The power of words - what can it do? How to improve your life by revising your vocabulary

Every thought expressed in words is a force, the action of which is limitless
L. N. Tolstoy

Words, like thoughts, have enormous significance in our lives. With the help of words we communicate and shape our reality. Since ancient times, great attention has been paid to the content, sound and emotional load of words. People consciously structured their speech in such a way as to get what they wanted or not to bring disaster upon themselves and their family. Idle talkers were ridiculed and to some extent condemned by society, but great speakers occupied leadership positions and were respected, successful people. It was believed that with the help of words you can give a great blessing or curse, with a word you can program yourself or another person for success or failure, there are known cases of healing with words and the accumulation of vitality and energy by taking a vow of silence.

Over time, some people forgot about the power of the spoken word and called it the superstition of dark people. Swear words, filler words, phrases with a negative connotation, and so on appeared in the speech. This has become the norm for most people. But to this day, references to the power of words in human life have been preserved. For example, there are proverbs about the power of words, sayings, catchphrases and quotes, folk songs and fairy tales. They can tell us a lot about both the power of words and the people who speak the words.

How can words harm a person?

“I believe that because of negative words directed at a person, we can kill his personality and potential forever. I’m sure if we chose our words better, there would be fewer unhappy people in the world.”

— Ruslan Shalimov, founder of “ Hard - Life ”.

Through simple inattention, we unknowingly damage our relationships with friends, colleagues, romantic partners, and loved ones. You cannot carry anger, negativity or mistrust within yourself, otherwise a person will begin to lose too much and gain too little. Words spoken in a quarrel are especially dangerous, because they cause colossal harm to the people around us.

Often married people who are on vacation together out of boredom may start arguing. "Why not? It’s fun, we’ll have a fight and then make up somewhere in the evening in a bar with tequila.”

But there is no truce. Why? Because a person has poured so much negativity onto another that something is now happening in that person’s soul that is hard to imagine. And then the end of the vacation comes, the husband and wife fly home, and then bang - divorce. Was it fun to swear back then?

Words to say to children

We don't always think that our children are us. This is the continuing line of our family. If you want to know the truth about yourself, look at your child. He is your image and likeness. While we wish something for them, even if not consciously, we wish it directly for ourselves.

But how difficult it can sometimes be to get rid of long-standing clichés: “So that I don’t hear this again, so that I don’t see this again.” Not only do they have nothing to do with education, but they also undermine our own health. You have to wish for yourself a decrease in vision or hearing.

If we call a child a fool or a fool, then we are calling for a reduction in his intellectual abilities to those named.

By telling a child: “Woe is you” or “I don’t need a child with such bad behavior,” we instill a feeling of guilt, the child feels superfluous and a program of disappearance or self-destruction is launched. And if - you are my happiness, you are my joy, my sunshine, I am so glad that you appeared in my life, my mother loves you in any case. You are sweet, you are kind, you are smart, you are brave, I trust you.

And it turns out:

“Yes, what can you do?”

“Where are you going?”

“Crooked-handed”, “Blind or what?”, “Everyone’s children are like children, but ours is a dunce (clueless)” - broadcast - you are worse than others, a loser. And if - it can happen to anyone; this is fixable; Thank you for helping me, I believe you can handle it. If necessary, I can help, let's do it together.

“If you freeze, get sick, fall, where you climbed, you’ll break, don’t touch” - direct wishes and broadcasting that the world is full of dangers and it’s better to sit quietly, gradually acquiring an infantile attitude towards the world and your destiny. And if - be careful, be more attentive, be healthy, it’s better to play here, now let’s dress warmly and not freeze.

“Whiner, stop whining, don’t sing what you’re yelling” - silencing of emotions, which subsequently leads to internal anxiety, the feeling that you are somehow different, wrong. But being upset, crying, being sad is normal, it’s possible, it’s allowed. How to ask a child, find out: what upset you so much, were you scared? Say that this happens and reassure.

“When you grow up, you’ll find out that it’s none of your business” - broadcast “You are not important”, “You are stupid, just like your thoughts.” And if I’ll explain now, let me help.

