How to develop quick thinking? Training to develop cognitive skills in football, video

One of the most important characteristics of thinking is its speed. The faster information is processed and decisions are made, the more intelligent a person is. Speed ​​of thinking is equally important for representatives of any profession, but for some this characteristic is vital. For example, for a wrestler who missed a blow and did not react in a timely manner to the opponent’s strength, for an ambulance doctor, for a driver.

It is very important to develop the speed of thinking in children, because it is not for nothing that schoolchildren consider it very offensive to hear the word “slow” addressed to them from their peers.

The speed of thinking is incredibly important in the modern world, since a person is bombarded with a huge amount of information, and it is very important to be able to quickly identify what is needed and what is not. Exercises to develop thinking speed are very useful for the brain; they help improve concentration and attention, strengthen logical connections, and train memory.

All people on Earth think at different speeds, but the differences can be quite significant. The person who thinks faster is superior to his interlocutors and those around him, he can achieve greater success in life. People who think quickly and effectively are more likely to achieve their goals, more boldly try to explore new horizons in business and creativity, and most likely feel more confident in communication.

What helps increase the speed of thoughts

Everyone's thinking speed is different, and it's not always realistic to achieve what you want when you see how quickly and easily someone else does a task that takes you a long time. But it is quite possible to increase the speed of your thinking. This is facilitated by:

1) Facial gymnastics. When the face is not kneaded, the face is “cold”, thoughts are confused, words are difficult to find. If the face is stretched, the head works much better, faster. This is effective!

2) Speed ​​of eye movement and ease, speed of facial movements. Wean yourself from walking around with a sour, lethargic, expressionless face and sleepy eyes, it not only doesn’t make you look good, but also kills your brains. If you have trained your face to be lively, your thinking will become more lively.

3) Selection of templates, collection of algorithms. Look for solutions, memorize, collect a collection of solutions and algorithms.

4) High internal tempo. Internal tempo is your overall internal speed. Unwind your inner motor and the speed of all your internal processes will increase.

5) Head massage. During the shower, when jets of water vigorously massage the scalp, the functioning of the blood vessels in the brain instantly improves and a lot of great ideas immediately come to mind. And if you finish your shower with a douche of cold water, your whole body becomes alert and alive, your head becomes fresh, and you will be able to think clearly for the next few hours.

6) Master auto-training and relieve fears. In particular, practice “Unconventional Actions”, train courage and develop positivity: this is really useful not only for the speed of thinking, but also in life in general.

You may be interested in an article about the development of logical thinking.




When new information enters the brain, it actively starts working. That's why experts recommend periodically changing your route to work, trying to brush your teeth with the other hand, and going on trips to change the environment. Yes, in the end, read the book upside down and understand what it is about.

When there is no mental stress, our hemispheres seem to go into hibernation. Therefore, the reaction becomes slower, things that were previously known well are forgotten, and so on.

So make it a rule to arrange workouts for yourself every day, even if it’s just a different road - but under no circumstances go into automatic mode when you yourself don’t notice how you’re performing your duties.


There are foods that are vital for the brain. Without them, he is unable to process the information received efficiently and quickly. Therefore, include red fish, nuts, fruits, vegetables, herbs and even coffee and green tea in your diet.

You will learn more about what else is healthy and should definitely be eaten in this article. Help your body not only take care of you, but also develop, become smarter and more productive.

Beautiful speech

Get rid of parasite words, they only limit our abilities. Since there is no need to think about the appropriate adjective for the situation, if you can simply say “well, that’s it,” “how should I say it,” “uh,” and so on.

Expand your vocabulary by familiarizing yourself with dictionaries. This way your memory will become stronger, and you will be known as an interesting conversationalist.

And as a training, you can focus on the number of filler words in your interlocutor’s speech. This way you will also train your powers of observation.


Humor is our everything. It not only helps to live through the difficulties and vicissitudes of fate, while maintaining cheerfulness and optimism, but is also one of the main signs of a developed, erudite person.

So read as many funny stories, stories, anecdotes, etc. as possible. If you understand jokes, and instantly and without others explaining what they meant. Then consider that you were able to achieve tangible results in the development of reaction and speed of thinking.


