They want to tighten the law on fish poaching in the Far East

“Such events give rise to new practices in the relationship between supervisory authorities, executive authorities and enterprises,” noted the governor of the Amur region. — It is important that the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office and Yuri Chaika personally pay close attention to the development of the Far Eastern region.

The board also included representatives of the Far Eastern Plenipotentiary Office, the Federal Fisheries Agency, State Duma deputy Irina Yarovaya and the management of fishing enterprises in the region, the press service of the Amur government reports.

Yuri Chaika: The situation in the industry needs to be corrected

As noted by the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Yuri Chaika, increased attention needs to be paid to the legality of spending funds allocated from the federal budget for the development of the fishing industry. “The results of supervisory activities indicate that violations in the field of rational use of biological resources are widespread and are committed by all participants in relations in the field of fishing and fish farming,” the Prosecutor General emphasized.

Thus, in 2014-2015, more than 5.5 thousand violations of the law in this area were identified in the Far Eastern Federal District and more than 950 legal entities were brought to disciplinary and administrative liability, reports the press service of the Ministry of Eastern Development of the Russian Federation.

According to Yuri Chaika, prosecutors need to better monitor how budget funds are spent as part of the implementation of state programs in the area of ​​functioning of the fishery complex in the Far East. According to him, it is necessary to obtain actual and full funding from the authorities for the activities. And monitor the effectiveness of implementation. “We need comprehensive measures to correct the situation in the industry. We need to resolve legal issues together,” the Prosecutor General emphasized.

Administrative barriers in the fishing industry will be removed in the Far Eastern Federal District

According to him, supervisory authorities need to ensure respect for the rights of participants in fishing activities, including small and medium-sized businesses. And eliminate excessive administrative barriers, but at the same time oversight over the legality of their activities should not weaken. “We need to promptly stop decisions that cause damage. In each case, it is necessary to seek full compensation,” noted the Prosecutor General.

He also demanded that supervisory authorities be more attentive to cases of seizure, confiscation of fishing vessels and other fishing gear used to commit crimes and administrative offenses. “We must strictly suppress the illegal practice of returning them. Rosrybolovstvo is invited to develop and adopt by the end of this year regulations regulating the procedure for storing material evidence in cases of administrative offenses,” said Yuri Chaika.

The law on poaching will be improved

Separately, they talked about the fight against illegal extraction and smuggling of aquatic biological resources. Transportation prosecutors will look into how Customs and Border Patrol agents stop crimes. And the Prosecutor General’s Office will think about how to improve the law on poaching.

The head of the Ministry of Eastern Development, Alexander Galushka, summed up: the joint interaction of the Ministry of Eastern Development, the Prosecutor General’s Office and the regions is especially important in connection with the development and implementation of new mechanisms aimed at developing competition in fishing and the fishing industry.

“This is important at the stage of new decisions, when we are entering a new cycle of development of the fishery complex, for those decisions that are long overdue and require fundamentally new approaches for their implementation,” the minister emphasized.

  • Amurskaya Pravda from 06/23/2016
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