Poems by E. Asadov

Mandatory phrases for children

What should you say to a girl - “You are beautiful”, if a girl is confident in her beauty, she blossoms and gives the world joy, kindness, and creativity.

What you need to tell a boy: “You can do it,” if a boy is confident that he can do it, he will move mountains. Because a man is an action.

How to learn to say good and kind words?

It’s not difficult to learn to say good and kind words, you just need to think positively. Everything that is inside a person results in his speech.

Before you say anything, think about your speech. Use positive words more often, praise, support, compassion, appreciate, pour out kindness, look for the best in people. In a certain period of time, this will turn out to be the same for you.

You were criticized normally and constructively, it’s okay, instead of pouring out your negativity like: “Who are you... to tell me!”

It’s better to say:
“I value your opinion, but I like to dress this way, etc.”
Do you see the difference? Thus, you do not carry any negativity within yourself, respect the opinions of others, but also do not follow their advice. Still, you are you.

Secret Doctrine

Of all the types of destructive weapons that man can invent, the most terrible and most powerful is the word. Daggers and spears leave traces of blood, arrows are visible from a distance. The poison can be detected in time and death can be avoided. The word destroys unnoticed. Paulo Coelho

The essence of the power of words First, let's look around the world of words, understand what happens to us when we hear or pronounce words. Our whole life, the development of culture, science, religion, spirituality - all this became possible only with the development of speech. It is not for nothing that the greatest book of all time, the Bible, begins with the key thought: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” The legacy of great enlightened people - Sergius of Radonezh, Socrates, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Gandhi - we receive through words. Words connect centuries, words connect our hearts, with the help of words we create the future. In distant Africa there is such an amazing tribe - the Dogon. This tribe is very different from all Africans, they are beautiful, taller. The most amazing thing: even a thousand years before Copernicus, they knew the structure of the Universe. These wise people also have one very interesting belief. They sincerely believe that the world will continue to exist as long as people talk. To confirm the depth of this thought, let's imagine for a second the following picture: all people on Earth have mentally taped their mouths with a plaster. There will be complete silence. End of life! All schools and universities will close, production and agriculture will collapse, and our civilization will collapse. This simple example proves: the basis of our modern existence, our life, our achievements and misfortunes is the word. Words are the garments of our thoughts. Every word we utter, every thought we voice gives an impetus to good or bad. We must always remember that the meaning we put into the spoken word determines its quality and its power. Our words are messages of life or death to ourselves and those around us. We can take any word and put love into it, put help into it, put friendly attitude into it, and this will cause a corresponding feeling in the one to whom this word is addressed. Or we can take the same word and put hatred into it, put jealousy into it, put envy into it, throw it with anger - and opposition, jealousy, hatred and envy will be born in the subconscious of the interlocutor. It all depends on the thought behind the word. It is the mental attitude that determines the real meaning of each spoken word. Words raised civilization to the level it is at today. The word associated with thought has served as the basis for everything we have achieved. There is a power in words spoken out loud that is not obvious if we uttered the same words mentally. Words spoken out loud awaken forces dormant within us that would not manifest themselves if they remained unspoken thoughts. When spoken, they make a lasting impression on the mind, just as we are more impressed and inspired by listening to a large lecture or sermon than we would be if we were simply reading the same words from a page. Or, for example, the appearance of a thing in its natural environment is imprinted in the mind much more clearly than what happens when we think about it. Liveliness and a certain strength accompanies the spoken word, especially when spoken