Qualities of a woman: what positive qualities a girl should have, complete list

Many men dream of having an ideal life partner, who will later become an excellent wife and housewife. And ladies, in turn, strive to develop positive traits in themselves in order to constantly please their partner. After all, in any family the “soul” is the spouse. She sets the tone for the marriage, supports the chosen one, and monitors the order and atmosphere in the house. Therefore, in this article I will give a list of the good qualities of a real girl and woman and describe what “ideality” actually consists of.

No. 1. My girlfriend is faithful (devoted) (highly moral, with moral principles, well-mannered)

Loyalty is the #1 core feminine quality.

If I'm considering a girl for the long term, I can't do without this quality. This is the most basic quality, without which a priori there cannot be a successful tandem (union) between men and women .

And marriage, union, tandem, partnership = it’s all a DEAL.

Two partners participate in the transaction: the man owes and gives one thing, the woman owes and gives another.

In short = loyalty is #1. for a woman, I (a man) must be sure that the children from my woman will be mine, I want to be sure that my family, my offspring, my genetic line, that I will educate, invest resources, etc. into her own part, into her “flesh and blood”, and not into the offspring of some Kolya, Vasya, etc. from this category, whom she played on the side.

Besides, I don’t need an easily accessible female = who, at any opportunity or no chance, will run to the left, because we quarreled, had a fight, or he has more money, looks better, or something like that or generally just out of curiosity or something like that... Do you understand?

I need a highly moral girl, with moral principles, who is very well brought up, who has a certain worldview (ideology), that you cannot change, you need to be faithful (devoted) to your man. In general, I must be 1000.1% confident in my woman.

Read more about all this in the main article: “Women’s fidelity (devotion).”

How to become a real woman

Human character traits - what they are, their description and characteristics

In order to become a real woman, it is not necessary to study at the school of noble maidens and write essays on the stories of the great classics. The most important thing is to want it. Firstly, it is very important to recognize the fact that being born a woman is wonderful. To be real, you don’t need to put on a lot of masks and enter into any images. Secondly, you should throw out abusive expressions from your vocabulary, and pessimistic thoughts from your head; her behavior should always be worthy. A real lady is always correct, polite and courteous. The most important thing is to give a man the opportunity to do masculine things.

Important! A man should feel not only a conqueror, but also a protector of his other half.

A man should be allowed to take care of himself

It is not so difficult to cultivate the above qualities in yourself. A real woman should value and respect herself first. Everyone knows the saying: like attracts like. With such a lady there will definitely be a worthy man, for whom she will mean a lot in life.

No. 2. My girlfriend is intellectually developed (smart)…

I don’t like stupid young ladies who are not interested in anything other than Instagram, shopping and I don’t know, beauty, fashion. In general, I don’t like internally empty people. I'm not interested in dolls.

I need a smart girl, intellectually developed, with whom I can talk and discuss a lot of things, who knows how to support any conversation, who has her own opinion, her own point of view, and much more...

My woman is my calling card. Why should I disgrace myself and my status? If there’s a doll next to me that can’t even put two words together, it doesn’t do me any honor at all, on the contrary...

There are women who are beautiful and feminine = but inside they are puuuustooot. BLACK HOLE! It’s not interesting to talk to them, there’s nothing to talk about, really, about something serious, important, etc. there are no brains, or thinking, logic, brain are not sufficiently developed, and you feel it - that she is far from you, and everything is no longer the same.

I need balance, when a girl is both beautiful and smart and much more

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