When the face is “inanimate,” the words are not pronounced clearly—the person gets confused and distracted. Accordingly, there can be no talk of any lightning-fast thinking. Take care of the articulation of your speech, do gymnastics for your facial muscles, as they are directly related to the speed and quality of information processing.

If you don't know where to start, follow this link.


Head massage improves blood flow, which has a beneficial effect on the functioning of blood vessels in the brain. Accordingly, a lot of ideas and solutions immediately appear. Sometimes it’s enough to just take a shower for insight; the effect will be enhanced if it also turns out to be contrasting.


Pay attention to fine motor skills. If you knit, weave something from beads, paint with your fingers, and the like, this will have a beneficial effect on your cognitive abilities.

In your free time, it is much more useful to do handicrafts than to watch TV on the sofa. Which only takes away time and does not give those sensations and emotions that a person gets by creating and creating, admiring the result of his own labor.

Online services

We recommend paying attention to these 2 online services:

  1. wikium
  2. brainapps

Both services are very worthy, there is no point in comparing them. In each of them, you will find many courses and exercises to develop your brain. Choose according to your taste.

Spirit of Speed

To improve and make running more comfortable, there are the following recommendations:

choose a more inspiring place to train. Let it be more interesting than the previous one, so new exercises will be performed more easily, as if in a familiar place

Due to the change of environment, it is easier to set yourself up for a better result;

jogging with a friend. It doesn’t matter whether you run together or not, the main thing is that you feel the presence of a partner, and therefore you can evaluate yourself from the outside, which will give you a chance to think about what you should strive for;

run with your opponent. This does not mean that you must run with a real person; come up with the image of a runner who will train at a certain distance at a speed you set.. When the situation is favorable and you are psychologically ready for high-speed running and developing speed qualities, then success guaranteed, because self-confidence plays an important role

When the situation is conducive and you are psychologically ready for speed running and developing speed qualities, then success is guaranteed, because faith in yourself

plays an important role.

What else can you do to develop your thinking speed?

  • Try something new every day. Let it be an aroma or taste, a method of action or a change in the usual route. When the brain works, becoming familiar with a new environment, this has a positive effect on the speed of thinking.
  • The oil contained in nuts has a positive effect on the brain. In the process of eating walnuts, more oxygen is produced in the cells, they are better nourished and their functions improve.
  • Eat balanced and according to your needs. Do not overload the stomach and liver, give preference to plant foods.
  • Solve riddles and crosswords, this is a great way to train your thinking.
  • Listen to classical music. It has been proven that the vibrations of classical works have a positive effect on a person’s intellectual abilities. This is taken advantage of by caring parents who play Mozart or Bach for their children instead of lullabies. Music is a specific stimulant for genes that transmit signals to the brain.
  • Try not to abuse alcohol. The negative impact of strong drinks on brain activity has been proven.
  • Keep a diary (write by hand or choose an online resource for this). Analyzing your own thoughts helps you concentrate and think faster and more efficiently.
  • Use scents to stimulate brain activity. Try surrounding your workspace with mint, lemon or cypress - these are the most famous invigorating scents. At the end of the day, take a bath with aromatic rose oil.

No matter how old you are, brain training is always beneficial. Visit the “Tasks” section on our website, solve interesting problems, play games, and your thinking will always be fast and effective

Effective online exercises for developing speed of thinking

Constantly train your gray matter. The brain is very similar to muscle mass; if you do not train it, but neglect it, then it will not work to its full potential and will atrophy. Constant training with Brain Apps will help your thinking to be fast and efficient.

  • The Piggy Bank game will help you think faster, and the skills you acquire will always be useful when making purchases.
  • The game “Letters and Numbers” helps develop reaction speed and logical thinking.
  • The mathematical game "Operations" is useful for schoolchildren and adults. Helps develop speed of thinking along with logic.
  • “Complex geometric switches” are suitable even for small children who do not yet know how to count, since the game contains elementary figure images.

