Why family values ​​are relevant at any time

Different generations may have their own ideas about beauty and attractiveness, about art and spirituality. But there are values ​​that neither with time nor with the change of generations become obsolete and do not lose their relevance, these are family values. What is special about them, why are they talked about so much today? This question worries both psychologists and ordinary young people.

What are family values?

Family values ​​and traditions are the foundation that determines our attitude to life. Even outside the home, a person will act according to the values ​​​​established in his heart. In reality, they can be not only positive, since not every family has a decent atmosphere. Therefore, it is important for every parent to create an environment of love and kindness in order to raise a socially active and mature personality.

Although family and family values ​​are two different concepts, they cannot exist without each other. Without the foundation and basis of unity in marriage, people in love will not be able to achieve, so a family without established principles simply cannot exist. They allow you to maintain spiritual unity and integrity. Even serious problems do not destroy strong and warm relationships.

The art of building a family

Family relationships are not only a symbiosis of biology, economics and mechanics. It's also a tricky testing philosophy. She changes her worldview, turns her mind upside down, challenges life’s meanings and advocates for a renewal of views.

The flaw of new generations is a dubious revision of the basic foundations of the entire system of family values. The family has been reduced to the categories of home improvement, career growth and other provision of comfort in the living space.

In fact, since the most ancient traditions, all conceivable human undertakings come from the family. In the Christian understanding, it is defined as one of the key roles in the revival of the soul, self-awareness, and righteousness.

Few people now wonder why peasant families in Rus' always had many children. Yes, it was unimaginably difficult to endure hunger and poverty, lawlessness and a fragile life. But there were no abortions or divorces. And not at all because people were stupid, simple-minded and enslaved by conditions. But because it was unthinkable to encroach on the foundations of family life.

How to build a strong family today? And is it necessary to strengthen it, making titanic efforts, if, say, love takes up and leaves?

The point is that there can be only one way to pose the question here. It is impossible to discuss the shortcomings of the family institution. It will only be possible to reveal the disadvantage of not understanding this.

A family is, in fact, a structure specially organized specifically for love. This is her main calling. Not using the family “for its intended purpose” in this regard is like cracking nuts with a harp.

But the basis of love is not only charming a partner. Love is verbal. She urgently requires communication. After all, a person does not just express his opinion with words, they reveal desires and feelings. Without a heart-to-heart conversation, you won’t find out all the nuances of a relationship. And it is communication that helps preserve that grain of mutual attraction that arises during the period of falling in love.

How to determine your family values?

To monitor the process of establishing positive family values ​​and raising children on them, do regular self-examination. It will help you look at marriage relationships with a healthy eye, you will see the main problems and weaknesses.

Analyze the behavior of each family member.

The behavior of both the loved one and the child should be assessed. Parents set the foundation, so they should be attentive to themselves. Evaluate not only relationships among yourself, but also in society in general. What children say or do in kindergarten is an indicator of the whole family and its presence of certain values.

Ask for personal opinions.

Teach your children to express an opinion on any subject, but pay close attention to how they do it. If the manner of speaking shows categoricalness, this is not a good indicator. It can be seen that parents also express unfounded points of view, without taking anything into account and without considering the views of others.

Pay attention to how each family member treats others.

By assessing the attitude of a spouse towards his parents, one can judge with complete confidence how he will treat his wife. The friendship of the children shows what family values ​​were instilled in them from childhood. Evaluate every action your family members take so you can see where you can improve.

Evaluate behavior at work, at school, in business.

If the foundation of family values ​​is laid in childhood, they are clearly reflected in later life during education and running a business. Think about what would be worth changing.

Take measures to change the order in the family.

By conducting a personality self-assessment and assessing the true behavior of your children and loved one, you will get a clear picture of what needs to be changed and what is worth paying attention to. If a child deceives his parents or forges signatures in his diary, it means there is a lack of honesty and openness in the family.

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Family traditions

Every family has values ​​and traditions, we just may not focus on their presence or even think about their existence. If you, as parents, see that there are problems in the family, try to find the reason and make the solution pleasant for everyone.

An excellent option is to establish family traditions, which represent the norms, practices and customs accepted in the family. Some are even passed down from generation to generation. They form a feeling of stability and harmony in the hearts of children and adults, because regardless of any other circumstances, the planned event will take place. Thanks to traditions, children have vivid memories of their childhood and past.

In each family, parents establish different traditions. Their formation is influenced by the past of the parents themselves and the order that existed in their childhood. Some focus on noticed problems and think about fixing them.

