How to change your life. 100 tips on how to improve your life.

Human nature is such that we always strive to improve our lives. Even those who have already achieved many of the goals they have set for themselves, from time to time ask themselves the question - how else can you change your life? And people who value stability will never refuse, for example, a salary increase, a pleasant acquaintance, or any other change in life for the better.

Why is this necessary - to change life? Is it bad when it flows as usual, measuredly and smoothly? Having achieved prosperous conditions - a stable job, their own apartment, a beautiful family - people often fold their arms and begin to think that there is nowhere to improve their life even more, and there is no need. What's the end result? After some time, work begins to get boring, a period of misunderstanding begins in the family, and the apartment, it turns out, could have been larger and more comfortable. A person simply becomes bored, because in order to get joy from life and be successful, it is important to develop and not stand still.

Therefore, no matter how successful life may seem, there are always ways to improve it. We'll suggest several different areas in which you can make progress - take your pick and decide what you could do today!

Order on the table, order in the head

  1. Creating a diary where unnecessary things that should be gotten rid of will be gradually entered. For example, tomorrow we throw out old newspapers, the day after tomorrow - useless disks and film cassettes, then we can take up book publications.
  2. Life follows the rule “we put all things in their place”: having opened something, we close it, if we drop it, we pick it up.
  3. Walking around the apartment, you should find a hundred items that need repairing, such as a cracked tile or an outlet that is about to fall off.

Self-development and personal effectiveness

  1. Choose a piece that was difficult for you and you always left for later. Read it completely in 100 days.
  2. Try to learn about something new every day. It could be the name of a car, a cat breed, or just a new word from the dictionary.
  3. For the next 100 days, forget that you once knew how to cry into a friend’s vest. Get rid of bad thoughts.
  4. Wake up one minute earlier every morning by setting your alarm early. After 100 days, you can easily get up an hour and a half earlier, which will give you the opportunity to get a lot more done.
  5. Every morning, as soon as you open your eyes, write down everything that comes to mind in your diary.
  6. Constantly focus your attention for 100 days on understanding what you are striving for and what you want to achieve.

Become a better person in 30 days. Psychological trainings

You can become better in a month with the help of psychological training. Each girl chooses a program for herself that will help develop her hidden qualities.

By choosing the right program for yourself, in 30 days you can completely change yourself, and most importantly, change everything around you. Raise your self-esteem and become more successful.

Girls become better after training programs. Any issues can be resolved with ease, there is no fear or worry, which means an end to depression and stress.

You can conduct independent training at home. To do this, you need to write down on a piece of paper all the good deeds, achievements, awards, joyful memories.

You need to read this list every day, and soon it will turn into a life guide. The more positive deeds and accomplishments that come to mind, the longer the list will be, which means daily readings for 5 minutes a day will give positive results.

You need to remember to praise yourself - this is a reward and an increase in self-esteem. You can practice praise in front of a mirror. How to become a muse for your man?

Don’t forget to smile at yourself every day - then things will be most successful.

Accounting for expenses and income

  1. In a notebook, keep a record of the funds spent for 100 days.
  2. In 100 days, learn how to spend your budget economically, without spending money on unnecessary things.
  3. When making purchases, use only paper equivalents of money, and put the change in a piggy bank. After 100 days, you will be surprised how much you have saved.
  4. In the next hundred days, do not make expensive purchases. It is recommended to use these funds for a deposit.
  5. Each of the next hundred days, spend an hour looking for new places to earn extra money.

Time management, manage your time

  1. Put a notepad in your bag and let it always be with you. For 100 days, record important things and thoughts that come to your mind.
  2. Think carefully about your time use over the past 5 days. Don't waste it, put it to good use in the next 95 days.
  3. Select unproductive tasks and completely replace them with highly productive ones, which you will always do for the next 100 days.
  4. Figure out 5 things that take up a lot of your time. For example, cut down on watching your favorite TV series or time spent on the Internet.
  5. For 100 days, complete only one significant task per day.
  6. In the evening, start planning for tomorrow.
  7. Prioritize completing your most important tasks for 100 days, and complete the rest second.
  8. At the end of each week, ask yourself what you achieved, what worked and what didn’t.
  9. In the evening, be sure to clean your desk.
  10. Write a list of things that you decide to do in the next 100 days, and with a red pen cross out those that do not give you positive emotions.
  11. When you want to give up doing one thing for another, ask yourself, is it worth it?