Our service has prepared other exercises for you that you can get acquainted with during regular training. In your personal account you will find information and recommendations on games, as well as all your results.

What is thinking

What is thinking? There are many theories, but scientists have not come to a final conclusion. I will not delve into complex and incomprehensible terms now and will try to explain everything in simple terms. Thinking is a thought process that offers different neural connections (pathways) for solving various issues, situations, circumstances, thoughts.

The quality and speed of these paths depends on how developed thinking is. If you haven’t developed your brain for a long time, haven’t read books, haven’t solved problems, then your thinking can only provide 2-3 ways to solve a simple problem and they will be mediocre.

The more you develop your brain, imagination, memory, broaden your horizons, improve your logical and creative thinking, the better the quality of your neural connections (thoughts) will be.

To develop thinking, it is necessary to approach the development of each feature of the brain.

Disclaimer: training takes to the next level

First of all, it is worth saying that it is better to start such training after completing the basic exercises of playing football. The goal of our lesson is to teach the player to see the field and quickly navigate the game. We must remember that without these skills an athlete will never be able to reach the heights of excellence. And yet there is a minimum of physical activity here; the training develops the football player’s thinking more.

Of course, the most important thing in sports is desire and hard work. But at this stage of training we need equipment: a mat, chips or cones, a running ladder, a barrier, balls of different sizes, a blank sheet of paper and a pen - all these items will be needed when doing home workouts. Some things can be replaced with improvised means, but it is better to purchase everything you need in an online store.

Logical thinking: what is it

The concept of “logical thinking” is easier to explain if we break the phrase into “logic” and “thinking.” Let's try to figure it out together, highlighting the main thing.


The concept comes from the Greek “reasoning”, “thought”, “the art of reasoning correctly”, “the science of thinking”. Let's look at the concept, taking as a basis the science of correct thinking. It consists of several aspects, such as laws, methods and forms of human intelligence, namely his thoughts.

Logic is needed in order to achieve truth in the process of reasoning. Thanks to active brain activity, a certain scheme is launched that leads a person to the end point. The result is taken not by intuition, but from previously acquired knowledge.

For this reason, logic is often called a science that allows one to reach conclusions through many conclusions and their connection. The main task of logic is to summarize the existing fragments together. As a result, a person receives true knowledge regarding the subject of reflection.


Thinking allows you to find connections between aspects of reality. However, for the process to occur at the “correct” level, you need to think objectively

That is, before the main tasks, it is important to put yourself at the center of the current process, and not observe everything from the outside. Objective or logical thinking must obey the basic laws of logic

Logical thinking

From the above we can conclude what “logical thinking” is. As a result of the thought process, a person applies knowledge acquired earlier. Then, through inferences, they are processed. All structures are connected in a logical chain in order. Conclusions are not based on assumptions, but on clear evidence, facts, prudence, objectivity, and the general laws of logic. Ultimately, based on the existing premises, the truth is obtained.

How does a child think?

As everyone knows, the brain consists of two hemispheres: left and right. The left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for logic and analytical thinking, and the right hemisphere is responsible for creative processes. People with a more developed left hemisphere are distinguished by consistency and abstract thinking, and in the case of a more developed right hemisphere, a tendency to fantasies and daydreams. Among people with a developed right hemisphere there are quite a lot of poets, artists, musicians, writers and other creative personalities.

There are also cases where a person has almost evenly developed both hemispheres of the brain, although this does not occur often. Most often, such people become either geniuses or very gifted individuals.

Psychologists strongly recommend putting effort into the diverse development of a child, since predisposition cannot be determined immediately; it manifests itself during classes after some time. Parents should take a closer look at what comes easier to the child and evokes a greater response in him; this will help determine further methods of his development.


Don’t think that choosing a couple of educational clubs for your child will be enough. Many experts advise loading the child with a variety of activities to the maximum, so that in the future he can choose the ones most interesting to him.

