How to increase feminine energy: 19 working practices

Only that which corresponds to your inner state is attracted to you and comes from you.
Eckhart Tolle

— Why do women devote so much time and money to their appearance, and not to the development of their intellect? - Because there are much fewer blind men than smart ones.

Faina Ranevskaya

A woman is empowered. When a woman does not know how to control her power, she begins to use it in action. If she begins to use force in action, then she is already acting according to the male principle. A woman who does not know how to control her power does not know herself, she is not familiar with herself. And if she is not familiar with herself, she begins to apply the behavior patterns of her environment. Why does this happen? Yes, because for a very long time we have not had proper education for girls, there is no proper transmission of knowledge through the female line of the family.

In pre-revolutionary Russia, education was separate, girls were taught separately from boys, and this had its advantages, because women and men have different tasks in life and different motivation systems. There are, of course, general education subjects, but they occupy a very insignificant place in real preparation for life. A woman builds her world in the same way as a man, but she just does not put physical effort or directed actions into it. A woman creates her world very gently, outwardly not doing anything special, she “simply” wishes, everything “simply” happens to her, everything is “simply” brought to her, they “simply” look after her, but in fact she does a lot of work, and this work is more internal.

Unfortunately, most of the “women’s practices” relating to various “geishas”, the disclosure of sexuality, etc., are fundamentally wrong. It’s not true because there is real feminine energy, and these are all toys that make a woman an anxious “Barbie”. She begins to play “geishas” that she does not understand (essentially exclusive, elite, but prostitutes; dear women, did you really dream about this as a child?!), begins to be active, to perform actions supposedly associated with femininity, but actions are male element. In this case, the woman does not connect with her inner strength, with femininity, but moves even further away from it. Moreover, thanks to such trainings to open the second energy center - the svadhisthana chakra - unprepared people accelerate sexual energy in themselves, and then, being unable to cope with it, they often become clients of psychotherapists. Women become addicted to this state, like a drug, and through excessively frequent sexual intercourse they receive a colossal drain of energy. So, real femininity is not about that. And often women go to such trainings because they want to be needed by someone or just want a hug.

How to meet a strong man

Women often want a strong, intelligent man for themselves, but for some reason they only get childish ones (“mama’s boys”) or henpecked ones. Why is this happening? Because every now and then a woman takes everything into her own hands, and this begins with the fact that she is the first to take a step towards acquaintance. Now, why don’t you think about it: what can a man achieve if he is afraid to even approach a woman? After all, he will then have to take care of his family and children. How will he achieve anything if he is afraid? Instead, an active, courageous woman will work hard, and then complain that her husband drinks, lies on the couch and is afraid to act. And he will be perplexed in response: why should I do something, because this strong woman herself is doing great?

This activity comes from the fact that a woman observes the behavior of her mothers, and mothers took the model of behavior from our grandmothers and apply it in their lives. But they had to take everything into their own hands, because most of the male population was wiped out by the war. Now, fortunately, the time is peaceful, and it’s time to think about the fact that men are actually spoiled by our excessive care.

Sources of feminine energy

It is important for women after 45 to find vitality. Otherwise, fatigue will accumulate, and the feeling of sadness will be a faithful companion. And all this will only speed up the aging process and spoil your health. Therefore, it is important to receive positive emotions. After all, they help not only overcome fatigue, but are also a driving force.

There are several of the best energy sources. Let's talk about them.

Healthy eating

We are what we eat. A healthy diet is not only a source through which you can replenish energy, but also get additional vitamins. It promotes proper digestion.

Thanks to a balanced menu, women not only have strength, but also healthy hair, nails and skin. Moreover, proper nutrition helps maintain your figure and prolong youth.

Tips on proper nutrition can be easily found on forums on the Internet, or you can consult a nutritionist. But among the main ones we can highlight the following:

  • Water. It is important to drink water every day and regularly. It not only cleanses the body, but is also one of the main sources of energy. Experts recommend drinking about 3 liters of clean water per day;
  • Be sure to include vegetables and fruits in your diet. It is a source of vitamins, fiber;
  • The correct menu should consist of the most natural foods possible. This applies not only to food, but also to drink;
  • Menu planning should be done in advance. The ideal option is to draw up a culinary plan for the week. This option gives you time to buy the necessary groceries on the weekend. A competent approach to organizing your time will allow you to find a free minute to pursue interests;
  • The last meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime. The body must rest at night. And if, before going to bed, a person has just finished eating, the body will still work. Bottom line: your favorite dish eaten at night will not be used for energy, but as a reserve on your sides;
  • It is important to try to exclude fatty, salty and fried foods from your diet. Such products certainly will not have a beneficial effect on your health and skin.