Change your life in 7 days. The first day

This is the day to change your thoughts. After all, it all begins with them. They take on words and become actions that shape our lives. There is no need to think that our existence is some kind of separate substance that does not depend on ourselves. This is wrong. We ourselves draw our lives, creating pictures in our heads and transferring them into reality.

If you “train” your consciousness with negativity every day, then it won’t keep you waiting long. All these “life is terrible”, “my husband is unbearable”, “everything is bad at work”, “no money” and so on will only lead to someone from above saying “Got it, I’m writing it down!” What strange desires!” This is all a joke, of course. But it is not far from reality. We see only what we want to see! To solve the question posed - how to change your life for the better in just 7 days - today you need to do what we are saying. Notice every phrase spoken. And weed out those that have a negative connotation. For example:

  • "Nightmare!"
  • "Horror!"
  • "I can't"
  • “I don’t know” and others.

Positivity is something that should always be present, in everything and everywhere. This is one of the best ways to change your life in 7 days. Be sure to find something positive in any situation and write it down. And, in general, everything good needs to be written down. Because such moments are quickly erased from memory, but paper will preserve them. These “joyful notes” should be re-read often. They will warm your soul for a very long time.

And on this wonderful day you need to take up your favorite habits. They shape character, and character, in turn, shapes a person’s life. You need to write down everything, all, all your weaknesses and strengths. Think well and cross out what should be eradicated from yourself. And add what you need to cultivate in yourself.

Proper nutrition

  1. To lose 2.5 kg of weight in 100 days, consume 175 kcal less daily.
  2. Eat vegetables daily.
  3. Eat fruits daily.
  4. For 100 days, stop eating your favorite pizza or cakes.
  5. Try not to eat everything on your plate.
  6. Use only natural juice.
  7. Replace soda with water.
  8. Have a light breakfast in the morning.
  9. At lunch and dinner, eat only healthy foods.
  10. Find a dozen healthy snacks for yourself.
  11. Plan healthy meals for several days in advance.
  12. Keep a special journal to record the menu composition.

Change yourself in 30 days. Skin, hair and nail care

External changes should affect hair, skin and nails. Hair should look well-groomed, without split ends (you need to keep an eye on this). The roots of the hair should be tinted in time, and the remaining length should be refreshed if necessary.

Masks based on gelatin for dry hair, with the addition of cognac for oily curls, will help improve the condition of your hair. If your hair length allows, you can master braiding, this will add a novelty to your look, and it’s also fashionable. For medium length hair, bronzing is suitable.

Please note: nails should be regularly taken care of. Men don't like peeling manicures, hangnails, or dirt under their nails.

The stronger sex likes French, red or, better yet, clear varnish. If a girl takes care of her nails every day for 30 days, it will become a habit.

A modern girl doesn’t always manage to get a manicure every day, so it’s worth resorting to salon care. A procedure such as nail lamination has proven itself well. It restores the nail plate, hides all flaws and imperfections.

The nails are covered with a substance that fills all the depressions and deformations. After the procedure, the plates become healthier, aesthetics and nutrition return to them. This procedure will improve the appearance of your nails, and the preparatory stage in the form of a hand massage will give you a feeling of relaxation and complete harmony.

Facial skin should have an even tone, a fresh, well-groomed appearance with highlighting makeup. To do this, you need to nourish, moisturize, cleanse and refresh your face every day. This will prolong your youth.

Facial products are selected according to skin type. At home, in the refrigerator, there should be ice cubes with chamomile, which should be used to wipe your face daily. After a week of such procedures, the skin calms down, the color evens out, freshness appears, and fatigue disappears.

A light tan will help you become more attractive. Self-tanning or visiting a solarium are suitable for this.

