Qualities of a happy person that you can develop in yourself


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Being happy is not such a simple task, but rather a daily effort that is worth it. People who have nothing to complain about will never assert themselves at the expense of others, obsessively demand attention and ignore their own feelings.

They remember that life is short

Happy people understand that they have a fairly short period of time to live a full and amazing life. And this doesn’t scare them, but, on the contrary, makes them get out of bed every day to spend another day that they won’t have to regret later. In addition, people who feel happy calmly accept the fact that the unpredictable can happen tomorrow, both good and bad, so they try not to waste time on trifles.

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Capricorns are those who love to get things done and want to see them through to the end. Working all day is not a problem for you, it is a way to get closer to your goals. To feel happier, do a little more than you planned each time. Whether it's running that extra mile, completing another challenge, or starting another hobby, the feeling of achieving more than you planned is sure to make you happier.

On the other hand, a full-time job can be challenging even for Capricorns. Sometimes waking up before your alarm goes off and being able to sleep or rest a little more can be so relaxing that you feel truly happy.

They spend money wisely

Despite the fact that, as a rule, money is opposed to happiness, claiming that it has nothing to do with it, a happy person still remains moderately thrifty (but not stingy!) He understands the value of earned money and knows that it is necessary to have a couple of nest eggs so as not to accidentally find yourself in a difficult situation, breaking an ankle, for example, and do not waste money on unnecessary things. This is what financial freedom is all about: understanding that money can’t buy happiness and not trying to do so.

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List of positive characteristics and virtues of a person

It can be as huge as listing the opposite properties. Familiarization with the main points will help you understand what is valued among others or what to include about yourself in your resume. Let's figure it out.


This is a tendency towards order. She is seen in neatness, in caring for things, and thoroughness in actions. This quality is more characteristic of the female sex, so men need to make a little effort to develop it in themselves.


It is concern for goods regardless of who owns them. Here we are talking not only about property or other material objects, but also about the state of mind, human energy.


The good side of a person, denoting the lack of desire to benefit from one’s actions. For a sincere person, “profit” is not so important. She helps others and doesn't ask for anything in return.


Respect for others, shown even in situations that do not involve politeness. By the way, this quality greatly irritates bad individuals. After all, they want to lead to conflict, and a polite interlocutor builds a barrier that cuts off the possibility of a quarrel.


A property that means devotion not only to loved ones, but also to one’s views and principles. This is an important point in the connection between a man and a woman, because such a negative feeling as jealousy often arises between them. The characteristic indicates constancy and reliability, and therefore increases confidence in the chosen one.

Good manners

Proper behavior in society, good manners. Such a person is polite to everyone, regardless of their social status. He respects nature, other people's property, and society. He won't be ashamed of him.


Such an individual knows how to comply with requirements and adhere to a certain routine. He knows how to manage his own time wisely in order to get everything done.


Without this property, the list of positive human qualities would be incomplete. It manifests itself in affection and care for people, responsiveness, the desire to provide help and come to the rescue in difficult situations, without thinking about profit. This is a very valuable trait that often provokes response.


Such a person strives for pleasant communication; her behavior shows openness and compassion. Thanks to goodwill, you can easily make a huge number of new acquaintances.

Communication skills

Ability to establish contact and enter into any company and team. This is a useful trait in life, be it work or various activities. Such a person is unlikely to be left alone, because he can find a common language with anyone.


Those who are not afraid to take on responsibilities show independence and maturity. This is the absence of fear of serious decisions and assessment of their consequences, as well as the ability to be responsible for what is entrusted to be done. So, the husband is responsible for the family, the mother is responsible for the child, and the employees are responsible for the assigned tasks.

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Willingness to come to the rescue in a difficult life situation, to respond to a request without self-interest. The advantage of the trait is that a person shows his kindness, improves his own sense of self and earns the approval of others.


Time is a valuable resource. And those who include such a positive personality quality in their list are undoubtedly unique. This characteristic relates to the elimination of delays, compliance with requirements and fulfillment of all agreements.


This is the skill of implementing your plans, not being afraid of difficult decisions, and not succumbing to anxiety and fears. An individual knows how to cast aside all doubts before taking a serious step and show willpower. This property closely resonates with fortitude and courage.


A person does not consider his own views and opinions to be the only true ones, adequately assesses his own capabilities and abilities, and also has a sober attitude towards the worldview of others. However, one should adhere to the “golden mean”. After all, excessive feeling indicates low self-esteem.


