How to manage your energy to be happier

Darius Foroux

Author of books on productivity, blogger.

Let's be honest. If you're currently unhappy with your life and don't wake up feeling excited about the day, you need to do something about it. You deserve to live life to the fullest. So I want to share an idea that has greatly impacted the quality of my own life.

I believe that you should enjoy it. As Richard Koch wrote in his book The 80/20 Principle: “Do what you love to do. Make it your job." He took as a basis the discovery of the Italian economist Vilfredo Federico Damaso Pareto, which was later formulated into the principle of the same name, according to which 20% of efforts bring 80% of results.

This principle is often used in economics, but it can be applied to any area of ​​life. For example, Koch believed that about 20% of our actions bring us 80% of our happiness. Of course, these numbers are conditional. Sometimes 90% of happiness comes from 10% of actions. In my case, 100% is determined by one single factor - energy.

Energy system

Esotericists imagine the human energy system as a chain consisting of centers (or chakras) and channels. All this cannot be seen, but with a certain setting you can feel it. Energy flows circulating throughout the human body provide information exchange between the internal and external world.

In various esoteric practices of the world, human energy is called differently: prana, shi, qi. However, this does not change the essence of this phenomenon. For example, in Indian yoga, bioenergy channels are called Nadis. there are more than half a million of them in the human body. But the main channels are Sushumna, Pingala and Ida.

The first one is the largest. On the physical plane, it corresponds to the spinal column, which runs inside the spine and provides the activity of the entire body.

Energy and Self. How to manage your energyIrina Shterenberg

Energy laws

1. The law of energy and life

Without energy, life is impossible. Life and health is the presence of energy at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

2. Law of Mind Energy

"Energy follows thought"

(ancient Indian wisdom).

“Following the mind comes energy, following energy comes the body.

(Taoist wisdom).

3. The law of the human energy field

We create an energy field that matches our spirit.

Our thoughts influence our feelings. Our prevailing, habitual feelings and thoughts determine what kind of energy we emit.

“Only that which corresponds to your inner state is attracted to you and comes from you”

(E. Tolle).

4. The law of attitude and energy

The color in which we see the world and what we highlight as important determines our life.

Positive thoughts create positive experiences, they attract favorable events and increase our energy, negative thoughts attract events with negative energy, reducing vital energy.

5. Law of choice

Human energy is characterized by quantity, but it has no direction. Energy needs to be given direction. Our energy is directed towards what we consciously or unconsciously choose to give our attention to. We choose what our energy will turn into - work, travel, communication, hobbies, we choose our lifestyle.

6. Law of multiplication

To what you give more energy, there will be more.

Positive and negative thoughts cannot be present in consciousness at the same time, and the one that we ourselves fill with our energy will be stronger. The thought to which we give our time and energy acts like a magnet, attracting its own kind. Also, habitual, constantly experienced emotions create a multiplying effect; they intensify and multiply.

7. Law of similarity

Emitted energy attracts similar energy. We receive back energy of the same quality and sign that we ourselves emit.

The energy we send into other people's lives comes back into ours. By giving another the energy of love, we increase it in ourselves. When we send the energy of hatred to someone, we bestow it on ourselves.

Send positive energy into the world, do good to people, and it will come back to you in the form of vital energy.

8. The law of the relationship between mental and physical energy

Human energy is one. Conventionally, human energy is divided into mental and physical. Psychic energy is the energy of desires, drives, and aspirations. Physical energy is associated with our body, state of health, and energy characteristics of the body.

The body and mind are closely connected, physical and mental energies also influence each other. As physical energy increases, mental energy increases and vice versa. A decrease in one type of energy can cause a drop in the level of another.

The energy of the body and the energy of the spirit are interconnected. The accumulated energy of hatred in the soul manifests itself in the body: clenched fists, tense muscles. The energy of love increases the energy of the body.

9. The law of energy declines and rises

Changes in the internal and external world of a person lead to a change in the flow of his energy. The ups and downs of life cause energy to ebb and flow. Energy comes and goes.

Let the energy flow at its own pace. Everything has its time. Everything comes and goes, everything changes, there is no need to interfere with the movement of the energy flow.

10. Law of Gratitude

Occurring events cannot give or take away our energy on their own. It all depends on how we treat them.