Full sleep

Sleep should not only be present, but also be long enough. It is believed that the normal sleep duration for an adult is 6-8 hours. It is sleep that helps restore energy, allows the brain to rest and tune in to work.

Lack of sleep not only reduces brain activity, but also affects the emotional state of any person.
Important: the place to sleep should be as comfortable as possible. Moreover, experts have proven that if a sleeping person has a mobile phone “at hand,” then sleep becomes less quality: the person wakes up much more often.

Considering that women over 45 often cannot be called restful sleep due to hormonal changes in the body, it is better to follow the recommendations of specialists.

After all, lack of sleep not only reduces brain activity, but also affects the emotional state of any person.

Communication with loved ones and friends

Communication with people fills us with energy. And the color of energy depends on the quality of the conversation. Therefore, it is important to communicate only on pleasant topics and try to get the maximum amount of light. It is better to choose another time to discuss problems and resolve issues. To replenish your energy reserves, it is better to choose fun and unobtrusive topics. Your best friends and family will easily support your wave. And an ordinary conversation will give you strength and serve as a kind of relaxation for you.

Personal care

It is important for any woman at any age to have a rule that should never be broken - to be able to find time for herself. We can confidently say that every woman has a huge number of different masks, scrubs, creams and other care products stored on her bathroom shelves. And, unfortunately, often there is simply no free minute for them. It is not right. After all, taking care of yourself not only makes you beautiful and confident, but also gives you the best gift - energy. And it probably makes you a little happier.

Clothing and jewelry, shopping

You can limit yourself to buying a simple piece of jewelry, but do it in the company of friends.
What helps a woman feel confident, receive compliments and thus improve her state of mind? The answer is obvious: shopping. Many people believe that a significant amount of money is spent when shopping for women. But this is by no means true. To lift your spirits and get positive emotions, you don’t have to buy a ton of clothes. You can limit yourself to buying a simple piece of jewelry, but do it in the company of friends. They will share the joy with you, and conversations about nothing will leave a pleasant aftertaste from the time spent.

Sports activities

It’s worth noting right away that few women love sports. Of course, playing sports exhausts the female body. But on the other hand, it is he who balances the psychological state. It is not at all necessary to arrange hours of training. Even 15 minutes of daily light fitness accompanied by your favorite music can not only give you a beautiful and slim figure, but also help you get rid of stress and worries.


Thanks to her favorite activity, a woman finds peace of mind, gets rid of negative thoughts and endless planning, which depresses.
Another activity that replenishes female energy is a hobby. These can be completely different activities: knitting, drawing, embroidery, modeling and many others. Thanks to her favorite pastime, a woman finds peace of mind, gets rid of negative thoughts and endless planning, which depresses her.


Visiting new countries, getting to know a new culture and people give a woman emotions that cannot be forgotten.
A good option to restore vital energy and get unforgettable impressions is travel. Visiting new countries, getting to know a new culture and people give a woman emotions that cannot be forgotten.

It is important that a woman begins to receive positive energy at the travel planning stage. She collects information about the most interesting places to visit and is already living in anticipation. And the preserved photographs help to remember these emotions long after the end of the trip.


Dance is the movement of life. It helps you relax, show your femininity and grace. This is a great way to get a boost of energy and replenish lost energy.

Of course, there are a lot of restrictions for dancing at home in the kitchen. Therefore, if a woman wants to dance or learn how to do it, she can spend part of her time attending courses.

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Favorite music helps you relax, take your mind off problems and worries. You can add singing to listening to music. After all, with such a complex it turns out not only to be distracted, but also to get a charge of positive emotions.

Visiting a bathhouse or sauna

If there are no health contraindications, you can visit baths and saunas. These places are very calming and promote relaxation. How good it is to sleep after a bathhouse. And visiting such places has a very positive effect on the condition of the skin.


Women are used to being strong and in control. In ordinary life, the image of a woman can be compared to a lump. She has a lot of thoughts, plans and responsibilities. A woman is tense 24/7. She needs to learn to relax and turn off her brain from endless thoughts. Massage is a great way. And if you add the relaxing scents of oils to this procedure, the pleasure from the massage session will double.

Touch relaxes, aggravating thoughts are turned off. The woman truly receives pleasure and pleasure. During the massage, you can even dream about something good.