persistently and sincerely, which does not happen if we simply think about the meaning embedded in this word. If you repeat to yourself out loud, vigorously, even forcefully, a strong resolution, you are much more likely to make your goal a reality than by simply thinking it to yourself. Unfortunately, today a huge number of people make mistakes, suffer, suffer, get sick, live in poverty and loneliness. For the same reason that no one once explained to them that words are great power. This is not just the vibration of air molecules. Words are the basis of life! This is the greatest energy, both destructive and creative. It is the words we speak and with which we think that shape our destiny. And as always, the choice is ours! Words are divided into two directly opposite categories. One category is killer words. These are poisoned arrows that get stuck in our heart: poverty, loneliness, fear, illness, weakness... And the second category of words are words of joy, happiness, health, victory... So, in order to change our life, it is necessary to change the words that we pronounce. What could be simpler?! We can control our words, and therefore our destiny! What do I need to do? Start by creating your new vocabulary of positive, bright words and use them daily. And new words will lead you to wealth, happiness, success - thousands of people have already become convinced of this. Let's take a simple example: if you are driving a car and turn the steering wheel to the right, why should the car go to the left? She will definitely go to the right, all drivers know this. The words that we pronounce and hear are the steering wheel of our car called “life”. If we often hear and say killer words: “illness,” “poverty,” “failure,” “pain,” “suffering,” “catastrophe,” “death,” we are turning the steering wheel of our car straight into hell! How can we be among rich, happy, cheerful people if the words around us are negative?! Let us draw your attention, dear reader, to a number of studies that accurately indicate the root cause of our problems and failures. After all, the words we hear are not just letters, but images. The mechanism by which words influence our consciousness is similar to shooting a pistol: the shooter pulls the trigger - bang! - a shot sounds - the bullet flew out. It’s the same with words: they said the word - they pulled the trigger - bang! — an image, a picture, appears in the mind with the speed of a shot. For example, we write the word “dog”. The image of a dog immediately appears in your mind from the depths of your subconscious. We add a new word - “black dog”. The image of a black dog suddenly appears in your mind. Clear images emerge from the depths of your subconscious, because every word is, first of all, an association-picture, an experienced emotion. We write the terrible word - “death”. And immediately the mood drops, anxiety arises in the soul, heaviness in the heart. After all, it was not the letters arranged in a certain order that caused a deterioration in mood, but precisely the associations that are associated with this word - the loss of loved ones, relatives, tears, pain, suffering. We write one more word - “lemon”. Did you immediately feel citric acid in your mouth? Smell? An association immediately arises with the color yellow, with the shape of a lemon. The word gave birth to the image of a lemon. Let's write the last word, which will definitely dispel all remaining doubts, especially if you are hungry. The word "kebab". Delicious associations immediately emerge, the smell of a fire, the aroma of fried meat, wonderful company, nature, a summer house, saliva flowing... This or that image is not just a picture, not just a memory. And each image from the past carries a powerful positive or, conversely, negative charge of energy. Let's check! First try saying several killer words in a row: “pain”, “suffering”, “death”, “tears”, “sobs”, “illness”, “ungratefulness”, “poverty”, “cry for help”, “murder” , “meanness”, “betrayal”... Look at yourself, at your mood from the outside. Check your heart rate. It has increased. Did you see how quickly your mood deteriorated and you felt negative energy?! Now, in a kind, bright, joyful voice, say a few positive words: “love”, “wealth”, “laughter”, “holiday”, “joy”, “fun”, “happiness”, “success”, “beauty”, “ pride", "health", "luck". Notice how quickly your mood changes; your soul immediately becomes brighter, warmer, more pleasant. Just a few positive words brought special positive energy and a good mood into your mind. This effect in psychology was called “pre-tuning of consciousness.”