You can look at what is happening from two points of view: lack or abundance. If you constantly worry about what you lack, losses, including energy losses, will increase. If we focus our attention on the good things we have, the energy of gratitude will begin to attract even more positive things to us and attract new amounts of energy into our lives.

Learn to thank life for what it gives. By experiencing gratitude, we attract more energy than by asking.

11. Law of conservation of total energy

Man is an energy system full of dynamic aspirations.

Man as an energy system is located and operates among other energy systems.

It, as a local open energy system, is integrated into a larger energy system. In it, he exchanges energy equally or predominantly loses it or gains it. In general, the balance of energy systems and the conservation of total energy remain.

12. Law of conservation of spiritual energy

Something similar to the law of conservation of spiritual energy is manifesting itself in the world.

Nothing disappears anywhere.

Nothing arises in vain, not a single great thought can be lost, even if it never reaches other people; no action goes unnoticed, even if it was played out in secret. The content of every person’s life is stored and protected somewhere (according to V. Frankl).

“Nothing is born from nothing and does not disappear anywhere, one thing passes into another” (


13. Law of energy balance

To maintain vigor of body and spirit, it is necessary to maintain a balance between:


energy consumption.

Alternate between loads and rest for recovery.

negative and positive emotions.

If negative emotions prevail for a long time, this will lead to a loss of energy. We must strive for the predominance of positive emotions.

14. Law of energy optimum

For every person there is:

— optimal energy consumption, physical, mental and emotional stress and the necessary rest for recovery;

“The main rule in life is nothing in excess”

(Terence Publius).

— energy optimum nutrition;

“Let your daily food be good and sufficient, so that you have enough health and strength for tomorrow’s work.”


— optimal motivation;

The motivation to do something must be an order of magnitude higher than the motivation to do nothing.

(A. Pushnoy).

“Excessive zeal often interferes with success, and extreme exertion of will harms performance.”


15. Law of energy decline

Energy decline occurs both with excessive energy consumption and with its non-use, with stagnation of energy. That is, both with an excess and with a lack of mental, emotional and physical stress.

There is an optimal level of stress, above which energy exhaustion occurs, and below which energy stagnation occurs and, as a consequence, energy decline occurs.

16. Law of Stagnant Energy

Energy stagnation occurs due to insufficient energy expenditure, due to its non-use. If there is a powerful energy surge, it must be used. During periods of rising energy, we must be active and mobile, otherwise the energy will ferment inside us. Energy that is not spent for its intended purpose can turn against us, acting destructively.

17. Law of suppressed energy

Energy is suppressed by our fears and complexes, our internal restrictions and prohibitions, feelings of guilt, debt, shame, anxiety.

Life energy increases when it is released, having previously been bound by negative feelings, fears, internal pain, anxiety, internal tension. The energy level is replenished due to the fact that it is detached from prolonged and intense negative thoughts and experiences.

18. The law of finite life energy

Life energy is given at birth.

Each person has his own limit to his energy capabilities.

Energy can be replenished over time, but its production decreases in old age. A person's ability to reproduce energy is not unlimited. Energy is depleted when a person spends more of it for a long time than he produces. When energy is completely used up, life ends.

19. The law of disruption of human energy movement

Energy circulates in the outside world and inside a person.

When there is a disturbance in the circulation of energy within a person

a lack of internal energy is formed. Circulation is disrupted when energy is blocked by negative thoughts, feelings and fears, when it is used to process experiences, or during illness and stress.

In case of disruption of energy exchange with the outside world

There is not enough energy coming from outside. This is facilitated by isolation, crisis, withdrawal, loneliness, and deterioration in well-being.

Disruption of the circulation of internal energy and energy exchange often occurs when a person ignores his desires and interests. A person stops taking care of himself, he experiences disappointment, and does not satisfy his needs.

20. Law of energy exchange No. 1

The relationship between people can be considered as the relationship between energy systems. We share our energy with others and accept energy coming from other people. We exchange the energy of our actions and feelings for the energy of other people's actions and feelings.

If we are open and do not put up barriers to block the flow of fresh energy, we receive the energy of the world around us. Without it, we experience an energy vacuum.

Energy must be shared, then it will not decrease. When we exchange energy with others, we combine our energies, creating more energy, multiplying it.

