Tips to help you develop your hidden abilities

Find out if you have psychic abilities and learn to develop them in yourself with simple tips to predict the future. Read the article!

Some people still continue to doubt that psychic abilities are not a myth, but a reality. While others successfully practice clairvoyance, telekinesis, clairaudience, have heightened intuition and see prophetic dreams, with the help of which they accurately predict the future. Let's talk about the main signs of superpowers and look at a number of techniques that help take them to the next level.

Development of psychic abilities according to the Silva method

A famous parapsychologist from America proposed an unusual method.
Thanks to it, you can establish thinking and direct the functioning of intuition to control. Silva decided to suggest some exercises that develop the “sixth sense”. This allows a person to gain additional opportunities to improve and reach new heights in his own life. According to Silva, you can control your consciousness at various levels:

  • Level 1. The person is awake and can use the 5 physical senses
  • Level 2. This consciousness is suitable for meditation, using intuition
  • Level 3. A person is in deep sleep, for example, during prolonged meditation using various extrasensory techniques
  • Level 4. The person is deeply asleep. At this level it is located in unconsciousness

The exercises that the American suggested are aimed at developing your intuition. Another technique of Silva is help from an outside party, which establishes a relationship with a person’s energy. You need to meditate daily for 15 minutes, counting down from 100 to 1. When you reach the desired state, you can meet your own assistant

He is the one who will be ready to help you at any time and share information that is important to you.

Read more about Silva's method in his book Mind Control. You can buy the book at.

Bronnikov's technique. Vision without the help of eyes: static, dynamic images, surrounding

Bronnikov teaches people to see with inner vision. Even the completely blind can begin to see again!

A video course on the Bronnikov method can be downloaded here

Those who want can develop a vision within themselves, they just need to allow themselves to do so. And slowly move towards this.

One of Bronnikov’s students:

V. M. Bronnikov’s method “Information Human Development” is aimed at acquiring the following abilities: The ability to restore vitality, not get tired, and withstand stress. Increased reaction speed. Activation of body functions that did not work before. Self-liberation from pathologies. Expanded memory capabilities. New types of memory - photographic, “bio-computer”. The ability to conduct “energy-informational” examination and correction of the vital functions of one’s body and help others with this. Development of “energy structures” of the body. Strengthening immunity. Activation of blood circulation and the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. A “biocomputer” method of vision, supposedly allowing one to “see” the surrounding space based on a new property of the brain (without the direct participation of the eyes), to see all “spaces”. The ability to operate in the mind with large flows of information. Objective knowledge of future events.

Some use the method to treat blindness and deafness (they claim that patients acquire alternative vision and hearing), paralysis, and also in the hope of reducing insulin dependence and slowing the growth of complications in patients with diabetes.

Breathing practice "Kapalabhati"

Indian yogis have been practicing this exercise for a long time. It helps to quickly cheer up, activate brain activity, and increase peripheral blood flow.

Kapalabhati breathing consists of alternating normal inhalation and sharp, maximally accentuated exhalation. By repeating the cycle 10-12 times, you will feel a surge of energy and increased performance.

Breathing exercises have another beneficial effect: they can stimulate metabolism. The kapalabhati method can be successfully used in cases where it is necessary to quickly warm up.


Types of gifts

Many people do not even suspect that they have a powerful power, considering prophetic dreams or recognizing other people’s thoughts to be an accident. This is how our supernatural powers manifest themselves. Superpowers are divided into the following types:

  1. Clairvoyance. Manifests itself in the ability to see spirits, ghosts, dead people, and the aura of others. If a clairvoyant also has contact with spirits, he is called a medium.
  2. Clairaudience. Vanga had this gift: she heard a voice that gave information. Such hearing at the first stage can be mistaken for a mental disorder.
  3. Claircognizance is increasingly evident in children born in the last 20 years. Gifted people simply “know” and that’s it, without any logical explanation. It’s as if they are connected to the Internet of space and can receive information directly.
  4. Telepathy manifests itself in each of us. Especially when people live together for a long time, they simply “read” each other’s thoughts.
  5. Healing can be either contact (using hands) or remote. For example, a healer can heal even at a distance, imagining the patient.
  6. Prophecy or foresight. Nostradamus, Casey, Messing - all these are great prophets of humanity. They saw in reality upcoming events for many centuries to come. The future is seen by the predictor as a living picture in the head or comes in the form of symbols in a dream.
  7. Lucid dreaming. Many people receive information, travel to other worlds, and communicate with the dead in an unconscious state. They say that Edgar Cayce was able to develop this type of gift: he simply fell asleep and dictated what he saw. That's what they called him - the sleeping prophet.

You can often find several abilities in one person at once. One of them, as a rule, will be more pronounced than the others.

How to discover your superpowers

However, you cannot feel completely safe just because a decision has actually been made. It is possible. Full and final strength will come to you only after training for several months. For an unprotected person, this can slowly but surely lead to a situation with a fatal outcome. In the Tradition of Magick, the System is recognized for accelerating the progress of your psychological and physical renewal.

Psychologist Daniel Goleman brings this concept as being more responsible for the success or failure of people since interpersonal relationships are prevalent in different situations within organizations. Maybe now you're wondering what it is? It is a set of behavioral skills that impart one's own and others' attachment to common goals and interests, such as: motivating oneself, motivating others, persisting under frustration, knowing how to control oneself, and being socially skillful. Therefore, it is believed that people with good relationships, understanding and friendliness give a better chance of success.

Why develop intuition?

The ability to understand the clues of the unconscious helps in all areas of life: at home, at work, in personal life. For example, when choosing a watermelon, we examine its stripes, tap it, and evaluate the color and presence of spots. But once we cut it, we may be disappointed.

You shouldn't always rely on knowledge. By listening to your feelings, you can make the right choice.

It happens that people refuse to travel or travel, sensing danger, and as it turns out later, saving their lives. Intuition suggests an imminent disaster.

Even when choosing a partner, you need to rely not only on his appearance, social status and other parameters, but above all on his attraction to this person. An inner voice will hint whether you need to connect your life with him or not.

Insensitivity to cold and heat

open fracture
And here is the opposite example of human superpower. African-American Willie Jones, having received heatstroke at an air temperature of 32.2 degrees, was able to survive. Although his body heated up to 46.5 degrees, and he was already 52 years old. An extraordinary “friendship” with fire was recorded by the Guinness Book of Records. Reg Morris, a professional fire-eater, managed to exhale a burning flame 9.4 meters long from himself, after which he extinguished 22,888 torches in his mouth in two hours. The results of scientific experiments have shown that the maximum temperature with which a person can come into contact is 841 degrees Celsius. It is to this temperature that the coals and stones are heated on which ritual dances and barefoot walks are performed.