Lack of desire to put oneself above others. Agree that it is much more pleasant to communicate with successful people who do not boast of their virtues at every corner, but adhere to tactful behavior in society. However, this property occurs not only out of respect for others, but also because of shyness.


There is a saying that the brave are not afraid of anything. This is not entirely true. A complete lack of fear is recklessness or a sign of mental illness. An example of the described quality of a person is the ability to act without succumbing to anxiety and fears. After all, firefighters can also be afraid of fire, but they perform their professional duty.


Feeling of impartiality. The characterization is based on a clear understanding of good and evil. Just people adhere to the laws of reward for good deeds and punishment for bad ones. Excluding subjectivity, they evaluate events according to the principles of morality and morality developed within. After all, it is possible to possess this property only if there is objectivity.


There are those who attribute this point to the group of negative ones based on personal prejudices. However, tolerance towards others excludes the possibility of dividing them by ethnicity, religion, nation or orientation. Such a person does not question other people’s points of view and does not allow himself to be rude to others. This is a very valuable skill in our world.

Hard work

Lack of laziness and a positive attitude towards work. This is not only the willingness to give your time and energy to work, but also to do it while enjoying the process. After all, anyone who tries to avoid responsibilities or performs tasks poorly and without interest is a headache for the whole team.

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Respect for others

This is the recognition of other people's opinions and views. Showing respect indicates that one accepts the personality in everyone. In the service, this property is mandatory, as it ensures discipline and develops subordination.


A positive assessment of one’s own abilities, determination and the ability to manage oneself in ambiguous situations. A confident individual speaks in public without fear, knows his worth and knows how to restrain himself in conflicts.


The ability to go straight to the goal and achieve it at any cost. This quality is inherent in those who are not afraid of difficulties and obstacles and do not give in to failures. Perseverance to implement plans indicates a strong core and steadfast character. Such individuals achieve great heights thanks only to their own efforts.


Elimination of deception towards yourself and others. She speaks of reliability, good manners and decency. With such a friend you should not be afraid of betrayal, because he always respects everyone and believes that it is better to tell the truth, even if it will not be pleasant to the interlocutor.


A high quality inherent in a person who knows how to evaluate his capabilities, understands his significance and value in society, and also has self-respect. He is unlikely to be able to decide to lie or do a bad deed; he controls himself in any conflict. For him, the first place is not the opinion of others, but the assessment of his actions.


Perception of any event from a comic point of view. Even more important is to find a similar side in everything. It is much easier to communicate with such an individual, and life becomes easier. This trait is a clear sign of peace of mind. This also includes self-irony - the ability to accept even shortcomings in oneself and boldly talk about them.


The ability to remain calm in a conflict situation, bravely endure misfortunes and other suffering, and refrain from aggression. True patience requires tact and inner resilience. This is a manifestation of reason, since by maintaining composure, you can easily cope with the problem.


A characteristic manifested in the skills to understand the psycho-emotional state of others, express sympathy and empathy, and penetrate the inner world. This is a characteristic of a strong personality who knows how to sense the severity of other people’s fears and experiences. But it is important not to turn away from your loved one, but to tune in to their emotional wave, listen and support.


This is the “foundation” of humanity in any society. A moral individual follows certain spiritual principles: conscience, duty, honor, justice, etc. This is the true dignity of people who evoke respect and love with all their actions. The aspects that an individual holds are within himself and appear in his outlook on life.


The ability to show real feelings, show purity of actions and not be shy about it. This is the intention to act without lies and deception, or selfish signs. Such an interlocutor is able to listen and hear a friend, openly perceives new information, and accurately expresses thoughts. Together with restraint, good manners and delicacy, it constitutes the high qualities of any strong personality.


Intellectual property, skills of using the mind and life experience in analyzing consequences, events and actions, as well as drawing appropriate conclusions. A reasonable individual soberly assesses what is happening, understands the essence of phenomena and reasons sensibly about them.


This is an active desire to achieve a set goal and obtain a good result. Such an individual knows what he wants and what he is trying to fight for. Clarity of mind helps him analyze the situation and move forward, regardless of obstacles. Also, the characteristic means the presence of certain beliefs, from which they do not deviate under any circumstances.


