The power of thought and the law of attraction: how to make life become better

Surely everyone has heard the saying that “a man is what he eats.” This is roughly how the power of thought and the law of attraction work. A person himself shapes his life and the surrounding reality, not only through his direct actions, but also at the mental level, thinking about further actions.

There is a theory that the entire material world is a certain wavelength, a kind of vibration. And each of us is able to influence the environment with our thoughts, which also create vibrations and thus “materialize” events or objects. For example, dreaming of big money, a person not only begins to look more closely for new ways to earn money. But new people and events also strive for it, allowing them to take part in a successful startup or get a good job.

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— The Power of Thought and the Law of Attraction


Many self-development books say that if a person thinks positively (the power of thought), speaks positively (the power of words) and performs positive actions (the power of action), then according to the boomerang law, he will receive positive results. However, these books pay little attention to positive emotions.

Our emotions are signals by which we can determine what exactly our thoughts attract into our lives - what we need, or what we actively do not want.

Using the power of thought and the Law of Attraction, we create our lives. The combination of thoughts and emotions forms the so-called “emotional thinking”, which greatly enhances the effect of the Law of Attraction and leads to an acceleration of the process of fulfillment of desires.

Agree, when we are in a good mood, our emotions increase the attractive power of the thought signals emitted by us. But this is the perfect mechanism of creation!

Only when we learn to feel, or "vibrate" at higher frequencies corresponding to such sublime feelings as Love, Joy, Abundance, Happiness, Gratitude, Admiration, Awe and Appreciation, will we be able to see our thoughts begin to attract corresponding these high event frequencies. The more grateful we are, the more things we are grateful for appear in our lives. The more loved we feel, the more love we receive. The more beautiful we feel, the more attractive we become.

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The power of words

Not only thoughts, but also words can influence ongoing events. In order to attract positivity into your life as much as possible, you need to eliminate words that have negative connotations.

First of all, those that are used to address oneself. These include phrases such as: “I can’t”, “I won’t succeed”, “I’m unlucky”, etc. At the same time, you should try to use words more often that inspire confidence and inspire action.

At first you will have to try to control yourself, then a habit will develop, everything will happen on a subconscious level .

You should also consider the power of words in relation to other people. This is especially true when it comes to raising children. If a small child constantly hears from his parents phrases such as “You can’t do anything”, “You won’t succeed,” then in the end this will really happen.

And insults will even lead to the fact that, having already matured, a person will not be able to fully believe in himself. It may seem that words have no significant impact, but in fact, this is not the case. They are deposited in the subconscious and emerge at the most inopportune moment.

— In what cases do the laws of attraction fail?


The problem is that most of us waste time trying to attract existing values ​​into our lives. Many people underestimate what they have, without even thinking about the fact that someone doesn’t even have it. People who truly live well consider their standard of living to be less than happy. Such people should look at the world around them from a different angle and then, perhaps, everything will become clearer.

One of the reasons for the failure of the law of attraction is the presence of negative thoughts in people, as well as incorrect concentration on the object of achievement, and unreasonable goal setting.

We tend to think negatively more often than positively. That's how we are made. All media, modern cinema, TV shows, and the Internet focus on the negative. TV shows show us violence.

Every news broadcast is not complete without a murder. The films highlight the problems of modern youth related to alcohol, drugs and smoking. And after this we wonder why modern man cannot focus on a positive end result.

There is so much grief, pain, and suffering in our lives. Does the world really consist only of dark colors? Why are we unable to find joy in life, to admire basic things, such as the smile of a child, the antics of our pet, the cloudless sky and the bright sun above our heads? The whole world seems to be shrouded in an impenetrable haze...

It is necessary to divert our attention from the negative. Make it a point for yourself that you can’t live like this. People simply need joy, a dream that will give them an incentive to live. You need to think exclusively about the good. Our thoughts are material. A person who walks through life with his head up, sees the world around us in all its delights, is lucky. Success will certainly await such a person. Radiating cheerfulness, happiness, joy, a person, without realizing it, attracts success and prosperity.

The law of attraction certainly works. But a lot depends on people. In order for the law of attraction not to fail unexpectedly, you need to clearly formulate your thoughts, desires, and focus your attention on thoughts.

Learn how to think correctly!


How to avoid slipping into negativity?

The easiest way to know if you are thinking correctly is to become aware of how you feel. If you feel any discomfort, anxiety, irritation, it means that you are overcome by negative thoughts. Once you understand this, it becomes much easier to control it.

If you are worried about a situation, you need to reduce the importance and calm down about its resolution. Or if in your case there is not and cannot be an end result, it is something that constantly bothers you (for example, you consider yourself fat), then you need to use affirmations. This is a very effective tool for getting rid of negative beliefs.

