How to effectively engage in self-development in all areas of life?

What do I want from life? What do I need to achieve my goals? Am I setting my priorities correctly? What can you do to get more done? Successful people often ask themselves similar questions and find answers to them, as they constantly work on themselves and engage in self-development.

We come into life with a certain set of qualities. In our family, at school, at university, we interact with people and change under the influence of society. If we do not engage in self-development, most often we lose good qualities, including talents, and acquire others that are not entirely harmonious or even harmful. As a result, life becomes increasingly difficult and its duration shorter.

One of the principles of coaching is that change is inevitable! There is always development. Whether it's positive or negative, it's there. The quality of our life determines the vector of development. We either develop or degrade - there is no third option.

Definition of self-development

Main directions of human self-development

If we take into consideration certain areas of personal self-development, we can distinguish several main paths:

  • Mental development
    - the individual acquires new knowledge, which gradually forms in him an erudite personality, as well as an interesting interlocutor.
  • Aesthetic self-improvement
    - in-depth study of art. This may include visiting museums, galleries, exhibitions, theaters and other similar places that have a significant influence on the formation of taste and personal opinion.
  • Physical development
    – ​​keeping the body in good shape. Physical training not only has medical benefits for the body, but also improves appearance.
  • Morality
    - a person studies the norms of tact and good manners. Such knowledge must be improved throughout life. Moral guidelines and values ​​form a full-fledged personality.
  • Professional self-development
    – ​​technical capabilities are subject to rapid growth, introducing new ideas into the life of society. This is why maintaining competitiveness in the labor market is important.

Spiritual self-development as a path to yourself

It is also very important to remember that spiritual self-development is of particular value in a person’s life. Everyone has their own idea of ​​what spirituality is, and if you analyze many of these definitions, you can come to the conclusion that by spirituality people understand several qualities: awareness, unconditional love, faith.

A person who experiences spiritual growth inevitably faces a change in the picture of the surrounding world. Such a person manages to find inner balance and see the world and themselves in it as they are.

Psychology of personality self-development

By deciding to start the path to yourself through self-development, you will get rid of many troubles in life. It is quite difficult to solve any personal difficulties if there is no idea of ​​​​how to act correctly and where to go. As we begin to understand the world that surrounds us, we begin to understand ourselves. Most of us do not live a conscious life, but simply go with the flow. In turn, a person who is accustomed to self-development avoids many problems, because he has knowledge in various areas of life, and, often, this protects him from wrong actions and judgments.

Personality orientation in the works of C. Rogers

Rogers is considered one of the best psychologists of the last century, he founded the psychology of humanism. His concept is based on the individual’s desire for actualization; he identifies the following concepts:

  1. “Real Self” - includes a person’s awareness of thoughts, values, and attitudes in life.
  2. “Ideal Self” is a set of ideas about how a person sees his future, what he strives for, and his life experience.
  3. “Social environment” - includes values ​​and norms, behavioral characteristics inherent in a person’s social environment.

If there are discrepancies in life between the real and ideal state of a person and his implementation in society, mental disorders, neuroses, anxiety, and poor adaptation in society arise. To be in harmony with your Self and achieve an ideal state, you need to gain freedom, learn to listen to your inner voice, and act based on your experience and understanding of life.

Usually, problems arise in a situation where a person lives according to the rules of society, trying not to stand out from the crowd, forgetting about the “Ideal Self”. Rogers, working as a psychotherapist, believed that his task was to reveal the potential of the individual, to help determine and gain freedom through self-knowledge.

His “theory” found its application in pedagogy.

Key rules in the work of a teacher

  1. pedagogy should contribute to the formation of a healthy and adequate personality, promote personal growth;
  2. the source of development and growth lies in the person himself, only through comprehension and personal experience, responsible choice is it possible to learn and self-improvement of the individual;
  3. personal growth and development is impossible without understanding and accepting one’s essence. Respect for yourself and your inner world allows you to take risks and reveal new facets of your personality.

Basic qualities of a teacher

  • Trusting relationship;
  • Stimulate students' internal motivation;
  • Share experience, provide assistance in difficult situations;
  • Be sensitive to the child’s emotions and feelings;
  • Be active in relationships, express your emotions and experiences;
  • Understand and know yourself.

Of course, teachers are not always able to find time for each student and promote the full disclosure and development of their personality, so this question applies more to parents who must know and understand their child and help him develop

Each person in the process of his life asks questions of finding himself, his purpose, which is important for further development and self-improvement. “Know yourself and you will know the world,” the sages said

What most often hinders personal growth?

