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Surely, everyone is familiar with situations from childhood when they were promised something, but then, for some reason, it didn’t work out. Such feelings are difficult to forget. But with age, it seems that it was all there, in childhood, and now, when you grow up, these are all little things. But no. Today you promise your child to go for a walk with him, but you stay at home. Tomorrow the child will promise to do something, perhaps important, and will not fulfill it. It will be offensive, unpleasant and, possibly, ruin all plans. Keep your promises, start with yourself and later everyone will consider you a man of your word.

Willpower and motivation

In order to achieve the desired goal, you will have to show a lot of physical activity. The algorithm is approximately this: choice – action – continuation of work on what was started. The path is the path for that reason, to rob the wanderer of all his strength at the end of it. And to successfully overcome it, you cannot do without making efforts. The energy that allows you to get to the final destination lies in the ability to maintain focus on your chosen activity. Despite everything. You can tell yourself: “Even if it’s raining now, I’ll still go for a run. Even if I’m incredibly tired, preparation for tomorrow’s report is not cancelled.”

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Everyone has this energy - it is called willpower. To stimulate this quality, psychologists recommend imagining your life after achieving your desired goal. You can imagine pictures of a wonderful future, where a foreign language has already been learned and extra pounds have been lost. Or you can create a special collage on paper. Presenting negative pictures of the future can be no less effective if you don’t do the right thing now. If the pictures described are as life-like and real as possible, this will allow you to generate a sufficient amount of willpower to work on the goal. A frightening image of a negative future will be the best panacea against any “I don’t feel like it today.”

Positive changes

Your self-esteem will steadily increase as a result of this good habit. The benefit is obvious. The main pillars of moral well-being are trust in oneself and others, as well as respect. By keeping your own promises, you will gain respect for yourself and celebrate your own successes.

If you don’t fulfill your plans, you may begin to feel like a failure or look for those around you to blame. Such thinking destabilizes the personality. So, by being honest with yourself and those around you, you are not only doing everyone around you a favor, but you are also greatly improving your morale. To avoid being burdened by unfulfilled tasks, it is better to deal with them as soon as possible. As they say, once you’ve done your job, go for a walk!

Specific solutions

To find the right course of action, you need to think carefully about the following question: what exactly prevented you from sticking to the chosen path last time? Maybe it was a lot of stress? What, then, was its source, and how could it be eliminated now? Or maybe it’s all due to lack of time? Or was it completely unclear where to start the work - it turned out to look like a huge and inaccessible mountain? To avoid falling for these excuses, you should write down all your excuses on paper. This will help you work out possible options in advance and deal with them in advance. After all, they will still arise periodically. This is how the human brain works - it constantly encourages us to return to old, beaten paths.

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Clearly formulate the tasks you set for yourself

Promises should be as specific as possible. You must clearly state the deadlines and conditions for fulfillment. When two firms enter into a contract, they write down in the document all possible terms of the contract so that neither party can violate the requirements of the business. You can’t just tell your business partner: “bring me the parts within a month.”

It is necessary to describe the number of parts, delivery times, product names, carrier, etc.

Imagine that you are making a contract with yourself. All you need is just terms and a few conditions.

Set specific goals for yourself, writing down all the conditions in the “contract”. For example, you try to eat sweets less often, as it is harmful and causes problems with excess weight. But you haven’t thought about how rarely you should eat sweets.

You just decided that you should do it less often. As a result, on Monday you can eat a piece of cake in the morning and evening, and on Tuesday you can eat three chocolates.

In this case, no rule regulates exactly how much sweets you should eat. Therefore, you risk not getting rid of excess weight problems.

Therefore, formulate your promise as specifically as possible: no more than one sweet per day (or two days, or a week). Suppose that you can deviate from the terms of this promise only on the occasion of some holiday when they treat you to cake. But, again, you should eat no more than a certain amount. Discuss all these conditions in advance. Make a mental contract with yourself. And no matter what comes to your mind, do not go back on your promise. Protect yourself from all possible excuses. The contract already exists, all the conditions are discussed in it, and you cannot break it.


This is one of the most important points. Yes, we can promise ourselves that we will master a new profession - but when will this significant event actually happen? Do you want to take an accounting course? Write down in your diary exactly when you will do this. Unfortunately, adults do not have demanding parents and teachers who will force them to act as directed. This circumstance often turns against us - in the absence of external control, many tend to let things take their course. Recordings allow you to control your behavior. And this significantly increases the likelihood of achieving the desired goal.

What to do next

If the question concerns what to do after fulfilling what was promised to another person, just enjoy the degree of responsibility for the obligations taken.
This means you are capable of a lot. The main thing is that you have something that helps you maintain respectful relationships with your environment. And if you managed to keep your word to yourself, then be sure to add this moment to the treasury of your achievements. Yes, each of us deserves encouragement and praise for our work, and fulfilling what is promised is difficult and strong-willed work. Keep a diary, write down your commitment on a piece of paper, and put a tick next to it. And so, step by step, you will achieve more and more. Your success sheet will turn into a platform for the flight of many birds - heralds of your achievements.