21. Law of energy exchange No. 2

You need to be able to establish an equal, fair exchange of energy with others.

If we give more than we take, this will lead to our energy depletion. If we give someone more than we receive from them, we may develop resentment towards the person. If we receive more from someone than we give, we may feel guilty.

Everything in the world strives for a balance of energy exchange; everything depends on the ability to establish contact with the outside world.

If we have established an equal exchange of energy with the world, then the more energy we give to others, the more we receive.

The world exists so that it can be shared with each other.

22. Law of energy of extroverts and introverts

Each person is focused primarily on the external or internal world.

Introverts spend most of their time immersed in their inner world. They strive for deep self-study and self-knowledge, being interested primarily in their own thoughts and feelings.

Extroverts are focused on the external world. They are busy with the external world of people, events and things, trying to establish as many contacts with the external environment as possible.

The energy of introverts is directed to their inner world, the energy of extroverts is directed to the external world.

23. Law of related energy

We strive for people with similar energy. General energy allows you to be on the same wavelength, feel and predict the state of another person. Similar energetic characteristics produce a kind of natural selection in the environment, since they determine differences in the behavior of people and in their attitude to the same environmental influences.

There are initially high-energy types and those whose energy potential is significantly lower. Energetic people prefer energetic people.

24. Law of energy vampires and energy donors

The quality of our life is the quality of our communication. Some communicate with others on equal terms, others dissolve in communication, others submit, unable to withstand someone else’s energetic superiority.

There are people who seek other people's energy, and those who produce energy for others. There are people who use other people's energy, and those who feed others and live in a mode of minimal energy consumption for themselves.

People with whom there is a decrease in energy levels after communicating with them are called vampires. And those who “supply” them energy are donors. These two types of people solve the problems of their existence in the world differently.

25. Law of increasing energy levels

We increase our energy using physical, psychological, social and spiritual levels.


We use food energy and movement energy. They give us an energy boost and help keep the body in good shape.


Psychological fuel is dreams and desires. They awaken our energy. Desires are our energy reservoir.


By being socially active and experiencing a sense of involvement in what is happening in the world around us, we can feel the positive energy of communication and enjoy the energy of interaction between people.


. When learning spiritual truths, a person moves to a different level of understanding reality, superficial and unnecessary things disappear from his life. He releases energy that was previously spent on vain matters.

Do what makes you feel good, what brings you joy. This charges you with the maximum amount of energy.

26. Law of dream energy

Every day we get another chance to make our dreams come true. If we have a dream, then we have the power and ability to achieve what we want.

The energy of dreams should bubble within us. Enter the energy field of your dreams to feel the energy of your imagined reality.

In order to receive the energy of what we strive for, we must begin to project it ourselves, emit it. We ourselves are energy!

27. Law of internal and external energy sources

When a person feels a lack of energy, he often tries to take it from the outside: as a rule, this is food, entertainment, shopping, sex. Some people are looking for new experiences, while others are looking for extreme sports. Others are fueled by inner anger. Someone descends to the lower states of the soul, receiving energy from observing the suffering and experiences of others.

When we see that energy is not enough, we often use a substitute or equivalent for energy, such as money.

The main source of vital energy is within the person himself. Faith, love, hope give us a powerful charge of concentrated energy.

28. Law of external energy sources

External sources of energy can be compared to medicine. Just as a medicine depends on the dose: in small doses it helps, but in large doses it harms the body, so what in acceptable quantities increases energy levels, in excessive quantities can reduce it.

Gaining energy and losing it can be due to the same external energy source.

What a person spends his energy on also gives it, for example, communication.

29. The law of borrowing energy

Some people need a constant flow of energy from the outside; their good mood and well-being depend on something external. They need external sources of energy.

External sources can only provide a short-term improvement in mood and calm, a temporary escape from life’s troubles and difficulties. They do not solve problems, they only postpone them for a while.

An external source lends energy. Borrowing energy means that you will have to repay that energy later. When we cannot repay our debts, an energy crisis occurs.

The energy deficit grows over time, as unmet needs and unresolved problems remain, which constantly require energy to keep them at a distance from consciousness.

30. Law of energy of the present

Energy exists in the present.