1. Lack of self-confidence

Often we do not dare to accomplish many things, often for only one reason - we do not believe that a positive result awaits us in the end. Meanwhile, self-confidence is of great importance, and it is this that helps to overcome the most serious difficulties. With this doubt, they act completely differently - they destroy our aspirations at the root and do not allow us to get what we want.

2. Laziness

A successful person is not used to putting things off “for later.” At the same time, lazy people tend to postpone most tasks until tomorrow, and often end up completely “forgetting” about their plans. If you mentally constantly look for reasons to postpone work to another day, it will not bring anything good. Realize that there is no tomorrow - you only have today. Your life is a moment in the present.

3. Postponing the implementation of ideas

Even if you have grandiose plans, they mean nothing and bring you nothing until you start implementing them. Moreover, if you have an idea that is not implemented, it can even harm you. Postponing things until another day leads to stress, fear and anxiety - subconsciously you remember some incompleteness, and this does not allow you to “breathe freely”.

How to make a self-development plan

First of all, it is important for you to realize what exactly you want to achieve, in what specific areas you need improvement. So where to start?

1. Analysis

Analyze various areas of your life, and honestly admit to yourself what exactly you are not satisfied with, what skills you are deprived of. It's important to be objective. Now let’s conduct an “audit” in the main aspects.

2. Health, physical data

It is possible that you should get rid of any bad habits, get in good physical shape, switch to proper nutrition, and devote more time to sports.

3. Spirituality

Work on this area is necessary if you need to get rid of irritability, anger, malice, envy and other negative emotions.

4. Material sphere

If you are not completely satisfied with your financial situation, then you need to work in this direction. It is possible that you will need to change your field of activity, attend some courses or trainings. result.

5. Social sphere

It is very important to develop the right communication skills that will help you build your personal life, overcome conflict situations, and relate to your environment.

6. Personal growth

Perhaps you should pay attention to the development of intelligence, attention, memory, and abstract thinking.

After analyzing all these areas, think about which one needs the most thorough development and focus on that first. When you manage to achieve the desired results, move on to another aspect. You should not try to take on everything at once - this way you risk not achieving what you need.

Books for self-development

Books are of great importance on the path to new knowledge. You can choose the literature you need both in printed form and in the form of audio books. Sometimes, a good book can perfectly replace quality training, because you will have the opportunity to return to the material covered again and again and study individual points as much as you wish. Recently, many books on self-development have appeared, and we decided to cover this topic in detail in our other article - “Books on Self-Development.” Surely, you will be able to learn a lot of interesting and useful information from the information provided.

Read more

Here we must immediately make several reservations: yes, absolutely any reading will be beneficial. But for a person on the path of self-improvement, there are several types of books that are needed first.

  1. Great literature. It’s not necessary only what is usually classified as classics - read modern serious writers, unusual authors from different countries, things that you would not usually pick up. Discover new worlds for yourself.
  2. Literature on self-development. After all, what is self-development and self-improvement if not science? This means she needs to study, read a lot of books with exercises, trainings, ways to organize her time and life, before results appear. It is important to understand here that reading exclusively books of the “self-help” genre and the like can more likely harm than help, and you need to develop yourself from all sides and pay attention to different literature, and not create the illusion of moving forward or force it.
  3. Literature in your specialty. Upgrading your qualifications is a priority not for the employer, but for you. It should be interesting for you to reach new heights in your craft, whatever it may be. And if it doesn’t exist, then this is a reason to start learning it. Don't be afraid to explore multiple areas at once.
  4. Books in foreign languages. If you don’t know a foreign language, then study textbooks on it. This point is mandatory and includes all the previous ones: here is training the mind, and discovering new ways of how to improve yourself and how to think.
  5. You shouldn’t forbid yourself to rest from time to time. If your soul calls to look into a sentimental melodrama or plunge into a fantastic action movie, this can also be useful. Just don’t be condescending even towards such literature. And it contains valuable ideas, unexpected observations, subversive findings. Look for them, write them down in your diary, discover new points of view on seemingly one-dimensional things.

List of popular science and documentaries for self-development that will change your life

BBC - He and She - Relationship Secrets

The project explores gender differences. Ten people are participating in the experiments - five men and five women. The purpose of the experiments is to establish in what key aspects representatives of the opposite sexes differ.

Participants in the experiments will have to pass tests that cover various areas of life. In addition, tests are expected on the perception of sounds, coordination of the ability to remember what is seen, and much more. The studies are conducted by experienced specialists who can provide a lot of information based on the handwriting of the subjects and many other features. The project will not do without a lie detector...

