What threatens a sedentary lifestyle: 7 typical diseases of a manager


A sedentary lifestyle has become commonplace. With the development of digital technology and the emergence of a huge number of home-based professions that require only a computer and the Internet, the phrase “sedentary lifestyle” has become applicable to thousands of remote workers. Office positions are no less dangerous in this regard. How does inactivity affect our health? How to avoid the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle if it is impossible to completely abandon it? You will find answers to these and other equally important questions in our article.

Problem #1: Belly

The most pressing problem from sedentary work is the notorious belly. And this is primarily a man's pain. Don't be surprised, this is actually true. After all, male fat cannot be compared with female fat. It is only in appearance that it seems that bellies of different sexes are similar. In fact, in the stronger sex, fat chooses special locations - deep inside the body.

It is located mainly around the intestines in a small organ called the omentum, which one day begins to fatten. This is the so-called visceral fat. The most disgusting. Because it is almost impossible to get it out of the body. The result is a man with a pregnant belly.

I’ll tell you more: male fat, unlike female fat, has a very severe effect on health, it begins to weaken the heart, lungs and other organs and systems of the body. Shortness of breath, increased sweating, and heart pain begin.

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Therefore, it is the man, and not the woman, as we generally believe, who should be the first to start taking care of his figure. While it's still there. That is, at the age of 18-20 you already need to create a weight loss program. If the belly has just appeared, consider that you are already late. The oil seal has already begun accumulating activity.

In general, as soon as you sit down at your desk and are tightly glued to the computer, immediately join the fight for a flat stomach. The most important thing in this matter is calories. As much food as you put into your stomach, you must use up the same amount. To make it easier to understand, I will give some numbers. After a serving of green peas (usually 100 grams), you will need to work at the computer, continuously tapping on the keyboard for 20 minutes. A boiled egg will have to be expelled from the body using the same keyboard method for approximately 50 minutes, a sandwich with cheese (and even without butter!) - more than 1 hour, a sandwich with ham - 1.5 hours, a portion of goulash with pasta - 3.5 hours. As you can see for yourself, using up all your calories while working on the keyboard is simply unrealistic. More effective ways are needed.

I don’t recommend going down the path of reducing food and going on a diet. In order for physiology to be normal, you should eat 3000-3500 calories per day. The lower limit is 2000-2200. And you definitely need to eat them to avoid health problems. In the fight against belly fat, it is better to follow the path of spending calories. The first place in this matter is not the gym, not playing football or digging a ditch, but... healthy sex.

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Prostate adenoma: causes, symptoms and treatment During one coitus, a man loses 3000 calories. Here is the solution to your fat problems. Well, if you suddenly can’t or don’t want to, then... in the first case, go to specialists and solve the problem, and in the second, pick up a shovel and dig a ditch in addition to the main work.

Problem #2: Prostate

The next problem from sedentary work is also typically male. The prostate is a man’s second heart, so you need to take care of it as tenderly and reverently as the first. And the prostate most of all does not like stagnation, which happens with a sedentary lifestyle. From stagnation to inflammation, you know, it’s just a stone’s throw away. And if now you can’t compete with your friends to see who has the tallest and longest stream, believe me, these are just flowers. And the berries will result in a decrease in potency. I don’t want to scare you, but someone could actually lose her.

What to do? I can, of course, name the most effective, optimal and also the most enjoyable way to prevent prostatitis. Another thing is how you manage to implement it at your workplace while sitting in the common room. Because the best cure for this male problem is sex. And your bosses are unlikely to like such “smoke breaks”, although in most cases they themselves like to do this at work, for example, with a secretary at their desk.

Therefore, I offer you another, more discreet way to prevent prostatitis. While sitting, you need to rhythmically retract the anus, trying to feel how the muscle at the base of the penis contracts, and the flow of energy rushes up the spine. This exercise should be performed 30 times every hour.

This exercise strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and improves blood circulation in the pelvic area. And this is very important for both the prostate and potency. In general, this exercise is useful to perform if you already have erectile dysfunction. It is unlikely to become the main therapeutic agent, but as an auxiliary it has a place to be.

Problem No. 3. Osteochondrosis

The following problems that arise from sedentary work apply equally to citizens of both sexes. Everyone knows about osteochondrosis, everyone has heard of it. This is very painful. Usually the right side of the body suffers, because the right hand lies on the mouse, holds the pen and performs other standard manipulations. I can’t say anything unexpected here. The problem with osteochondrosis can only be solved by a chiropractor. True, we also have problems with them.