Contactless fight

Cossacks possessed such martial art in the past.

Elite Russian special forces units have been training in non-contact combat for many years. The ability to direct your energy at a distance in a fight against an opponent is a great art that you need to learn to apply. Of course, it is difficult to find people who teach this, but if you really want to, you can even learn this without teachers! I know this from my own experience. And now some things in BB are working out quite well

Once upon a time I simply set myself a goal - to learn this technique, at least its basics... And it didn’t matter to me HOW I learned it without any mentor, I was just sure that I could do it! The videos on BB by Starov, Alexey Zhgutov, and Vladislav Gaevsky helped me a lot. I studied them for a long time, watched them several times, and then I just started practicing this with my girlfriend... The first results were not obvious, barely perceptible in the senses, and then everything depended on our choice and attitude towards them

If we doubted, we would not learn anything...

You can download Starov’s video HERE

And this is the technique that we learned to do at the very beginning:

Interview with a Boxer about Non-Contact Fighting

And then we learned more complex things... But of course we are far from the “roll-up” technique. Nakat is the most powerful on this topic that I have seen. We tried how to make a person jump in one of the roll-up videos - it worked, but not for such a long time... In general, you need to train, but right now there’s no one to train with, and there’s no reason yet. We need to move on...

Roll up

In general, whoever has the desire, try it, train, be determined to learn and everything will work out!

It’s only very important exactly WHY do you need this? If in order to please your pride and show everyone how great you are, you won’t succeed - the path to nowhere is one hundred percent (there were cases when excellent masters were overcome by pride and they then fell “face-first in the dirt”), and you will only do harm to your health. This technique is needed for self-defense, not for attack!

A new dimension has arrived

However, we have all already stepped into a new dimension, forever closing behind us the door to the hard third dimension and its dual reality. We are carriers of memory, important experience, and we have already transferred it to the Source. However, in the new world there are different rules and they now dictate new conditions of existence for us. Our new reality is limitless opportunities for creation, which are realized through joy, lightness and permission.

Modern children are residents of this particular new dimension and they do not understand at all why it is painful and difficult when it can be easy and joyful? Why, walking along an alley on a sunny summer day, seeing a fallen tree blocking the path, drag it further with you when you managed to climb over it? After all, it seems easier, having comprehended its appearance and made efforts to overcome it as an obstacle, to leave it behind and go lightly, no?

Our children feel more than we feel, they believe in miracles fiercely and selflessly, without separating them from reality, so can we at least allow ourselves to assume that they may NOT be wrong, and everything unthinkable and amazing is really possible if you want it? What if you just come into compliance by working on yourself? All this is possible by gaining knowledge, developing skills and learning to perform simple practices, such as this one:

How to become happy

Our reality still combines those who continue to play out three-dimensional heavy games and those who are already accepting the new rules of the game. And physical age has nothing to do with it. Although in fairness, people knowledgeable in this topic still recommend that the older generation treat children as wiser, more knowledgeable creatures, who feel a priori more by default. Simply because, at birth, they already have settings that correspond to the reality in which they will live, and adults themselves have to reflash their microcircuits. C'est la vie, as they say, but how interesting!

Some time ago, or rather at the junction of 2006 and 2007, the feature film “Heat” was released on cinema screens on New Year’s Eve. The advertisers were tasked with advertising the film in such a way that, of course, attendance would be maximum. A massive PR campaign was carried out; no mention of the premiere was made unless the iron was on.

Advertising for the film, it must be said, was carried out in a rather positive manner, but what was memorable and memorable was the capacious slogan invented by someone undoubtedly talented - “In January there will be “Heat”. It was meant, of course, that the premiere would fall on the New Year holidays, but something amazing happened. The weather in January 2007 in the central regions broke all records in terms of above-zero temperatures, surprising meteorologists a lot. Later, assumptions were made about the mass consciousness involved, and now it is clear as day. However, then it was still three-dimensional time and there were still six whole years before the fateful planetary Transition and, nevertheless, such a result.

Learn investing

The moment you have free money after the previous step, you will want to invest it profitably. If you are not sure that at first you will be able to do this correctly yourself, hire a competent manager for the first year, and sit down to study special literature. Plus, you can ask about the ins and outs of your new financial advisor. Investments are a complex but very interesting subject. Having studied all the intricacies and become a professional in managing your financial assets, in any life situation you will be able to return your income to its previous level.

Human superpowers: what is it and why is it

Let's start with the main thing: what is this for? To tell you a secret, without much difficulty you can develop a number of skills that are considered extrasensory: for example, seeing the aura or perceiving energy fields. But why? In our experience, this usually happens like this: a person learns, for example, to see an aura (for which several days are more than enough), and at first he sees people surrounded by a luminous shell. But time passes, and a person asks the question: so what? After which (for some, after a few months, for others, after a few weeks), the skill of perceiving aura is safely switched off. No, it is not lost - if desired, it can be restored, but it “goes into the archive” as unnecessary.

It’s the same with the perception of energy fields – it’s easy to develop sensitivity to energy. Another question: what will you do with this sensitivity? Do you really want to perceive everything from which our unconscious in a normal state safely protects us?

By the way, from the position of integrative psychology, the perception of energy is a kind of more ancient, pre-sensory way of receiving information from the environment, which is inherent in each of us. After all, we all periodically dodge falling objects, or with amazing ease we read information or predict what we cannot know. And if these are superpowers, then they are inherent in each of us, and the question is not how to develop superpowers, but how to allow yourself to access the deep wisdom of the unconscious. So how can you develop superpowers?

Beyond the abilities of people nowadays

Everything is not accidental. It is no coincidence that it was during our transition period that an unprecedented flowering of technological progress occurred in all its most unimaginable manifestations. And if you listen to the assurances of those in the know, what exists and is being developed right now is just tiny, cute, inconspicuous flowers compared to what awaits us in the future.

It is no coincidence that it is in our days that visualization and computer graphics have become so impressively and plausibly embodied, volumetric “3 (or more) D” perception is increasingly being honed, the task of which is complete immersion in the illusion. But is it an illusion? (I find the sound of this phrase quite funny)

An imperishable statement, which previously had its meaning almost only in the circles of the same scientists, but now wanders around the Internet, media space and in the minds of an increasing number of those interested and striving for awareness: “A person can achieve everything that his mind believes in. The power of thought works wonders." And indeed it is. In an online esotericism course, students create amazing things themselves, literally in a matter of days.