BBC - Body Chemistry, Hormonal Hell

The film includes various interviews with famous British scientists who talk in detail about the effect that continuous hormone production has on a person. According to studies, progress forces a person to break his usual biorhythms. From year to year we are catastrophically deprived of sleep, devote a lot of time to work, and in general, we significantly disrupt our own routine. What do we have in the end? Constant stress, depression, cancer and much more. Perhaps we can break this vicious circle and change something?

Air Force. Human brain

The documentary film tells how every day the human brain has to solve a number of complex problems, not inferior to the most powerful computers. Once in any environment (queue, public transport, etc.), we involuntarily begin to form a certain opinion about certain people, make guesses and assumptions. The project will tell us exactly how we establish contact with other people, how our inner world is formed and what happens to our brain. You will learn what hidden capabilities your mind has and how you can unlock them.

BBC. Human mind

Why is it that one person is very familiar with the feeling of danger, while another pays virtually no attention to it? How does accumulated experience help us in life? How do children learn complex movements? Why do we act one way or another in unsafe situations? The answer to all these questions is hidden in our mind. Our brain is forced to work every second, and often we don’t even realize it. We don’t even suspect how extensive our capabilities are for detailed knowledge of the world around us. The film answers questions about how exactly the human brain works, and how we can use this knowledge most effectively.

“Test your brain. Test 1"

Would you like to know how exactly the sound vibrations of the eardrum and the image on the retina form the visual range of the reality around us? How does our consciousness work? By what principle does it select from a large number of data only those that are most needed at the present time? Our senses have evolved over millions of years, so why are they still so easy to fool? Experienced psychologists, physiologists and neurologists are ready to cover these and many other topics. Find out what secrets your mind hides!

"Peaceful Warrior"

A film based on real facts. So, the plot focuses on Dan Millman, a highly talented and successful college gymnast who dreams of one day competing in the Olympics. The guy's worldview changes dramatically after he meets a mysterious man who calls himself Socrates. It turns out that the stranger has serious capabilities and is able to open up a truly incredible world for Dan. Having survived a serious injury, the gymnast, with the help of Socrates and a certain girl, comes to the understanding that he still has a lot to comprehend.

"Food Corporation"

A documentary exploring the production of various products. You will learn about how almost all the food products you see on store shelves are created, and learn that many of them are unreasonably overpriced. However, many of the products sold pose serious risks to your health.

You will learn about how industrial meat production occurs - how inhumane it looks, although economical. You will also probably be surprised by the production of vegetables and grains. You will learn a lot of interesting things about organizations that produce food products that are dangerous to human life.

"The Great Mystery of Water"

Surely, you understand that water is not just a colorless liquid with which we quench our thirst. In this project, you will be told all the secrets of Water - you will learn that it is a carrier of many data! She is able not only to remember, but also to demonstrate her emotions! A famous scientist in Japan, Emoto Masaru, spent a long period of time thoroughly studying Water, and he managed to make stunning discoveries! Also, talented scientists from other countries took part in Masaru’s experiments, and, for sure, these studies will be able to surprise you.


Shawn Monson's documentary explores the controversial themes of humanity's cruelty to wildlife, as well as the commercial exploitation of wildlife resources.

Bullfights, fur farms, poultry farms, slaughterhouses, whale hunting and much more are no longer uncommon. But in our time, is there at least some moral justification for a person who initiates the suffering of other living beings only for the sake of the interests of his own species? Earthlings have long lost contact with the surrounding nature, and this has already begun to bring sad consequences.

“Placebo. Solve the mystery"

The project will tell about the most amazing stories that happened in medical practice. These incredible cases will be discussed in Ireland by several experienced scientists. You will learn a lot of interesting things about the phenomenon that doctors call “placebo”. This word means independent healing, for which a person only needed faith and the power of thought. Research into the placebo effect has recently made a significant breakthrough that has shocked the entire medical world. What is the main secret of this amazing effect?

"Forks instead of scalpels"

Colin Campbell has conducted extensive research that will tell us exactly how diet affects the likelihood of being diagnosed with serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes and others. The study turned out to be truly large-scale - it was carried out for several years, covering one hundred thousand people. As a result of many experiments conducted, which took into account a number of variable factors, it was concluded that a person who consumes animal food in large quantities is seriously susceptible to serious illnesses. Why this happens, and what other stunning facts the scientist provides, you will learn from this project.