How to understand that you need to improve your thinking speed

Before you do anything, you need to make sure that it is necessary for you personally. So, I propose to answer a number of questions:

  1. You have difficulty waking up in the morning. You can't cheer up without coffee. Mental activity peaks around lunchtime, after which it falls again.
  2. You feel chronic fatigue.
  3. Solving a 7th grade geometry problem is an insurmountable obstacle.
  4. Having to figure out how a new program works is annoying.
  5. You don't have enough time, but you don't actually do anything.

If you answered yes to 3 or more questions, you definitely need to increase your thinking speed.


What if…

Model completely different situations in your head and sketch out the most likely scenarios. You don’t have to go far, take as a basis some of your difficulties, which at the moment are a limitation that does not allow you to achieve success and realize your needs.

Let's say you haven't taken a vacation for a long time, guided by the idea that everything would be lost without you. Because your colleagues will definitely not be able to cope with the amount of work that you usually do. So imagine what exactly will happen if you really leave for a whole month.

Or the child will not be able to pass the final exams in order to enter the desired higher education institution. What terrible thing will happen?

By the way, in addition to training the speed of your thinking, you will become more aware and stress-resistant. Because you will understand in advance about all the pitfalls that may arise at any moment. Accordingly, you will be ready for them.

Foreign language

If you know any foreign language at least a little, try to think in it. Think thoughts to yourself, for example, in English. If you can’t remember a word, turn to dictionaries and translators.

Then believe me, when you switch to your native language, you will be surprised to discover how quickly you begin to think.

If this exercise is easy enough for you due to your good level of knowledge, then perform it during active physical work.


Adults, in principle, do not have any particular problems with reading. They complete this task quickly enough without straining themselves. What if you take a book you haven’t read before and turn on the timer? Select any paragraph and note how many seconds it takes you to complete it. Just be sure to retell it later.

Since it is necessary not only to mindlessly rattle off what was written like an automaton, but also to understand the meaning that the author wanted to convey.

Word game

You will again need a stopwatch. Think of one letter and write down as many words as possible that start with it.

Compare the results, the more often you play, the easier it will become to choose words. You can even have a competition with your friends. Whoever comes up with the most ideas in a minute wins.

Brevity is the soul of wit

Imagine that you need to convey very important information to your loved ones. But the possibilities are limited - you are only allowed 50 characters. Each time, think through your messages so that they are succinct, but at the same time understandable.

In this case, you will learn not only to be clear to others, but to quickly make decisions, understand veiled meanings, and so on.

Improving acquired skills

Of course, our lives are full of familiar and ordinary activities. Among them you can find sewing, drawing, and cooking. But I will advise you to diversify your leisure time by complicating household chores and acquired skills.

This will help stimulate neural connections to additional load. Start reading literature that, in addition to theory, has practical implementation. Get acquainted with drawing styles unknown to you, master a different type of cutting or sewing. Discover the world of raw food cooking and put what you learn into practice!

This approach obliges you to achieve higher performance, and your brain to be healthy and productive.

List of exercises

So, here is a list of sample activities in your free time that will allow you to increase your thinking speed in a fairly short period of time. True, you will have to do them constantly.

1) There are special exercises for quick thinking. As a rule, these are all kinds of tasks on the selection of words, arithmetic calculations, tasks with figures in space. If you are just starting out, you can choose the entry level with easy tasks, but keep in mind that the tasks will gradually become more difficult. All of them are completed on time.

2) Solving crossword puzzles. Do not think that this is an activity for older people and those who do not know how to use a computer. In fact, solving crossword puzzles, especially difficult ones, allows you to learn a lot of new information. Of course, it does not directly develop a broad horizons of thinking speed, but it greatly activates the functioning of neurons in the brain.

3) Solving charades and puzzles. This method of developing quick thinking is more suitable for creative individuals. They are known to be not particularly strong in the exact sciences, and quick thinking is inseparable from correct logical conclusions.

4) Learning foreign languages. This method is more suitable for those who are not good at the humanities, that is, “physicists”. It has been proven that knowing two or more foreign languages ​​dramatically increases the functioning of neural connections in the brain and even slows down the aging process.

5) Development of left hand functions. As a rule, most of us are right-handed. If a person begins to intentionally train his left hand to perform simple daily movements (writing, drawing, brushing teeth), then after some time his thinking speed will improve. Remember, most creative people are left-handed.