Experimental confirmation of the power of words Interesting studies on the study of “pre-tuning of consciousness” were carried out at several universities at once. Students were given hundreds of very common sentences to look at. In each sentence, scientists inserted a word that clearly did not correspond to the meaning of this sentence. Students were asked to find illogical words in the text and cross them out. These words were of a certain group. In the first case, the words that students searched for and crossed out were associated with calmness, leisurelyness, and slowness. Then, when the test was over, the two teachers deliberately pretended that they were enthusiastically talking to each other about something and did not notice that the students had finished their work. And the students, in order to pass the test results, had to interrupt their conversation and show some kind of incontinence. The researchers, seeing that the students had already completed the task, timed the time when the students' patience would burst when they interrupted their conversation. In the first case, students waited up to 30 minutes before interrupting teachers' conversations. Remember this number: up to 30 minutes! In the second case, the words that the students had to cross out, on the contrary, were associated with speed, impatience, determination, audacity, and speed. The teachers, as in the first case, pretended that they were enthusiastically talking about something, and when the students finished the test, the maximum amount of time for which they had enough patience was only 2 minutes. Having finished their work, the students immediately boldly interrupted the teachers’ conversation, took their tests and ran out of the classroom. In the first case, secretly from the students being tested, the words of pre-tuning slowed down their further actions, in the second - they speeded them up. Hence the difference: 30 minutes and 2 minutes. Scientists obtained even more interesting research results when two other groups of words were inserted into the same test. The first group was associated with old age and illness. The second group of words was exactly the opposite: “youth”, “health”... When, after the end of the test, the scientists filmed the students’ gait with a hidden camera, it was clear: in the first case, when the pre-tuning took place for old age, illness, the students left the audience with a shuffling, slow gait, their backs were hunched, the students looked like old men. And in the second case, when the words evoked images of youth and energy, their gait changed in an amazing way. The same students did not leave, but flew out of the audience, their gait was springy, energetic... This study absolutely proves that negative words create a pre-set for failure, poverty, illness, defeat. Positive words, on the contrary, create a pre-setting for wealth, luck, happiness and success. An equally interesting study was conducted by Petr Petrovich Garyaev, a doctor of biology, a full member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. Together with a group of like-minded people, he decided to test the power of swear words and curses on the seeds of the Arabidopsis plant. In order not to traumatize people, a special generator was created, which intensified the emotional intensity of ordinary words spoken in a calm state, and brought them, figuratively speaking, to white heat. People said various texts over the seeds - from prayers to vulgar curses - and then studied the result of their influence. Garyaev himself talks about what the researchers discovered after this: “Of course, by irradiating the Arabidopsis seeds with “cursed” waves, we predicted the result, but what happened simply horrified us. The power of swear words that fell on the poor plant was like... irradiation of 40 thousand roentgens. From such a blow, DNA chains broke, chromosomes disintegrated, genes scattered and got mixed up. Of course, most of the seeds died, and those that survived... It would be better if they didn’t survive! Their genetic apparatus began to develop unnatural programs, resulting in monstrous mutations that caused severe plant diseases and premature death. It is surprising that all these creepy phenomena did not depend on the volume of sound. We screamed at the top of our lungs, and spoke in a normal voice, and whispered curses - in any case, the result was the same. So it is not the power of the sound that causes the destructive effect, but the meaning of what was said - a sharply negative attitude towards the plant. That’s why old healers don’t shout out their spells, but whisper them...” These and other experiments by Garyaev and his colleagues irrefutably proved that curses damage the genetic apparatus of any living creature, dooming him or his descendants to death. Why anyone, the reader will ask, since the experiments were carried out only on plants? Because, Garyaev answers, “the genetic apparatus of any living creature works according to the same laws, be it a plant, an insect or a mammal. Therefore, the same external influences cause the same changes in genomes. So the human body reacts to curses in the same way as Arabidopsis.” Let's return to Garyaev's experiments. “Casting a curse is actually creating an artificial wave gene that works at the level of the spiritual body,” explains the Russian scientist. — At the level of that very defining hereditary information that comes from outside. This gene enters the body and begins to play havoc. Well, let's say, like a virus on a computer. And we have not discovered anything new; all this was known in time immemorial. But now, with the development of civilization, they have forgotten about it. And when today we hurl swear words at each other in a squabble, we do not suspect that we are creating wave genes, sign structures, the effect of which will definitely have an impact someday. We are like Moliere's Mr. Jourdain, who did not suspect that he was speaking in prose, and we do not suspect that we are disrupting the functioning of our neighbor's genetic apparatus. And it is possible that over time, in a year, in two, in ten years, when a misfortune happens to him, say, an incurable disease, we will be upset, sympathize with him, not suspecting that we ourselves have given impetus to the destructive process.”