The picture clearly demonstrates to us how beautiful our planet is, as well as what horrifying consequences it had to endure after the destructive influence of humanity. The earth has long suffered from deep scars caused by various wars, industrial production, and global environmental problems. The viewer will finally find out what the real situation is on our planet. The creators of the project visited many countries in order to convey as much as possible the features and beauty of the Earth - you will probably be surprised how beautiful nature is in some remote corners of the world, and how much harm human activity causes to it.


"Secret 1"

In 2006, the “Secret” project was demonstrated for the first time. Many years have passed since then, but the painting continues to make its triumphant march across the Earth, covering many countries. Millions of people who watched the film made interesting conclusions that radically affected their destinies. It is difficult to find a person who was left indifferent by this project. So, what changes have occurred in the worldview and lives of viewers who took The Secret seriously? Can a popular documentary really change your destiny?


The ideas voiced by the authors of this project are quite simple and understandable, but they are the main secret that has troubled many minds for thousands of years. How to achieve success in love, business, business and other areas of life? How to become a truly happy person who is the master of his own destiny? Is it possible to start living the way we live in our wildest dreams? Experts from various industries already know the answers to these questions and are ready to share them with you. Undoubtedly, after watching this film you will draw more than one striking conclusion for yourself.


"Lord of the World" Nikola Tesla

A film that tells the story of one of the greatest scientists and inventors in the history of mankind. We are talking about the amazing genius known as Nikola Tesla. A lot of time has passed since his life and death, but to this day there is reason to believe that in many fields no one has managed to surpass this scientist. At the beginning of the twentieth century in Central Siberia, many people witnessed a fantastic spectacle that was almost impossible to explain. However, there was a person who knew what happened, because he was directly related to what happened...

“Why do we burn our lives” Denis Borisov

Many of us do not notice how we spend precious years of our lives on drinking, social networks and other things that only eat up time but do not provide any development. The author of the project is ready to tell you how to begin the fight against destructive activities that harm our development. How to find the right motivation for this confrontation and is a person able to quickly give up a pastime that has been interesting to him for a long period? The advice will undoubtedly be of great benefit to people who find it difficult to resist giving in to unhealthy temptations.

“Iron Will of the Hunter” Denis Borisov

In his project, Denis Borisov will teach you to achieve significant results in the “building” of your own body. You will learn the most important strategies to help you on your path to success. It has long been known that not all people who decide to go to the gym get the desired results. Why is this happening? Is it a matter of lack of motivation, or are these people simply missing something really important? This video touches on absolutely all areas of human life. Why are some people able to make significant progress in working on themselves and achieving their goals, while others fail to do so? Denis Borisov is ready to cover this topic in detail.

“About treason and betrayal” Denis Borisov

The word “treason” is fraught with much more negative meaning than it might seem at first glance. Is there a difference between treason and betrayal? Why do some people still decide to do such things towards their loved ones? Why do some guys and girls start cheating on their lovers? Why are politicians ready to betray their voters? Why is this phenomenon so common in friendships? Where does real betrayal begin? The author of the project will teach you to understand these issues, as well as use the information received to your advantage.

"On Our Minds" Dan Dennett

The basis of the documentary project was the philosophy of Dan Dennett, who spent a significant period of his life trying to prove that we are not able to fully understand our consciousness. In addition, according to the philosopher, consciousness often lies to us. These theories are widely known in the philosophical literature, but most of Dennett's colleagues do not support his statements. Be that as it may, the hypothesis also has adherents. Despite rather harsh criticism, the philosopher does not deviate from his theory and is ready to talk about its key aspects to a wide audience.

"How to Be Happy" Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert, who wrote the book Stumbling on Happiness, confidently challenges the idea that we cannot be happy unless we get what we truly desire. The philosopher is convinced that a person can easily find a feeling of true happiness, even when events in his life do not unfold at all the way he wanted. At first glance, this hypothesis seems completely unfounded, but Gilbert is ready to convince you of the veracity of his words, giving very convincing arguments. So, how can you find happiness, despite everything?

"Why We Make Bad Decisions" Dan Gilbert

Surely, you have more than once encountered unpleasant situations that were the consequences of your wrong decisions. At such moments, a person understands that if he had acted just a little differently, the result would have been much more positive. Many in such cases say that “such is fate” and do not believe that the negative outcome could have been prevented, but in reality everything is different. We can truly improve our lives significantly if we learn not to be influenced by many factors and make the right decisions. In his project, Dan Gilbert will tell you how to achieve this.