Living in the past or future deprives a person of power; we scatter our energy. When we free our minds from intrusive thoughts, we gain the ability to feel the energy of the present moment. When we live in the present, our energy is not wasted. Its level reaches its maximum.

Only living in the present helps concentrate our energy. We need to live here and now, then we will be filled with life-giving, invigorating energy. Recharge yourself with the energy of the present!

31. Law of the energy of silence

To create something significant, the energy of silence is necessary. In silence, energy is born for new discoveries and achievements. In silence a new day is born.

During periods of calm, we restore strength and renew ourselves. In solitude we generate energy. We accumulate strength before a powerful flow of energy, before a period when energy begins to bubble within us.

You need to learn to extract the energy of silence, to be in silence, to turn to yourself.

32. Law of Energy Management

We are all born with different amounts of vital energy. Each passing day leaves its mark on its level. Energy is characterized by quantity, but it has no direction. Our energy is directed towards what we consciously or unconsciously choose.

Our energy materializes in the events of our lives. The energy of thoughts and feelings creates an image of the future, which is translated into reality by the energy of actions.

Managing your energy is its use, restoration, awakening, transformation of its flow, energy saving. This is the direction of energy in the right direction so that it does not get scattered, an equivalent energy exchange with the outside world.

You need to use energy, receiving it from the outside and generating it within yourself. Energy must be accumulated, remain calm, and be released at the right time. Spend what you have and fill your life with energy.

33. Law of Energy of the Universe

Man is surrounded by all sorts of energy systems: other people and nature - stormy seas, roaring columns of air called wind, earth-shaking volcanoes, animals ready to jump.

(according to E. Berne).

Our Universe stores enormous reserves of energy. Thanks to this energy, our world exists. Energy takes many forms. Energy flows from one form to another.

There is enough energy in the Universe for everyone. We can count on this energy to make our dreams and aspirations come true.

“If a person really wants something, then the whole Universe will help make his wish come true.”

(P. Coelho).

The power of creation and destruction

The Ida Channel represents the feminine Yin energy. This is the power of creation. On the physical plane, it extends along the body on the left side of the nostril. The energy of this channel is pale in color and is symbolically associated with the Moon. It lowers body temperature.

Another channel, Pingala, is a reflection of the masculine Yang energy, the power of destruction. On a physical level, it runs along the right side of the nostril. This is a hot stream of energy that raises body temperature.

All energy channels are intertwined with each other and end in the human perineum.

Tip #3: Become a positive and optimistic person

Become a positive and optimistic person to attract only positive energy into your life. As a rule, optimistic people manage to properly manage their own energy, directing it towards the implementation of their plans. Also, positive people manage to create positive energy around themselves much faster, thanks to which they can make plans for their future and strive to realize them. Accordingly, such an attitude helps to achieve the desired results in life, thereby making it better every day.

What affects energy levels?

Human energy is a heterogeneous and unstable phenomenon. It can change under the influence of external factors and negative emotions. The density of energy flows is not constant, but always tends to a favorable state. This is how people who love life often survive in difficult conditions, where people with a different vector of energy die.

The process of contemplation (awareness of the beauty and greatness of the world, touching art) significantly increases a person’s energy level. Expanding your horizons and acquiring new skills also increases your potential in life.

It is very important that a person’s energy and material flows are in balance; this guarantees harmonious development. In general, balance is the basis of proper life.

Tip #10: Live in the present and shape your future.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about your past, but at the same time, you don’t need to constantly dwell on it. Start living in the present and shape your ideal future to attract positive and positive energy, thanks to which you can achieve success. As a rule, a person who thinks about the future and constantly makes plans for it gradually directs his energy towards their implementation, which helps him achieve the desired results in his life. Therefore, to begin to effectively manage your own energy, you need to live in the present and look to the future.

In conclusion, it is worth adding that effective management of your own energy will allow you to achieve certain heights in life. The main thing is to overcome all kinds of difficulties and obstacles along the way in order to make your life better every day.