Family traditions: examples

Eat daily with the whole family. It seems that this is an elementary tradition, but, in fact, it has a strong influence on every member of the family. During a regular dinner, an exchange of thoughts occurs, we tell each other about the past day, we can understand the state of the heart and the life of children and a loved one. If you introduce such a tradition into your family, you will be united, united and not indifferent to each other. To begin with, you can introduce it at least once a day during meals. Once a week or a month, visit your elderly parents and have dinner together. It is not necessary that there be any reason for organizing such an event. Seeing your deep respect for your parents, your children will be charged with a similar attitude and show due respect to you. View your family album. Do you think printed photographs are a thing of the past? In fact, this is not true. Just remember how many pleasant memories remained in your heart from childhood, when you looked through photographs of your parents together, observed their past and enjoyed the moments they experienced together. Don't deprive your children of the same joy and satisfaction that you experienced as a child.

Play! The famous exciting game “Loto” has become an integral part of the traditions of many families. Despite its long existence, it does not lose its popularity and relevance. If you are not attracted to Lotto, organize another, more modern game, such as Alias ​​or Understand Me. Board games encourage open communication and fun. Crafts. Making something with your own hands is a useful and exciting activity. It can even become a personal hobby. Involve your children in such activities; with the help of even basic crafts, children will develop a positive attitude towards work and work. Give the finished craft to your friends or acquaintances. This is an additional factor in establishing such family values: love, kindness, friendliness, generosity.

Remember, the formation of family values ​​occurs even in the game. Children will not even suspect that your goal is to educate them, they will simply spend time with you and enjoy a happy and carefree time!

Beautiful quotes about family

Some family quotes are very beautiful to share with those close to us. Here are our favorite family quotes.

  1. You can measure the happiness of a married life by the number of scars each partner carries on their tongues, earned through years of spouting angry words. (Elizabeth Gilbert)
  2. Family life should be an adventure, not an anxious discipline in which everyone is constantly assessed by the fulfillment of their responsibilities. (Milton R. Saperstein)
  3. Family is like a tie, reminding us of yesterday's banquet evening, which provides confidence, support for today and hope for tomorrow. (Billy Owens)
  4. If a family were compared to a fruit, then it would be an orange. In it, all the slices are fastened together into one whole, but each one is easily separated. The situation is similar with people: all relatives live their own lives, even in different places, but, collectively, this is one big family. (Letty Cottin Pogrebin)
  5. Family is a compass that guides us on the right course. She is our inspiration to reach greater heights. Our consolation when we sometimes stumble and make mistakes. (Brad Henry)
  6. A family is like a forest. Being far away from it, we see a solid massif. When we are inside, then we see that each tree has its place.
  7. Your family, children and love for them must be cultivated like a garden, requiring constant effort, time or imagination. Only then will the relationship continue to grow and prosper. (Read interesting facts about children and their development that will pleasantly surprise you)
  8. Family is the things people do for you when they love you. They hug you, talk about love, even when you are unattractive. (Deb Caletti)
  9. Always remember that the greatest gift you will ever own is not sold in stores or under the tree. He is in the hearts of your household, who are your true friends.
  10. Call it clan, tribe, clan or dynasty: whatever you call it, they are something we all desperately need. (Jane Howard)

How have family values ​​changed?

The media imposes views and things on us that can actually have a negative impact on our lives. Until now, advertisers use the 12th frame system, which we don’t even think about when watching TV shows and modern films.

Norms in society are also changing. If earlier marriage and family were in first place in the lives of all people, now girls are instilled from childhood with a love of career, power and a high position in society. The changes that began to occur since 1990 have become especially noticeable. This was the beginning of the sexual and feminist revolution. Young people think about freedom and independence in relationships and marriage. Extramarital cohabitation is considered the norm, and same-sex marriage is even officially acceptable.


To some extent, marriage, a union between two spouses, can be attributed to a family of the platonic, spiritual type, because two people who enter into the notorious “agreement” between themselves do not have any blood ties (unless, of course, this is a traditional union ).

Families based on kinship outside of blood can also be supplemented with the concept of a spiritual family - a circle of close people who provide moral support and help. There are a lot of such communities, and they are different for everyone. For some, family is friends with whom they have gone through thick and thin. For some, it is an animal that understands better than many people. Some people find family in religion, communicating and interacting with fellow believers.

But regardless of what type of family it turns out to be, it differs from other communities in the simplest truths.

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