6) Sensory development. For faster thinking, the ability to navigate in space and intuition also play an important role. It is very simple to develop it: when no one is home, move around the apartment blindfolded, examine objects by touch, try to collect a broken cup, placing it, for example, in a bag.

If you follow these recommendations or find special tasks on the Internet or even entire sites dedicated to the development of erudition and thinking, and complete all the tasks, you will very soon find that you have become much smarter, more productive in the workplace, and more interesting in communication.

You can check how successful you are in developing quick thinking using a special psychological method for studying quick thinking, which is somewhat reminiscent of an intelligence test (IQ).

Structuring Arguments

What skills does it train: the ability to check information, think logically and reasonedly.

There are two types of content: informational and persuasive. The first one simply states the facts. For example, the article says that water is wet and the sun is hot. The second type tries to convince you that wet water is healthy or that you should buy sunscreen.

Persuasive content globally consists of three parts: thesis, premises and conclusions. A thesis is a statement, for example: “Drink water - it is good for your health.” Premises are various arguments in favor of the thesis, and conclusions are a logical conclusion from the arguments that confirm the initial statement.

Your task is to learn to identify these persuasive components in any content and check their reliability.

Read the article or watch the video. Find the thesis, premises and conclusions in them. Check the truth of the premises and the logic of the conclusions. If the text claims that water is good for health, then it should contain references to research as premises, and the conclusion should indicate exactly why it is useful, based on the work of scientists.


How to develop thinking? Game requirements

First of all, let's talk about how to develop thinking in a child. Obviously, for this it is necessary to use the main type of his activity: of course, the game! It is this that will allow you to acquire, consolidate and develop new skills, and with them, thinking. It turns out that the main task is to make the game as useful, interesting and at the same time effective. Hence the main requirements for the game:

  • it must have a thoughtful plot;
  • the rules must be stated clearly, clearly and simply, in a way that is easy to understand;
  • the child’s independent search for solutions should be at the forefront, and hints should be kept to a minimum;
  • visibility is necessary: ​​it is half the success. Vivid demonstration material will be easier to perceive, will endear you, attract attention and arouse interest.

Tasks that teach the identification of common features and classification are very useful for the development of children’s thinking. Offer your child bright, colorful cubes and construction kit parts (buttons as an option). Let your child separate them by size; by color; according to form. For older children, you can find and select furniture among the toys; dishes; animals; means of transport.

Tricks for Fast Thinking

It's easier to think with two hemispheres

The first trick is to develop both hemispheres of the brain in parallel. We need to exercise our logical thinking and develop our creative abilities. At home, you can solve math problems (start with simple arithmetic exercises or algebra), and then listen to classical music or draw for a while.

You can also enroll simultaneously in courses to learn how to work with a computer and play the guitar (acting, vocals). Alternating between logical and creative activities will greatly stimulate your brain.

Developing reaction speed

The speed of reaction reflects the speed of thinking. Take a tennis ball and throw it at the wall with one hand and catch it with the other. A few minutes a day - and your reaction will be enviable! You can also use various tests to check your attention span, such as the proof test.

Use a mind map

During the day, a person has a huge number of ideas, the development of which could give significant results. But, as they say, what is not written down is forgotten.

Keep a so-called mind map in which you will include all your ideas. This allows you to structure your thinking, create associations and navigate them faster.

Improving blood flow

To develop speed of thinking, it is also important to pay attention to the scalp, facial muscles and eyes. Scalp massage improves blood circulation, saturates the blood with oxygen and improves brain nutrition

Performing circular eye movements several times a day broadens the focus of attention - this will allow you to cover more information. Facial gymnastics removes stagnant processes associated with thinking, since facial muscles are directly related to emotions.

Use technology

There are many smartphone applications that allow you to develop your thinking speed. When stuck in traffic or in line, use it to improve your thinking skills.

For example, a game called “Balda” perfectly trains attention and reaction speed

Be patient, and within a month of following these simple recommendations you will notice significant progress. You will become more accepting of new things and enjoy learning.