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Osteochondrosis: types of disease, symptoms and treatment methods According to statistics, out of 10 manual therapists, only 2 actually become professionals, and the remaining 8 are ordinary hacks. So you will have to tinker with the choice. Use word of mouth, find out who helped whom and how well they helped. But just don't trust women's opinions. Our average lady, she’s like that: a boy will look at her with a soulful, inviting look, gently stroke her roundness and, along the way, praise her for something - and that’s all, the young lady is in awe.

And then she’ll call the whole neighborhood, saying, what a wonderful doctor she’s found. And the fact that after his “treatment” osteochondrosis tears her body even more with unbearable pain, she does not connect this with the doctor in any way, believing that this disease is too deep-rooted.

To this I can also add a little practical advice: while sitting at the table, do not freeze like a pillar of salt, change your body position more often, do at least primitive exercises every 15 minutes.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

The most common consequence of a sedentary lifestyle is problems with the spine. These are pain in the lower back, cervical spine, scoliosis and curvature. Over time, osteochondrosis develops, limited motor function, and pain in the lower and upper extremities appear. Sprains, dislocations, and even fractures often occur.

This problem arises against the background of leaching of calcium from the bones. The muscles weaken and decrease in volume, and the condition of the ligamentous apparatus worsens.

Changes definitely occur in the joints; they become inflamed because they do not perform their intended function. Today, problems with joints no longer occur in old age, but also appear in young people.

Problem No. 4. Backache and radiculitis

For osteochondrosis, I suggest smoothly descending further down the back to the level of the lower back. Shooting and radiculitis also quite often afflict citizens who sit at their desks all day. Unfortunately, these sores again more often torment men.

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Sometimes folk remedies help with muscle, joint and spinal pain. For example, you can warm the sore spot with a heating pad, sand heated in a frying pan or regular salt (apply only in a linen bag), hot water in a bottle, a stone heated in the sun...

In general, whatever is at hand. Then take some anti-inflammatory drug, drink raspberry tea and get a good night's sleep in a warm, dry bed. Before going to bed, it is advisable to wrap the aching area warmly with any woolen item. After such procedures, the pain usually goes away.

If the lumbar pain does not go away after a couple of days, you can safely assume that it is radiculitis, and you need to begin serious treatment with your doctor.

And it is also necessary to take into account that the back can hurt for a variety of reasons. Therefore, you should not immediately sin on the chair. It is better to go to the doctor and get thoroughly checked, because back pain can be due to kidney problems, old radiculitis, salt deposits, progressive prostatitis, and in women, by the way, pain can be due to inflammation of the appendages.

Consequences of a sedentary lifestyle

Sitting at your desk, on the couch, or at the dinner table for long periods of time does no one any good. Doctors share the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle for men and women.

For men

A sedentary lifestyle has a negative impact on the prostate. Poor circulation and stagnation of blood flow and lymph in the pelvic organs leads to prostatitis, which in turn leads to a decrease in potency. Today there are already a large number of infertile couples due to poor sperm motility and prostatitis. In addition to sexual problems, men who lead a sedentary lifestyle are often bothered by hemorrhoids.

For women

The same reason - stagnation in the pelvis - provokes disorders in the sexual sphere in women and becomes the cause of uterine pathologies (polyps, endometriosis), as well as painful menstruation.

A general deterioration in well-being due to a sedentary lifestyle and frequent stress cause hormonal disorders, mastopathy, ovarian cysts, and menstrual irregularities.

This video is very detailed, simple and clear:

Problem #5: Constipation

A sedentary lifestyle can provoke one of the most unpleasant diseases - chronic constipation. And I don’t want to talk about it, because it’s not comme il faut, but it’s necessary. If this trouble has already happened, before going to the doctor, you can try to cope with the problem yourself.

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Constipation: symptoms, prevention and nutritional rules First, start doing exercises. For example, in the morning, exercise your abs, not necessarily with a barbell or dumbbells, but in the most primitive way: raise and lower your legs several times. You can do this without even getting out of bed. Then raise and lower your body several times. Then do some squats and bends.

After such manipulations, peristalsis will eventually begin to work. Abdominal massage helps a lot, which should be done by stroking your hands clockwise.

The second useful tip is laxative products. I advise you to try this recipe: rinse prunes, apricots, dried apricots and figs, pour boiling water over them and wait until they swell. Then eat 5-6 berries 2-3 times a day.