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— The effective method of the law of attraction


There is a wonderful method of the law of attraction: the so-called Book of Dreams. In the book of dreams we create a projection of our future, a model of the embodiment of desires.

To begin with, on blank sheets of paper, we write down in the smallest detail how we see our future. Every detail is important, and the more detailed it is written, the better (precision of wording).

And then our thoughts and ideas about the future can be illustrated:

1) We find pictures on the Internet, print them out and paste them into our dream book. 2) After filling out the book, for a certain period of time we open and review what we have written down every day. You can do it out loud, you can do it silently. Doesn't matter. The main thing is with deep concentration on reading, without distractions.

Many famous people believe that everything is subject to man; he can get whatever he wants, no matter how great his desire. True. Just think about who a person really is. On the one hand, the pinnacle of evolution, the creator of the world; on the other hand, one of the elements of a system called the Universe, a grain of sand in a huge pile of sand. The man is truly a phenomenon.


What is positive thinking

Positive thinking

– this ability to notice positive aspects in every situation is one of the indicators of mental health.

Positive thinking consists of taking responsibility for everything that happens, both positive and negative. Positive thinking consists of a positive attitude towards life, oneself, current events and events that are about to happen. Thinking positively is a difficult task.

The law of life says that weak organisms give up their resources to stronger ones.

Thus, regardless of your attitude towards life, you will lose to more prepared players. What to do?

As they say, if violence is inevitable, then relax and enjoy it.

A paradox arises - without training (that is, without voluntarily sacrificing one’s resources), a person will not become stronger. Only a positive image of the future allows a person to voluntarily say goodbye to part of his hard-earned resources.

You can read about positive thinking in the books of the following authors: Deutsch, E. Heich, H. Silva and R. Dilts, R. Bach. Christianity, Buddhism and Sufism speak about a positive perception of reality.

Positive thinking allows you to perceive reality and the future with greater calm.

For example, you can save money or you can invest it - both options involve risk. Positive thinking will allow you to find positive aspects in losses - dreams will not be fulfilled, but experience will be gained.

— How to apply the law of attraction?


1) You are probably familiar with the expression “running around with an idea.” This is exactly what you should do when you want to achieve something. Constantly think about a topic that interests you, create vivid mental images about it, imagine that it is already present in your life. Help the law of attraction operate and feed it with the power of your thoughts.

2) A thought that is not given importance weakens and ultimately dies without achieving its embodiment. This is another secret of the law of attraction. Therefore, if possible, do not deal with people you do not like, and do not talk about topics that are unpleasant for you - so as not to attract destructive and negative images and thoughts into your life.

3) When formulating your thought, don’t think about what you don’t want - think about what you do want. The Universe does not understand the thought “I don’t want to be poor,” because it does not see a clearly expressed request in it. While the thought “I want to be rich” very clearly states your desire and, supported by vivid figurative ideas, actively tries to self-realize - in which the Universe helps it.

4) In the real world, this help is usually expressed in tips and signs that the Universe sends to a person. Most often, they take the form of a phrase heard accidentally, a magazine (or newspaper) left on a seat in a vehicle, or a conversation that, out of the blue, an acquaintance you meet starts with you.

5) Learn to pay attention to such accidents, because through them the law of attraction works in your life. The information sent to you in this way probably contains an indication of what you need to do, or in what direction you need to move in order for what you want to come true.

6) Take note that the Law of Attraction always works in our lives - regardless of whether we believe in it or not. However, we must keep in mind that in the life of every person there are predetermined events that he cannot avoid.


What not to do to be happy?

If a person wants to be happy, then he should not wait for any specific circumstances. In the end, he may simply become disappointed. You must be able to enjoy every moment and appreciate them.

A happy person must have principles that should be followed throughout his life. First of all, you need to forget about grievances. They will never hit the offender, but they slowly eat the offended one.

In addition, you should never allow anyone to influence your own mood. Also, a happy person should not complain about his illnesses or make diagnoses on his own. Health is an area whose energy needs to be protected in a special way.

Examples of materialization of thoughts

Since ancient times, priests have noticed an interesting fact. People who came to church with their problems continued to go there with the same problems throughout their lives. The exact opposite was true in life for people who came to church to thank God for what they believed they had in abundance.

Such people continued to come to church with gratitude all their lives, without changing their principles, and real miracles began to happen in their lives - unexpected ways of earning money appeared, illnesses were healed, relationships among relatives improved. And there are millions of such examples around the globe. They are direct proof that the materialization of thoughts is more than reality.

For example, there is reliable evidence of how a woman was completely healed of a cancerous tumor with the power of thought alone. Her materialization was reflected in her emotional state, which she fueled with positive emotions, faith in healing and the practical exclusion of any thoughts about cancer from her life. It took only three months for the terrible disease to completely leave her body without any chemotherapy.