Already now, those who have at least briefly removed the shackles of disbelief, the blockage of limiting three-dimensionality, and simply assumed that the world is wider than we are used to thinking, information about miracles happening to people is beginning to come from everywhere, from a variety of sources. About those phenomena that violate all conceivable and inconceivable laws of physics, chemistry and God knows how many other sciences, the data of which is considered to be accurate. Just study the real stories and the blinders will naturally fall from your eyes. Your hands will itch to create, and a rainbow of delight will appear in your mind: “Well, finally!”

How to Unlock Your Abilities

After analyzing the diary entries, they begin to work on their abilities. It is better to be led by a teacher or mentor who will help you take your first steps in developing super abilities and guide you on the right path. Like any other skill, talent must be developed. It requires work and time. Undoubtedly, many talented people are born, but not many express themselves and do not try to find their talent. A mentor or teacher will teach you many secrets of super skills.

Below is a small instruction on how you can discover your abilities.

1. For any task, use both hands with equal load. They learn to write, eat, brush their teeth, wipe and get something, and comb their hair with both hands. It will be especially difficult to operate a computer mouse with your left hand. This is necessary for both hemispheres of the brain to work. Thanks to such simple actions, they will be loaded equally. And also, when a person works, the work is carried out by one hemisphere, and if both are involved, then new connections will begin to appear in the brain.

2. The following actions will help to identify creative abilities and not only creative ones:

  • Play "Blind Man's Bluff": you blindfold your eyes with a thick scarf or handkerchief, and search for an item or object using sound signals.
  • Cover your ears. They spend some time in this state.
  • Further, if desired, you can artificially turn off one of the senses.

The brain is temporarily deprived of some sense organs and seeks new ways of orientation in space. Abilities are developing.

3. Chewing food for a long time will help sharpen your taste buds. They try to fully experience the taste of the product: chocolate, ice cream, nuts, and so on.

4. Get creative! Any kind that exists, in a word, a person tries to find himself with the help of: music, modeling, drawing, embroidery, sewing, scrapbooking, photography and so on.

5. They approach the development of super abilities with madness: they turn the world upside down. Existing principles and rules of life are reversed. They dream without boundaries and frames, and realize all their old dreams.

6. Materialistic view of the world: learn logic, study scientific methods of thinking, analyses, syntheses, solve puzzles, crosswords, puzzles.

7. Play sports. A strong and slender body will help you realize all your plans! A trained body quickly copes with stress and ailments. Sound, healthy sleep is important. When nothing hurts, and the body is full of strength, then spiritually a person is ready for achievements. This is necessary to develop another talent.

8. Develop a sense of humor. They try to look at the world through children's eyes.

9. Keep a diary and write down ideas and thoughts that come to mind. Thanks to this, some unrealistic plans are being realized.

10. Develop a sense of time and space. They look at the time, close their eyes and begin to count down the seconds, after a minute they open their eyes and look at the time. They try to calculate the period of time by feeling.

11. Never stop there! A person is capable of doing things that seem impossible at first glance.

With any development of the situation, the perception of the world changes completely, a person learns to develop not only creative abilities, but also sports ones. Acquires many skills, learns to think completely differently, and at the same time enjoy every day of life. If a person wants to realize himself as an individual in this world, add something new to his life, stop doing boring and monotonous activities, he should start developing his talent! To reach heights, you must first understand yourself, your emotions, your perception. This is the key to a successful career, success in your personal life and a great sense of humor. Having found yourself now, in old age you can say that your life was not lived in vain.

Reasons for blocking the hidden reserves of our body

If a person lives in an ecologically clean environment, eats natural food, does not experience constant stress, does not have bad habits or burdened heredity, leads a moderately active lifestyle, lives with good intentions and thoughts, then all processes in his body proceed effectively, providing him state of complete health.

This means that his body has enough positive energy, his blood, lymph, intercellular space, liver, kidneys, intestines, etc. do not contain excess amounts of toxins and microorganisms. And the immune system is able to provide reliable protection to the body in the event of an excessive amount of pathogenic pathogens, that is, if necessary, hidden reserves are activated.

However, in the modern civilized world, the majority of people live in an environmentally unfavorable environment, eat foods full of harmful chemicals, experience constant stress, trying to earn more money, lead a sedentary lifestyle, think with envy, anger, and sometimes hatred.

Constant tension and slagging of the body with waste products disrupt the functions of many organs. Accumulating toxins and waste block the hidden forces of the body and do not allow the immune system to perform its cleansing function.

With age, when a person’s motor activity decreases, a negative attitude towards life increases, the blocking of hidden reserves intensifies, and not only functional, but also organic damage to internal organs appears in the form of chronic diseases. Under such conditions, the body's reserve forces cannot manifest themselves in full force.

How to discover and develop your superpowers. 30 tests

Despite the fact that this test for magical abilities is compiled in a somewhat frivolous comic manner, it allows you to fairly accurately determine a person’s natural inclinations. Therefore, one should not neglect her support in such a difficult matter as acquiring magical abilities. Each magician has his own patron who helps him in all ceremonies and rituals. Human superpowers include not only the obvious manifestations of magical powers, such as telepathy, telekinesis and clairvoyance.

If you restore even in the face of the greatest difficulties

Resilience can be understood as the ability to recover, rebuild and adapt to adverse situations. This means that even in the face of disappointment, disappointment and difficulty, you need to move on. Suffering and difficulties are inherent in human life, and we need to learn to cope with them and learn from them. Recent research shows that learning to deal with negative feelings is the key to feeling good, so knowing yourself is the key to becoming more resilient because when you first meet you, you will learn to feel confident and therefore you know that even with Difficulties, we can restore and restore.

Sometimes abilities such as clairvoyance or telepathy develop spontaneously, or as a result of a sharp emotional shock. Hoping to solve their problems, people turned to magicians, healers, and healers. This unique temple is famous for the fact that thousands of human bones and skulls were used to decorate it. The church made of bones in the Czech Republic is also called the Ossuary Church or the Cemetery Church of All Saints.

Find the energy you've saved

Being a communicator is critical to your development in any organization. Convey who you are, what you think and how you feel. Do you know that “whoever hasn’t seen it, I don’t remember?”? It's all people, it's easy to say, isn't it? Some people are sad and sensitive and sometimes we can't hear them. Other times, someone is struggling at work and we cannot “hear” the call for help. Not to mention the difficulty people see around them to hear criticism. Sometimes you give negative feedback to a person and she comes up with thousands of excuses for what happened.

