A few steps in finding your hobby and passion or where to get a balm for the soul

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It is impossible to live as before. We still need to figure out how to live in a new way. But the soul demands happiness now. So it’s better to use the instructions on how to find something you like, so as not to waste time on experiments. And if you are against any radical changes in life, even more so.

This article is suitable for you, regardless of whether you are at the very beginning of choosing a life path or have retired and want to fill your life with new meaning. After all, the basic principles are the same. Is it possible that in youth there are more desires?

Have you already read various tips and now don’t believe the recommendations? Why not all advice helps - we’ll definitely talk about this too.

Choosing a strategy for finding your favorite thing

First of all, you need to choose one of two strategies:

  1. Doing what I love is my main job, from which I will receive not only profit, but also maximum pleasure.
  2. An activity you enjoy is a hobby that will allow you to relax (take a break from your main job) and get a charge of positive energy.

The second option is more common in our lives and is usually easier to implement - everything here depends on the person himself, the efforts he makes, the setting of priorities and the desire to change something.

Given: from point “A” to point “B”

Each of us has different initial data. It is obvious. But it is not obvious to everyone that we differ not in age or, say, financial capabilities, but in innate desires. And this, despite all other conditions, remains unchanged. All the features of innate desires are examined in detail at the training “System-vector psychology” by Yuri Burlan. In the meantime...

In nature's plan, humanity is a huge puzzle in which there are no unnecessary elements. And in order to force everyone to fulfill their role, we are given desires and pleasure from their realization.

Nature has already provided everything: even a favorite activity is practically prepared from birth and its choice is supported by all the necessary talents. The condition for a happy and successful life is the implementation of given properties. This is what you will like. Your calling.

Inconsistencies arise in this ideal picture for only one reason: they received instructions late, and they themselves could not always correctly assess what was happening. Everyone has their own point “A,” but the start is determined by parents and other developmental conditions, which sometimes lead away from the optimal path.

Let’s look at how to use the current conditions to achieve what you want, point by point.

How to find your life's work: useful tips

  • Make a to-do list to your liking

You need to take a piece of paper and a pen and write down everything you love to do. Reflect the most simple, including everyday activities, for example: “I like to cook, sing, play with a child, write stories or poems, sew, make cards, take photographs, count, etc.”

It is important at this moment to focus on your emotions, track the reaction that occurs when writing each type of activity (surprise, delight, joy, tenderness, anticipation), and pay attention to what will cause the strongest feelings and interest.

  • Analyze professions

From the list you need to select your favorite activities and think about whether they can be combined in one activity, will any work allow you to realize them all, or will they remain separate hobbies?

  • We separate our expectations and desires from the expectations of other people

You should honestly compare who you see yourself with what ideas your close relatives have about you (or what they previously had). It's time to rely on your desires, and not play a role imposed on you that is simply “prestigious”, “paid”, “profitable” or convenient for others.

  • What happens without much difficulty

You should remember what you can do easily and well. Does it bring you pleasure? Are you interested in this? Such activities do not always become the main job for a person. But their implementation requires a minimum of effort, which is good news. At the same time, there is a good opportunity to get satisfaction from the result.

  • What hobbies did you have in childhood?

It is important to remember yourself before adolescence: what games you liked, what you wanted to become, what you dreamed about. You can find answers to many questions in childhood experiences and impressions.

  • Charge yourself with positivity

Make a habit of smiling at yourself in the mirror every morning and mentally saying: “I am worthy (worthy) of what I love!”

  • Need to increase self confidence

The lack of desire to look for what you love may be due to uncertainty and a feeling of your own inability to do anything. Most often these are groundless thoughts, and sometimes even a tendency towards laziness.

In this case, turning to successful examples from life often helps. You can find them among friends, read in books or in stories from the media about people who have achieved success from scratch. If they succeeded, then why don’t you try it too? Such examples often inspire different endeavors and help to find something to do in life.

  • Seek advice

Sometimes a person may not notice key points and may not even pay attention to what he could achieve success in and what he can do better than others. An outside perspective is often helpful. Sometimes close relatives or friends can help with advice on how to find something you like. After all, they notice your mood and behavior, evaluate the results of your activities.