Vladimir Kaloshin Kyiv tel. 067-505-83-91 e-mail

(To be continued)

What do scientists say about the power of words?

The power of words has been proven by scientists who conducted experiments on water crystals. During the study, two vessels (test tubes) with frozen water crystals were taken. On one they wrote negative words, on the other good ones.

A few days later, the researchers discovered that on the test tube with positive inscriptions: love, thank you, thank you, kindness, the crystals remained the same and some even had a shine. On another vessel with negative words: I hate, I despise, pain, violence, the crystals will begin to collapse, until they completely disappear.

Similar experiments with water were carried out with inscriptions and in other languages ​​with different personnel, but the result was the same.

Another interesting fact that scientists noted, having chosen frozen water for the experiment, said: “A person consists of 90% water, therefore the influence of speech with a negative message greatly affects the body.”

What can we say, even plants and animals understand all our words and also feel wave vibrations and emotions. So, for example, if you often use negative words in a room, plants will begin to wither, and animals will rarely be drawn to you.

A thought is just the beginning, a word is already an action

I remember very well how, as a child, my grandmother kept repeating the words: first think, and then say. And only many years later, the whole truth and depth of these words was revealed to me. Previously, I did not attach importance to either spoken or written words. At that moment, I didn’t even think about the real power of words, and chatted whatever came into my head.

It all started when I went to India and accidentally ended up in an Ashram, where for foreigners there was something like a free introductory lecture on mantras. The teacher started with the simplest thing and said that the world was created from the word AUM (OM), which is translated from Sanskrit as “the power of words.”

Then for about an hour we chanted this simple mantra OM to clear the mind, open energy channels and strengthen vital energy. When we left the room, I felt my consciousness expand, and my mind became brighter and clearer. I approached the teacher and asked, “Why do I feel different now? Isn’t it just one word?” The teacher explained to me that the power of sound vibrations AUM (OM) is very strong. It connects us with the Universe through sound and speech energies, and helps us cleanse the aura and tune in to the true, right path.

After that, the pictures, like a puzzle, began to take shape in my head. I remembered how for a whole year I complained to my friends that my back hurt, and it hurt. Constantly, sometimes very strongly - sometimes it seemed like it would last forever.

The thought occurred to me how once, being in a difficult life situation, I prayed, asked God to help, and he helped.

I realized that many of my words spoken and written in the heat of the moment had many serious, and sometimes not the most pleasant, consequences. And it was on that day that the insight came to me that the Universe reacts to the vibrations of words very subtly and accepts them as a signal to action.

I stopped complaining about my sore back, and after a few weeks the pain went away like crazy. I basically stopped projecting negativity, especially in the form of words, and there were many more good events and incidents in my life.

So I began to turn to mantras and prayers more often, and learned to practice cards and wish lists, realizing that the power of written words is no less than spoken words.

What is the role of words in human life?

Many people ask this question. If you understand the power of words, life will become much more successful. Words are an important key in people's lives. An ordinary word is a thought that you express. You can reproach yourself for what you said earlier, turn over scripts, names, faces and actions, but you can’t take back the spoken word.

“The word is not a sparrow; if it flies out, you won’t catch it.”

Therefore, it was not for nothing that at the beginning of the article it was said that because of simple words we often lose loved ones. It gives a certain effect and goes further, from person to person. People's words are stronger than thoughts, as they influence the world and others.

Have you noticed that rich and successful people do not immediately answer questions in interviews or simple conversations? All this is due to the fact that they have learned to control their thoughts and words. They keep them under control, understanding the benefits and harm they bring.

To have prosperity and success in life, you need to say positive words and emotions more often, much more often than negative ones. Your speech should serve to build good and long-term relationships, love, correct understanding and mutual support among others.

To achieve success in life, words must match the vision and dreams of your future life. Fate is in your hands, you are its scriptwriter, and the words you write will have an effect. Positive or negative - it's up to you!

Ask yourself questions like this: “Will this inspire, motivate, or make someone happy?”

“Will this help me, what effect will it give?”
Your words should lead to better changes in life. They define you as a person, your future, what awaits you - victory and success or failure and defeat. Say what you want to see in life.

Words can change reality. Help someone heal, build, give hope or destroy, kill and take.

It is very important to keep your thoughts and mouth under control. Everything you see depends on them. All thoughts spill out, turning into speech. To sum it up, we can say that people's lives are determined by statements and thoughts, and words embody your reality.

By setting yourself the goal of constantly talking about success and achieving your deepest dreams, you will automatically attract all the details to achieve it. Entrepreneurs often talk about developing their activities, which attracts ideas and other people. It’s the same with us, you attract to yourself what you talk about.

“A person is just a product of his thoughts. He becomes what he thinks about.”