Surely every woman kept a diary during her school years. It was easier for him to tell everything as it is. There was no mistrust of him. Subsequent reading of the notes helped to sort out conflicts after emotions subsided.

Women over the age of 45 are also recommended to keep a diary.

On paper it is much easier to express accumulated negativity, thoughts that are disturbing, and therefore carry with them negative energy. This method will allow you not to offend your loved ones. And you can return to solving problems with calmer emotions.


Pets are increasingly appearing in homes. If previously they were kept mainly in private houses, now even dogs, cats and other pets live in apartments.

This is because they are the ones who help cope with loneliness. Taking care of them gives you a feeling of need. And their loyalty and devotion calms and gives a good mood.

Help others

Every person needs to feel needed. In women this feeling is much more developed. This is understandable, because she is a mother, wife, daughter. And, therefore, it is very important for her to show her concern for loved ones. Therefore, you should not refuse her help, love and affection. But thank you for your time is simply necessary. Such pleasant little things greatly inspire a woman and give her the necessary energy for further exploits.


Sometimes it is very important to be alone with yourself. Such moments of solitude help you to distract yourself, take time for yourself, and just be in silence.

Breathing exercises

Breathing has a certain correct technique. But not everyone knows about this. Therefore, the body does not receive enough oxygen. It is recommended to learn several exercises.

Vitamin complex

Every person faces the problem of vitamin deficiency. Most often it is observed in the off-season. And it immediately affects a person’s well-being. It seems that there is no strength or desire for anything. Therefore, it is imperative to drink a complex of vitamins. It will help replenish the balance of missing elements and strengthen the immune system.


Charity is an activity that brings benefits from all sides. First, someone gets help. And secondly, the woman herself receives an incredible charge of kindness and sincere gratitude. But for such activities there are several important conditions:

  • One must do good not for general appreciation, but for oneself personally and with a pure heart;
  • Never regret giving as a gift to those in need.

Otherwise, thoughts of regret will negatively affect the woman’s emotional state.

Communication with nature, walks

Nature is a very powerful source of energy. And although a woman is the keeper of the hearth, she should not be at home all the time.

Taking small walks is not only good for your health, but also important for your psychological well-being. You can walk in the forest, park, even sit comfortably on a garden swing and enjoy nature.


The best rest is a change of activity. And if you add benefits to this, then nothing can compare with the pleasure received.

Experts note that a woman is happier and more confident when her home is in order. This is easily explained: she is always ready to receive unexpected guests, she has a reserve of her own personal time.

Therefore, cleaning can deservedly be given a place in the list of energy sources. And if you add musical accompaniment to the process of creating cleanliness and order, then there will be much more positive emotions and pleasure.


Another way to get energy is to take a bath. You can add scented candles and light music to this process. And devote time to yourself, your loved one. Take out stagnant jars of masks, creams, scrubs. And give yourself true pleasure for every woman.


This is an important point, although at first glance it seems absolutely stupid. All people react to smell. It’s simple to prove: when a stranger passes by and leaves behind a pleasant trail that those around him feel. Their reactions are different: some like it, others don’t. But the one who likes it experiences pleasure. Trying to catch every note. And at this moment he can smile or think about something pleasant.

Therefore, fill your home with a light, pleasant aroma, and you will notice how quickly your mood will lift.


15-20 minutes of yoga a day will help you cope with accumulated negativity, get a boost of energy and vigor.

15-20 minutes of yoga a day will help you cope with accumulated negativity, get a boost of energy and vigor.

Moreover, such activities help distract from pressing problems and thoughts.


What happens to a woman after she receives a compliment? A little embarrassed, smiling, feeling confident... Emotions that are necessary to love yourself, live and enjoy life.


You can read to get energy. Immersing herself in a written story, a woman is distracted from her thoughts. It's better to read a book than watch movies. Because when watching a film, a woman still does not take a break from everyday chores. And while reading a book, she really just reads.

Immersing herself in a written story, a woman is distracted from her thoughts

Ask and give help

You should not be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help. Moreover, if you provide help even in small things to someone, even a stranger, you will feel a sense of lightness.


A planned photo shoot is another way to replenish your energy. This is a great opportunity to try on different looks. However, there are women who do not like to be photographed: they feel squeezed and embarrassed. There is no point in fighting such beliefs by force. This will ruin your mood even more and leave negative memories. And the complex will become even larger.

Studying of foreign language

You can get energy not only by relaxing, but also by doing something useful. Some women love to learn foreign languages. Attend various courses or engage in self-education. By attending courses, you can not only learn the language, but also make new acquaintances.

