Where to get energy for work, study, family: learning to restore and pump up your vitality

In order to live fully, enjoy life and be happy, energy is needed, and sometimes we lack it so much in this hectic and eccentric world, where we often have to not live, but survive. To provide for yourself and your family, you have to work a lot, and there is no strength left for anything else. And I want not only to work, but also to do what I love, travel, devote more time to home, family and children, and ultimately realize myself, make plans and bring them to life. Where can we get the energy for this? And restoring your energy potential is not at all difficult.

Live the house

I'm lucky - I live in a house that my great-grandfather bought, and I reconstructed it the way I wanted. These two themes – “family nest” and “made for myself” – give strength every day. In addition, I have a couple of places in it where I go specifically to exercise myself and replenish my energy with various practices. In these places double recharging.

Even when I lived in a rented apartment, I settled in and made it my own as much as possible. In any space you can find a corner that will be yours and only yours, and it will give you energy: a table with a comfortable chair, a couch under a floor lamp, a shelf with an “altar” - just find it and designate it as your place of power.


Adaptogens are dietary supplements that increase the body's resistance to negative environmental influences, including stress and emotional overload. Plant adaptogens affect a number of systems - immune, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular. Main effects of adaptogens:

  • stimulation of humoral and cellular immunity;
  • increasing physical and mental performance;
  • increasing stress resistance, accelerating recovery.

Adaptogens help fight immunosuppression and have an antioxidant effect. An example is an extract of Eleutherococcus, containing up to 0.8% eleutherosides. These substances stimulate the synthesis of endorphins and metabolic processes, increase the body's resistance to stressful situations.

Find a place of power

On a long trip to Malta, we found ourselves on a slope that overhung the sea, and on it grew a single tree. Nothing special, but it suddenly overwhelmed me there so much that I began to pray and give thanks. I asked the guide - it turned out that various magicians and psychics come here regularly. And two weeks ago I was on a dolmen - this is a stone structure dating back to 2000 years BC, which is also a special place for visitors, and where my batteries were seriously recharged. And let them say that these are just electromagnetic waves, or that those who want to, themselves endow a piece of stone with “magical” properties. I felt what I felt.


Inspiring speakers at the Organic Woman online course will talk about how to ground yourself, stop worrying during quarantine and after, and where to get resources.

More about the course

And here’s a secret: it’s not necessary to go to a place of power every time you feel a loss of strength - in her lecture, neurolinguist Tatyana Chernigovskaya said that the brain doesn’t care whether what’s happening is real or just a memory of an event. That is, you can simply remember that tree or dolmen, or any place where you felt good, and the state will return. Shall we check?

Useful services and courses

In every article on psychology, I draw readers’ attention to the Wikium website. Go there right now, wander around, see what it has to offer.

On Wikium there are many free and paid simulators, courses from practicing psychologists that help you become more perfect, smarter, develop memory, thinking, find motivation, etc. The service is really cool.

In terms of restoring energy balance, I recommend these three courses to you. True, they are paid, but the price is modest, considering who teaches and what practical value the lessons provide.

Brain fitness - an innovative format for brain training

Description : This short course will teach you how to properly tune in to the right actions in any situation. You will learn how to overcome apathy at work, how not to get tired from a huge number of household chores, how to keep a smile on your face when it seems that life is full of problems and failures.

If you feel insecure, the teacher will tell you how Olympic champions gain confidence and are not afraid to perform, despite thousands of spectators around and cameras from all sides. You will follow their methods for gaining confidence.

In my opinion, anyone who lives in a state of stress or powerlessness, who finds it difficult to concentrate on their goals, needs to undergo training.

Vikium programmers have created special neurosimulators for the constant practice of each student. You will be able to practice on them under the supervision of a teacher, and devote as much time to your personal development as possible.

The information course comes complete with a neural interface - a device that reads and analyzes the biorhythms of your brain. You will receive it by mail and will use it even after completing your training.

Authors : developers of the Vikium service.

