What kind of women do men like? External data and character traits.

Male psychology in relation to women

Relationships between opposite sexes often do not occur without difficulties arising from misunderstandings of differences in psychology. So before you ask “why don’t men like me?” It is necessary to study in detail male psychological characteristics .

First of all, you should realize that men do not favor annoying young ladies who control every step of their gentleman, persistently call and look for meetings. Excessive persistence of ladies, as a rule, scares guys and rarely helps create harmonious relationships.

A man’s wealth attracts the attention of women to him, which makes them wonder what exactly attracted his passion: personal qualities or money.

Visiting expensive restaurants and luxurious gifts does not mean at all that a man has a true feeling and is ready for a serious relationship . So that a man has no doubts, it is better to stop increased spending on the part of the chosen one from the very first day of acquaintance.

What kind of girls attract guys based on their zodiac sign?

Guys have no specific preferences regarding zodiac signs. The basis of compatibility is the choice of elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth). For example, representatives of fire signs have difficulty finding common ground with Earth or Water, but get along well with Air.

As for the signs themselves, the choice is made as follows:

  1. Aries loves simple-minded girls.
  2. Taurus men are drawn to women who are similar to their relatives and good friends.
  3. Cancers like women who are associated with their teachers or mothers.
  4. Leos love girls who express admiration for them and feel proud of them.
  5. Libra needs a cheerful woman.
  6. Scorpios like girls who are ready to support and encourage.
  7. Capricorns like conservative women.
  8. Sagittarius is looking for spiritual unity in a girl, a commonality of hobbies.
  9. Aquarians are drawn to unusual people.
  10. Pisces are often driven by personal goals and dreams, so they will be comfortable with girls who will adapt to them.

What attracts men to women


If the thought “guys never liked me” often pops into your head, then it’s worth considering that the stronger sex is repulsed by bright makeup, but the ability to take care of yourself is appreciated. Every lady is obliged to do a manicure, get rid of excess hair on her body, take care of her skin and do a neat hairstyle. Then success among men will be guaranteed.

Own style

To always look stylish, you don’t have to follow fashion trends. But the ability to choose clothes and accessories attracts the attention of men. In addition, men do not really like to go shopping, so if your lover trusts your impeccable taste, then he will be very happy to entrust the replenishment of his wardrobe to you.


“No guy likes me”—this is probably what girls with an atypical figure think. However, men's standards of beauty differ significantly from women's. Many men like curvy ladies, but proper nutrition and fitness have never hurt anyone.


Numerous surveys confirm that men like long-haired ladies. Very often, guys are categorical about short hairstyles. In this case, hair color is not important. However, the most important thing about women's hair is not its length, but its health . Well-groomed and shiny hair, even with the most mediocre appearance, can charm a man.


Women's legs have always attracted men's gaze. They should be well-groomed and smooth , and all this can only be seen if the girl wears a skirt. Under trousers it is impossible to appreciate the beauty of even the most slender legs.


Even an ordinary smile can create a miracle. In psychology, smiling refers to a nonverbal way of communicating one's affection. A sincere smile indicates that she enjoys being in the company of a particular man. There is another significant factor in a smile - so that the teeth are not rotten or have caries.


You can attract the attention of the man you like thanks to your voice. But here it is important to master the ability to play with timbre , awakening the desire to master this particular woman.


As you know, the eyes are called the mirror of the soul. And interest in a partner depends on what the loved one sees in them. And you can accentuate the expressiveness and beauty of your eyes with discreet makeup .


Women who play sports are attracted by their healthy appearance and strong spirit. Seeing this makes you want to go for a run in the morning. Usually they take life seriously: instead of clubs and discos, they visit libraries and handicraft workshops, and do not smoke. Many guys complain that their girlfriends smoke more than they do. More often they are tipsy. This does not fit in with the image of a princess and the future mother of his child.

What feminine qualities do men like?


