4 simple tips on how to discover and develop your talent

How to discover your abilities

The question of what talent is and where it comes from has occupied people for centuries. In ancient times, they assumed that a talented person was the chosen one of heaven, who was overshadowed by an invisible spirit-genius. Recently, preference has been given to the opinion that talent is an innate quality inherited from one of the ancestors.

Talent is the ability to do something with special skill and care, better than others.

“Talent is doing easily what is difficult for others,” said the Swiss writer Henri Frederic Amiel.

And the Russian satirist poet, who wrote in the last years of his life under the pseudonym Don Aminado, said:

“The nugget has everything from God and nothing from a secondary school.”

That is, he recognized that talent is something that is given to a person by nature itself.

Talent often plays a decisive role in a person’s life. Let us remember Mikhail Lomonosov, who was born in a remote village on the shores of the White Sea into the family of a Pomor peasant. A priest taught him to read, but he taught himself grammar and ethics. After his father decided to marry him, in severe frosts, so that they could not catch up with him and return him, he ran away from home to Moscow. Before this, secretly from his father, who would not let him go anywhere, he received a passport, borrowed some money, and then joined a fish train en route to Moscow. He was only 19 years old, and he was overwhelmed by a thirst for new knowledge: “And everything is not enough for Mikhail, not enough - so the thirsty drink water.”

He was destined to go through a long and life-threatening journey, because in a foreign city, without money and acquaintances, he could disappear without a trace. But he, calling himself the son of a priest, entered the Holy Greek-Latin Academy and soon became the best in all subjects. Next were studies at the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences and in Germany, the title of professor at Moscow University, which he received at the age of 34. Moscow University is named after him, and his achievements in the field of science are of global significance.

But the fate of an ordinary fisherman in a poor fishing village awaited him, if not for his talent and an irresistible desire to develop and improve.

However, many life examples indicate that it is not enough to be born talented, and talent, as they say, is easy to ruin. Leonardo da Vinci said this well:

“A sad fate awaits those who are endowed with talent, but instead of developing and improving their abilities... indulge in idleness and narcissism. Such a person gradually loses clarity and sharpness of mind, becomes inert, lazy and acquires the rust of ignorance...”

About a person's talent

Once upon a time, “talent” was the measure of something valuable, such as money or family jewelry. Talent is a human gift.

Everyone knows the phrase “bury talent in the ground.” Its origin is from the biblical story of the three servants. The man to whom they obeyed once gave them a whole talent of gold and said that they could use the gift as they wished.

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The two servants decided that a good solution would be to earn extra money by starting a business and investing their gifted talent. The first went bankrupt, and the second achieved success and was able to increase investments several dozen times. And the third was constantly afraid of change and did not dare to invest his talent somewhere.

He decided to bury it in the ground. Of course, after some time he dug it up, but it did not bring any benefit; he was unable to use his talent.

From that moment on, a person who failed to reveal and correctly apply his talent is said to have buried it in the ground.

A person without talent is sad. Therefore, revealing talents is extremely important for each of us.

In conclusion

Talent is like a torch that illuminates our existence, because the work in which we are talented will always bring pleasure and true joy. Unfortunately, life circumstances sometimes force you to turn away from this light, but, what’s even worse, over time it can fade away. So remember, you can always rekindle that fire. The main thing is to be able to see it. Then it will warm your existence and illuminate the paths of life.

We wish you good luck!

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Origin of talent

Are talents present in every person? Are talents innate or acquired? What role do talents play in a person’s life?

The origin of talent has long been the subject of heated debate. It is likely that a person is given some prerequisites for the development of abilities, but the actions for this development depend only on the person himself - on his desires, on the environment.

Imagine - development from a small and helpless child to an independent adult does not take much time. We master walking skills, learn to speak, sing, draw, prove theorems, get a driver's license, give the world children - all these processes happen in just 20-30 years!

If desired, a person can develop any abilities in himself, make his dreams come true, all people have talent in something. The only question is what do we dream about, where are our thoughts directed?

Before you dive into talent discovery, watch this video:

Do you need to develop abilities?

Often a person cannot find an outlet for his talent due to the fact that he does not master the business for which he has the ability at the proper level.

In this situation, there are two possible solutions:

  • develop your abilities;
  • turn your activity into a hobby.

Even if you want to do only what you love, you should think about whether you will be able to find a use for your talent in life. For example, if you have a penchant for photographing landscapes, it is worth thinking about how much such work will be in demand.

How to reveal your talent

So, let's move directly to ways to develop talents and abilities. How to reveal a person's talent? 16 ways for you. Catch

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