Six human bodies

It is known that the concept of “energy body” includes six shells. This:

  • Essential (exactly repeats the physical body of a person, extends several centimeters beyond its contours. Physical health depends on this shell).
  • Astral (has the same characteristics as the ethereal. Only the area of ​​​​its meaning lies in desires, emotions, passions).
  • Mental (also repeats the physical body of a person, goes 10-20 cm beyond it, is the embodiment of thoughts and will).
  • Casual (or karmic) (the esoteric direction is of the opinion of reincarnation, that is, the reincarnation of a person in other lives. So, in the karmic shell, information about actions is accumulated. It controls the thoughts and desires of a person).
  • The shell of individuality (has an oval shape, extends beyond the physical body by half a meter).
  • Atmic (body of the Absolute) (it is also called the “golden egg”, in which all previous shells are placed. It connects a person with the Higher Powers).

All shells are connected with each other and with the physical body energetically. Thus, human health and fate are also closely interconnected.

Definition of Qi

Chinese philosophers and physicians define Qi energy as one of their fundamental concepts. Every person, material objects, corners of space are permeated with Qi energy. Any action, love, strength cannot do without the participation of vital energy. Balance and constant flow of Qi are associated with health and human activity. Both physical health and emotional and psychological state depend on its balance. Qi energy is classified into the following types:

  • innate Qi, which determines genetics – passed on by parents at conception;
  • Qi energy from the air – through breathing the body is filled with life energy from the air;
  • Qi from food - when food enters the stomach, Qi energy is released, which is converted through the spleen and fills all organs;
  • Protective Qi energy – immunity against harmful influences.

Innate Qi is stored by the kidneys, but the resource is subject to depletion. Factors such as work pressure, stress, and the use of any stimulant drugs or drinks have a negative impact on Qi. And following the correct daily regimen and drinking enough clean water every day contribute to its preservation. The air condition also affects. Dirty air worsens the human body's resistance to diseases and harmful manifestations. Healthy food enriches a person with vital Qi energy. Therefore, it is so important to eat natural foods, especially fresh ones, excluding dyes, preservatives and artificial additives. Human energy, protective Qi, surrounding our body helps regulate the body's protective forces.

Energy centers

Eastern practices describe that there are seven energy centers, or chakras, in the human body. They are located along the body from the perineum to the crown of the head.

  • The first chakra is Muladhara. It is located in the groin area. It stores energy that lasts a lifetime and is designed not only for a person, but also for those around him. Most often, energy exchange occurs unconsciously, involuntarily.
  • The second chakra is Svadhisthana. It is the center of pleasure, sexual attraction and desire. It is located at the level of the internal reproductive organs, two fingers below the navel. The positive energy of this chakra characterizes reproductive function and the desire to procreate. In a negative sense, this is a manifestation of lust and concern.
  • The third chakra is Manipura. This center is located at the level of the solar plexus and is responsible for the life will and energy of a person. The correct functioning of this chakra is manifested in responsibility for oneself and for others, determination, and independence. When a block appears in this center, a person experiences self-doubt and fears.
  • The fourth chakra is Anahata. It is located in the area of ​​the heart and controls human feelings and love. The latter can be connected not only with another person, but also with the Cosmos, with God. The incorrect functioning of this center manifests itself in feelings of guilt, shame about the past, and depression.
  • The fifth chakra is Vishuddha, the throat center. Accordingly, it controls a person’s sociability, speech, creative activity and self-realization. Blocks in this chakra manifest themselves in mediocrity, conservative views of a person, and lack of psychological flexibility.
  • The sixth chakra is Ajna. It is located in the center of the forehead between the eyebrows. For its ability to evoke visual images, it is called the “third eye.” This center is responsible for human mental abilities, memory and willpower. Fanaticism, clinging to other people's ideas, dogmas, mental limitations, lack of desire for self-knowledge - all this indicates improper functioning of the chakra.
  • The seventh chakra is Sahasrara. It is located on the top of the human head. This center accumulates spirituality, contemplation and unity with the Supreme Spirit. As a rule, atheists have a block in this chakra.

All centers are interconnected. The correct functioning of the human chakras and energy flows circulating freely provide a complete life system. And the higher the volume and density of these flows, the stronger the energy.

The influence of energy on human life

Those who engage in esotericism, yoga and spiritual practices similar to Hinduism speak most about internal energy.
In this worldview, inner strength is a very tangible thing that we receive from our environment. The sun, the earth, plants and people, everything that is around us shares a piece of itself. According to more precise sciences, for a full and healthy existence it is not enough to satisfy only physiological needs. We need to feed other internal flows. This circumstance significantly distinguishes us from animals. Strong spirit and energy allow you to achieve any goals. Therefore, it is important to strengthen and increase your internal energy level.