You will make an informed decision faster and generate new ideas. Perhaps you yourself will come up with ways to develop the speed of thinking that are suitable for you.

Increasing the speed of decision making alone

Field vision and decision-making speed are interconnected. Field vision is a good understanding of the game and a non-standard decision to start an attack, and decision-making speed is the correct action on the football field within a limited time. It is possible to learn both skills alone. The main thing is to add 2-3 tasks when performing one exercise. For example, take a tennis ball in your hands, throw it from one hand to the other and at the same time control or dribble the ball with both feet.

It is best to develop the speed of decision-making with the help of exercises where there is more than one action. Try to set a time limit for completing them, add objects, acceleration, work with chips and try to use the whole body.


Exercises to improve field vision and develop reaction speed must be added to basic ball handling skills. It is enough if you work on your thinking speed 2-3 times a week. Just 15-30 minutes to the main workout is already a great addition.


You can improve the quality of your thinking outside of training. To do this, time yourself and read a chapter of any book as quickly as possible. Now time yourself again and quickly retell the main information you just read. Do this exercise regularly, each time trying to reduce both the reading time and the retelling time. This way you develop both the speed of perception and the speed of reproducing information.

Type of thinking and temperament

As is well known, there are two main types of thinking: rational (analytical) and irrational (imaginative). It is believed that men have the first, and the second? women. This is also popularly called “male” and “female” logic.

It is impossible to say which one is better, because, as recent research has proven, the figurative type of thinking in certain situations has advantages over the logical one (for example, if you need to find a creative solution to a problem). In addition, it should be remembered that the speed of thinking is closely related to a person’s reaction to current events, and the reaction is primarily temperament.

It has been noticed that choleric and sanguine people react faster to external stimuli than phlegmatic and melancholic people. This means that the speed of thinking of the former will be better than that of the latter.

Varieties of thinking

How to develop memory in a child of preschool and school age

In psychology, thinking is conventionally divided into logical and figurative - these are 2 main branches of development, for which different hemispheres are responsible. It can also be theoretical and practical, open and intuitive, generally accepted and independent. There are 7 main types of thinking:

  1. Prological. Primitive, appears in the first stages of the formation of human thoughts;
  2. Creative. It lies in the opportunity to move away from generally accepted concepts and create something new;
  3. Verbal-logical. Based on verbal communication.
  4. Visual-figurative. Assumes awareness of what is happening in general and its details;
  5. Visually effective. It involves not only awareness, but also specific actions;
  6. Practical. Assumes the presence of a clear goal and algorithm of actions;
  7. Theoretical. It lies in the possibility of not only finding a solution, but also determining an algorithm of actions that will help solve a whole series of similar problems.

Exercise 1. Connecting the unconnected

A very interesting exercise! Useful not only for children, but also for adults. This exercise is used as a test during castings for radio presenters. Imagine, you come to a casting, and they say to you: “Come on, my friend, connect us a chicken with a pole.” In all seriousness, that's what they say!

This is precisely the point: you need to combine two completely unrelated concepts. Radio presenters need this in order to quickly and beautifully compose summaries to songs during live broadcasts, for easy transitions from one topic to another.

Well, it’s suitable for children to develop creative, imaginative, quick thinking.

So how do you connect a chicken with a pole? There are many options:

  1. The chicken walks around the pole.
  2. The chicken was blind, walked and crashed into a pole.
  3. The chicken was strong, it hit the post, and it fell.
  4. The pole fell right on the chicken.

Want to practice? Fine. Connect:

  • chamomile with milk;
  • headphones with jellyfish;
  • boots with the moon.

Next, invent it yourself.

Development of thinking in children

The mental activity of a child has a special structure of cognition. When a baby is born, he begins to study everything around him, draw parallels, and look for connections between his discoveries. Gradually developing, the child begins to reason, imagine, a fantasy world appears, and speech not only appears, but also becomes more literate over time.

Development of preschool thinking

In preschool children, thinking is based on their ideas. And the activity of thought goes beyond the scope of real events, which speaks of the rapidly expanding limits of knowledge due to the skill of carrying out operations using one’s ideas.