Ground wheat bran is very good for constipation. Passing through the colon, this bulky mass with a fiber filler more irritates the reflex zones and causes the urge to stool.


To reduce symptoms of physical inactivity and lose excess weight, it is recommended to eat on a schedule. No need to snack on chips and chocolates. Snacks on good food should be every 2-3 hours. Portions should be small. Look at your lunch taken from home - don’t be afraid, divide it into two, or better yet, three meals.

Avoid any foods that may cause excess weight or cellulite. These products include: smoked meats, fried poultry with skin, sweets and baked goods, full-fat sour cream, coffee, carbonated drinks and bananas. Healthy foods include: fresh and steamed vegetables, fruits, crumbly cereals, dried fruits, dairy products.

Before each meal, it is recommended to drink a glass of water or a cup of green tea, about 30 minutes before the meal. Water will fill your stomach without adding extra calories.

Problem No. 6. Hemorrhoids

I don’t advise anyone to turn a blind eye to constipation, because it can cause hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids quite often occur due to a sedentary lifestyle, or if a person is forced to keep his body in one position for a long time.

Coping with this disease is quite difficult. For many, hemorrhoids gradually migrate to the chronic stage, in which the nodes can increase at any time. And then life turns into real torture - with constant pain, itching, burning, bleeding and other troubles.

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Hemorrhoids: myths and truth about the disease Before starting treatment, it is necessary to determine at what stage of development the disease is already at. Of course, treatment with pills is somehow easier and more pleasant, but they can only help at the initial stage. I can recommend a folk recipe that is quite effective.

Direct a stream of hot water from the shower onto the hemorrhoids. Repeat the procedure several times a day. It helps many, especially at the very beginning of the disease.

In later stages, when the hemorrhoidal node can no longer be removed on its own, only surgery will help. But this is another topic for discussion.

Changes in psychological state and headaches

What does a sedentary lifestyle lead to? Mental health problems appear. It means that without physical activity, the production of serotonin (the hormone of happiness) is reduced. And this inevitably leads to a depressive state, people constantly feel moral and physical fatigue, and are in a bad mood. Some people even have suicidal thoughts and have no sense of fulfillment. After all, there can be no question of any social activity if a person is in a depressed state and is only capable of solving his current everyday problems.

Modern people often experience nervous disorders, in particular chronic fatigue syndrome, which is accompanied by insomnia.

And, of course, if physical activity is reduced, then why not have headaches? After all, blood circulation is impaired, an insufficient amount of oxygen reaches the brain, hence the migraine and bad mood. How can you be in a good mood if you have a headache?

Problem #7: Yawning

Quite often, while sitting at the table, a yawn suddenly strikes. The mouth opens on its own, tears flow from the eyes. This happens not because the person did not get enough sleep or the gloomy weather is oppressive, but because he is in a sitting position for too long, the lungs cannot fully expand and the body lacks oxygen.

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Yawning is contagious and healthy. Why do people yawn? You can deal with this problem quite simply. You need to change your body position - lean back in the chair, straighten your chest as much as possible and take a few deep breaths to let more air into your body.

If you notice such a yawning feature, you should always have a thermos of coffee on hand, because it not only actively fights sleep, but also stimulates the respiratory center. However, this remedy is not suitable for everyone. People with cardiovascular diseases, tachycardia, and high blood pressure should not indulge in coffee.

And one last piece of advice for anyone who has to work long hours at a desk. Sorry, the advice is very banal, but you can’t do without it - you need to play sports. Moreover, it is absolutely not necessary to torture yourself with crazy loads.

An ordinary walk is enough. Just after work, walk at least part of the way home. It is very useful.

What kind of lifestyle is considered sedentary?

Inactivity or physical inactivity is a disruption of the body's activity due to insufficient physical activity or its absence.

The problem of a sedentary lifestyle arose as a result of scientific and technological progress, urbanization, and the spread of means of communication, which simplified our life and replaced active types of recreation (walks, outdoor games).

Determining whether you lead a “active” or sedentary lifestyle is very simple. If you do not move actively during the day for at least half an hour, this is considered inactive. Active movements mean walking, running, and physical exercise.

Cleaning and performing normal household chores do not count as activity. During their execution, the necessary load on the body muscles is not created. When working around the house, we occupy incorrect postures that leave many muscle groups unused.

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