Two streams

To say that a person absorbs energy with his entire being will not be entirely true. There are two streams - Earth and Space, which ensure the vital functions of the body. The first comes through the legs. It moves along Sushumna to the highest chakra. The second stream of cosmic energy, on the contrary, flows from the top of the head to the fingers and toes. Both types are absorbed through the chakras. Thus, earthly energy is absorbed by the three lower energy centers, and cosmic energy by the three upper ones. These energy flows meet and balance.

On the physical plane, disruption of this process manifests itself in the occurrence of diseases. For example, a lack of earthly energy leads to cardiovascular diseases, and changes in the flow of cosmic energy lead to diseases of the joints and spine.

Tip #2: Control your feelings and emotions

Once you have complete control over your feelings and emotions, you can begin to effectively manage your own energy. Do not forget that feelings and emotions constantly form a certain energy that a person can correctly distribute. In other words, if a person controls his emotions, then he does not waste his energy, but directs it to the implementation of any of his plans. As a result, over time, a person manages to manage his energy much more effectively.

Weak energy

Since all human shells are interconnected, it is not difficult to determine what kind of energy a person possesses. There are symptoms for this. For example, a person with low energy is usually lethargic, gets tired often and quickly, is prone to depression and apathy, has a pessimistic outlook on life and poor health. Also, such people are emotionally unstable, irritable, subject to various phobias, lack self-confidence, and do not want to work and develop.

In addition, esotericists also highlight signals that help to recognize weak energy:

  • A person often dreams of rocky gorges, gloomy houses, rains, floods, spills, narrow roads, passages, corridors...
  • Insomnia is also one of the signs of low energy.
  • I dream of discussions, quarrels, even fights.
  • With severe depletion of energy, scratching and tearing of one's body in sleep is observed. May breathe heavily and moan.

Tip #6: Get rid of bad habits

In many cases, a person's bad habits prevent him from distributing his energy effectively. Also, such habits can negatively affect the formation of human energy. In other words, bad habits prevent a person from generating positive energy. As a result, over time, a person simply stops striving for anything in his life. To prevent this, you need to gather your strength and begin to gradually get rid of all your bad habits. Thus, you will not only be able to manage your own energy much more effectively, but you will also be able to significantly change your life for the better.

Strong energy

With strong energy, a person’s dreams are of a completely different quality. He often dreams that he sings, dances or plays musical instruments. As for nature, the most common images are rocks, mountains, thickets, and even rocks hanging overhead. There is also often a feeling that a belt or elastic band is pulling a person in half and, as it were, dividing him into parts. This is precisely a manifestation of the combination of earthly and cosmic power.

Strong energy radiation flows can also be determined by human behavior. He is often cheerful, in a good mood, and is optimistic about the future, despite difficulties. He easily copes with stressful situations and strives for development and personal growth.

Tip #1: Review your entire life.

Start to completely reconsider your entire life in order not only to analyze it correctly, but also to decide what you want to radically change or improve in it. As a rule, a person’s attitude towards life gradually forms a certain energy in him, thanks to which he can achieve any success. In other words, if a person constantly strives to make his life as good as possible, then he gradually develops positive energy, which he directs to improving the quality of his life. Thus, a person effectively manages his own energy.

How to recover?

The volume of energy flows in the human body decreases with age or the occurrence of chronic diseases. Accordingly, there is less vigor, and the mood worsens. There are special exercises to restore normal energy levels.

Based on the idea that the mental and physical components of a person are interconnected, simple figurative content can be used to gain energy. To do this, just take a comfortable position (sit or lie down), close your eyes and perform breathing exercises according to the “inhale-hold-exhale” triangle principle. And so on for several cycles. It is best that the breathing rhythms are equal in duration. For example, we inhale for 6 seconds, hold our breath for 6 seconds and exhale for 6 seconds. If this practice does not cause difficulties, then the duration can be increased. The main thing is that breathing does not cause tension, that it flows freely and without interruptions.