(c) Mahatma Gandhi, philosopher and politician.

Words are gears of one mechanism. By opening your mouth and speaking the word, we set this machine of the Universe into action, which will give you what you deserve.

It is a real living organism that is constantly spreading, changing and growing, affecting the world and the people in it. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech, but the consequences may vary.

Dear readers, what do you think about the power of words? Write your opinion in the comments!

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The power of a destructive word

I once worked with a woman who said every day: “I’m so tired today, I don’t feel so good today.” But somehow my colleagues couldn’t restrain themselves: “Today? Yes, you say this every day! And that woman was very surprised and distrusted what was said. She sincerely did not realize that every day she was pronouncing a code for her well-being, her mood. And, of course, I felt like him. It seemed to her that she really only voiced it today for the first time.

Then, I began to catch myself using such expressions that we utter without even thinking about it. And that increases their impact on us a hundredfold. After all, noticing such a destructive phrase is already half the success. Then it remains to either exclude it from the lexicon completely and make sure that it does not appear again, or replace it with a positive attitude, we will learn about this in the third subsection.

Words have a dangerous power not only when negative expressions are directed directly at oneself, but also towards other people. Curses or bad wishes for another person cannot be justified by anything. And they will definitely be reflected in the person who said them. Everything negative that we somehow thought or voiced towards another person will happen to us sooner or later. The person to whom we sent the message seems to be saying: “Oh, please, take this for yourself, you apparently know better. Let's see how you cope." He remains clean, and we clean up the consequences.

Other objectionable expressions

“I can’t, it doesn’t work” are barrier words. We are blocking the way for ourselves. Let's change it - I'll figure out how to do it. I can do it. I can handle. It’s better not to use the word “I’ll try,” since you can try endlessly and never achieve any result.

“I’m tired, I want to sleep, when will I rest properly, I’m tired of everything, I’m tired of everyone” - programming for an even greater decrease in strength and energy. The brain perceives this message as a loss of resources and the need to immobilize. It is also a near-depressive signal, a call to a state that a person usually experiences alone with himself. Let's change - I worked well today, now I can rest with pleasure. I believe in my own strength. How to make communication pleasant, what can be done for this?

“I don’t want this, God forbid” - wishes with the particle “not” work exactly the opposite. Therefore, it is better to say: “Let this pass me by,” “Protect, Lord.”

“Never, I will never go there again, I will never do this again” - any vow will be tested, and more than once. And we will once again receive what we renounce.

“Unlucky, unlucky, loser” is a barrier to opportunity. We do not notice where we are lucky, but concentrate on disbelief in a happy destiny. How to notice only one rotten fruit in a basket of fresh fruit.

“Dreary, green melancholy” - to consolidate a joyless existence, paving the way to depression. It’s like seeing only a bland piece on a laid table of possibilities.

“Everything is Bad” - an opportunity to become a character in the film “Bad and Even Worse.” In order to demonstrate to us that the present is bad. Therefore, if we broadcast “everything is bad”, it will be even worse. An unpleasant plot is also attracted by exaggerating negative stories and watching similar videos.

“Nightmare” actually means an evil spirit that strangles a sleeping person.

“It pisses me off” - allowing demons to control oneself.

“Go crazy, this is nonsense” - a desire for madness.

“I’m shocked” - voicing a command for the body to disrupt the vital functions of the nervous system, blood circulation, respiration and metabolism.

“I’m amazed” is an admission of one’s own defeat.

“To your health” - you give away your health. It’s better to say: “For good.”

“Wow” - you leave nothing for yourself. It's better to say, "Wow."

Also words with a negative message: tiring, expensive, difficult, dangerous, costly, hopeless, expensive, torment, failure, horror, madness, obstacles, exhausted, threat.

You might think that now nothing can be said? Check every word?

No. Just any new habit needs to be learned. After all, those old words still have their power, they are firmly entrenched in us and will not change immediately. And during the update, if you thought something wrong or said something negative about someone, immediately say: “Oh, “Disappear, for the benefit of everyone.” If you encounter unpleasant words spoken to you, respond: “Your speech is on your shoulders.” “I am returning the message to the one who gave it to me.”