Trying to look as good as possible for their lover, young ladies completely forget about sincerity. Hiding their true feelings and thoughts, they often look boring and stupid, which only pushes away the gentleman they like. They prefer those ladies who can laugh at a joke, carry on a conversation and boldly express their point of view .

Positive attitude

Positive and happy girls always attract representatives of the opposite sex. After all, even an outwardly attractive, but always sad woman will be avoided by men on a subconscious level. Cheerful and cheerful young ladies emit a special energy that they want to be influenced by.


Every woman must have a mystery, because if she is an open book, she ceases to attract the chosen one. At the same time, it is very important not to overact, not to lie and not to torture your beloved with understatement. It is enough to be a complete person, smile mysteriously when necessary and sometimes seduce with outfits.


In relationships, sex plays one of the main roles. At the same time, the ability to give pleasure to the chosen one is valued on a par with receiving satisfaction from this. But it is necessary to take into account that partners quickly detect pretense and insincerity, which can negatively affect the relationship.

Sense of humor

If a girl thinks: “Why don’t any guys like me?”, then perhaps it’s a lack of a sense of humor. If a guy meets a girl with whom he has fun and is interested, he will definitely try to start a relationship with her. But again, pretending and wanting to please your lover can have the exact opposite result, since excessive laughter can look like a lack of intelligence.

The ability to be yourself

Adapting to her loved one, the young lady does not think that she might quickly get tired of it. And when the gentleman finds next to him not a nice girl, but a real bitch, it’s not difficult to guess how the romance will end.


Today, sensitivity and compassion are extremely rare, and therefore have a high price. Most often, women show sensitivity towards the people they love, and since men are protectors by nature, they will always take care of their partner. Relationships should be built on the ability to sympathize and feel for your loved one.

Feeling of gratitude

It is very important for men to be thanked. They solve various problems, including financial support for the family. But in long-term relationships, partners stop saying words of gratitude to their lovers, but they are very important for accomplishing new feats.

Tips for girls

To please a good guy, a girl should take into account a number of tips:

  • you need to correctly assess the reality of building a relationship with a man and the possible consequences;
  • do not be straightforward and intrusive;
  • sometimes show off revealing outfits, flirt openly;
  • learn to listen to your partner, find common interests with him;
  • to be self-sufficient, successful;
  • do not swear or make trouble over trifles;
  • constantly improve, sometimes change;
  • be a positive person;
  • find common interests with family and friends;
  • be spectacular in his presence, try to catch his eye more often.

There is no universal recipe to please everyone. Men are different, they rarely have the same preferences, so you need to choose a specific person and try to attract his attention.

What else do men like?

Few people know, but sometimes men fall in love with flaws and imperfections. Guys highlight several points in the appearance and behavior of their chosen ones, which, contrary to the opinion of the young ladies, seem attractive to them.

  1. Wild hair

    Gentlemen like slightly carelessly styled hair, because if a passion has a ton of hairspray on his head or a hairstyle that is scary to touch, then this is repulsive on a psychological level.

  1. Lack of cosmetics

    Social surveys among men showed that they do not like it when their chosen one wears too much makeup. It’s better without it at all than with a thick layer of “plaster”. Men prefer naturalness, because then they can kiss and hug their beloved without fear of getting dirty with foundation or lipstick. But sometimes naturalness can cause a slight shock, and women themselves feel uncomfortable without makeup. In this case, light makeup that will not be noticeable is ideal.

  1. barefoot girl

    A young lady without shoes looks not only natural, but also very touching, even defenseless. In addition, the male sex loves to admire women’s neat legs. You need to take care of not only your hands, but also your feet - a pedicure will not be amiss here. For men, an elegant female leg looks sexy.

  2. Round tummy

    Excessively skinny girls seem unattractive to men. Nature dictates that a woman's body should be soft and somewhat rounded, so having a little belly can really look exciting. The main thing is not to overdo it.