Cost : 18,990 rub. for the entire course and neural interface.

Find out more and sign up

Online course on attention

Description : This course is not directly related to energy, but it does help you concentrate on the work you are doing. In fact, every person needs attention: a car driver, a proofreader, a programmer, a musician.

If you sometimes feel tired, your attention wanders, and it’s difficult for you to force yourself to work on any one task, try studying this material. If during the first seven days you realize that it is not suitable for you, you have many other problems besides attention - the site administration will return the money in full.

The duration of classes is 15 days. In 2 weeks you will work on all the necessary concentration and energy saving skills. The course format is group. But each student works according to an individually developed plan. Other people from different professions will study with you, and together you will strive to improve.

Watch a video about the course from the teachers:

Author : Vikium specialists.

Cost : 1,490 rub.

Find out more and sign up

Course “Goal Setting”

Description : Lack of energy is often due to the fact that a person does not have a specific goal or strong motivation to achieve it. The course will teach you how to set goals correctly and, most importantly, how to understand what you really want to achieve in this life, what makes you a truly happy person.

The first materials can be obtained for free - enter your email address on the website, the administration will send them to you within 5 minutes. You will appreciate the quality and, if you like it, purchase the entire course.

The volume of classes is small - six video lessons from teachers. After each lesson you need to do your homework - several practical exercises. Teachers will check them, evaluate them, and give recommendations.

You can download additional lesson materials (diagrams and tables) and use them throughout your life so as not to get lost in it and always have strong motivation.

Authors : Vikium specialists.

Cost : 1,490 rubles.

Find out more and sign up

Brain Detoxification

Description : Why don't you have energy? Think about what thoughts wander through your head most often. Maybe you are going through situations that make you an unhappy person - when someone offends or humiliates you? Or are you jealous of your friends and acquaintances? If yes, apathy and depression are inevitable.

Brain detoxification is a course that helps get rid of negative thoughts in your head. You will learn to easily switch to the positive even in the most difficult periods of your life. How not to lose heart, how to push stress away from yourself, put people who are unpleasant to you in their place - teachers will tell you about all this and much more during 10 lessons.

When you complete the course, you will sleep peacefully at night, you will no longer be tormented by anxious thoughts, and your anxiety level will generally disappear. You will use all the accumulated energy to achieve your ambitious goals.

Author : Victor Shiryaev (specializes in problems of developmental psychology).

Cost : 1,490 rubles.

Find out more and sign up

Another interesting thing that is on Wikium is the neural interface. This is a special device that analyzes electromagnetic oscillations of the brain.

If you can, get one and see how your brain works when you're relaxed and when you're stressed. Transfer the data to the Wikium website - it will give you a list of recommendations. In my opinion, this is much better than pills and various medications.

Walk barefoot

Again, it’s easier for me in country life - from spring to autumn I walk barefoot on wooden floors, on gravel, and on the ground, and in winter I wear woolen socks around the house. You can’t walk around Moscow barefoot, but if the weather permits, then it’s worth finding time to grab yourself a piece of nature somewhere in the park and take off your shoes. Connection to the land is something the city lacks.

I also like to hang out in such a light meditation when you stand on the ground or a stone, there is water nearby, and you feel the sun and wind on your skin. You just need to freeze for a couple of minutes and allow all four elements to nourish you.


This is another way to quickly release negative energy and recharge with positive emotions. Every woman loves to sing. In this case, the repertoire can be absolutely anything. You can sing at karaoke, in the shower or during spring cleaning, alternating this with rhythmic dancing. Thanks to this, a woman gets the opportunity to express herself.

When a mother sings a lullaby to her child, he automatically begins to experience peace. Therefore, voice and melodic singing is a very powerful way to obtain the necessary charge of energy.

Take vitamin D

Last year, for the first time in many years, I spent 10 days of vacation just to swim and sunbathe. And I got into such excellent physical shape that this year I went there to recharge for two weeks. It’s the sea + sun twice a day, like going to work. If possible, it is optimal to do this in April-May and October-November, but once a year is also good.