For most, a person’s paranormal abilities are something mysterious, incomprehensible, inaccessible to understanding. Register and get access to advanced site features and 10 free books as a gift! How do I know the login and password received after the automatic registration? Most people don't even know how to do this.

“It is important not to justify the mistake, but to prevent it from being repeated”

Let's hear more. Perhaps you did something that made the person realize this. Because there is humanity, there is error. Nature “makes mistakes,” mutates and transforms. The principle should be the same: we've all made mistakes a few times, and we're going to make many more mistakes. We need to know what to do about this error. We must learn to transform. Mistake brings us many opportunities, new paths and horizons, new learning. Be more tolerant of yourself, turn on the light and think about what this mistake has done for you.

Revealing hidden human abilities

The visible part of the universe is not the whole universe. The physical sense organs of a person in the 3-dimensional world are capable of cognizing only a small part of the entire universe and are not able to understand all its interrelations, since they do not have a holistic picture. The radio and X-ray telescopes used by scientists can only slightly expand the range of perception of the human senses. But already in the radio range the universe looks different from the visible optical range and different from the X-ray one. In the same way, the world around us, visible with ordinary vision, is not the whole world, but only a part of it. By developing his senses, a person will be able to more fully understand the world around him, himself and his place in this world. Source - Esoterics. Living Knowledge

How can you explain to a blind person what a rainbow is? How to explain to another person the taste and aroma of an overseas fruit if he has never tried it? It is also impossible to explain to a person the sensations of another space, the 4th or 5th dimension, the subtle world, the sensation of energy.

In order to feel it, you need other senses. And humans have these sense organs! People have long been using such concepts as intuition, clairvoyance, and the “sixth sense.” In most people they are very poorly developed. But recently, more and more people with developed extraordinary abilities are appearing on Earth. This is due to the period of development that our planet and all of humanity are currently experiencing. Therefore, new knowledge and techniques have now emerged that allow us to reveal previously unprecedented human abilities.

The development of new abilities in humans is associated with the development of new sense organs. But these sense organs are not physical like our eyes and ears. These are energetic sensory organs. That is, these are sense organs that are an integral part of human energy. And these senses can be developed. They are now beginning to awaken in people, especially in childhood. These are exactly the qualities that people have long dreamed of: clairvoyance, telepathy, healing abilities, and even movement in space and materialization of objects. These are the senses that will allow us to open new horizons in understanding ourselves and the universe. Since these sense organs are directly related to human energy, by developing your energy, you can develop new sense organs. Of course, not everything at once, but there is a path and you need to follow it.

It has been noticed that over the last decade the number of psychics, clairvoyants and other people with phenomenal abilities has increased sharply. From this we can conclude that the energy of all modern people has increased significantly over the past hundred years. In the “west” there are corresponding statistical data. This suggests that a person in his development has approached a certain threshold, beyond which unprecedented opportunities await him. And all this is connected with human energy. That is, it is no longer possible for a person to ignore his energy; it has an increasing influence on his life. The time has come to study these things in schools and institutes. In some medical institutes in the "west" all students receive at least the first level of Reiki.

Few people know how people’s energy affects people’s interactions with each other and their attractiveness. Unfortunately, this is not yet taught in schools and institutes, but in vain. You don’t have to be a great specialist to notice that some people emit positive energy and attract other people, while others emit negative energy and push people away from them. Many people feel this intuitively, but few people use it consciously, much less even fewer people who can consciously control their energy. How does people’s energy affect family relationships? Everyone needs to know this. In addition, Reiki provides good protection against damage, the evil eye and energy vampirism, which are now common.

Mastering one’s energy and strengthening it can give a person considerable advantages in competition. Meanwhile, success in business is directly related to the energy of the people who participate in it. Many people carry a large amount of negative energy (or dead energy) within them. Such people often have failures in life, they get sick more often, and often remain lonely. If they are given a charge of good energy, then their business begins to go uphill. Single women quickly get married and find a good match! Unemployed people quickly find good jobs!

The simplest and most accessible way to master your energy is through the Reiki system.

. The Reiki system allows any person to open an energy channel, after which the person acquires abilities that the person did not have before (for example, healing abilities). The system is based on the laws of space and the result is guaranteed. Moreover, the Reiki system is completely safe. The energy channel is opened even for pregnant women and the child is born with an open Reiki channel. Currently, this system is widely distributed in all countries of the world: in Japan for about a hundred years, in Western countries for more than fifty years, in the CIS countries for about fifteen years. There are special Reiki schools and international associations in many countries around the world. Dozens of books have been written and published about Reiki. This system was discovered in Japan about a hundred years ago. Therefore, the word Reiki is of Japanese origin. The word Ray means deity, Ki means energy. Hence Reiki is divine energy. The history of Reiki is described in detail on the Internet, and we will not repeat it.

In order to understand what Reiki is, you must first understand what a person is. There are basically two main views on this concept. A purely materialistic point of view claims that a person is a collection of bones, meat and some other substances. This position states that everything in the human body occurs on the basis of chemical reactions, hence the corresponding approach to human treatment methods. But this view of the essence of man is very outdated.

Recently, the “Eastern” approach to the essence of man, based on Eastern teachings and religions, has been increasingly recognized in the West, especially since in recent decades more and more evidence of the correctness of these teachings has appeared. Scientists have discovered the human biofield, photographing the aura and etheric body.

In a simplified form, a person can be represented as a matryoshka doll. The outer body is a physical body, in which energy bodies are located one within the other, representing various gradations of the subtle and fiery worlds: Ethereal body, Astral body, Mental body, Karmic, Budhial (Soul), Atmic (Spiritual) body.

Yogis in India have long known about the existence of energy channels and centers (also called chakras) in the human body. Disturbances in a person’s energy bodies cause diseases of the physical body, and also affect the fate of a person. Restoring the energy of subtle bodies, channels and centers eliminates the cause of illness or failure in a person’s life.

It should be noted that the level of consciousness has the greatest influence on a person’s health and energy. It has long been noted that highly spiritual people do not get sick and live long, and people who are called saints do not get sick when they are among those suffering from plague or cholera! Since a person’s thought and his emotions are matter and carry energy, his health depends on how a person thinks and what emotions he shows. But, as is known from the practice of using Reiki, energy also affects human consciousness. (After initiation to the next level of Reiki, a person’s level of consciousness noticeably changes. The person begins to realize what he was not able to realize before.)