  1. Casual underwear

    Here a lot depends on the man himself. Some of them like cute cotton panties, symbolizing the “domestication” of their lover. Others, on the contrary, prefer lace underwear. Some people like their partner to wear some kind of underwear during intimacy, for example, stockings. But cotton stockings are unlikely to create a stimulating effect.

  1. Morning stretches

    Men are attracted to the way a girl stretches after sleep. During this process, all female attractive body features can be observed. In addition, there is something touching and childish in sipping , although the young lady’s equipment plays an important role here. If she is overweight, then “stretching” is unlikely to look touching and exciting. Clothing also plays a big role: a sexy shirt, cute pajamas or a washed nightie.

  2. Healthy Appetite

    First of all, a good appetite is a sign of health. In addition, the stronger sex likes that the chosen one does not talk about diets and the harmfulness of certain dishes, but, on the contrary, eats his favorite food with him. Few people will like it if the young lady at the table is capricious and drinks only mineral water so as not to spoil her figure.

  3. Ability to communicate with children

    The chosen one’s ability to easily get along with children looks attractive in men’s eyes , since here certain natural canons manifest themselves, which are laid down at the level of reflexes. First of all, women are associated with motherhood, and it does not matter at all whether she has children or how old she is. When a gentleman sees that his beloved communicates with small children, shows affection and tenderness towards them, she looks even more sexy and feminine to him.

Sexy and liberated

Sexuality is also an individual concept. It has long been known that model parameters are not an indicator. External data is not the most important thing; you need to be able to present it, show it, and emphasize it. Some girls with curvaceous figures do not know a break from fans, but there are those who, with a slender figure, remain old maids. Sexual attraction lights a sparkle in her eyes, a hint in her clothes and behavior in general. But do not confuse liberation and vulgarity.

Modest, well-mannered

Lately, girls laughing loudly in public transport and swearing in stores have become unfashionable. Nowadays, young men are increasingly paying attention to the “quiet” voice with eyes lowered to the floor and a slight smile. A girl who gives up her seat to her grandmother on the subway will certainly catch the gaze of the young people nearby. Not only will they feel ashamed, but it will make you stand out from the others pretending that they are sleeping.


“It should be such that when you come home, you rest,” say representatives of the stronger half of humanity. Housekeeping is visible when a young man comes to visit a classmate and sees her room, for example. Things laid out on shelves, flowers on the windowsill, a bed covered with a soft blanket. Or it's the other way around.

Dark eyes

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem

This, of course, comes down to taste and color, but the fact remains: 55% of men surveyed said that women with dark eyes seem sexier to them.

Andrey, 38 years old: “Everything is simple here: girls with light eyes seem more romantic, unearthly, touching persons. You want to protect them, hug them, warm them, calm them down. Of course, these are wonderful desires, but if we are talking specifically about sexuality, light eyes are bypassed. They don’t fascinate as much as dark ones - it is in brown eyes that real passion, mystery, and a kind of challenge are hidden.”

Main puzzle

How many people, so many opinions. A person’s tastes and preferences depend not only on the guy’s character, but also on his internal state at a certain moment in life, his mood. If your soul is sad and dreary, you want to “cry into your vest.” The guy will subconsciously choose a girlfriend who knows how to listen, sympathize, and understand. If there is a bright streak in life, preference is given to people who can share the joy. Where is the correct answer to the question: “Why and most importantly why men love women?” The answer is obvious: “For attitude.” A girl with a kind, sympathetic character has a much greater chance of finding personal happiness than a capricious, selfish hysteric.

The ability to adapt, feel mood changes, and be needed in difficult times is valued by all men without exception.


Inaccessible ones trigger hunting instincts. You always want to take possession of what is out of reach. Proud women command respect, but not everyone realizes that sometimes this trait

They care about relationships with people. And yet, this inaccessibility reminds the guys of something royal, and who among them does not want to be next to the queen.

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