The rest of the time - autumn, winter and spring - I took vitamin D. You can buy liquid at the pharmacy, but I ordered capsules on iherb. And here’s the truth – I survived all this six-month horror with the weather quite cheerfully. But it is still better to consult a doctor about taking vitamins and their dosage.


The action of immunostimulants is aimed at improving the body's resistance to pathogenic factors, in other words, they are substances that increase the effectiveness of the immune system. Main effects of immunostimulants:

  • comprehensive strengthening of the immune system;
  • elimination of immunosuppression;
  • restoration of vital energy.

Immunostimulants help restore immunity suppressed as a result of physical and emotional stress, poor environment, lack of sleep and irregular nutrition. An example of such a supplement is lemongrass extract, which combines the functions of an adaptogen and an immunostimulant. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and restorative effects.

Immuno complex offers a combined approach to the problem of poor immunity. This performance enhancer includes eight synergistic extracts that stimulate the immune system, stabilize the functions of the central nervous system and gastrointestinal tract, increase resistance to stress and improve sleep quality.

Get a blood test

General and biochemical, at a minimum, as well as hormones, vitamins and microelements - their deficiency and imbalance can cause chronic fatigue. I found the lab4u service, where you can order complex examinations online for various reasons, pay and come to the nearest laboratory to draw blood. Thanks to this system, the cost of tests is two times cheaper than in other places. I'm not advertising, it's just convenient for me.

It was like this for me - I woke up cheerful and active, but at 12-13 o'clock I was knocked into sleep so that I could only fall and fall asleep. I will not go into details of the research and methods of correcting the condition, I will only say that the health situation has leveled out, and living in a state of calm energy has become simply wonderful.

Causes of Energy Deficiency

Due to lack of energy, our productivity in work and school suffers, irritability increases, inspiration disappears, cognitive functions decrease and psychological stability is impaired.

Often people simply drain their energy potential without noticing it. But before talking about this, it is important to exclude the reasons for the lack of energy that require contacting specialists:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • liver problems;
  • disorders of the thyroid gland;
  • blood sugar disorders;
  • anemia;
  • depressive disorder.

If there are no health problems, but the feeling of exhaustion and powerlessness does not go away, first of all, pay attention to your lifestyle.

The causes of fatigue on the physical level are quite obvious, so I’ll just list them:

  • unhealthy diet (fast food, snacks, soda, fried food, etc.);
  • poor sleep;
  • alcohol and smoking;
  • lack of movement;
  • physical fatigue;
  • bad ecology.

If we do not take care of the body, it will not be able to stay in good shape and provide us with sufficient energy levels.

Now let's talk about “energy thieves” - those factors and phenomena that deplete us and take away our vitality.

Negative emotions

Any negative emotion is a drain of energy. Every time you are angry, worried, offended, envious, complaining, your energy resources are depleted. The same applies to excessive criticism and conflicts.

A person in a bad mood has neither the desire nor the strength to do anything.

In addition, constant exposure to negative emotions weakens the immune system. They provoke the release of stress hormones, which in turn cause changes in the functioning of the body. The heart rate increases, blood pressure rises, and blood sugar levels rise. If this happens constantly, immunity decreases.

Negative information flows

This includes reports of disasters, cataclysms, crimes and incidents that come from the media or through word of mouth. This, firstly, causes negative emotions - and we have already found out how harmful they are. Secondly, focusing on it is a waste of mental energy.

Of course, we cannot completely block such flows. But we have the power to limit them or stop focusing on them. For example, I turned off the TV eight years ago - and have never regretted it.

Information overload

We live in the age of information, we receive huge amounts of it every day and at any second we can find out everything that interests us. However, this is not always a good thing. When the amount of incoming information exceeds the ability to perceive it, oversaturation occurs. This leads to stress, poor concentration and insomnia.