And if something positive happened to you or someone wished you what you wanted, then silently or out loud say: “I accept” or “So be it.” To “Thank you” you can answer “I accept it.”

The Word and our future

By repeating positive words over and over again, we form positive thoughts in our minds. And we begin to act in accordance with these thoughts. The well-known law of the Universe “like attracts like” also applies to thoughts and words. When we think positively (and we think in words!), we attract positive situations into our lives. And vice versa - negativity in thoughts attracts problems. And in this way we shape our life and the life with our loved one.

Susan Jeffers, one of the leading experts in the field of family relationships, spoke in one of her books about a psychologist who conducted such an experiment. He thought negatively about his wife for a week - and she greeted him after work with negativity too. When he began to think positively about her, the situation changed. Vedic knowledge speaks, in particular, about the power of feminine energy of thought. The energy of the wife’s thoughts “permeates” the entire world around her husband. If a woman believes that her husband is a bad worker, then he may be fired from his job. The husband will be treated in society the way his wife treats him. Vedic knowledge is several thousand years old... Think about what and how we think about our loved ones, what we tell them and what kind of relationships we get as a result.

Words and our mood

In continuation of the fact that our language controls thinking, consciousness, and partly the body. Scientists are conducting various experiments to study the power of words. For example, several universities conducted experiments on the effects of words on consciousness. Students were given tests that initially contained many words associated with calmness, and then other tests with words associated with impatience. Then the students' behavior after such tests was tested by creating a tense situation. After the first tests, the students were much calmer than after the second. It was much more difficult to unbalance them. In other tests, students were first given words associated with old age, and then with words associated with youth. After the tests, the students were filmed. And it turned out that after the “old age” tests, students left the audience with the gait of old people. And after the tests “with youth” - with cheerfulness and energy. Likewise, in a relationship with a loved one, telling him positive, gentle and encouraging words, you can set him up for good relationships, health, peace and happiness.

ABC, letter, word and language

The Russian language is a language of images that have deep meaning. Extensive knowledge is embedded in the structure of words. The creation of language begins with letters and words. Each letter in the ancient Slavic alphabet is a symbol of something. Each letter had its own color and numerical code. Letters have different shapes, and these shapes form torsion (information) fields that contain a piece of information from the World Information Field. For example, the letter “zh” does not mean “beetle” or “giraffe” as they depict in the alphabet books, but a symbol of life. And life is the union of a man and a woman. And it read like “you live.” Can you imagine what power lies in our words, if every letter already has a deep meaning and image, powerful energy! But there is more than one letter in words. And we say enough words. But that is not all.

The words of our language are a combination of roots, parts or whole words, the initial letters of words. They have a deep meaning of the Universe. Russian is a word-forming language. By analogy with the chemical elements of the periodic table, which combine to create a new substance.

Where does a word get its power?

Words do not directly affect us. It's all about the images. When we are told something, we imagine the words as images. Words engage the imagination and evoke images. These images turn into feelings and emotions, and those in turn turn into actions. The more energy in a word, the brighter the image and the stronger the action. Any thought is expressed through words. By creating an image, the word changes matter in the Universe and triggers the formation of events. That is why they say that our thought is material. Especially when thoughts and corresponding words are repeated many times and with great force.

The Word and our world

Our world exists thanks to the speech of people, and accordingly, the word. If the word disappears, our civilization will disappear. Lack of communication through speech and word will destroy life. If there were no words and writing, we would lose the heritage of our ancestors and cease to exist. Thoughts expressed in words led to wars and the death of entire states. New teachings, written down in words, changed the structure of the world and the worldview of people. The experience of people in all spheres of life is transmitted through the centuries through the word. Words awaken us to learn, to think, to act, to create. Understanding the importance of a word only from these positions makes one seriously think about the meaning and power of the word.

Psychic abilities. Clairvoyance. Prophecies. Clairaudience

Published: 08/06/2018
Electrical vibrations associated with brain wave activity are directly related to what we traditionally call “psychic abilities.”
In order for the brain to remain in a state of deep meditation corresponding to the theta state for a long time, all psychic senses and chakras (energy centers) must be in harmony and work in unison, or, as it was called in ancient times, a person must raise his […] no comments [ts4]

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