How you can develop your intuition and hidden abilities yourself

Once I was sorting out all the junk in the closets and found an interesting little device that I bought about 7 years ago. It’s called an “Apparatus for the Development of Brain Activity” - an intuition trainer (TIN). Its only functionality is to shock you if you press the wrong button.

Introduction (from the instruction manual):

Every day life presents us with a choice.
And very often we make far from the best decisions, while receiving punishment in the form of troubles or suffering. With the help of the device, you will learn to think intuitively, developing this ability yourself. This will help you avoid mistakes and choose the right decisions in any area of ​​life. TIN supports the main principle of life - punishment for a wrong decision. When working with the simulator, you must feel which of the two buttons the electric discharge is on, and choose the “safe” option. For every mistake, TIN punishes you with a small electric shock. Over time, you begin to feel in advance which button of the device the discharge is on. A reflex is formed automatically, without thinking, to make the right decision. The same principle carries over into life.

Sixth or seventh sense?

Intuition is a premonition or the inner voice of a person that can tell him what to do, or, conversely, what not to do. Socrates, G. Ford, Mozart, Edison and other great people turned to the inner voice.

An inner voice told great people what to do. Can we get accurate answers to our questions? Of course we can! See what exercises will help reveal hidden abilities.

Learn to listen to yourself. You can even write down your premonitions, your dreams. Then analyze which feeling or premonition came true, and which dream turned out to be prophetic.

When you train your intuition, do not argue with it, but agree, and then analyze.

We must use our hidden abilities. What are we doing? As soon as our intuition begins to tell us the right decision, we immediately begin to think logically. Intuition is often similar to fears. If there are reasons for fear, then reason tells you: check again, isn’t it dangerous?

Be confident that your subconscious will find exactly the answers to the specific question you need and that you yourself have powerful clairvoyance. And think that now your subconscious will tell you the correct answer.

Take the intuition test


The author of this device is Mirzakarim Sanakulovich Norbekov, he even has patents:

  • Patent for invention No. 2240719, title: “Method of M.S. Norbekov teaching people to realize their potential.” Application No. 2003131055/15 dated 10/22/2003, published 11/27/2004, last patent expiration: 10/23/2012.
  • Utility model patent No. 46418, title: “Apparatus for the development of brain activity.” Application No. 2005108277/22 dated 03/24/2005, published 07/10/2005, last patent expiration 03/25/2011.
  • Utility model patent No. 61114, title: “Apparatus for the development of brain activity.” Application No. 2005140181/22 dated 12/23/2005, published: 02/27/2007, patent expired 12/24/2006.

Patent No. 46418

He is quite well known on these Internets of ours, so we won’t dwell on him. Those who are interested can find it themselves, and we will move on to the simulator itself.

Exercises to train your intuition

To train your sixth sense, you also need to do some exercises.

Exercise 1: Psychodar

To complete it, you will need some goal, some object. Stand up with your arm and index finger extended. Try to feel your target: how far is it located, what vibrations come from it.

After making contact, close your eyes and spin around yourself. When you stop, feel in which direction and how far from you this object is.

Did you feel it? Open your eyes, see if it's right. If you made a mistake, then try to understand why it happened, what prevented it. Do the exercise a few more times.

Train your psychoradar until you can “see” objects with your eyes closed. After this, do housework with your eyes closed, first for 5 minutes, then longer.

The classic Heider-Simmel experiment of 1944

More than 70 years after Fritz Heider and Marianne Simmel published their classic study of the perception of geographic shapes, their idea remains the most widely accepted study of the style of thinking known as “theory of mind.” Using geometric shapes alone, they found that almost 100% of all participants who observe these shapes animate these shapes and make up all sorts of stories about them. Even when the video files were played in reverse order, all but two of the study participants made up detailed stories based on the movements of the figures. Or, to put it literally, “they interpreted the picture as the action of animated creatures, mainly people.” In essence, Heider and Simmel successfully demonstrated that people tend to perceive the meaning of other people's intentions without even seeing their faces or the emotional tone of their actions. Traders who consistently and correctly predict the upcoming buying or selling needs of others by observing the behavior of changing digital symbols exhibit the same type of social thinking.