Toxic environment

Toxic people radiate negativity, and after communicating with them, you feel empty, humiliated and depressed. If it is impossible to stop contacts with such people, you need to at least reduce them to a minimum.

Unfinished business and broken promises

There is the so-called Zeigarnik effect, which consists in the fact that a person remembers unfinished actions better. They do not leave the focus of our attention - the brain constantly scrolls through them.

Take a piece of paper and write down all your current tasks and promises. Once you get them out of your head, you'll already feel better. Then decide on your priorities and start paying off your debts - this will free up a large amount of energy.


What is called this word is actually just quickly switching between tasks, because the brain is only able to concentrate on one task at a time. Due to such switching, attention is scattered and productivity decreases.

Gossip and empty talk

Being only an imitation of full-fledged communication, they do not carry any useful information and steal our time. Moreover, intrigue and discussion of other people with their problems contain a negative message. Don't forget: negativity takes away energy.

Sleep or switch during the day

Since I work remotely, when I’m at home, I always allow myself to sleep during the day - half an hour, and I’m back to overflowing with energy. Be quiet, sadness, the office workers will tell me. But there are ways here too. Ten years ago I worked in the editorial office of a weekly magazine: a crowd of colleagues, open space, strict deadlines. And this is what one of my friends did? During my lunch break, I went to the park to just sit silently under the trees. This kind of pulling herself out of the process allowed her to reboot.

Find yourself a bench on the street or some secret place in the building where you can sit for 10-15 minutes, turn off your phone, close your eyes and relax.

Stretch your body

I use several techniques from Eastern practices.

-Rub your palms vigorously until they become hot.

-Stretch your ears and lobes with your fingers.

-Rub the back of your fists on your lower back in the kidney area.

-Massage your feet and stretch the point, which is located on the inside of the ankles in the hole under the bone - it is responsible for energy in the body.

-Clap your palms all over your body - arms, chest, stomach, shoulders, back, buttocks, thighs, legs.

-Intensively clench your hands into a fist / unclench and straighten your fingers - 10 times.

-Rise on your toes and lower yourself, “knocking” your heels, 10 times.

Five minutes, and cheerfulness came.

Types of energy

Our life energy can be divided into four types: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The ability to manage all four types is the basis of high productivity.

To be fully energized, we must be physically energized, emotionally engaged, mentally focused, and united in spirit to achieve goals that lie beyond our selfish interests. (Jim Lauer, Tony Schwartz "Life at Full Power")

Physical energy is basic. This includes everything related to the body and health. Main sources: food, sleep, movement and rest.

Emotional energy is feelings and character in general. If everything is in order at this level, the person is in a state of optimism, joy and lightness. Anxiety, irritation and apathy are indicators of low levels of emotional energy.

Emotional energy is closely related to physical energy. Emotions are hormones, chemical reactions in the body, so they affect our body. When a person is angry, his blood pressure rises. When he is sad, tears flow. At the same time, when you feel unwell or ill, your emotional background drops.

The next level is mental energy, or mental. This includes everything related to the power of the mind: knowledge, memory, creativity, discipline and the ability to concentrate. With a good level of mental energy, these indicators are high. If it is low, the person is impulsive, absent-minded and disorganized.

The top of the pyramid is spiritual energy. These are the values ​​that guide us in life and serve as a source of motivation. To increase spiritual energy, it is necessary to fill all other levels.

Give cardio exercise

I fell in love with swimming, and to my kilometer, which I have been swimming weekly for six months now, I added a second one per week. I go for a walk with my dog ​​every day, and began to slowly add light jogging to the regular 4-6 km walk. I kept taking care of my knees after the injury, but a respected doctor said that I needed cardio exercise and that I could run at least in place for 5 minutes a day. I started running at sea, and now I continued, and it works.

I feel fantastic after my swims and races, I feel how strength comes and how this energy accumulates in me.