Thus, a person consists more of energies than of dense matter, therefore, energy must also be the food for energy bodies. Obviously, since there are bodies that have different densities of matter, then different energies must be used to power these bodies, or one, but capable of feeding all energy bodies. Such energy can be the most saturated (having the greatest strength), that is, the most subtle energy. (It is known from radio engineering that the higher the frequency of electromagnetic oscillations, the more energy these oscillations carry.)

Thus, accepting that a person is more of an energetic being than one consisting of dense matter, we can assume that every person is a conductor of these energies, to a greater or lesser extent. Another thing is that not all people are aware of this fact, much less know how to use this energy. As an inept use of this energy, we can name such phenomena as energy vampirism.

Indeed, all people possess this energy to a greater or lesser extent. But, as practice shows, only a few people have a sufficient amount of this energy. Such people are usually called psychics.

If a special energy channel (Reiki channel) is opened in any person using a special technique, then such a person becomes a powerful conductor of life energy no worse than any psychic. If a person receives initiation into the second stage of Reiki, then his capabilities increase significantly, and the person gains the opportunity to send energy in space and time. (Treat people from a distance).

The difference between a psychic and a Reiki conductor is that to treat people, a psychic uses his own energy reserves, which he then needs to replenish, while a Reiki conductor receives through the channel and transmits the vital energy of the cosmos in the required quantity, without wasting his energy. Moreover, this energy is purer, since it is not “colored” by the person’s personality.

Thus, any person has the ability to receive, transmit and manage this energy. What kind of energy is this? It is called differently: Cosmic Energy, Life Energy, Divine Energy, Holy Spirit Energy or simply the Holy Spirit, Reiki, etc. Obviously, these are not just electromagnetic vibrations, since this energy is not detected by ordinary physical devices. The best device for detecting this energy is a living organism, a person. But since the perception and sensitivity of all people are different, it is difficult to determine the quantity and quality of this energy. But a trained person learns to determine the quality and quantity of this energy according to the principle of more - less, finer - coarser.

Let us recall such phenomena as clairvoyance, telepathy, the phenomenon of Rosa Kuleshova, who could read books with her fingers. All these are phenomena of the same order – energy-information exchange. A person, having his own energy and interacting with the energy of an object, is able to receive and decipher information. But few people have these phenomenal abilities; one might say, people who have developed their abilities, consciously or not. By constantly working with Reiki energy, any person can develop similar abilities over time.

Reiki is new human capabilities, it is the path of development and discovery of human abilities. This ancient healing system has once again become available to people. This is a new system for healing the body. However, it is new to our official science; in fact, it has been used in many countries of the world for about a hundred years, and the roots of its history go back thousands of years. Recently, this system has become widespread here and abroad. In Almaty alone, thousands of people have already connected to this system. People connected to this system practically stop going to medical institutions and using medications.

The universe is saturated with vital energy, Reiki energy. The free flow of this energy in a person means health, integrity and pleasure, blocking it means inaction, illness and split personality. The vast majority of modern people lack this energy. This is where a lot of our troubles and problems with our health originate.

It is known that any disease, as a distortion of energy, first appears on the human energy plane and if these distortions are not removed in time, the disease will manifest itself on the human physical body. That is, the causes of all human diseases are located in the energy bodies and in the consciousness (as one of the energy bodies) of a person. Reiki energy is able to remove all these distortions, and everything happens automatically and does not require any conscious human intervention.

Just as a person does not have to think about how his blood flows through his vessels, so a person does not think about the distribution of energy in his energy bodies. Man is an automated system. This demonstrates the exceptional simplicity of the Reiki system.

Energy completely independently finds its way to the blocked place, to the source of the disease. The more energy is missing, the stronger its flow. No special medical knowledge is required to achieve healing with Reiki. The Reiki transmission method is extremely simple and accessible to anyone. Today, this is the simplest, most accessible to any person, the most effective, most universal system that has ever been known to people.

Modern medicine, using chemotherapy (that is, ordinary pills), acts not on the cause, but on the consequences of the disease on the physical plane, driving the disease inside, which leads to premature aging of a person. (It has been noticed that people who have the 3rd degree of Reiki begin to look younger!).

Energy flows especially strongly in a person along certain paths (channels) and is concentrated in certain centers (chakras). Indian Yogis know this well. Through the powerful energy influence of a Reiki master, a special channel of energy can open in a person. When this channel is open in a person, he can receive and transmit to others a significantly larger volume of universal life energy, heal himself and others in the broadest sense.

When the Reiki channel is open, life energy flows constantly, its flow does not stop for a minute - this means that Reiki cannot be unlearned. People who once receive Reiki initiation can use this energy throughout their lives. However, a person with an open Reiki channel is not a healer himself, but only a channel that transfers life energy to others, and with it, healing.

The capabilities of this healing system are fantastic:

  • heals almost all diseases, including often being effective where modern medicine remains powerless. It does not require any surgery and is completely painless;
  • allows you to significantly speed up wound healing after surgery and in many cases do without surgical intervention (where doctors prescribe surgery);
  • possibility of treatment at a distance;
  • allows you to get rid of bad habits;
  • has no harmful side effects or contraindications;
  • promotes the development of hidden human abilities;
  • helps not only the body, but also the soul, harmonizes a person’s mental state;
  • allows you to solve many life and family problems, problems in business;
  • helps a person find the meaning of life and makes life easier.

For young children, the open Reiki channel is useful because children get sick less, and when they get sick, they recover faster, develop better, it is easier for them to study at school, their memory improves, and hidden abilities develop. For older people, the Reiki channel can significantly improve their well-being and prolong life.

Everyone knows the facts of the appearance on earth of people with special abilities that most people do not have. These are psychics, clairvoyants, healers, etc. Many of them showed these abilities since childhood. But where do they come from? Why don't other people have these abilities? The conclusion suggests itself that they developed these abilities in themselves in past lives. Modern science has proven the existence of a human soul, which does not die after the death of the physical body, but is reincarnated many times on earth, passing from one life to another. In one life a person can be rich, in another - poor, in one life a king, in another - a simple peasant. But what can a person (soul) take with him when leaving for another world? Money, dachas, cars? Obviously not. All this will remain here on earth. The soul can only take with it life experience and its developed abilities, the development of which sometimes takes more than one life. The Reiki system can significantly accelerate the development of a person’s hidden abilities. This is exactly what a person can take with him when leaving for another world. This is his capital for all subsequent lives, and not just for this life. So is the Reiki system expensive?