This change in thinking was facilitated by a change in speech and, accordingly, the establishment of the most complex connections between the child’s operations or discoveries.

Thinking games

Games to develop thinking, what could be better? By playing, you develop your thinking. Before you know it, it will become easier for you to solve everyday problems, come to a good and quick answer, and find a rational solution. Do you like this approach? Then let's try it!


Anagrams will help develop such qualities as: thinking, attention, concentration, speed of thought, speed reading. In this game you have to choose 1 option out of 4, in which only those letters that are part of the given word are mixed

Each round a new word is given. Remember that time is limited! The faster you look for the answer, the more points you will get at the end of the game.

Gorbov-Schulte tables

The Gorbov-Schulte table is another great game for training thinking, which focuses on qualities such as: attentiveness, reaction, memory, visual search. It is required to mark the presented numbers in a cyclic sequence: minimum black, maximum red.

Also a version of the Gorbov-Schulte table with saving statistics:

Color matrix game

The “color matrix” game will be an excellent trainer for your thinking. A field of cells will open in front of you, each of which will be painted in one of two colors.

Your goal: determine which color is bigger. The game, of course, is for a while and therefore you have to try. As the game progresses, the field will expand if the answers are correct or narrow if the answers are incorrect.

Game "Quick Count"

The game "quick count" will help you improve your thinking. The essence of the game is that in the picture presented to you, you will need to choose the answer “yes” or “no” to the question “are there 5 identical fruits?” Follow your goal, and this game will help you with this.

Game "Simplification"

The game “Simplification” is a wonderful trainer, not only for mental arithmetic, but also for logic. You will come across examples both simple and complex. But not everything is so complicated in reality, you just need to figure out how to simplify or find the answer from the proposed answers. To do this, you will have to think logically!

Game "Number Reach: Revolution"

An interesting and useful game “Numeric Spanning: Revolution”, which will help you improve and develop your memory. The essence of the game is that the monitor will display numbers in order, one at a time, which you should remember and then reproduce. Such chains will consist of 4, 5 and even 6 digits. Time is limited. How many points can you score in this game?

Game "Memory Matrix"

"Memory Matrices" is a great game for training and developing memory. In the presented game you will need to remember the placement of the colored cells, and then reproduce them from memory. How many levels can you complete? Remember, time is limited!

Game "2 back"

Also, to develop memory and thinking, I recommend an exercise like the “2 Back” game. A sequence of numbers will be displayed on the screen that you will need to remember, and then compare the number of the last card with the previous one. This is a powerful memory and attention training, this is an exercise that is available after registration, are you ready? Then go ahead!

Another game that can be classified as a memory exercise is “Memory Comparison”. A good exercise for developing memory and speed of thought. At the beginning, a number is given that you should remember, then a second one is given, and you will need to answer a question that does not change during the game. A great game to train your brain. Let's try to improve your memory with us!

A universal way to test the level of your logical thinking

Everyone can now find out their level of intelligence! To do this, you only need a piece of paper and a pen. We will take a short test: it consists of 5 questions, each of which has answer options. The questions will seem somewhat absurd to you, but their advantage is that they do not require knowledge or erudition - only the ability to think logically is tested. Because if a person knows how to do this, everything else is a matter of technology. All questions have the same principle: based on the conditions of the problem, you need to build a logical chain and find the correct answer.

Read the test questions and mark the answer options that you think are correct. At the end, you will count the number of correct answers and find out how developed your logic is. One point is given for each correct answer. The test is suitable for both adults and children. You will be given no more than 5 minutes to complete the test.

Later I will show and talk about 3 simple exercises, which, if done over the course of two weeks, will make your child the smartest in the class!

Test to check the level of logical thinking

1.Some snails are mountains. All mountains love cats. This means that all snails love cats.

2. No person can become president if he has a red nose. All people have a red nose. This means that no one can become president.

3.Only bad people cheat or steal. Katya is good.