Communication with others

It is very important to have only positive people around you who inspire you. Purposeful, sociable friends are able to share their energy with you, and you can respond to them in the same way. This way your relationship will be harmonious and healthy. But people who constantly complain about life, try to involve you in their apathy and shift problems will have a negative impact on your own mood. If you don’t know where to get strength and energy, start by communicating with active and ambitious interlocutors. Learn new things from your friends, get inspired and just enjoy the company, where there is no place for apathy and negativity.

Do a relaxation practice

I do this when I’m lying with a mask on my face - at home or at the cosmetologist. Sometimes I go to bed on purpose when I feel it’s time. It is necessary that no one touches you for 15-30 minutes, including on the phone.

Lower your attention to your toes and begin to relax them one by one, then your feet, legs, hips, and so rise higher throughout your body.

Slowly slide your attention and as if putting on an invisible tights, under which only silence and relaxation remain. Belly, chest, back, shoulders, arms, every finger on the hand.

Neck, head, jaw, tongue, eyebrows, forehead.

If your attention has not fled and you have completed the process, then a very pleasant moment comes - you are in the body, the body is full, and everything is fine.

Or you can go even deeper - and here is excellent advice from dance therapist Alexander Girshon: “If you want simplicity, go to the bones.” Well, that is, just remember that you have a skeleton, and stay in it - solid, reliable and solid - before returning to the bustle of the mind and the world.

Turn off your smartphone

A lot of energy is wasted on distracting attention. And just because it seems like multitasking allows you to get a lot done, it takes a lot of energy. In order to get tired less, you need to regain yourself. Put down your smartphone when you have breakfast, chat with friends, play with children, do yoga, or drive a car. Put it on airplane mode when you come for a massage, or go to bed, or watch a movie. Spend an hour a day with your phone turned off to eventually understand that the world will not collapse if you are not in touch.

And if you can’t let go of your phone, hello, it’s an addiction.


Nootropics or neurometabolic stimulants are substances that have a stimulating effect on higher cognitive functions. They improve brain function based on a number of basic mechanisms, including stimulating ATP synthesis, improving glucose utilization, etc. Main effects of nootropics:

  • eliminating constant fatigue;
  • increasing concentration, memory, attention;
  • acceleration of thinking and reaction.

An example of a nootropic supplement is Alpha GPC (also known as L-alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine). It is a precursor to acetylcholine, one of the main transmitters responsible for cognitive functions. Alpha GPC stimulates choline production, improving brain function.

There are also combined nootropic supplements, for example the Nootropic Complex, which contains eight extracts that complement each other’s effects. This is a remedy for memory and brain function, increasing the body's adaptability to stress, eliminating weakness and apathy.

Have a creative date

I liked this idea from the book “The Artist’s Way”: once a week you go to the theater, to an exhibition, to a park, to interesting guests, just walk the streets - alone (and with your phone turned off, haha) to find out, see something new and get impressions. So, during the cold season, I actively went to exhibitions, bought myself good tickets to the Bolshoi Theater, and looked into flower festivals in the Apothecary Garden.

And after each such creative meeting - a lot of energy and a desire to develop further.

Go from the opposite

In recent years, I have not needed a lot of communication and noisy companies, and that is why rare visits to good guests and meeting new people give an incredible surge of energy. And vice versa - when I was an active girl, I needed to recuperate at home in solitude, silence and, preferably, darkness.

Singles should go out in public once a week or two to feed off others. Business extroverts should organize a day outside of society in the same way, so that a thousand little bear cubs, who are being torn apart by society, have time to gather back into a whole person.


For the fair sex, there is nothing better than letting your body replenish its energy reserves through rhythmic tango or rumba. Dancing also helps improve your figure. In the process of training, flexibility, a sense of rhythm, smoothness and grace develop. During dancing, a woman’s energy is literally released, and the body is charged with new strength.

The main thing is to get moral pleasure from classes. By the way, it is worth saying that dancing is useful at any age. Today you can even find dance groups for retirees. In old age, people most often suffer from energy weakness, so they are also recommended to receive as many positive emotions as possible.

By the way, you can dance at home. This is especially fun to do while cleaning.

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