The boomerang law in life, which has not yet been canceled

“As you sow, so shall you reap”, “What goes around comes around, so does it come back”, “What a greeting, such is the answer.” We have heard these proverbs and sayings since childhood. Their main task is to instill in us a sense of responsibility for our words and actions and make us understand that everything in this world comes back like a boomerang.

This pattern was identified by our distant ancestors and gave it a completely logical name - “the boomerang law.”

What does this law mean? Does it actually work? And what needs to be done to ensure that the boomerang returns only with good intentions? This is what we will talk about today.

What is the boomerang law

This law states that any action you perform will definitely be returned threefold. Just as a boomerang always returns to its owner, so our actions will return to us after some time.

This law is very ancient, and our ancestors successfully applied it, only it received its name “boomerang law” later. A similar idea has been mentioned in the Bible and other scriptures. It says to treat others the same way you want to be treated. That is why we need to stop doing some things that we may regret in old age. Or much earlier - it all depends on how soon the next boomerang launched towards the Universe will return.

Simoronsky magic ritual Boomerang.

Everyone knows the Law of Boomerang. The boomerang is such an interesting thing - no matter how you throw it, it still comes back.

So here it is. Going to the store, money boomerangs. Before leaving the house, you need to take money, as much as you are going to spend and make a gesture with your hand, as if you are going to launch it like a boomerang and say the following words: “I declare my money to be a boomerang!” »

You can imagine that they flew away and returned with “profit”. The most important thing is that all this happens in a state of soaring. Have a good hunting!

Oh boomerang!!!

How does the boomerang law work?

The thought is material. However, some stubbornly continue to deny this and refuse to see the connection between their thoughts and what is happening around them. The boomerang law works in a similar way - it materializes expectations. The way you treat other people will certainly come back to you multiplied. Therefore, if you wish harm on someone, then expect a retaliatory strike from Fate. Moreover, the return reaction can come from a completely different person. If you do good, then it comes back to you tripled. And again, not necessarily from the same person.

But why then are not all people happy when they do good?

The whole point is that you need to do good deeds selflessly, without expecting anything in return. Only then does the boomerang law work. Again, a lot depends on our thoughts. In psychology, this is called positive or negative thinking, which leads to poverty or abundance. Therefore, if you do a good deed, but in your thoughts it is unpleasant for you to help this person, then not the good that you did will return to you, but all the negativity that you were thinking about at that moment.

Surely each of you has at least once had a case in your life when you did something bad, and “life punished” you for it with some kind of trouble. Or, on the contrary, you did a good deed, and a “reward” followed. Remember, something like this probably happened! Or they told you, don’t do bad things, otherwise God will punish you!

So, friends, there really is no “punishment” or “reward.” No one “up there in heaven” judges us or “punishes” us with all sorts of troubles. In reality, everything is much simpler and more functional. This is one of the laws of the Universe - the Boomerang Law.

Its essence can be explained this way: everything that you put into the world will definitely come back to you.

The Boomerang Law is not a human earthly law that can be circumvented or deceived. He doesn't evaluate you or your actions. It just works in such a way that you receive from the Universe exactly what you put into the world. And here we are talking not so much about material objects (although, of course, they are also present in this “exchange”), but about positive or negative energy.

If you give positive energy, that is, you do a good deed for someone, sincerely help, wish someone happiness, good luck, goodness, then the same positive energy returns to you. But it can come to you in the form of money or a lucky coincidence of circumstances, help, or a gift. Any successful person knows that before you try to get something, you must give something! It may not be money, but, for example, knowledge or some kind of help.

The Boomerang Law also applies to negative energy in the same way. You showed aggression, anger, wished something bad for someone. And all this comes back to you in the form of illnesses, problems, retaliatory aggression, etc. Therefore, if some kind of trouble suddenly happens to you, analyze what you could do to cause such a response. Exactly the answer! Because nothing JUST happens in this world! Remember this well!

Throwing method

Method of throwing a boomerang
The method of throwing is the second reason that makes the boomerang describe a circle in flight. The boomerang is held vertically before throwing. The flat surface faces away from the thrower. Then, with a sharp circular movement of the hand, the boomerang is launched into the air. The initial speed of the boomerang must be at least 10 kilometers per hour, and the rotation speed must be at least 10 revolutions per second. A boomerang thrown with the right hand begins to gradually move to the left in flight. Hess suggested that the flight of a boomerang resembles riding a bicycle “without hands.” When the body is tilted slightly to the left, the front wheel also turns slightly to the left, even without touching the steering wheel.