Reiki is divided into three stages:

  1. A person who has received the first degree gains the ability to heal himself and others, use Reiki to treat plants and animals, treat water, food, medicine, etc. Almost every person (with rare exceptions), including children, can receive the first degree of Reiki . To obtain the first level, it is necessary to conduct training for 3-4 days for 3-4 hours. It should be noted that Reiki is transmitted solely at will. Reiki cannot be given against a person's will.
  2. The second stage of Reiki can be received by almost every person who has experience in the first stage for at least 1-2 months and works on himself to eradicate his shortcomings. A person who has received the 2nd stage gets the opportunity to heal at a distance, the strength of his energy increases significantly compared to the 1st stage. Those who have received the second degree feel well the full power of Reiki. Having the second degree of Reiki, a person can engage in healing and earn his living from this. It is desirable that as many people as possible have the 2nd degree of Reiki.
  3. The third level of Reiki (Reiki master) can be obtained by a person who works hard on himself, has eradicated most of his shortcomings, has studied special literature and has experience working in the second level for at least 6 - 12 months. A Reiki master has significantly greater power than a person with a second degree and can open the Reiki channel of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stages to other people.

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Biowave receiver

The human body is a kind of receiver and transmitter of biological waves that can penetrate even the farthest corners of space and space. With his hands, a person can perceive the biological information of these waves, and with the help of his thoughts he can tune himself to catch the signals.

It is believed that this gift most often manifests itself in left-handed people due to the predominant development of the right hemisphere of the brain. It is what is responsible for a person’s intuition.

Extrasensory abilities can manifest themselves in childhood, at about five years old. Then parents are very surprised by the fact that their children tell them about things that they simply cannot know. When they begin to take a child to various “whispering grandmothers,” he begins to realize that it is better to remain like everyone else and not stand out.

What set you apart from other children as a child?

As children, we do what we like, even if it looks strange from the outside. If you remember your childhood hobbies, you will surely be able to identify your hidden, long-forgotten abilities.

Candice Brown Elliott's classmates teased her and called her Encyclopedia Brown, after the boy detective character in the book of the same name. They considered Candice the smartest, although the teachers had a different opinion. The girl herself dreamed of having lively conversations with famous people, developing artificial intelligence that would fit in her closet, building floating cities and inventing new types of art.

After 40 years, she had 90 patents to her credit. Her most famous invention is the PenTile matrix, a type of liquid crystal display used in millions of smartphones, tablets, laptops and televisions. She founded a company to develop this technology and then sold it to Samsung.

Elliott's childhood dreams surprised her classmates and irritated her teachers. But in adulthood, her inclinations became her superpower.

Think: maybe you did something as a child that set you apart from others?


People's superpowers can manifest themselves in the association of letters, numbers, and words with certain colors and tastes. The phenomenon is explained by the stimulation of certain sensory or cognitive channels, which leads to an involuntary reaction of other channels. Synesthesia most often manifests itself in grapheme-color form. There are other forms of this phenomenon - seeing a certain location of a date in space, or perceiving sounds in color. According to the results of studies conducted in 2006, scientists concluded that one in 23 people has synesthesia. Famous people with this phenomenon included Vladimir Nabokov, Nikola Tesla and others.

Hidden Potentials

It has long been known that a person constantly uses only 10% of his abilities and resources. The remaining possibilities are “sleeping” and stubbornly wait until they deign to be awakened. The list of superpowers even includes intuition - the ability to anticipate something.

And many say that they have it. This means that each of us is quite capable of awakening the deep gifts of consciousness and subconscious in ourselves in order to use them productively and usefully for ourselves in practice in real life. Just imagine how much easier your life would be if you could “read” people’s thoughts, know in advance what they want and expect from you! Intrigued? Then let's develop our superpowers together!

There are many techniques and rules that would help you awaken your mysterious inner resources.

But the first thing you must remember is that you need to believe in yourself and your strength. Therefore, it is better for inveterate skeptics and bores not to continue reading this material and not waste their time.

If you want to awaken magical or healing gifts within yourself, you must firmly and unquestioningly believe in your success. If you don’t have a feeling of confidence in this regard, it’s unlikely that anything will work out. Because you will evaluate even visible first achievements as something like a coincidence and coincidence, which means you will not be able and will not want to move forward. Therefore, answering the question of how to develop superpowers in ourselves, we can give the first and main answer - to believe in them.

Everything is subject to man

Now the very idea that a person can control everything is steadily seeping into minds through... Yes, through everything around. I can no longer separate the media, the Internet, and other popular media from our everyday life. Those living in society have long been rewired with this all up and down, like strong information threads. For those who live in asceticism at the top of, for example, the Himalayas, in terms of access to the global information background, of course, it is more difficult. But, I think, they have other sources of getting what they need, it’s not for nothing that they are there, after all.

One way or another, over the past decades, science, primarily in the field of visualization, has stepped forward so much that sometimes, when you freeze while watching another movie masterpiece with your mouth open, from which popcorn is enthusiastically falling out, you involuntarily think: “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa How did they film this? How was it created? How did they achieve the point that I involuntarily begin to think that this is... true? That these people on the screen... are really capable of doing all these miracles?”

Yes, we are pragmatic adults and we know for sure that we are going to see a fantastic, artistic fantasy film, which is the fruit of someone’s idea. We are not like children who believe recklessly, try to conquer the walls of an apartment in a Spider-Man costume, collapsing dilapidated renovations and getting a slap on the butt from boring and imaginative parents.

We do not try, like the enthusiastic juvenile followers of Harry Potter, to try, in full regalia - in a robe, with glasses and with a “magic” wand - to stand with both feet in the toilet, trying to flush ourselves with a stream of water in order to end up in the corridor of the Ministry of Magic. Don’t laugh, it was these misunderstandings with the toilet that caused a literal boom among children for a long time in European countries. But the children were very serious, with faith and conviction, and the adults were laughing or swearing, or both.

Leaving the cinema, we, adults, understand that a feature film is a fiction and so on, but... But why... Why is it somewhere completely elusive against the background of the experienced delight of watching something transcendental, so unusual, not fitting into ordinary life , we feel... melancholy? Few people can grab this feeling by the tail, simply because, having caught it, they must certainly discern it, recognizing that this strange melancholy is generally appropriate here. And to recognize its relevance means to admit that we have the right to yearn for the opportunity to be “beyond” ourselves, to be and be able to do something more, much more and enthusiastically shocking compared to what we can do now. But if we yearn for possibility, then we... can? I assure you that this is exactly so.