The next example would be miraculous enrichment. To be honest, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of such examples, and you yourself can try to change your life for the better by using well-known practices in your life. The man had a small salary, and he lacked quite a bit for complete happiness. He wrote the desired payment for his work on one of the banknotes and fixed it on the ceiling of his bedroom. Every evening and every morning, he and his wife saw their dream before their eyes and the effect was not long in coming. A wonderful chain of events made it possible to realize an old dream and earn exactly the amount that was indicated on the banknote. The man decided not to stop and wrote a new, larger amount. He soon became a millionaire and may have realized many of his other dreams.

There are dozens of examples around the world of how people became owners of luxury real estate, began to earn seven-figure sums a year, and achieved unprecedented success in creativity. At the same time, they were not some outstanding personalities, all that united them was the thought that they correctly formed, visualized and directed to the very heart of the universe - where desires come true.

What not to do when materializing your thoughts

When engaging in a kind of transformation of the thought process into real images, it is important to avoid annoying mistakes. Be especially careful about such types of materialization, for example, forcing a person to write or call by the power of thought. Concentrating attention on a person, those emotions and experiences that will be accompanied by this, can be directed in your direction, but not always in your favor. In this regard, we will highlight the main points that are strictly prohibited during materialization:

  • Create a negative emotional background. As we have already said, emotions most clearly form a picture, the content of which can take a central place in your life. Negative thoughts will only attract negative images, even if you haven't explicitly made the mental request. That is why you should always think positively, at every moment of your life;
  • Bring up memories of past grievances and defeats. In this way, you can create a kind of vicious circle when the directed flow of your thoughts with pictures from past troubles triggers a powerful materializing effect, turning your present into a sequence of strange events, bad luck and failures. Think exclusively in the present tense, concentrating your attention only on the good;
  • Wishing another person bad things. Thoughts are material, but only in one direction. Therefore, if you wish to harm someone, you will get it back yourself, like a boomerang that always returns to its owner. There are many examples of such manifestations of materialization, even you can remember how you became a victim of your own ignorance;
  • Thinking in the future tense is just as dangerous as bringing back pictures from the past. Firstly, everything again depends on emotions and their energetic color. Secondly, the future will always remain in the future, never becoming your present, even if these are the most sincere positive thought forms, and the materialization of thoughts in this case may return to you something completely different from what you expected from your desires;
  • Send abstract images into the universe. It's like walking through a supermarket and putting food in your cart without reading its ingredients and expiration date. Just as not everything that lies on store shelves can be eaten, so not all thoughts can be sent into the universe for their materialization. Don’t say “I want to get married” or “I want another job.” Higher powers will definitely respond to your request, but its implementation may turn out to be similar to the supermarket example, when some products, if chosen incorrectly, cause an allergic reaction, while others cause severe poisoning.

It is very important to understand how to think correctly, because our destiny, our life depends on it. Whether it's career, health, or questions about love and relationships, our thoughts, like a huge bulldozer, can move any situation in our life from a dead point. But whether this situation will be considered in our favor or against us, only we ourselves can decide, so we need to devote our entire lives to working correctly on our thoughts.

How to learn to restore internal strength?

The power of positive thinking is impossible without the ability to restore internal strength. Often there is a feeling that everything is wrong, life has failed, nothing is working out. What is the reason? Such thoughts arise as a result of fatigue - physical, emotional.

The most common causes of negative thinking:

  • lack of sleep;
  • stressful environment at work, at home;
  • physical fatigue from work;
  • a series of failures;
  • misunderstanding of others, lack of support;
  • health problems.

What to do when you notice frequent negative thoughts? This is a symptom, you need to analyze what the cause is, find it and try to influence it, minimize it.

If the reason is physical fatigue or illness, then you should pay attention to getting proper rest and improving your health.

If in the emotional, mental sphere, then we will use the following technique:

  1. What's bothering me?
  2. Why do I think so, what evidence is there for this?
  3. How can you perceive this situation differently?
  4. What are the options for resolving the issue, what can I do?
  5. Remember past successes, believe that there are no hopeless situations.
  6. Find the optimal solution and begin implementing the plan.

The following methods can be used to influence a depressed emotional state for no apparent reason::

  • turn on your favorite music;
  • a walk in the fresh air, observing the world around you as if for the first time, noticing all the details (flowers, trees);
  • communication with a beloved friend;
  • meditation, self-hypnosis with calm music;
  • any productive activity that can bring joy (knitting, embroidery, cooking, poetry);
  • playing sports.

It’s always worth looking for interest and positivity in life, it makes life easier and solving emerging difficulties. There is no way out only from the grave, the rest is the little things of life.

The essence of positive thinking is the ability to maintain a calm state of mind, find joy in life, not succumb to difficulties, and not perceive the negativity floating around.

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