In the case of a boomerang, the secret to its automatic left turn lies in the way the air flows around its blades. The boomerang itself flies forward, but when one blade goes down and back, a thrust is created that pushes the projectile back. This force, acting on the boomerang from top to bottom, plays in this case the role of a slight tilt of the body when riding a bicycle. Little by little the boomerang turns to the left. During the flight, it moves from a vertical to a horizontal position and at the end of the flight it looks like a small helicopter. A correctly thrown boomerang, having described a circle, falls at the feet of the owner.

Captured by thoughts

Retribution comes not only for actions, but also for thoughts. Thought is material, and that is a fact. There is even a good proverb: “Think before you think.” A very apt statement, especially considering that many people have never encountered the concept of “thought hygiene.” Constant despondency and a negative attitude towards the world poison the life of every person; these emotions also fall under the boomerang rule. “Don’t make others angry, and don’t make yourself angry” - this is precisely the principle one should act by in society, so as not to get a good “slap on the head” from the Universe.

If a person is constantly worried about something, is dissatisfied with something, or is afraid of something, then sooner or later all his fears will come true. Yes, in life there is always a place for experiences, but you should not elevate them to the status of obsessions.


This is what it means: What you give will come back. What you sow is what you reap, Your own lies will come through with lies.

Every action matters; Only by forgiving will you receive forgiveness. You give - they give to you, you betray - you are betrayed, you offend - you are offended, you respect - you are respected... LIFE - BOOMERANG:

Everyone deserves everything; Black thoughts will return as an illness, Bright thoughts will return as Divine light... If you haven’t thought about it, think about it!!!

Religious aspects

As you know, every world religion has its own norms and rules. However, there are 7 inviolable postulates that are present in every faith. And among them there is always a point that evil returns. Of course, this sounds different in every religion, but the basic meaning is still the same. The boomerang rule is in effect, and every religious denomination is trying to convey this idea to its parishioners. For example, Buddhists believe in reincarnation, that is, the rebirth of a person after death. They believe that all actions in this life will affect their future destiny. Although it is called karma, the meaning is the same.

Sweet revenge

If someone has offended a person, there is no need to harbor a grudge or try to take revenge. It's better to just wish everyone well and move on. Of course, sometimes it is difficult to erase from life what caused pain, but if you focus on this moment, you can miss your happiness. And revenge is also not the best solution. Even if we assume that the “retaliatory strike” strategy was successfully implemented, a person cannot say for sure that in the future he will not make a similar mistake, and he will definitely not be revenged in the same way.

Let's say there is a situation: a girl got a job as a secretary. She had to become her boss's mistress because she didn't want to lose her job. Her boss is a family man, and he has a very strict wife, but this does not stop the man from going “to the left.” After some time, the girl comes to her boss so that he signs documents about her going on maternity leave.

The man could not come to terms with the fact that his subordinate had an affair and decided to fire her without severance pay. The girl threatened to tell everything to his wife. The boss began to beg not to destroy the family. Although the expectant mother was offended by such an attitude, she did not resort to extreme measures and was still fired. A few years later, this girl became not only a happy wife and mother, but also a successful entrepreneur.

One day she met her former boss. He was not going through the best period in his life, and he threatened her that he would tell the press that the now respected businesswoman had a relationship with her own boss in the past. The woman began to beg him not to ruin her life, and he disappeared. Like her in her time, the man remained silent. This is an excellent example of how the boomerang law can operate in relationships between people. In addition, everything might not have turned out so well if the girl had taken revenge on her boss at one time. Yes, he would have found himself in an unpleasant situation, but how would her life have turned out then?!

The inevitability of the influence of the law

If a person’s soul is filled with malice, then it will attract nothing but the same malice to itself. These data are partly confirmed by statistical studies, which prove that the majority of subjects assumed that something similar would happen to them.

However, there would seem to be many examples to the contrary. A person commits a lot of evil, but retribution does not come. Therefore, this law cannot be called universal. Chance plays a huge role here.

In addition, the punishment can be extremely deferred. For example, a man leaves his family and a woman struggles with all her strength to raise children alone. He flourishes all his life and only in old age, before death, is he suddenly left completely alone, deprived of any help. People may not know about this, so it seems that the boomerang law did not work.

When one event follows another quickly enough, those around him and the culprit himself see this and understand the cause-and-effect relationships. Sometimes they seem like a coincidence, but the older a person gets, the more clearly he understands the inevitability of such consequences.

Possibilities of the law:

  • the situation returns quite quickly and with absolute identity;
  • the situation is repeated in a modified form;
  • a person becomes a victim of the consequences of his actions;
  • victory in an unseemly matter brings him unforeseen problems;
  • the attacker achieves the opposite results;
  • he finds himself in the place of the one who wished harm;
  • the situation repeats itself many years later, when the participants have already forgotten about it;
  • life punishes a person in a different way, etc.