  • Unloading consciousness

A fresh mind always comes to more interesting ideas, answers to important questions and a desire to act appear.

  • Get outdoors more often

Walk more often, walk in the park or in places where you feel comfortable. The influx of oxygen promotes increased mental activity and helps direct thoughts in the right direction. This is also a great opportunity to see how many interesting things there are in life - things that go unnoticed in the daily cycle of affairs and travel on public transport.

  • Listen to your condition

If you feel that you are “burning out” and your health has begun to deteriorate, then you urgently need to change something, and radically. You should admit to yourself that this is “not your” business and you need to abandon it, since it has begun to destroy you from the inside. If you continue to endure this situation, then there is a high risk of causing serious problems for yourself and ending up in the hospital.

  • Willingness to take risks

You need to prepare for the fact that you will probably have to take risks. Leaving your previous job, learning the necessary skills and creating new habits - all this is sometimes not easy. But it’s worth working hard for your own dreams, so that you can regularly enjoy what you love.

  • Connect with people with similar interests

This includes personal acquaintances and the exchange of information on forums and social networks. Your like-minded people can talk about their development in this direction, their achievements, answer your questions, give advice and charge you with positive energy.

  • Stimulating reminders

Prepare stimulating reminders for yourself and hang them in your home. These could be notes on the refrigerator, posters, a screensaver on a computer, or notes on a mobile phone that motivate you to find a favorite activity and reflect a plan for how to find something you love.

  • Imagine that you already have a favorite activity

How do you look and how do you behave? What feelings are you experiencing? Have your relationships with others and loved ones changed in any way? What do you think about yourself? What have you achieved? It is useful to draw such pictures in your consciousness, because by doing so you attract the desired situation into your life and stimulate your thoughts to search for the desired activity.

  • Make a list of your favorite books, movies, songs

Are there any common characteristics between them? Which of your personality traits, values ​​and interests are reflected in them? Why do you like them? Which of your aspirations resonate with them? What actions do they encourage?

  • Try it

If you have doubts, but want to check whether this activity is for you or not, take it up and you will immediately understand. Are you comfortable doing it? Is there still interest in this matter? Does it go against your values? Do you have a desire to develop in it and achieve success?

Of course, the sooner you find something you like, the better, the more interesting and fuller life will be. But it is important to remember that no age creates barriers to this; a person is always open to new experiences and new activities. Try it and take action! The more energy is given, the more comes back. At the same time, people regret what they did much less often than what they didn’t do. It all starts with desire, and it already guides your thoughts and actions.

Unusual hobbies

Before choosing an activity for yourself, let’s destroy the stereotype in our minds that a hobby is origami or collecting. Let's expand our horizons by learning about the most unusual passions. Strange and wonderful hobbies of people around the world:

  • A man named Chuck became famous for taking photos of himself as a corpse everywhere he went. He prepared the place, put on makeup and photographed himself from different angles so that people could not believe that in front of them was a living person. Everything looked very realistic. The man started a website that instantly became popular. Chuck explained his strange hobby by his desire to act in films. This is how he attracts the attention of directors.
  • Another entertaining hobby is collecting belly button pellets.
  • There are people who are seriously passionate about certain things. These can be miniature things: tiny books, figurines, furniture. Someone collects buttons and decorates everything with them: walls, clothes, cars.
  • Every weekend, city residents go to local landfills, drag things they like from there, repair and store their homes. A useful hobby.
  • Residents of China became the founders of a new hobby that has gained worldwide popularity. It's about painting dogs in different colors. To do this, use cans of dyes. They claim that the paints do not harm dogs, as they have a natural base. Hobbies can bring not only pleasure, but also income.
  • Traveling is considered a popular hobby. A person can conquer not only countries of the world, but also neighboring cities, marking on the map the places he has visited. Photos from different cities or magnets are placed on the map.

Why is it so important to have something you love?