Setting a deadline can be one of the useful tools in keeping your promises to yourself. Now there are many different Internet services where you can even set a certain “price” for your word - in other words, invest a certain amount of money, which will burn if the promise is not fulfilled by a certain date.

If you don’t want to put your finances at risk, you can simply set a specific date for yourself by which the necessary things will need to be completed. For example, this could be the end of a year or reporting period, the beginning of a vacation, or a wedding anniversary. In any case, creating a specific deadline will help you stay on course and work towards your goal every day.

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Associations to the word “contain”

Associations to the word “promise”

Sentences containing the phrase “keep a promise”

Quotes from Russian classics with the phrase “keep a promise”

  • Fedya. First of all, you need to keep your promise. This is the first, and that's enough. I can’t lie and do all these nasty things that are necessary for a divorce.

Verb Conjugation for "contain"

Associations to the word "promise"

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CONTAIN, I will restrain, you will restrain; prib. suffering past

restrained, -zhan, -a, -o;
sov., trans.
1. Unlock
Be able to hold on and not let you fall. (Small Academic Dictionary, MAS)

The meaning of the word "promise"

PROMISE, -I, cf.

A voluntary commitment to do something.
Fulfill the promise.
(Small Academic Dictionary, MAS)

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Meaning of the word "contain"

CONTAIN, I will restrain, you will restrain; prib. suffering past

restrained, -zhan, -a, -o;
sov., trans.
1. Unlock
Be able to hold on and not let you fall.

The meaning of the word "promise"

PROMISE, -I, cf.

A voluntary commitment to do something.
Fulfill the promise.

Sentences containing the phrase “keep a promise”

It seems like I can't keep my promises

given to itself.

-But you must keep your promise.

, - his younger brother objected to him, after listening to his confused story, - after all, she kept her goal: she saved your life.

Father kept his promise

only halfway: he got drunk, but did not go to bed, but began to get ready for the road.

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Associations to the word “promise”

Verb Conjugation for "contain"

Associations to the word "promise"


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The Dalai Lama was once asked to describe in one word the secret of his good health. The sage replied: “Habit.” The power of habit is difficult to overestimate. Useless habits force us to do the same thing every day and avoid working on our goals. As for the positive ones, they are not so easy to form, but they are the ones who push the locomotive of our happiness forward.

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Find any reason to make a promise to yourself.

Come up with challenges every day within your capabilities. This will strengthen your willpower, make you more responsible and obliging.

Think you're spending too much money? Promise yourself to spend no more than a certain amount next month!

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror and decided that you have gained excess weight? Promise yourself to go to the gym at least 2 times a week and eat fast food no more than once a month.

Don't promise yourself the impossible. There is no need to try to do something that you cannot do. If you have habits that you can't give up completely, at least limit them. For example, if you realize that you spend a lot of time on social networks, promise yourself to log into Facebook no more than twice a day.


Sometimes it is very useful to spy on other people who have already achieved the desired goal. Copying actions is how young children learn how to behave in the world. However, this method will be quite useful for adults. You can ask yourself two questions.

  1. Do you know of any person who was able to achieve the desired goal?
  2. What can your close friends or acquaintances do that you cannot (yet) do?

Don't be afraid to ask friends or acquaintances who have already achieved something. As a rule, people are not averse to teaching others what they themselves have succeeded in.

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Bring things to the end

How many people have we come across along the way who managed to bring their ambitious plans to their logical conclusion? Some people prefer not to even start, anticipating obstacles and failures in advance. Others light up at first, and then quickly cool down and give up. They lose interest. And there are those who get about 90% of the way, but cannot withstand the stress and give up. Making a promise to yourself means fulfilling your plans 100%. “Almost” finished, or done carelessly - such a result does not count. The only thing that matters is the fact itself whether the goal is achieved or not. Why not treat those dreams and plans that have value to us this way?

It's always nice to keep a promise to a friend or family member. In this case, we receive the invaluable gratitude of a person dear to us. However, keeping the promises we make to ourselves is no less important. After all, they are the ones who help to cultivate in us a sense of self-respect and self-confidence.

Focus on achievements

Another important method that helps you keep your promises to yourself. Our minds tend to focus on things that need to be improved or improved. We are accustomed to thinking not about how much has already been done, but about what remains to be done.

However, this approach is not entirely and not always effective. At the very least, focusing on shortcomings reduces the level of production of hormones important for productive activity - serotonin and dopamine. If you start intentionally focusing on those things that you have already achieved, this will help you finish things on time. And, therefore, keep the promises you made to yourself.

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How it works?

Let me give you an example.

If I think, “I think I'll go for a run tonight,” then by the evening my desire to run may dry up. I'm full of energy in the morning, but as the day ends, things can change. And when this time comes, I can reason like this: “I’m tired, I want to lie in bed, so I won’t go anywhere.”

But if I tell myself: “today I will run for exactly an hour, I promise myself this and will not go back on my promise,” then completing the task becomes almost a matter of honor for me. I strive to fulfill my promises at all costs. Of course, if it suddenly rains heavily outside, I will not go for a run today, but will go for a run tomorrow instead.

Promises eliminate any possible excuses I might have.

At first I often broke promises to myself, but then I got used to keeping them. Next, I will tell you what you need to do to form such a habit.

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