The boomerang law does not obey the rules of arithmetic, and actions are not measured by numbers. Therefore, retribution can come at any time and in the most unexpected way. It can take on such a form that a person is simply unable to understand what the consequences were. What previously seemed like luck turns into a big disaster. In addition, success achieved through ill-gotten means does not bring joy, but becomes the cause of suffering and failure.

For example, a woman, having decided that she deserves the best in life, calmly chooses as her husband a man burdened not only with a family, but also with children. She stubbornly pursues her goal, not disdaining any means. If that man turns out to be weak enough, then he gets a divorce.

The newlyweds even consider themselves happy, believing that they have found new love. But, in the process of family life, it turns out that the new wife is infertile and they are left without offspring. And now he has to bow to his ex-wife with a request to see the children regularly and help them. The homewrecker understands that she is not able to oppose anything and remains a disappointment for her husband for the rest of her life, as well as an intermediate link between him and her former family.

Thus, the misfortune she sent to the family of another woman, having completed a circle, returned to herself. She gained status, money, prosperity, but did not become the only one, beloved and irreplaceable for her husband. The former mistress understood that this man’s wife would suffer greatly, having lost his support, but, quite unexpectedly, she herself found herself in this situation.

Moreover, if she, having grieved, recovered, found solace in children, and, perhaps, eventually found happiness with another person, then the homewrecker remained an unloved wife for the rest of her life, forever disappointing her husband and plunging him into great trouble in life.

Therefore, knowing that an action will obviously be bad, you need to remember all the negative examples and try to refrain from committing it.

The boomerang law applies to thoughts, words and even subconscious desires. If a person talks a lot about bad things, he seems to attract them into his life.


Life itself knows who and how to punish. And a person should not think that if he stole something, then his valuable thing will be lost. Consequences for actions never equal the amount of harm caused. The payoff is always much greater than the damage caused. For example, if a person insults someone, he may get into an accident. If you hit someone, something could be stolen from him, or a fire could happen in the house. What a person values ​​most always becomes the object that will be affected first by the boomerang rule.

Now, knowing about the Law of Boomerang, you can take a more clear approach to creating your life, your own reality. It happens that sometimes you really want to take out your irritation on someone, blame, scold. Please can you do this. BUT! But now you know that you will DEFINITELY receive an equivalent answer! Is it worth it to indulge your irritation if you can get, for example, illness in response?!

By following this law, you can attract all kinds of benefits to yourself by giving something good into the world. By the way, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something material (this is me answering the frequently asked question: “What if I don’t have anything at all right now, what can I give away, what should I do?”)! You can use one very interesting (and most importantly, useful and really working) technique - give people gifts MENTALLY!

How? And it's very simple! You should imagine yourself approaching a person and giving them something! You just have to do this completely sincerely and with the kindest and purest thoughts! Only in this case will there be any benefit from this action (that is, the return will return to you). What to give? Anything!!! This is your imaginary gift. This means you can imagine absolutely everything! Feel like a genie or a goldfish!

Give wads of money, bouquets of flowers, luxury cars, houses, yachts, tropical islands! You can, for example, give a person health. Imagine it yourself somehow, for example, in the form of a golden glow, enveloping a person and pouring strength and energy into him! The main thing is that you yourself imagine how people feel joy from your gifts, how good they feel! Who can you do all this with? With whomever you want - friends, relatives, complete strangers on the street, etc.

I like to do this exercise when I'm walking down the street. I give gifts to people I meet in this way, trying to determine in a few seconds what would bring this person the greatest joy. Here comes a girl - I mentally “give” her a gorgeous fur coat. For a second, an image appears of her happy and joyful, looking in the mirror in this fur coat! Positive!

Here is a terribly busy man with a cell phone, clearly solving some problems. I gift him with a vacation on a tropical island. The image is of him in a hammock with a cocktail in his hand, admiring the sea and enjoying the peace. Positive again! I'm moving on. An old lady with a bag, a mother with a child, a couple in love. Everyone gets their gifts! And by the end of the street I am so saturated with positivity that my mood soars somewhere in the sky!

I really love this technique. Firstly, it requires practically nothing from you except imagination. Secondly, you lift your spirits because the act of giving is extremely enjoyable in itself! Well, thirdly, in this way you give out your positive energy into the world, which means you attract all sorts of benefits (and material ones too!!!) to yourself!