To balance energy flows in yoga, another exercise is used. It consists of pressing your chin to your chest as you inhale, holding your breath as long as possible, and then exhaling calmly. It is important to remember that breathing practices must be done on an empty stomach to avoid discomfort such as nausea or a sudden loss of strength.

If there are deviations in the lower chakras, then you can simply walk barefoot on the ground. This will awaken the receptors on the feet and activate the flow of earthly energy.

Tip No. 8. Create the right environment around you

A person’s environment always plays an important role in the formation of his energy. Therefore, you need to start creating the right environment around yourself and protect yourself from communicating with bad and dishonest people. As a result, you will not only be able to create positive energy around you, but you will also effectively manage your energy, which, in turn, will allow you to achieve any success in life.

Energy management

Control of energy flows also occurs with the help of the power of thought, through meditation, that is, deep concentration, immersion in oneself and observation of one’s sensations. It is very important that the person feels relaxed and free from extraneous thoughts and worries. It is noted that in the first stages in this state, one feels like something is moving up and down along the spine. It's pulsating energy. Frequent practices sharpen these sensations, and a slightly perceptible “trickle” turns into a “full-flowing river.”

When this exercise is mastered, you can proceed to the next one. You need to imagine that you have an arrow in your head that is constantly moving forward. You can control it and twist it in different directions. The arrow is attached to the base of the skull and is directed forward according to your desire. At this time, as you inhale, energy rises to the upper chakras and literally splashes out of you. Then turn the arrow back and feel how the Ajna chakra turns on the vacuum cleaner mode and begins to intensively draw in cosmic energy.

These light mental exercises need to be done several times a day (maximum 10 times) in order to learn how to accumulate and manage energy flows, energy in general.

Qigong breathing exercises to restore energy

It's no secret that breathing is the basis of life. Most of us intuitively strive to be in the fresh air as often as possible, walk in parks, relax near bodies of water or in mountainous areas where there is a lot of clean air. Meanwhile, even the ancient Chinese knew that air is a breeding ground for the healing power that gives life to everything on the planet.

Along with oxygen, Qi energy enters our body through the respiratory tract. Normal breathing, which we use in everyday life, allows us to obtain only a small part of it. Qi energy is spent in moments of exhalation, and is dispersed during periods of poor health, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

The space around us is filled with a huge amount of Qi energy, but we do not know how to use it correctly. Meanwhile, this is important both for health and mental development, as well as for the psycho-emotional background.

Qigong breathing practices can be looked at differently. Illnesses, troubles, worries and stress have a detrimental effect on people, depriving them of strength and energy. If you do not purposefully restore these resources, then subsequent life will look more like existence.

Qigong practices deep breathing, which brings healing energy to the human body. The practices allow students not only to increase their level of vitality and accumulate a supply of Qi energy in the body, but also to develop calmness, become mentally more flexible and resilient.

Experts at the Witch's Happiness store recommend:

Anyone who has a long and happy life as a priority should think about qigong practices. Most of humanity has never learned to replenish energy and strength, while in China these possibilities were known before writing appeared.

Ancient monks turned to nature, imitating animals and elements and trying to use their positive qualities for the benefit of themselves and their own bodies.

Subsequently, a division into a number of new branches appeared in qigong practices. They were used for medicinal and health purposes, as a means of helping to increase physical strength and strengthen the body, and with their help they achieved variety in martial arts. “Highest”, spiritual qigong, was intended to help in understanding the secrets of the Universe.

Proper breathing helps qigong practitioners heal the body, delay old age, strengthen muscles and ligaments, obtain a plastic and flexible spine, eliminate physical pain, find their place in life, finding harmony and inner peace.

Qigong breathing techniques have a beneficial effect on three areas at once: on the physical body, the human spirit and his mind. Therefore, they can be considered as a universal and comprehensive technique that allows you to achieve quick recovery and quality life.

Many beginners, after their first qigong classes, notice positive changes in all areas of life. They quietly get rid of anxieties, fears and other oppressive feelings, which in their lives are replaced by calm confidence, firmness and steadfastness in the face of various situations.

With the help of therapeutic breathing, qigong can strengthen the body so much that even during epidemics you can remain absolutely healthy. Healing practices make it possible to overcome existing diseases, even those that have reached the chronic stage.

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