“Sign language. Body language shapes your personality"

An exciting project in which experienced social psychologist Amy Cuddy shares with her listeners information about the impact body language can have on a person’s life. According to the speaker, it is this aspect that largely determines how others perceive us, how we feel about ourselves and who we become in the end. Cuddy will also show you special poses that you can use when conducting a dialogue with a particular interlocutor. According to the psychologist, there are certain gestures that can help us achieve success. In addition, there are postures that have a repulsive effect on others, and this is also very important to be aware of.

"How to Learn Anything in 20 Hours" Josh Kaufman

It is often difficult for us to take on new knowledge because... we believe that this may take too much time and because of this it is likely that the matter will be left halfway through implementation. In turn, the author of this project is convinced that there is no need to be afraid of new horizons, because a person can master many disciplines, hobbies and other things, devoting only 20 hours of his life to it. At first glance, such a statement seems simply incredible, but Josh Kaufman is ready to prove the opposite. Undoubtedly, this extraordinary technique will be useful for many of us!

"The Magic of Thought" by Kate Berry

Kate Berry has no doubt that the human mind is capable of deceiving the body, and in her project she clearly demonstrates this hypothesis. Once you start watching the film, you will witness incredible and slightly shocking psychological tricks. According to Berry, for her, thought magic is a type of magic that is based on amazing methods of mind reading. The author of the project is convinced that using the power of words, non-verbal communication and other techniques, we can achieve stunning results. So, how can you learn to manipulate someone else's mind?

"How to Learn Any Language in 6 Months" Chris Lonsdale

An authoritative linguist and psychologist from New Zealand, Chris Lonsdale, is ready to share knowledge that will certainly be useful for any person. It is also worth noting that he is the author of many simple principles that significantly reduce the time required to master the basics of a foreign language. Many doubt that they can master a foreign language in just six months, but Lonsdale is convinced that this is quite possible - you just need to know what to do and what actions it is better not to allow. The psychologist is convinced that the path to success is often simply laziness, and in order to achieve a positive result, you need to start taking action!

"What Goes on in the Minds of Lovers" by Helen Fisher

Professor Helen Fisher, who is the author of several books and numerous scientific articles, gained popularity after conducting a series of painstaking studies of the behavior of people in love. The anthropologist is convinced that people have a dual reproductive strategy. Fischer will also tell you about three behavioral patterns that are ingrained in the human brain. We are talking about aspects such as attraction, romantic love and attachment. The professor explains why we choose certain people as partners, and what stages the relationships of lovers go through.

"10 New Facts About Orgasm" by Mary Roach

The plot of this documentary project focuses on the research carried out by Mary Roach - the writer began to study Nature in the most romantic sense of the word. Roach tried to learn as much as possible about the phenomenon of orgasm through many conversations with doctors and scientists. The works of a writer are a wonderful chance to discover new facets of your body. After watching the film, you will learn about such facts as infant menstruation, orgasm when stimulating eyebrows, the Lazarus reflex in dead people and other amazing phenomena. Roach includes everything you need to know about orgasm in his project.

"The truth about health"

From this film you will learn that our body is constantly changing, and this has certain consequences. Different parts of the body have a clearly designated service life, which can change when exposed to certain factors. Also, you will probably be interested to know that not a single atom of those that were present at our conception remains in your body. However, there is something in us that is unchanged - information. Find out the whole truth about your own health and how to maintain it longer.

Where to start self-improvement?

The answer to the question of where to start self-improvement is amazingly simple, because all this time you knew it yourself. Yes, useful resources about human self-development, courses, textbooks and much more will really help you. But all this comes later. Then where to start? Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and exhale. And tell yourself honestly that you want to become better. Open your eyes. Get started. The rest will take care of itself. In reality, this is the whole technology of self-development.

There is a new road ahead of you, and it is calling.

Interesting and useful sites for self-development

For self-development, you can not only watch documentaries and get acquainted with relevant literature. There are many useful sites that will help you discover new facets of your personality. Let's look at some of them.


— everyone can find useful courses here that can be taken online. The educational platform works with materials from leading universities around the world.


— participants in this large-scale project can receive an excellent education by working with the most experienced teachers in Russia and the best domestic universities.

Khan Academy

— this educational site is completely free. It offers its users more than four thousand short lectures covering various disciplines.


- a resource for those who really want to enrich their own knowledge. The site has been used by more than ten million students located in different parts of the world. The program included more than forty thousand exciting courses.