This trait will fit perfectly in the “My positive qualities” column. An optimistic person believes that the world around him, despite its shortcomings, is still the best. He finds positive aspects in everything, knows how to see only the good aspects of life, and believes in success and prosperity. Such a person has deep trust in others, focuses exclusively on favorable moments, but does not try to turn a blind eye to difficulties.


This is always a cheerful attitude, the ability to see great joys even in small things. A cheerful individual does not need a lot of money, big houses and expensive cars. He greets the new day with a smile and is completely confident that something good will happen today. After all, he realizes the full value of his existence and perceives it as the highest good.

They listen to their own feelings

Happy people are not born, but become influenced by many factors. Happiness, like love, friendship and self-realization, is one of those things that people work on every day. This work begins with a dialogue with oneself: a happy person listens to his feelings and emotions and makes contact with them. He does not suppress them and does not bury them in the depths of the subconscious, knowing that reasonable decisions alone will not lead to a happy life, and seeks a balance between feelings and reason, giving words to both sides.

They manage their own lives

It is almost impossible to offend a happy person because he does not allow his opponent or ill-wisher to control his mood so easily. He does not complain about external circumstances and does not allow them to destroy his personal inner world order. He also listens to family, friends and authorities, but makes important decisions on his own: it is he who lives in marriage with the partner he chooses, and it is he who makes money in the field that he likes, and not the grandmother who dreamed of a grandson-surveyor, and not to friends, for whom the choice of a happy person is not always clear. It's his choice because it's his life.

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Happiness: the soap bubble effect

Maybe that’s why there is no happiness, that we attach so much importance to it, endow it with incomprehensible characteristics. We think that it will come someday, fall like an apple on Newton’s head, and change our lives.

What if it is ordinary, everyday and familiar, but we don’t appreciate it? We don’t value it because we got it simply, without effort. A happy moment is not perceived by the brain as happiness. Then, in your work routine, 5 years later you will remember how great it was to relax in a hammock in the country. But you didn’t like going there, you complained that there was no Internet, it was too stuffy, etc.

So remember...

Rule 1. Appreciate the world that surrounds you now and here. Love, accept the atmosphere around you, you created it yourself! In a month, even tomorrow, everything can change dramatically. And you will remember office everyday life with longing, as something beautiful and happy. And you are rushing home, looking for a way to kill time.

They take responsibility for their actions

Those who are happy and satisfied with what happens to them are responsible for themselves. They, just like other people, make mistakes, do not find the strength to make important decisions, are lazy, miss opportunities and rashly throw out the wrong words that help resolve conflicts. Unlike everyone else, a person who is satisfied with everything in his own life and in himself is ready to take responsibility for his mistakes. He apologizes, fixes what is broken, or, if necessary, starts from scratch, admitting his mistakes.

They don't hang out with losers

Losers are not those whose careers or personal relationships suddenly no longer work out; a loser is a way of thinking. People who always complain drag those around them down to the bottom of their emotional lives. Happy people are ready to support their friends in trouble, help them out and give advice, but among their friends there are none who are inactively frozen in eternal despondency. The vital energy of people who value themselves and everything that happens to them is not wasted on the endless role of a vest; moreover, they attract equally strong and happy people to themselves, carefully bypassing those who cannot cope with the hurricane of troubles.

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They love to be with people and love to be alone

Being surrounded by like-minded people and friends is pleasant and necessary. A company with which you can not only have a fun Friday, but also discuss really serious things, helps you not to fall into despair in difficult life moments, but you can’t build a happy life on this alone. People who are satisfied with themselves are ready to spend time alone, finding their charms in it. Solitude is both a form of relaxation and an opportunity to look at things in a new way. A person who is bored with himself can hardly be called satisfied with everything that happens in the world around him and in his own soul.


Scorpio people love to spend time in their own company. To feel happier, simply arm yourself with a book with deep meaning, turn off your phone and social networks, close the door and immerse yourself in meaningful communication with the author.

Another feature of Scorpios is their love of singing. They sing in the shower, in the car, or while cleaning the house. The repertoire is quite large, from rock to opera; however, every time they do it, they become at least a little happier.

They love themselves

A happy person will never hate himself. He understands perfectly well that there is no such thing as a perfect body and a perfect mind, and he is aware that he cannot avoid all mistakes. Strong and contented people do not delve into the past, looking at the night ceiling, and do not look for reasons to again experience burning shame for the events of five years ago that went according to a bad scenario. They simply have no time to waste energy on it.

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