Attitude towards others

  1. Keep a special album for managing common affairs, where you can paste newspaper clippings, photographs, everything that you associate with your life together. After three months, give the album to your partner.
  2. Give your partner a kiss and a big hug every morning.
  3. Within 100 days, make new acquaintances on the street or on the Internet.
  4. Connect more with people who inspire you.
  5. Before responding to someone's rudeness, weigh everything whether your offender is worth a response.
  6. For 100 days, do not judge any incident without talking about it with everyone involved.
  7. Do exceptionally good things.
  8. Over the next 100 days, praise anyone who deserves it.
  9. Within 100 days, learn to listen carefully to your interlocutor.
  10. Learn empathy.
  11. For 100 days, enjoy the fullness of life.
  12. Strive to see only good intentions in the actions of others.
  13. For 100 days, always tell yourself that everyone is trying their best to become better.

How to improve your life

Let’s move on from simple daily tasks to more serious practices. What can and should be changed in consciousness to make life better?

28. Develop critical thinking.

Check the information you receive.

29. Listen first to the advice you asked for.

Unsolicited recommendations can be useful and come from a knowledgeable person, but they can also impose an unnecessary program. Be careful.

30. And don’t give advice yourself if you haven’t been asked.

And if you decide to offer something, ask the person if he is ready to listen. If someone's decision seems strange and wrong, find out the situation before giving your opinion.

31. Avoid generalizations, talk only about the present moment.

Instead of “you constantly throw things around” - “you took this book and didn’t put it on the shelf, and I couldn’t find it for a long time.” This will help avoid many conflicts.

32. And do not allow yourself to be drawn into generalized expressions.

If someone approaches you in the manner of “you are always late,” do not enter into a reciprocal conflict. Answer something you can agree with: “Yes, I really don’t always manage my time.” The interlocutor will not have the resources to maintain the conflict. You will get food for thought: maybe it’s really worth thinking through your schedule more carefully?

33. Catch the inner voice that interferes with decision making.

To the one who says: “it won’t work out anyway,” “there’s not enough money for this,” “there are a lot of other things to do.”

This is not about the voice of reason that opposes spending time on social networks or making the tenth unnecessary purchase. We are talking about that internal censor, because of whom many important and successful projects did not take place and who seeks to deprive one of self-confidence.

34. When the “nothing will work out anyway” mechanism turns on, find counterarguments!

No time? But you can always set aside at least an hour. What will others say? Perhaps they will say: “How good it turned out!” Fight, don't fold your arms.

35. Put yourself in the shoes of your inner critic.

Imagine that you are preventing someone else from making and executing a decision. Think about what intentions are driving this, what makes you do this? This will help you find counterarguments and understand yourself.

36. If some quality of another person causes irritation, this is a signal to take a closer look at yourself.

Often what irritates us in other people is what we don’t like about ourselves, but are afraid to admit.

37. If possible, avoid making value judgments about people - this will allow you to focus more on your development rather than on criticizing others.

38. Study psychology.

Knowing people and their motives will change life for the better, and understanding how best to behave in a given situation - even more so.

39. Don't be attached to money.

They are needed so as not to think about them. Feel free to spend what you earn, use your finances for your own pleasure.

40. And if you already like to spend your entire salary in a week, try to change your habits and save.

41. Conquer procrastination.

This quality hinders a variety of people in different fields of activity. Start doing it here and now, without putting it off for the mythical “later”.

42. Give up conflicts.

Don’t get into an argument for the sake of arguing, avoid conflicting personalities.

43. Stop kicking yourself like a careless subordinate.

Start working with yourself as a polite and professional business partner who doesn’t let you down.

44. Master the Pareto rule: 20% of efforts bring 80% of results.

Do the important things first, which will solve most of the issues, and then the details. Here are some examples of how you can apply this rule in life.

45. Determine your circle of closest friends.

There may be many pleasant acquaintances, but only a few are worth counting on seriously. Stay close to those who matter and don't have sky-high expectations from random friends.

46. ​​Choose the necessary minimum of clothing that is suitable for most situations.