Should I get married?

Marriage is, first of all, a social program that must be completed on time; this is what society demands of us, but not necessarily what we want. And women, succumbing to the pressure of public opinion, want to get married, not realizing that many of them actually do not need marriage. Relationships are necessary, intimacy is necessary, but marriage is not. And this is true all the time. And even more often, women have completely different programs and tasks that need to be solved before they meet their “prince,” and getting rid of these programs is much more urgent. For example, there are such programs: a ban on love, on family, on health, on wealth, on recognition, on self-realization. Here you can already think about the secondary benefits received from the implementation of these programs.

Learn to relax

Stress not only kills nerve cells, but also blocks energy access. The ability to rest and relax is an important condition for the harmonious life of a modern girl. You can work a lot, solve all problems on your own, but lose strength at the most crucial moment if you forget to find time for yourself every day. Get up early, do yoga, drink a cup of coffee or tea, be alone with yourself and just relax. Don’t forget to arrange a planned vacation for yourself: going for a massage, manicure, bar with friends. In the midst of a busy workday, take at least 10 minutes to breathe fresh air and see what is happening around you. After this time, you will feel a surge of vigor - this is feminine energy that has finally gained access to your body.

Secondary Benefits

Benefit is always something valuable and good. And secondary benefits are those benefits that are received while in a problematic state. For example, a state of loneliness gives a certain comfort and tranquility, which may hide self-doubt and/or excessive and contradictory demands.

Examples of secondary benefits of loneliness:

  • sympathy from acquaintances: it is easier to receive pity, support and attention, and where there is attention, there comes energy;
  • a lot of free time: you have the opportunity to do whatever you want;
  • lack of routine life: no need to serve anyone;
  • remaining oneself without doing anything, ignorance of one’s potential and unwillingness to use it: “But if the one and only one were nearby, would inspire and support me, then I would turn around, but now I’m lonely and can’t do anything,” etc. d.

Identifying secondary benefits is already half the solution to the problem.

Why did you choose this program for yourself, when did you choose it (usually in childhood), why? Answer these questions honestly and remove it from yourself like the evil eye. Sometimes it is simple and quick, sometimes it is a long, but always interesting process.

First you need to get to know your power, learn how to manage it, and only then start thinking about a family. There is no one magic algorithm of actions. Each woman is individual, everyone has their own programs and tasks. There is only your goal and your intention to get there by any means. And then new opportunities, new paths begin to appear, the necessary knowledge comes, doors open that were not even suspected of before. All this happens gradually. A woman needs to move towards her goal in a relaxed manner, then everything will work out easily and simply for her.

A woman is an element

A subtle internal mechanism, tuned to the frequency of harmony with external reality, will tell you what state to add in order to align the internal reality. This requires constant energy fullness.

“The effect of a charged battery in non-stop mode” is not a superpower, but a state when a woman revs up and squeezes out all her strength to the maximum. Persistent attempts to give away what you yourself lack, what you desperately need yourself, lead to blocking the flow of energy inside the body and the connection between you and the world. The body turns on a self-preservation program - saving the drop that is available. Tension and irritation are growing - and the world around certainly confirms this. Such a rhythm is harmful and sometimes even dangerous for a woman.

Let yourself go sometimes. A woman is an element, nature. It is very important to maintain this connection. Communicate with all four elements, tune in to them, allow them to cleanse you of the information noise and energy dust of the city, feel their energy, be filled with their different sounds, learn to see patterns in the fabric of life drawn by Air, Earth, Fire or Water.

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Standing on the ground, give it your tension and let in a dense warm flow that fills you with confidence and structure.

Sitting by the fireplace, allow the fire to burn out your fear and fill you with strength and self-confidence. Warm up your inner water with fire and feel how passion begins to fill your body.

When you see a bird flying in the sky, connect with it internally, catch the flow of air, spread your wings, throw off your “bags” - worries from your shoulders and fill yourself with lightness and inspiration.

Find a source of water and dip your palms into the clear streams, wash yourself with it or take a dip in it, enjoy the touch of droplets of water on your skin, feel them and absorb them into yourself. Droplets penetrate every cell of your body, dissolving and taking away all failures, resentments, fears, anxieties, anxiety, sadness, and self-doubt. Wash your inner space with a wave of clean spring water.

Record your results

The best way to live in the present moment is to notice your achievements. Every day, take stock of what useful things you did today, how many unfinished tasks you completed, how exactly you pleased yourself. By filling events with meaning, you receive that same advance of energy that you can use for new achievements.


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