How to find your talent

If you ask a person the question: “Who is “Talent” in the understanding?”, the answer is immediately pronounced: “Actor, singer, musician, artist.” But these are not always creative people! Each person has their own unique talents. Athletes, hairdressers, designers and even mechanics can have them! So how did they find and develop their super powers?

Childhood will help you understand and reveal your secret talents! First you need to remember the dreams that began in early childhood and continue to this day. You can keep a diary and take notes. After the dreams have been remembered and there is no blank page left in the diary, they begin to analyze it:

  1. Phrases and words that are related to the type of activity are underlined. From the category “What would you like to become in the future?”
  2. After reading slowly and with concentration, they remember whether such a situation occurred: in a movie, on TV, on the street, in a magazine or book. Perhaps certain actions gave rise to the idea that you want to do the same and be the same. The highlighted moments are recorded again.
  3. They remember their favorite activities, things that brought joy and pleasure. Write it down in your notebook again.

The results obtained are the treasures that were sought. Maybe now you will be able to find some creative abilities or sports talent in yourself.

What is extrasensory perception?

The word “psychic” comes from the Latin extra – “over” and sensus – “feeling”. That is, it indicates a person who is capable of feeling much more than those around him and has supernatural capabilities.

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Extrasensory perception is considered to be the perception of reality by additional senses, in addition to the usual five that we all have.

A psychic is able to receive information directly through the brain without using sight, hearing, smell or touch. These messages come to him as pictures, voices or other phenomena familiar only to him.

Psychic abilities usually manifest themselves through telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, or telekinesis. These people are also able to see the aura of people, animals or objects.

Extrasensory perception can be called a voice inside a person that tells him the correct answer to solve a complex problem, even if it contradicts logical thinking.

Most people believe that extrasensory perception can only be achieved by a select few. This is a wrong judgment, because any of us can become a psychic. Superpowers are hidden in any person from the moment of birth, but in most cases they remain undiscovered.

It’s sad, but most people, having matured, lose their potential, not finding ways in the modern world to reveal their abilities. But most young children are real psychics, capable of seeing and hearing much more than adults.

But don't be upset. If you are concerned about questions about the meaning of life and the universal laws of the universe, then your time has come to comprehend the mysteries of extrasensory perception of the world and develop superpowers in yourself.

What else is important to know to enhance your psychic abilities?

An important step to developing any type of psychic ability is finding inner harmony. Foreseeing the future is no exception to the rule. It is extremely difficult to work with your inner world if your internal settings are “knocked down.” Vedic astrologers advise practicing yoga, pranayama, meditation, and qigong. Try to react calmly to any life events, no matter what emotions they awaken. This will allow you to more subtly sense the vibrations of other people’s biofields, tuning into their “wave”.

And last but not least, believe in what you are passionate about! Suppose you have the gift of clairvoyance, but your loved ones do not believe in it. Do not pay attention to skepticism towards your practices. However, if you stop enjoying what you do, don't force yourself. Take a break and come back to developing your psychic abilities later.

Relief from side pain after exercise

Pain in the right side often occurs after running or fast walking. This is due to the fact that the liver is subjected to intense pressure if the increased load on the right leg coincides with a sharp exhalation. It is almost impossible to avoid such a situation. But if there is pain in the right side, you need to actively exhale several times, simultaneously stepping onto your left leg, and the unpleasant sensation will disappear.

For a modern person, the ability to activate the body’s hidden reserves is vital. In order to adequately respond to daily stress and successfully overcome obstacles, it is worth acquiring simple skills to control your own body and use them as needed.

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Several useful exercises

Intuition is the most powerful weapon of every person. By following the prompts of our inner voice, we not only prevent trouble from occurring, but also acquire an excellent adviser and friend in the person of our own intuition. Our ancestors always relied on the inner self.

There are many practical tips that help you develop good intuition and hidden abilities for yourself. In this article we will look at one of them. Before performing this ritual, you need to retire and ask your household not to disturb you for a while. Prepare three empty envelopes and photographs of three people you love dearly.

Then sit in a quiet, comfortable place, relax, and give each photo five minutes of your time. When looking through photos with your loved ones, remember all the happy moments spent with them. After this, all the photographs are placed in envelopes, which are mixed and laid out in one row. For a more accurate result, you can wash your hands in cold water.

Then you need to take three sheets of blank paper and a pen. So, you're all set. Now take the first envelope in your hands and write down on a piece of paper everything you feel: smells, energy, pictures that appear before your eyes, sounds, etc.

Then place the sheet with all the notes on the first envelope. A similar procedure is carried out with the remaining envelopes. Only after you have written everything down, open the first envelope with a photograph of a loved one and read what you wrote about him.

You might hit the target the first time. This means that you often rely on your inner voice. If what you wrote does not correspond to the person attached to the envelope, then this is a sure sign that you should regularly carry out this practice (or another, for example: using a pendulum) and try to develop intuition.

How to develop the gift of clairvoyance: five effective exercises

Upgrade your psychic abilities!

Developing your “psychic muscles” is a process that is quite similar to physical training. With regular training, you will achieve results faster than, for example, pumping up your abdominal muscles. Remember: you should never give up

in the first weeks of classes, and then you will succeed.

The most difficult thing in this matter is to take the first step and then maintain regularity in training. The hardest thing for beginners is usually

. Are you ready to face these challenges? Then let's get started!

Practice One: Develop Your Visualization Ability

All clairvoyants have the strongest ability to visualize. Based on this, it is worth investing your time to become an excellent visualizer

. And the more often you develop this ability in yourself, the easier it will be for you to develop it.

Remember: when they say that clairvoyants see, they mean that they “see” with their inner vision! To be absolutely precise, we are talking about the third eye

– the chakra located just above your eyebrows, between them.

How to learn

How can you independently develop magical abilities?
Which techniques are the best? The first question that is best to ask yourself before starting training is: “What is this for?” Here the answer lies on the surface: extrasensory abilities help to open up new horizons and perspectives for the individual; mental strength increases, the ability to control reality appears, and the chance to help loved ones appears. Special exercises help to independently awaken the talent of a psychic. To be successful, they should be performed regularly, in solitude, without distractions. Each lesson is aimed at strengthening the concentration of the mind and freeing oneself from unnecessary thoughts.