By the way, don’t be afraid that you will give away too much of your energy. There is one very interesting feature here - when you radiate positivity, you yourself become more and more energetic. But when there is negativity, your energy decreases! Don't ask me why this happens. Honestly I do not know. But the fact remains a fact, regardless of whether we know “why it works like that?” It works and that's it! :))

How to live happily

This is not a bedtime horror story, but a real story called “The Law of Boomerang in Life.” Psychology is studying this aspect in every possible way, and its leading specialists have been racking their brains for several years now about how not to fall into the hands of others. And today there are several effective methods:

Down with gossip. You should not gossip about others, even if a person tells a true story about the bad deed of another, it will undoubtedly leave its negative imprint. Don't get angry and don't curse. No matter how strong the resentment against someone may be, you cannot be angry with him or wish anything bad. Otherwise, some of the curses will have to be shared with the offender. Don't go over your head

No matter what bright prospects loom on the horizon, you cannot neglect the people who are nearby. Other people's tears always come back. Don't be jealous

Someone else's success should be an impetus for achieving your own goals, and not a source of anger and resentment. It should be remembered that negativity always attracts negativity. Give good. Even if these are meaningless little things, but over time the good will definitely return.

The boomerang effect has many names: some say that it is karma, others are sure that these are the principles of the universe or the laws of the Universe. But no one denies the fact that all human actions and thoughts return. We can conclude that each person holds his own happiness in his hands, and it depends only on his actions whether it will be broken or increased.

Quotes on the topic Everything comes back

One day about ten years ago, I was walking with my now former friend and work colleague Irina, who then held a decent position in the legal field.

Our former classmate Masha, who was working as a lawyer at that time, came across us. The position of a lawyer is like the lowest level in the entire legal hierarchy.

It is prestigious to be a judge, prosecutor, lawyer or notary. Well, accordingly, they pay a lot of money. But lawyers at that time received little. And today the position of a lawyer is generally written with a dash: human resources lawyer. It's like two in one for one salary.

At first we were all very happy with each other, since we had not seen each other for a long time and began to remember our university years. Both of my friend Irina and I were wearing new dark brown long nutria fur coats and fashionable, expensive dark-colored mink hats. And our colleague Masha, on a frosty winter day, was wearing a not very warm winter coat of an indeterminate color without a fur collar and a rather shabby shaggy light gray Arctic fox cap. I immediately noted to myself that things were apparently not going very well for Masha, who has two children, and I felt sorry for her in my heart. And my friend Irina, having carefully examined Masha from head to toe, unceremoniously asked her with a laugh: “Why do you have a coat without a collar, and why don’t you have a fur coat?” Masha immediately seemed to wilt, became sad, and a little later, citing urgent matters, she said goodbye to us.

And Irina and I also went on our way. I thought to myself that Irina is the only daughter of her wealthy parents, she has no children and she occupies a prestigious and highly paid position, rolling around like cheese in butter. And the well-fed cannot understand the hungry! And it didn’t even occur to her that she had acted so cruelly, humiliating the poorly dressed Masha

Some time passed and I met Irina. She was upset and complained that the same nutria fur coat she had sent in for repairs had been stolen from her at the sewing studio. There was a tear in her fur coat on her back and the tear had to be stitched up.

In fact, this is such a trivial job for someone who knows how to sew, and Irina could have trimmed the lining and mended the fur coat herself, and the seam would have been completely invisible. Subsequently, neither the fur coat itself nor its full cost were immediately returned to Irina. And she herself refused the natural sheepskin coat that the studio workers offered her instead of the nutria one. As a result, Irina was paid the cost of the fur coat for a long time in installments of more than seventy rubles a month. It didn't help that she held a respectable position in the legal world.

And for some reason I immediately remembered Masha. Well, I think Irina laughed at her poor former classmate, and how it turned out! Now Irina doesn’t even have a fur coat!

Apparently, God knows who will offend whom. And in general, I noticed that in this life there is little that is random, but more that is natural, and sooner or later everything returns to normal!

What to do

Everything is quite simple here. You don’t need to be discouraged all the time and look only for the bad in life. If you think in advance that there will be no success in life, if you wish misfortune for everyone, then there will never be either success or well-being in life. If you wish people well, and do it sincerely, then it will definitely come back to you. If you sincerely wish trouble for someone, then it will happen to you faster!

We must remember that our whole life is in our own head. All our successes, all our misfortunes - everything is located there. We need to come to terms with the idea that life is not a New Year’s movie, and that it cannot only be good or only bad. If you are going through a successful period in your life, then think about success. When a series of failures comes, then remember success again, and it will definitely return. If you constantly see a catch in your surroundings and expect trouble, then it will definitely come.

Remember that under no circumstances should you program yourself for misfortune in advance. If you find yourself on the street late at night, do not think about the bandits who are waiting for you nearby, otherwise they will definitely end up there. When sending your children to school, do not think about the horrors that can happen, otherwise they will actually happen.

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