In fact, if we think about it, we see that all a trader or portfolio manager really cares about is “knowing” who will pay more tomorrow for what they buy today. Price forecasting, no matter what type of analysis a trader chooses, may look like a numbers game, but in reality it is a people game.

"Third Eye"

There are ways to learn to see whatever you want. How to do it? First, relax, it is better to do this before going to bed.

Close your eyes and begin to look at your eyelids from the inside. You will see unclear, black and white pictures, but this is only at first. Then clear color images will appear.

Do this exercise every day, gradually the outlines will take on clear forms. The energy will flow to the brain and begin to awaken the nerve endings that are responsible for clairvoyance.

Ask questions to your subconscious. After daily training in a relaxed, calm state, you will learn to find answers to your questions. This technique should be trained daily for 15 minutes.

After a certain time, you will enter this state in a matter of minutes and find answers to questions.

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Other methods

To sharpen intuition, psychologists recommend clearing yourself of unnecessary emotions, allowing you to perceive the world around you and its signals, and coming into harmony with yourself.

If all three points are met, then intuition becomes sharper and the person begins to perceive data.

In addition to the above techniques, the following are also used:

  1. NLP. Thanks to the anchor system, intuition becomes sharper.
  2. Body-oriented therapy. The body gets rid of muscle tension, and attention and intuition become sharper.
  3. Behavioral therapy. The basis is the adjustment of moods and feelings. This is done so that emotions do not cloud the perception of reality.

To decide on the right option, you need to use the same intuition. Then the choice will definitely be the right one. At the same time, you will train your sixth sense.


Spiritual practices do an excellent job of developing intuition. Among them, meditation and mantras are the most popular for developing intuition.

The latter allow you to get as close as possible to the boundaries of consciousness and develop intuition. They are read only during the waxing moon. When a person works with mantras, abilities are revealed to him that influence not only him, but also those around him.

So, among the mantras:

  1. Mantra for the Third Eye “Om Kassiyana HaRa Shanatar”.
  2. To quickly develop intuition, “HaRoHaRa” is suitable.
  3. “Om RaoRemFaoFeroEimForRam” will enhance the perception of reality.

To develop intuition, one who reads mantras learns to transmit and receive love, treat diseases, warn about some disasters, and predict the future. Mantras must be used very carefully, because they contain great power.

Male and female

Interestingly, intuition works slightly differently for men and women. In addition, men really are characterized by greater development of the left hemisphere, thinking based on analysis and logic. Women tend to act quickly, so they make better situational decisions. It is through such situational decisions that they develop their intuition skill - they turn it on more often. That is why it is generally accepted that women have better intuition - in most cases this is true.

It is in women's nature to rely heavily on their feelings, to anticipate the comfort/discomfort that will follow from the decision made. Men rely on facts and do not read their feelings about the situation. Usually for them an intuitive decision is one that is made on the basis of obvious facts and arguments, without the need for additional reasoning.

Of course, in most cases this division is based on stereotypical judgments, which also exist. But both men and women can have poorly and well developed intuition. In any case, having figured out how it works, we understand that this is a natural phenomenon, a very useful skill that can be developed.

Left and right

Hemispheres of the brain. Their work is very coordinated, and it is this coordination that leads to amazing results in solving problems. The left hemisphere is responsible for logic, analysis, and constructivism. The right is for creativity and creativity. At the same time, many are mistaken in thinking that creative thinking can be called chaotic and unreasonable. On the contrary, it works faster and is capable of constructing a completely intelligible picture due to vivid associations and the smallest details of experience. It is the right hemisphere that is also responsible for intuition.

All things around us are interconnected. We consciously and unconsciously read these connections and interactions, checking them for “naturalness”, “normality”. This is what is called intuitive. It is through this intuitive approach that we can understand that someone climbed into our drawer, drank from our cup, that a thief visited the house... - not remembering exactly how the objects were previously, there is a feeling that “something is wrong.” So". Hundreds of the smallest details are read by us at once - a reaction immediately arises in the brain from the right hemisphere, before having yet had time to connect the slow and systematic analysis of the left.

All this happens for a reason, but based on previous experience. Some researchers believe that it is precisely the well-developed associative, imaginative thinking - the left hemisphere (aka intuition) - that brings insights to many scientists. They intuitively feel a “gap”, “catch” or “solution”, a place where to look for it, and already resort to logic to actually find and check.

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