It is important to have pure thoughts and intentions when engaging in practices. You need to get enough sleep, eat light plant foods, get rid of stress

Some yoga asanas attune a person to the other world.

The first simple exercise to develop concentration is on a candle. You need to light a candle and look into the middle of the candle flame for a long time until your head is empty of thoughts and your eyes float. After this, you need to move your gaze to a pre-selected point behind the candle. Repeat this several times. If the technique is performed correctly, calm comes, and the colors of the candle flame become brighter.

The next training can be done using photographs of strangers. You can find them in your browser search engine or ask your friends to bring them. Having calmed down, you need to peer at the photo and record the thoughts and images that come to you. Having written down the information received, it can be compared with real facts. Thus, you can learn to easily understand the destinies of people.

Hidden gifts can be awakened and strengthened using the envelope method. It would be a good idea to get help from a loved one. Let him put sheets of paper depicting different geometric shapes in different colors into thick envelopes. When concentrating on the envelope, mental images, colors, and objects similar to hidden figures will appear.

Buddhists and yogis use special mantras to develop supernatural gifts. You need to recite them in a state of meditation at least 108 times. It’s good to connect stretch marks and breathing systems.

To become clairvoyant and easily see the energy body of others, stereo animations are used. There are a great many of them on the Internet. You need to watch them in complete relaxation, close to a trance. They help develop the “third eye.”

The famous energy therapist V. Bronnikov developed the practice of developing clairvoyance. It's called a white screen. At the initial stage, the student learns to manage emotions and thoughts and achieve complete relaxation. In this state, close to sleep, you need to maintain the concentration of internal attention on the area between the eyes. Imagine a pure white screen inside your head. In the future, pictures of answers, aura colors, and the future will easily appear on it. The development and training of clairvoyance practice well clears the mind and enhances the spirituality of the individual.

How to discover and develop superpowers at home - all the secrets of magic on

What are superpowers?

1. Clairvoyance. The ability to see what many cannot see with normal vision. This includes seeing the aura, seeing images. Sometimes entire stories from the past or future.

2. Clairaudience is the ability to hear your inner voice or messages from spirits.

3. Telepathy - the ability to read the thoughts of another person.

4. Healing - healing oneself and others with the help of bioenergy and mental images.

5. Clairsentience - reading information from the general field of the universe using the senses. Development of intuition.

6. Clairvoyance – clear knowledge of something that comes from above.

7.Clear smell – the ability to sense odors that an ordinary person cannot sense.

8. Psychometrics - the ability to read information from objects and photographs

9. Communication with spirits and angels using various parapsychological methods

10. Telekinesis - moving objects only with thought.

And many others.


The smells of mint, pine, bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, and lemon balm have a tonic effect on the nervous system. The aromas of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg relieve stress. The smell of coffee is invigorating. Unlike the drink itself, it begins to act immediately and its effect is stronger.

There are different ways to use scents to enhance physical and mental performance. To tap into the body’s hidden reserves, just evaporate a few drops of essential oil using an aroma lamp. You can do without special devices: a noticeable invigorating effect will be given by a mint or lemon balm bush grown in the room, or just a few pieces of lemon zest laid out on the table.


Analyzers work at a super level

There are people in the world with superpowers who are able to sense taste most vividly and intensely. They are called supertasters. The reason for this phenomenon is the large number of special papillae on the tongue. Oddly enough, this ability is most characteristic of women from Asia and Africa. Typically, people with superpowers of this type refuse to eat foods containing bitterness, since for them this is the most noticeable taste.

Another unusual skill that has been repeatedly recorded in the world is tetrachromatism. This is the ability to see not only the red, green and blue regions of the spectrum, but also additional regions, which leads to the ability to perceive 100 million colors. This phenomenon occurs most often in women, and the ability can be transferred to a man, but in the form of color blindness.

Mysterious phenomena of siddhi

Important! Siddhi is something extraordinary from the point of view of the average person. These are mystical acts that are regarded as miracles and cannot be repeated.

One of the most ancient teachings about increasing human capabilities is yoga. Today, yoga clubs are popular and are opening in every city, but the number of people with outstanding abilities is not getting higher. The main reason is that to achieve results, you need to go through 8 stages of yoga, five of which involve the development of the body: proper breathing, the ability to concentrate, learning to perceive an object and become one with it (be it a chair, a stone or an animal), and three stages - education of the soul. It is the last stages that awaken giftedness.

But even after going through the basic stages of yoga, not every yogi discovers his talents, because this is a gift from the Forces of the Subtle World. A person who has siddhi will not boast about it at every corner. Gifts are received by people who have an extraordinary energetic nature and a pure soul. Superpowers are not inherited (although it happens that children have them), it is connected only with the work of the soul, with the accumulation of knowledge, with the transition to a qualitatively different level of life.

Fantasy in real life

Real people with superpowers, the list of which we will continue, are represented by the ability to ignite objects and soar above the ground. Many of us dreamed of learning to fly and feeling freedom of movement. Scotsman Daniel Hume made this dream come true. Witnesses confirm the fact that he left the ground and could have hung near the ceiling. In 1867, a psychic and spiritualist, in front of numerous spectators, flew out of a third-floor window and returned back. Famous people (Napoleon Bonaparte), researchers, scientists attended D. Hume's speeches, but no one was able to catch him in a lie. Nelly Kulagina had another amazing and inexplicable ability. She could separate the yolk from the white without touching the egg, and she could also stop the hearts of animals. During experiments, scientists could only record her rapid heartbeat, reaching up to 250 beats.

Science fiction films tell us about heroes who can set things on fire with just a glance. It turns out that this is not fiction. In Mongolia, there really was a girl named Batmukhin Unurme who possessed such a gift, but, unfortunately, she was never able to control her ability. She spent the end of her life in the hospital with a nervous breakdown.

Interest in telekinesis increased in the 50s

At the beginning of the 20th century, interest in telekinesis dropped significantly and increased sharply in the mid-50s. In our country, telekinesis is closely associated with the name Ninel Kulagina. The woman learned about her gift by accident, and very soon it became known far beyond the borders of the Soviet Union.

The Academy of Sciences became interested in this “phenomenon”; as a result of observations, it became known not only about telekinesis, but also pyrokenesis - the ability to heat an object by placing a hand on it.

In 1968, a number of films were released about Ninel’s abilities, and people began to talk about her abilities everywhere. But her gift was lost, and until the end of her life she was unable to restore it.

Telekinesis - Ninel Kulagina

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