If a person is passionate about something, then he:

  • he lights up with an idea, he always has a goal and a desire for activity;
  • feels a charge of positive energy, enthusiasm, becomes more active;
  • feels pleasure not only from the result, but also from the process of his activity;
  • works with desire, which means faster, better and more efficiently;
  • satisfies an important need for self-realization;
  • gets less tired and overcomes stress more easily;
  • looks like a cheerful and happy person;
  • can become an expert in his field, a mentor for others;
  • feels interest in life and believes in his own strength.

All characteristics reflect the obvious benefits of doing what you love, which is simply necessary to find. And if it has not yet appeared in your life, then under no circumstances stop searching for your favorite activity and do not despair. It’s better to use recommendations on how to find something you like.

What is more important: the process or the result?

If you are 100% passionate, you don't notice time and you are inspired by this activity, then you can be sure that this is your hobby! Remember what we talked about at the very beginning? A hobby is an activity for yourself, for the soul and personal pleasure.

Neither the money nor the end result should worry you. The most important thing is the process!

Therefore, if something went wrong and you didn’t get a masterpiece, don’t be upset. The main thing is creating something new and personal growth.

Popular hobbies for teenagers

Young people have their own interests.

  • Collecting music. All the great hits on CDs or other media.
  • Teenagers organize unusual flash mobs. For example, in one of the cities of Great Britain at exactly 12 o'clock in the afternoon, teenagers, being in different parts of the city, stopped synchronously, looking at their watches. They froze for 5 minutes. This action clearly demonstrated that time must be valued.
  • Funny videos. Some people take pictures of themselves and friends, blog, or simply store memories. Teenagers film funny stories and carry a camera with them everywhere. Someone makes parodies of films and famous people.

You can also find a hobby in photography. This is a universal activity. Selfies, nature, architecture. Who likes what.

Choosing a hobby for a man

What hobby should men choose? Consider the list of men's hobbies:

  • Sport. Athletics or other sports. A man trains and receives a discharge. Then he becomes a candidate for master of sports and master of sports. The main thing is that it is good for your health and figure.
  • Essentially the opposite hobby: making your own beer. It became popular in the west. In Russia they buy moonshine stills, but it’s not difficult to find a brewery here either. It's not that expensive, especially if you like beer. Self-production is a known high-quality drink, useful in small quantities for men and women.
  • Walkthrough of computer games. A favorite activity for men. Scientists have found that this develops reaction, speed of thinking, and helps relieve stress. But the game should not last more than two hours a day.
  • Collecting. Here men can choose what they love most. These are old stamps, antique items, weapons, lighters, photos of cars or their miniature copies.
  • Aquariums. The aquarium is relaxing, the fish are easy to care for. The aquarium normalizes indoor air humidity. And collecting a wide variety of fish and practicing caring for them develops responsibility and helps relieve stress.

And where would we be without fishing or hunting?

List of hobbies for women

Other activities are popular among women.

  • Home decoration can become a hobby for a woman. She makes home decor entirely on her own or by purchasing the necessary elements. There are ideas in specialized magazines.
  • Collecting. Women collect dolls, figurines, buttons, cards.
  • Ladies love shopping. Buying clothes or shoes becomes a pleasant event.
  • A beneficial addiction for the psyche is keeping a diary. It's good for everyone, at any age. You capture memories that will definitely not leave you. There is a psychological release.
  • Handicrafts are considered a women's hobby. In fact - universal.
  • A popular women's hobby is reading books. Each book is recorded and evaluated. You can post reviews on a page on social networks or on a blog
  • The same type of collection is used to collect watched films.
  • Plants and their care. At home, in the garden.

Is it worth changing your usual life?

This question torments the majority of people who want to start doing what they love. Man is created from contradictions. He simultaneously wants to start a new, happier life, but the fear of change does not leave him.

That is why most of the ideas remain unrealized. But at the same time, life remains at the same level, and happiness is so close.

People who nevertheless decide to take a desperate step, are not afraid to change their lives for the better, receive a well-deserved reward in the form of a job they love, which they really want to go to. And it costs a lot.

Think about how much time you spend at work doing tasks that don't bring you satisfaction. And if you devote your life to what you love, then you can be happy throughout your working time, be in a good mood and give joy to others. In this case, you feel less tired, you do not experience irritability, and after a hard day you will definitely have energy left for your family.

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