4. Flowers are green animals. Flowers drink vodka.

5. Good bosses fall from the sky. Bad bosses can sing.


1 – Incorrect

2 – Correct

3 – None of the above

4 – Some green animals drink vodka

5 – None of the above

excellent if you score 5 points. 4 points is a good result, and 3 and below means that you need to improve your logic .

Courses for the development of intelligence

In addition to games, we have interesting courses that will perfectly pump up your brain and improve your intelligence, memory, thinking, and concentration:

Development of memory and attention in a child 5-10 years old

The purpose of the course: to develop the child’s memory and attention so that it is easier for him to study at school, so that he can remember better. After completing the course, the child will be able to:

After completing the course, the child will be able to:

  1. 2-5 times better to remember texts, faces, numbers, words
  2. Learn to remember for a longer period of time
  3. The speed of recalling the necessary information will increase

Secrets of brain fitness, training memory, attention, thinking, counting

If you want to speed up your brain, improve its functioning, improve your memory, attention, concentration, develop more creativity, perform exciting exercises, train in a playful way and solve interesting problems, then sign up! 30 days of powerful brain fitness are guaranteed to you:)

Super memory in 30 days

As soon as you sign up for this course, you will begin a powerful 30-day training in the development of super-memory and brain pumping.

Within 30 days after subscribing, you will receive interesting exercises and educational games in your email that you can apply in your life.

We will learn to remember everything that may be needed in work or personal life: learn to remember texts, sequences of words, numbers, images, events that happened during the day, week, month, and even road maps.

Money and the Millionaire Mindset

Why are there problems with money? In this course we will answer this question in detail, look deep into the problem, and consider our relationship with money from psychological, economic and emotional points of view. From the course you will learn what you need to do to solve all your financial problems, start saving money and invest it in the future.

Speed ​​reading in 30 days

Would you like to quickly read books, articles, newsletters, etc. that interest you? If your answer is “yes,” then our course will help you develop speed reading and synchronize both hemispheres of the brain.

With synchronized, joint work of both hemispheres, the brain begins to work many times faster, which opens up much more possibilities.

Attention, concentration, speed of perception are enhanced many times over! Using the speed reading techniques from our course, you can kill two birds with one stone:

Learn to read very quickly Improve attention and concentration, since they are extremely important when reading quickly Read a book a day and finish your work faster

How to develop speed of thinking using the Victor Kotka method. Increasing internal tempo

  1. To use this technique, which trains the speed of perception and speed of thinking, you need an assistant trainer, a timer and an informative book, preferably a popular science book, on a topic that interests you. You are given time to read the page, for example 3 minutes. then they give the task to do it in 2.5 minutes. It gets more difficult, but you manage. Then you are given 2 minutes. you already have to “speed up”, but you manage. Then you are given 3 minutes, and you feel how much it is. Next task - 2 min. - it is possible, but with difficulty. One and a half minutes - it’s very difficult for you. Then 2.5 - after one and a half it’s easy for you, then 2 minutes, but in seconds: 120 seconds, then 100 seconds. etc. After a few months of such training (no need to force it too much), you will learn to “grasp” the content of the page text in a short time (a few seconds). Testing the assimilation of the text read is carried out by retelling.

Don’t let self-doubt and fear that you won’t succeed interfere with you: the one who walks will master the road. Just do it, try it and believe in yourself.

(Reference: Victor Kotok is the author of an original method of teaching dynamic reading. As his fellow student at the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University, the popularizer of practical psychology N. I. Kozlov (Doctor of Psychology, professor and founder of Training-) studied using this method and speaks of it as very effective.)

  1. You can increase your internal tempo, that is, increase your own internal speed, in this way: prepare a timer and try to come up with and pronounce as many noun words in 1 minute. Have someone help you count how many words you can remember. Try it, practice more often, try to “speed up” and name more and more words per unit of time.
  2. Speed ​​up the pace of your walking, speaking, making decisions (even if they are wrong). Try changing the tempo, either speeding it up or slowing it down. Feel it, it will help you control it. In general, consciously slowing down and speeding up the pace at which you perform any action (for example, talking, walking, drawing, and so on) helps the brain learn to work at different tempo rhythms and, if necessary, speed up.
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