— the site provides online training for students, collaborating with the best universities. The purpose of the platform is to disseminate quality language among Russian-speaking students.

University without borders

— with the help of this resource, users can share their knowledge. The Russian-speaking audience fully receives valuable and useful information, regardless of place of study or work, economic and social status and other aspects.

HTML Academy

— the platform will be an extensive source of knowledge for users who want to understand all the intricacies of web development.


is an indispensable site for those who want to develop their mental abilities. Using a special application, you have the opportunity to take an individual training course that will be useful specifically for you.


— the resource offers high-quality online training to students who want to succeed in business. The courses are taught by famous professors and established businessmen.


- thousands of users of the World Wide Web worked on this colorful resource, wanting to create the most useful step-by-step guide. An integral part of the wiki community, thanks to which you can find out a lot of relevant information and learn something new.

HSE Internet School

- for those who are interested in courses related to the socio-economic profile, history, mathematics and other subjects.


— learning English can be not only effective, but also fun! By visiting this site, which has already attracted over 12 million people, you will see this.


— the creators of this free application call it quite succinctly: “gym for the brain.” In this game you will find a large number of different levels containing puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty.


is a free site that will help you learn the language and with translations. The platform is designed in such a way that after completing the material, users themselves help with translations of articles and various documentation.


is a free resource for those who have long wanted to develop the skills of speed reading, creative thinking, mental arithmetic, and so on.


— a platform that includes a large number of tests and exercises for attention, memorization, etc. You can take tests even if you don't register on the site. Note that the site was created in English, but there is also a translation into Russian.


— the site uses the most advanced methods of working with memory in order to help visitors to the resource remember any information with the greatest efficiency.


— with the help of this online simulator you will learn how to touch-type text on the keyboard, using all ten fingers. The platform will keep your statistics and also demonstrate the performance rating of other visitors to the resource.

Project Gutenberg

— in this electronic library you can find many masterpieces of world literature. The site began its existence more than forty years ago.

School Yandex

— a lot of electronic lectures, the main purpose of which is high-quality training of specialists for the IT industry.


— on this platform, students, teachers and simply talented people have the opportunity to share their own experiences with others. In addition, everyone can find additional income on the site.


— with the help of the resource you will learn to memorize English words faster. We also note that the platform includes a system that promotes greater learning efficiency and also monitors the level of language proficiency.


is a large Russian online university that provides an excellent opportunity to obtain a higher (or second higher) education. In addition, here you can improve your skills and undergo professional training.


— the platform contains a large number of lectures in Russian that cover a variety of topics. Here you can also find interesting video materials from various scientific conferences.

Games for self-development

You can achieve certain results in self-development through play - in the literal sense of the expression! It is enough to have access to the World Wide Web, and this will allow you to perform new interesting tasks every day that will have a beneficial effect on your skills and various areas of life. With the help of such games, you will achieve significant improvements in concentration, memory, and more. To do this, just enter the phrase “Games for self-development” into the search engine. You can easily download many of them to your smartphone and spend time on them outside the home - while traveling, in queues, and so on. You will find many interesting games on some of the sites that we recommended to you in this article.

Master time management

Time management, or time management, is not just the ability to carve out an extra 5 minutes for a cup of coffee, it is something more. After all, after reading various tips for improving your life, what often follows is a disappointed answer “there’s no time for this” and a refusal to take care of yourself.

But the art of time management will allow you to look at your daily routine like a clogged hard drive on your computer or a mess on your desktop. Once you remove the unnecessary things and rearrange things logically, you will begin to clearly see your goals, both in the short and long term, and how to achieve them, what to do for self-development and when. For example, take the same books: are you familiar with the situation when you have no time to read except public transport, but there are too many things to do at home? The answer is audiobooks. Combine different things in one, free up useful time. It will actually be easier for you to breathe.

Ways of self-development

Browse self-development blogs

Self-development blogs are regularly updated with new, relevant information, and if you check them periodically, you will certainly be able to find something valuable for yourself. Choose a few blogs that really excite you and check back for updated content periodically. Of course, it’s also worth paying attention to new sites.

Attend trainings and courses for personal growth

Most often, motivation arises when we see examples of other people who managed to achieve the desired results. By attending various trainings and courses, you will learn more about such people and increase your chances of becoming one of them.

Learn new things and work on yourself

It is impossible to achieve any development without doing painstaking work on yourself. Only by comprehending something new do we take a step forward on the path to our improvement. Analyze all areas of your life and identify your “weak spot”. Don't be afraid to admit to yourself that some aspects need improvement.

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