Provide your wardrobe with a few durable, high-quality, versatile pieces that you can accessorize with.

47. Find your work niche in which you will develop, and go deeper in this direction.

Don't spread yourself thin: one main activity should bring in the largest portion of your income. If you find something more profitable, focus on this new activity.

48. A small number of mentors provide the bulk of knowledge.

One omniscient guru is good, two are very good, three are careful not to get confused in their advice. Find someone who will be supportive, but don't expect advice from everyone at once. Listen to different people, trust proven ones.

But let’s assume that both procrastination and conflicts have long been defeated. You glanced at all the previous points, which are already a passed stage or something completely unknown. What advice can you give to those who are successful, happy and still strive for more?

49. Conquer Everest.

Or, for starters, at least Goverla. Reaching the top in the literal sense is the best way to fill life with new colors.

50. Jump with a parachute.

51. Spend your vacation hitchhiking.

52. Buy a bike.

Drive it to work, on weekend trips. You will get not only an active lifestyle, but also new acquaintances with the same people.

53. Try scuba diving.

54. Travel to an unfamiliar country without money in your wallet.

Find a part-time job there to earn a living, meet the locals and find out how they live, try your hand. Not everyone decides to do this, but they return from such trips as completely different people.

55. Create your own project in which you can share knowledge and skills in those areas where you have accumulated solid experience.

Think: what do you like to do in your free time, what do you feel like a professional at? This is not necessarily something that brings money or practical benefits now. If you find people who are interested in the same thing and who need valuable advice, you can later monetize your “useless” hobby.

56. Have a child.

This is the most effective way to make lasting changes in your life.

What can you come up with that is less extreme, but also important?

57. Introduce family traditions: dinner together or weekend hikes.

58. Visit relatives you haven’t seen for a long time.

59. Love sports.

It will help develop discipline, stress resistance, willpower - you can never have enough of these qualities. Among all the variety of its types, there is sure to be something that you will like. Here are some options.

60. Sign up for a swimming pool.

This is not only swimming, but also diving, and if you like to work in a team, then synchronized swimming or water polo. In water there is less risk of injury, and at the same time, all muscle groups receive a suitable load.

61. Those who love team sports probably already play football or basketball.

But they are also worth trying for those who consider themselves an introvert. Such a shift can reveal unknown facets of personality and show what teamwork is like.

62. And for those who cannot imagine themselves outside the team, it will be useful to play several games of table tennis or badminton, where you have to rely only on your own strength.

63. Try yourself in martial arts.

Each of them has their own philosophy, from which something important can be gleaned. And besides, such skills can be useful outside the gym.

64. Learn to play chess.

And if you already know how, there is no limit to perfection! Find a partner with whom you can practice regularly, or start creating your own challenges.

65. Hang a horizontal bar in the doorway of your room.

Do pull-ups every time you leave or enter. This also applies to girls - such exercises will not make your shoulders look masculine, but they will strengthen your muscles and self-confidence.

66. Walk more - to and from work, at least part of the way. Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

67. Go on a hike.

Travel agencies offer many options - hiking in your home country and in foreign landscapes, mountain, water and even cycling tours. This is a type of holiday that you need to try at least once in your life. Even one such vacation changes life for the better - it is an opportunity to spend time in an active and cheerful company, see breathtakingly beautiful places and test your strength. There is plenty to choose from here too.

68. Rafting – on kayaks or catamarans, along a mountain stream or a calm river.

It will leave a pleasant impression on those who love water and provide incomparable rowing pleasure. And on such a hike you won’t have to carry a heavy backpack.

69. Hiking – on plains or mountains, in any case invigorates and strengthens you.

And a heavy backpack is nothing compared to the light-hearted nature of experienced tourists, unforgettable places and adventures, and satisfaction at the end of the journey.

70. Winter forays.

Those who have tried summer activities may be interested in seeing familiar places in winter: frozen waterfalls and rivers or caves where the temperature is constant all year round. Not to mention such a traditional winter entertainment as skiing. If you haven't tried it, discover it for yourself.

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