ideals; • tactics – the ability to set clear goals and not be distracted in the process of achieving them
InitiativeHe is a certain “pusher” of determination. Initiative helps to overcome inertia and direct will in a specific direction
IndependenceAn active conscious attitude to act from the standpoint of one’s own beliefs and views, without being influenced by external factors
ExcerptAbility to overcome obstacles in achieving goals. Requires self-control and self-control, the ability to choose the best course of action
DeterminationManifests itself in the ability to quickly make firm, informed decisions and implement them. At the same time, thinking about your actions from different positions, going through antagonism of motives and internal struggle with yourself is not excluded.
CourageThe first step in developing determination is determined by the ability to overcome fears and the ability to take justifiable risks.
EnergyManifests itself in the concentration of internal forces necessary to obtain results.
PerseveranceIt is a character trait that complements energy and allows one to mobilize strength for a long process of moving towards a goal.
OrganizationA necessary quality that helps you intelligently plan and streamline your actions.
DisciplineManifests itself in the conscious subordination of personal behavior to socially accepted norms and orders, taking into account the requirements of action
Self-controlIt is a derivative of the component of discipline. Expressed in the ability to control one’s actions and direct behavior in the right direction, without succumbing to momentary impulses

On the way to the goal

The described basic qualities are interconnected and complement each other. Will is a conscious, acquired personality trait that is developed in the process of setting a goal, the ability to move towards it, overcoming obstacles, and the ability to take responsibility for one’s own actions.

List of positive personality traits of a person starting with the letters A, B, C: description, adjectives, words

The letter a:

  • Authoritative – inspiring respect, distinguished from others by representativeness, greatness, status.
  • Aristocratic is a person who has a lot of refined and cultural qualities that seem to elevate him above other people.
  • Artistic – a person with extraordinary creative abilities.
  • Angelic is a person whose all qualities are so positive and positive that he can only be compared to an angel.
  • Active - a person who does not like to sit in one place and is always in the thick of things.
  • Neat - a person distinguished by special positive qualities, diligent and clean.
  • Appetizing - a person who is quite well-fed, but not overweight, who evokes tenderness and sympathy, as well as sexual desire.
  • Athletic – a person with a beautiful and toned figure, who is athletically trained.
  • Atypical - a person who is not like everyone else, he is unusual, extraordinary
  • Avant-garde is a person with an original style of thinking and unusual appearance.

Letter B:

  • Impeccable – ideal, possessing qualities that distinguish a person from others
  • Selfless - a very kind person who is able to help others without demanding anything in return
  • Catchy - a person who has a pleasant and bright appearance that attracts and makes him stand out from the crowd
  • Carefree - a person whose thoughts are carefree
  • Peerless - a person who is not like any other
  • Exciting - a person who makes you think about yourself, exciting your thoughts and body
  • Priceless - a person who has enormous value that is so high that it cannot be determined
  • Blessed is a person who brings joy and happiness.
  • Prosperous - a person with exceptional abilities, very kind and positive
  • Blessed is a very happy person
  • Brilliant - a person whose actions and deeds are very good and are always a level different from the rest
  • Lively - a person with a bright and violent character
  • Brilliant - a person who is constantly distinguished by something: character, good deeds, appearance
  • Cheerful - a very active, agile person who is always in the center of events
  • Divine - a person whose deeds, appearance or actions are compared to God
  • Experienced - a person with experience and a “baggage” of certain knowledge

Letter B:

  • Polite - a well-mannered and kind person who knows how to speak correctly and act well with others
  • A great person is a person whose actions and deeds deserve respect.
  • Cheerful – a positive person, a person with a sense of humor
  • Generous - a very kind person who knows how to forgive
  • Attentive - a person who is sensitive to people and important life events
  • Inspirational - a person who is permeated by inspiration, he is very sensual
  • Loyal – a person who is devoted to someone or something
  • Airy - a person with whom it is easy to communicate, he is never annoying
  • Omnipresent - a person who knows everything and tries to go everywhere
  • Prominent - a person who cannot be ignored or his abilities cannot be ignored
  • Magnificent - one who has special abilities incomparable to others
  • Exciting – a person who excites and evokes sexual fantasies
  • Magical - one whose merits are so good that they seem unreal
  • Impressive - the deeds or appearance of such a person leave an impression
  • Inflammatory - a person whose appearance or actions leave a warm and positive impression
  • Free - a person with free thoughts or behavior
  • Almighty - a person who can do anything

Positive human qualities

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